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    Stidham interview at Manning Camp

    I think last year, the team somewhat realized if we just play with consistency we have the potential to be in the playoffs. They seen how close we were to the ship with a very inconstant year. If we just stay consistent. I really liked hearing Stidham talk about this season. I think the team “believes” this year. Game 1 will say a lot.
  2. I feel like what I said came off the wrong way. I know Worm is an elite running back. I know he's a solid ball of muscle with elite speed. I'm not doubting his abilities or size. I'm just fantasizing if he added even more mass with his body now and turned into a Ray Rice/Maurice Jones Drew type of body.
  3. but could Lionel survive in today's era with defenders twice as big/strong/fast as they were in his era? I'm not saying he couldn't but times are just different. I mean I get all of these points....but is it that bad I'd like to see the kid a little bigger by his sophmore/junior year? lol I mean It''s kind of expected he'll add more size in two years
  4. Yeah, I have seen him and still like to imagine him closer to 200 than 180. I wasn't dissing the guy or talking down. Imagine if he blows up like Tre Mason did. Mason packed on close to 20 pounds and it helped him a ton. I'd like to see the same for Worm.
  5. Would love to see him at 200 pounds, eventually. I can’t imagine the damage if he bulked up that much by his sophomore/junior year

    2019 4* LB Christian Harris

    Wasn’t that play called a flag so it’s like it never happened?

    Gus is ranked 16th on the hot seat

    Feel like Gus has been on the “hot seat” since the 14-15

    AU signee Anthony Schwartz is ... fast

    I hope his track speed translates to the field.

    Harold Joiner sets sights on Heisman

    218 is a good size, but he can hold much more on his frame. After 4 years in a college S&C program...he has the potential to look like a freak. I just hope he plays like one.

    Auburn in the 2018 NFL Draft

    Seriously. How did Holland fall like that??? I read somewhere he was a 2-3 round grade? I don’t get it. Game tape doesn’t lie, regardless of his measurables.

    Auburn in the 2018 NFL Draft

    Holland is falling even harder than Stanley McClover did. Really can't believe he's still on the board.

    It's OK to Refuse Service to a Trump Supporter?

    But....Why are you triggered??

    Gus is an average coach

    EVERY time I start to truly believe in Gus....he craps the bed & completely breaks my heart by his stupidity. He is his own worst enemy. I don’t know what to make of Gus. I always thought if he just fixed our Defense we’d be national title contenders. Well, the defense is fixed & now he doesn’t know how to run an offense (2016 Clemson.) He doesn’t know how to finish a game (2017 LSU.) I don’t dislike him, but I don’t love him. I do think without a doubt he’s better than ole chizik though.

    Anybody else being reminded of 2014?

    I actually agree with the OP. I recall CAP starting out a little slow, & once Roc started getting a few carries, it’s like itwoke CAP up. Roc may have never had a 200 yard game but I do remember him having a few burst runs here or there.

    Malik Willis starter?