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  1. Does Auburn take a step forward tonight?

    Idk if anybody else noticed but Stidham was doing a much better job at stepping up into the pocket
  2. Byron Cowart

    Hearing this as well. Marcelo said it was true I think?
  3. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    I'm sorry, I should've clarified better. I was surprised at how Colorado State's athletes compared to Bama's For 1, 2 & 3 stars. They looked impressive. Physically and the way they played. Specifically their QB & skill players. Of course the OL was were the talent gap showed. This is hypothetical but if state would've had an equal d-line & o-line...their skill players were good enough to win the game. Bama's D (specific front 7) & o-line was just too much. Bobo has done a great job at CSU. Wouldn't be surprised to see him end up back in the SEC soon.
  4. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    I was at the Colorado State & Bama game this weekend & I can tell you state has some athletes (gf is a nursing student). I was impressed with their QB. I was watching their offense & they ran a lot of intermediate passing routes. That's how they put up close to 400. I'll never understand why our coaches haven't adapted.
  5. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    He must've really pushed a button 😅
  6. A few thoughts on M. Willis....

    Great question. I still think Gus tries to keep him redshirted.IMO
  7. A few thoughts on M. Willis....

    3rd game of the year & we're already talking about benching JS. Woah. Who would've thought back in July we'd be having this discussion?
  8. Stidham

    80% of Stidham's problems, at least from Clemson, are coming from our o-line. Check this out
  9. Stidham

    I think the OL lineup will be changed within the next 2 weeks. What do y'all think?
  10. Stidham

    I agree with this analysis 110%. I do think a lot of JS problems are coming from the o-line failing to protect him.
  11. Who Do You Want?

    I didn't finish my edit in time ha
  12. Who Do You Want?

    Money talks...but I know in reality they are pipe dreams. I'd pick frank ion if I could. He won at Vandy & has taken over at PSU & created a powerhouse. Imagine what he could do here
  13. Who Do You Want?

    James Franklinn has proven to win wherever he goes
  14. Can we go ahead and get a true WR coach?

    What did Stidham's numbers end up being, his stats on the game?
  15. Sean White should regain his job

    I said last year the coaches were putting SW in situations to fail.