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  1. where are you from?
  2. I'm wondering why WB never really saw the field in the second half when Malik & a walk on saw time
  3. Same high school ole Ryan Smith was from. Cordova has had great athletes for years. Parrish high school closed down a few years ago & Cordova gained a lot of athletes from that. It's nice to see a guy from my home area make it to this level.
  4. His footwork is amazing
  5. OL. DL. Who's going to replace CL & MA? Who's going to step up at WR? Just to name a few
  6. I believe Calvin Ashley will be fighting for a starting spot on the line.
  7. When has he not been? (Not trying to be mean)
  8. 250
  9. He just had bricks of hands sometimes
  10. Me too, man. To this day I still really can't talk about it. Just makes me mad. lol
  11. Yeah man I agree
  12. Eh. Better tackling & we win the game. If anybody remembers FSU had a short pass turn into a long pass due to our missed tackles on their game winning TD drive.
  13. Defense is tired. They've been on the field the whole time. If Gus wants to win he better at least try by opening up the play book.
  14. I hope they open up the playbook
  15. If JF3 wants to be the QB next year, here is the perfect chance for him to step up.