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  1. Tulane showed that they can actually play some pretty good football this past weekend. Although definitely not at Oregon's level, they actually manhandled FIU and looked pretty solid doing it, in their 42-14 drubbing. Auburn will have to take this team seriously and play aggressive and smart, especially in the first half. Before the season, I kind of looked at this game as a time to fix what was broken in the the tough match-up with Oregon and put in some new wrinkles. Of course we still need to do that, but we cannot take as many chances as I had originally hoped and thought we could. Otherwise, Tulane could actually keep this game rather close. Tulane's QB Justin McMillan, looked good on the field in the first game. He was 14-18 for 199 yards. He is a fifth year grad transfer from LSU, so he has experience in the SEC. Tulane has 3 running backs capable of making yards. They have a great deal of experience. The two top ones are Darius Bradwell, senior. He is a bruiser at 6'1 235 lbs. The second is Corey Daphine, a 6 foot 195 lb senior from Texas. The Tulane O-Line looked good against FIU and blew that team off the ball for their primary rushing attack. They were able to protect the QB well and open holes to the tune of 300 rushing yards. Coming into the season, the O-Line was a concern for them, but they seemed to have meshed quite well. They added some grad transfers to the O-Line which seems to working out. The defense is above average overall, thanks to their experienced Defensive Line. They are returning most of the starters from last year and many of them were highly sought after recruits (high three and four stars). Jeffery Johnson, the nose tackle, picked Tulane over Alabama and Florida State and is a beast. He can squat 630 lbs. Am I picking an upset? Of course not. But neither are we looking at a blow out here. I think it is going to be somewhat close in the first half and we simply wear them down in the second half. We may cover the -19, but I wouldn't bet on it. I hope we can use this game to fix what we saw broken in the first half against Oregon and continue to play like we did in the second half against Oregon for the entire game. Our special teams simply have to fix things quick! Kick coverage was abysmal! Our O-Line needs to start fast and protect Nix much more than they did against Oregon. We need to find that first and second progression in the passing game and give Bo Nix more options. Actually, I believe it is a good thing that Tulane's D is pretty good. We should get a chance to see what improvements and lessons our O-line has made from week 1 to week 2. I would like to see our running backs (Boobee, Martin, Shivers) break open against a pretty good Defensive line. I would also like to see Joey Gatewood come in some in the second half and get some real game experience both running and throwing. He is (God forbid) one play away from having to start and we need him prepared and ready.
  2. Agree with you. I think most of us know it is going to be Bo. I further believe that the first two or three games, both will play. I don't see it stretching much beyond that unless there is an injury to the starter. Both of these guys are VERY GOOD so we are in good hands.
  3. I am sure the one who is not starting already knows who is going to be named the starter. Still a chance the other could take over. I definitely see them both playing in the first two games.
  4. If Cain commits to us. it will be a huge surprise. Think the coaches know he is trending away from AU and that is why they have began to reach out to some others.
  5. I believe Bo Nix is going to be one of the top QBs in Auburn history before he leaves. However, I don't see him starting as a true freshman and really hope he doesn't have to. Malik WIllis should be starting for us in 2019, but Cord has a really good outside chance. It is really going to depend how long it takes him to get acclimated to the game again. He has been out of football for a very long time, but he is a mature man at this point and is used to the demands of professional sports. That does give him an advantage over anyone else who has been out of the game this long.
  6. LOL, as in scoop, strong buzz, good word , etc. See on line slang dictionary
  7. Noah Cain will shock me if he is not committed to Auburn before the end of the football season. Every sign points to AU right now. Mr. Cain's comfort with AU and Players -- Check Family's comfort -- Check Need at the position -- Check Relationship with the staff -- Check Comfort with our use of RB -- Check Current HS Position Coach -- Double Check Path to NFL at Position -- Check Inside Dope -- Check Of course you can never be 100% sure. but we are checking all of the boxes with pluses right now.
  8. He isn't the only one in Booth's ear of course, but with the prior fretting of some over Pappoe flipping, thought it would be of significance.
  9. I am hearing someone in his ear and it is something like original poster (think initials here).
  10. We are his top team, that has not changed (unless something else has happened I and others are unaware of). FWIK it is more of scheduling/timing thing.
  11. Have not heard that he and mom will be here this weekend. AFAIK, Auburn still leads. Not getting as much info this recruiting cycle. Excitement among the team is high. Just more business like, which is a good sign.
  12. Did not find out anything on him unfortunately, other than mom wants to be sure. Saw a couple of guys there, but mum was the word. Sorry.
  13. Have not heard. Will be in Auburn this weekend, so will sniff around and see what I can find out.
  14. I heard something before Keith's announcement. All you have to do is track the original post date and time and the date and time of Keith's announcement. Not bad news, just a little later, so no need to panic!
  15. I am afraid not. This weekend would be earliest.
  16. Jashawn Sheffield should be on board by the end of the week! WAR EAGLE!
  17. Naw, let's trade him for Kevin Sumlin, Butch Jones, Bret Beliemna, Jim McElwain, or better yet, Huge Freeze. Good gosh we have some fans that have lived around Bammers too long!
  18. Premature. To be the best, they would have to win the Natty rather handily. Currently the best would be 1957 2010 2004 1993 1983 2013 2017
  19. Actually, I though the officiating for this game was some of the best we have seen all year. The replay booth was all over it. Kudos to the refs in this one. They were actually pretty much on their game. Did they miss some? Of course but in the end, it was an pretty evenly called game.
  20. I am extremely worried about our running attack without Kerryon Johnson. No doubt the second best option here would be Kam Martin, who also went down with an injury. I do not see Martin carrying 30 times a game though, too small. Kam Pettway, even if he is able to return, will be extremely rusty. He hasn't played for most of the year and has zero carries in the past 4 weeks. When Pettway is healthy and has a full year of practice and experience under his belt, he is unstoppable. But this is not that year for him. Hope he returns next year. His draft stock will be extremely low this year if he decides to declare, and he may not get picked up at all. Kam Martin is fast a elusive and I think we will be fine if he can carry the ball at least 16 times against Georgia. Bring in Devin Barrett the rest of the time, if Kam Pettway is not healthy. If Pettway is healthy, let Pettway carry it up the middle and shake the rust off and he made be able to get back to 80% of last year's form. Swap he and Martin out (if Martin is ready to go) and we will be OK. Malik Miller just has not impressed me at all. I know he has had no time on the field and personally, I think there is a reason for that. He certainly has the size, but seemingly not the speed or decisiveness hitting the holes. Blocking is crucial for Stidham to have time to set up and throw. That is going to be a huge concern for any of the backups. Of course the best case scenario is Kerryon and I hope he is OK. It will be hard to keep him off the field (even if he is not 100%), but we will need him desperately in the play-offs, so I do not want he or the coaches to push it. Each game is crucial at this point in time, so others have to step up and be willing to carry the load.
  21. Kam's injury happened on his second to last play of the Arkansas game, in others words, right before he broke loose for a TD. He felt his shoulder was sore, but thought it was nothing more than a sore shoulder. So he did not indicate he needed to come out and the next play he went for a TD. During this week's practice, Kam told the coaches the soreness was not going away, so they send him in for X-Rays. That is when they found the fracture. No way that Kam or the coaches could have known there was a fracture. Just one of those freak things that happen in this sport.
  22. I don't believe ANY team in the top 5 could do that. Best we can do is win out during the regular season. I see no way of beating Georgia and Bama twice this year. Beating either once will be tough enough.
  23. If we can field a healthy Kam Pettway and a health Kerryon Johnson at the same time, that gives us a much better chance of beating TAMU and being competitive with Georgia and Alabama. Glad to see him get his legs back and break tackles. WDE