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  1. I wanna say Johnny higher but he never won the big one. A&M would've struggled to win 7 games without him at QB
  2. Agreed!! I was about 12 when he was here. I love him at RB. I'll never forget when he broke that long TD against Kentucky in 06 I believe
  3. Heisman? I just wanna win more than 8 games.
  4. Agreed
  5. Thanks for the input. I see your perspective now Bird.
  6. Read where his appeal was denied. Serious question. Why will we not let him go wherever he wants? I get, you don't want the kid to go to a rival school in our conference, but if the kid wants to go there let him, IMO. Are we afraid that we'll play the team he goes to & he drastically has an impact on the outcome? Does anybody with any insight to these kind of things have an opinion?
  7. party pooper haha
  8. Ding ding ding
  9. If you played football/baseball then I'm sure you know who he is. It's a dead give away in my user name
  10. Haha man. What a coincidence! I'm from Carbon Hill & my dad graduated in 86 from Carbon Hill
  11. where are you from?
  12. I'm wondering why WB never really saw the field in the second half when Malik & a walk on saw time
  13. Same high school ole Ryan Smith was from. Cordova has had great athletes for years. Parrish high school closed down a few years ago & Cordova gained a lot of athletes from that. It's nice to see a guy from my home area make it to this level.
  14. His footwork is amazing
  15. OL. DL. Who's going to replace CL & MA? Who's going to step up at WR? Just to name a few