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  1. Pickens really did $hit all over us. I mean, considering he may be the go to WR as a true freshman at UGA, I get it...but man. He played us worse than most 16 year olds.
  2. What I meant was like we never had those type of expectations in 04/10. Nobody saw or really predicted those type of seasons due to the previous season, but I think Steele/Finebaum had us as sleepers in 2010
  3. Think of it like this guys. The LAST time Gus called plays with a mobile QB (Marshall) we had a top 10 offense back to back years. Before you flame, I’m NOT saying it’ll happen I’m just saying if Gus calls the plays that’s what I’ll be hoping for.
  4. I really hope so because every time we have 0 or little expectations (04,10,13)we thrive. When we’re expected to be awesome (03,07,08,14,18) we bomb & wonder why...it’s almost at the point in my lifetime where it’s expected like that (23). So, I’m calling it. SHIP!!! I’m kidding but not really
  5. After seeing the story about that kid from Purdue with bone cancer...I want nothing to do with this team
  6. Ya know. I rewatched some games from last year...& it’s unreal how much Stidham has digressed. Unreal man.