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  1. Wow.... that’s why you hate ThUGA.... no class!
  2. Get this out and then we’ve cleared the heart of there order.... come on Big Bull!!
  3. First post - but why aren’t we home? Thought we were the higher seed....
  4. That sucks. Really want this kid.
  5. Could someone summarize this (Rivals): I hope this still follows the rules, it was ok on AE to ask for a summarization, but with this being a new site and everything, and we aren't allowed to even ask for a summarization, I will take it down.
  6. In my spare time I made an AU american pride logo, then somebody requested a Mizzou I thought I would share them here! I might be able to make a few more in my spare time if anybody wants a specific logo....
  7. He is here but do not know how often he will post given he has 2 or 3 businesses he is focused on. \Thanks E! I won't hijack this thread...
  8. I am really excited about Trey! My first post over here on aufamily, I am part of the AE merge! Anyone from AE tell me if ST is making the transition?
  9. I love this site! Can't wait to hear the news! And the news is Wade Christopher is the new mod!
  10. SIAP don't have enough time to read through thread. Can someone with a rivals account summarize this?