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  1. If Cain commits to us. it will be a huge surprise. Think the coaches know he is trending away from AU and that is why they have began to reach out to some others.
  2. I believe Bo Nix is going to be one of the top QBs in Auburn history before he leaves. However, I don't see him starting as a true freshman and really hope he doesn't have to. Malik WIllis should be starting for us in 2019, but Cord has a really good outside chance. It is really going to depend how long it takes him to get acclimated to the game again. He has been out of football for a very long time, but he is a mature man at this point and is used to the demands of professional sports. That does give him an advantage over anyone else who has been out of the game this long.
  3. LOL, as in scoop, strong buzz, good word , etc. See on line slang dictionary
  4. Noah Cain will shock me if he is not committed to Auburn before the end of the football season. Every sign points to AU right now. Mr. Cain's comfort with AU and Players -- Check Family's comfort -- Check Need at the position -- Check Relationship with the staff -- Check Comfort with our use of RB -- Check Current HS Position Coach -- Double Check Path to NFL at Position -- Check Inside Dope -- Check Of course you can never be 100% sure. but we are checking all of the boxes with pluses right now.
  5. He isn't the only one in Booth's ear of course, but with the prior fretting of some over Pappoe flipping, thought it would be of significance.
  6. I am hearing someone in his ear and it is something like original poster (think initials here).
  7. We are his top team, that has not changed (unless something else has happened I and others are unaware of). FWIK it is more of scheduling/timing thing.
  8. Have not heard that he and mom will be here this weekend. AFAIK, Auburn still leads. Not getting as much info this recruiting cycle. Excitement among the team is high. Just more business like, which is a good sign.
  9. Did not find out anything on him unfortunately, other than mom wants to be sure. Saw a couple of guys there, but mum was the word. Sorry.
  10. Have not heard. Will be in Auburn this weekend, so will sniff around and see what I can find out.
  11. I heard something before Keith's announcement. All you have to do is track the original post date and time and the date and time of Keith's announcement. Not bad news, just a little later, so no need to panic!
  12. I am afraid not. This weekend would be earliest.
  13. Jashawn Sheffield should be on board by the end of the week! WAR EAGLE!