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  1. Love Athens, graduated from ASU with my degree in May.
  2. If it ain’t a drop, it’s a bad pass. Always something. Just can’t put it together.
  3. The drops are getting laughable at this point 😂
  4. Dropped TD, dropped first down. Drops everywhere
  5. Game will get ugly if the O can’t get anything going
  6. Not letting Bo run at all, keeping a spy on him at all times.
  7. We got major problems on both sides of of the ball.
  8. I was 4…I’m now 26. Wow that’s crazy
  9. Exactly what I said, I follow multiple coaches who have bounced around and don't take off anything. Hell, I would be proud to say I coached at Au even if I was canned. I am letting the man be, it's called an observation.
  10. Boy Corn is saltyyyyy about getting fired. I follow him on IG, literally deleted every single auburn related post. I follow multiple coaches that bounce around & most don’t do that unless it was a bad ending. I’m sure there’s more to the story.
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