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  1. They were one of the first if not the first programs to have a S&C program & it completely changed their program
  2. Could’ve been a big play looked like there was green grass ahead.
  3. Can’t remember where I read it, may have been on here but Freeze was lined up to be hired in the middle of the Harsin scandal in the off-season if he would’ve been fired. Guess it makes sense.
  4. Where did I miss this…? Yeah don’t think hiring escorts categorizes as a sex the offender
  5. Let’s book a dollar bet he doesn’t come?
  6. Serious question. Media is about to come out and say Freeze was the #1 guy all along when we know it was Kiffin. Do we ALWAYS miss out on our #1 guy or what? In my lifetime, we have never hired the top guy we were after. Always ends up being the the 3rd or 4th guy we hired
  7. His season ended last night. Anadalusia beat Montgomery Catholic in the 4A semifinals. Upset really.
  8. Just ready for somebody to hired & the saga over.
  9. "Not your brother." Gotta love message board beef 😆
  10. Literally was thinking last week where tf is M’Ba. Dude absolutely threw around a quality LT on one of his sacks. Potential is limitless. Announcers even said a man 6’6 315 should not be able to move around the edge like that.
  11. He gone. Somebody commented on something of his to transfer to liberty & he replied “😏.” He gone
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