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  1. Any idea on places to stay? Couldn’t find anything on Expedia & Airbnb wasn’t much help
  2. Need this. Trying to plan trip especially after the white out announcement
  3. @McLoofusagree to disagree
  4. Just like when Gus said “we whipped the dog crap out of them” after the UGA 17 regular season & they came back & whipped ours. Keep your mouth shut. Let your game do the talking. More times than not it comes back to bite you.
  5. Love it! We start our summer workouts at my HS Monday at 7am. This is what summer is all about
  6. Ah, I assumed took his ball and went home meant he hung up his cleats.
  7. He was going to be passed up at and just So, he just quit college ball?
  8. This. Lets pump the brakes. We all know Auburn's history with high expectations.
  9. I'm buying mine this week. I have a tab on stubhub open right now, looking between 350-500$ a ticket.
  11. I'm 110% going. Looking for some other Auburn fans going. I coach football, so I'll have to leave out early Saturday morning and fly back to Birmingham later Sat night after the game. I've never made a trip like this, so I'm currently looking for tickets for flights that can match my timeframe. Any suggestions?
  12. They mentioned UA as a possible landing spot on JOX this am, if he leaves that is.
  13. This would be a HUGE pickup. Perfect DT for our 3-4.
  14. I have a life man outside this message board man, give a dude time to reply.
  15. & it showed on multiple occasions. Seth Williams was a great example. Attitude specifically.
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