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  1. Nothing this team accomplishes should surprise us at this point. I believe that the reason we've been so good is that Bruce was dealt an undersized lineup, and had to adjust. So now we are the avant garde of bringing the GS Warriors lineup of death to college ball. 3 points are better than 2, on defense, we've proven quick can beat big, and stamina beats power....and we hit our free throws, rebound (long shots = a lot ofsecond opportunities), press like hell, share the ball, and our lean fit athletic players have better stamina down the stretch. Good enough for arguably the best team in nba hi
  2. Last night during the Mizzou game, the announcers made a comment that seemed to insinuate that Auburn had a much easier path to the tourney than Mizzou for the rest of the season. They might have meant "given their records," but I looked at Auburn's remaining schedule, and their are no easy wins. We ARE better, IMHO, than almost all of them, but we gotta stay sharp and healthy. WDE.
  3. That kid is balling. All the players on the team seem to be buying in 100%, and reflect exactly what Bruce is selling them. He is a lock down defender, the best 3 point shooter in the league, and when we fall behind, he is the guy that catches fire as we hit the NOs and leave the opponent in the dust. He is a stud. I would say he's my favorite player, but it is so hard to pick. I love McLemore, and he is our most important piece, because without him, we only have Spencer in the post. Murray is the hardest working man in NCAAM basketball, and like Mclemore, plays 6 inches taller than he i
  4. This topic seems to have stalled, so I'm giving a bump. We are a really good team, but we are tiny and SEC play isn't going to be kind to that. Getting Wiley back could be the difference between a deep tournament run, and not making it. Any news?
  5. I'm beginning to believe, like Eagle eye 7, Gus might just be a genuine narcissistic scumbags. Look who his best coaching buddies were...art briles and Hugh freeze.
  6. That would be a great question. What the hell are AU beat writers asking anyway? "Hey Gus, noticed in the second half what's your favorite ice cream?"
  7. Can we get this guy a job on staff? He's the Jonah hill to Gus' goofy ass version of brad pitt...which is a version of some other guy, but srsly!
  8. How could you!? I really thought you might be the one. #cryface
  9. Fair enough, but count me among the crowd that still doesn't believe Gus could find his ass with both hands, so I will be arm chair qb'ing until that changes or the coach is some one else.
  10. If only because you're screwing that kid, and not giving another a chance to shine.
  11. We gotta get together man. My wife and kids were outta town, probably leaving you as the only other Auburn fan in Eugene. Fwiw...im actually a duck now...i know...damn you second career!
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