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  1. Sounds like that’s what Tate is insinuating but didn’t think he was announcing until Feb?
  2. Stay tuned for more...? Who else?? Thought Reed was it for the day
  3. Does our class ranking move up with reed?
  4. Don’t like this matchup at all. This is their Super Bowl against us & our players were tweeting about how pissed they were about the outback. Hope the tude changes
  5. Does anybody remember when he was hired?? Am I the only one who remembers people throwing fits on here. Most were not happy at all, specially from his Clemson stent. Will laid the foundation is 15, Steele came in & finished the foundation in look at our D.
  6. Pointless thread. Nobody knows what Gatewood was told, promised. I don’t blame the kid one bit. He was never even given a shot when the offense wasn’t doing $hit. At the end of the day, you have to do what’s best for yourself. Wish him the best.
  7. This loss is on Bo as much as Gus. Stupid calls but Bo missed plays/made decisions that would’ve changed the game. He finally had his freshman game. Yeah Gus was bad today & could’ve called a better game to suite Nix, but he was bad too. We go up if he hits Williams in stride. Just wasn’t our day
  8. First play of the game, guard couldn’t pull in time before the end crashed, almost resulted in a sack. They’re fast.
  9. Dude I’m giving them credit. I am one of the few auburn fans who have gave them credit. They ARE GREAT...but 2 first downs?? Guess they’re just showing how good they are
  10. 2 first downs elite? Yeah they’re very good but they’re playing very bad
  11. Dan Mullen is a f’ing idiot. Calling out that hit on Trask. Davidson was pulled into him