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  1. Against a similar opponent in Va Tech, Willis had over 200 passing yards for 3 TD's, over 100 rushing yards for another score. Not sure what your "hmmm" intended to mean but Willis is a baller.
  2. Kid had a bad game? What does that have to do with the rest of the production?
  3. Seems like every single year we are dealing with key players dealing with eligibility issues?¿
  4. How many of you have actually watched him play this year...? I'm not saying Bo isn't the guy, but damn. Malik looks GOOD. From NFL throws to vick like scrambles. He truly would have been dynamic.
  5. FINALLY utilizing mismatches in the route concepts. I remember after the UGA game Aaron Rogers broke down some of our passing routes. They weren't bad designs, but just the personal for the routes were awful. Great video. Slowly but surely, the O is coming along. BIGGG kudos to our OL. It's unreal how much those guys have improved.
  6. This. I've assumed Gus was afraid to get him hurt the last year but man. Bo is QUICK when he makes the decision to run. He has good agility to compliment the quickness. Would love to see Bo have around 10 carries a game. Just like the last few weeks, Bo's running opens up a lot of things.
  7. I understand we are trying to be more balanced but I've wondered for two years now why they haven't tried to utilize Bo like NM. So happy to see this.
  8. IMO, his legs & ability to run has completely changed his dynamic. Morris isn’t trying to play him like Peyton Manning either anymore, he’s finally playing to his strengths. Idk where this has been all season.
  9. Lol that plays defines how the season has went. Unreal.
  10. We need to come out & punch them in the mouth. Over & over. Heavy dose of tank/shivers. We’re getting about 3-4 yards a pop.
  11. This. Bo does not see the field good OR his mind is made up before he even throws. I have lost count how many times he's missed open WR's.
  12. Serious question. Has Bo EVER stayed in the pocket & made a throw like this? I think most of us can recall this play.
  13. Not everybody stays up to date on these types of things. Give him a break E. Like him, this is the first I've heard of the LSU talk as well.
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