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  1. AuburnTaco

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    I am an Auburn fan living in the Triangle and I second the Chargrill recommendation, or if you want good food for real cheap then go to Cookout.
  2. AuburnTaco

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Ill take them. I just sent you a private message. If you look at the top of the screen you will see an envelope and that is where you can read messages and send private ones. Let me know if you are having trouble finding it. Thanks again
  3. AuburnTaco

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Hey Man! By any chance do you have two adult tickets, or could I bring an adult on the youth ticket? I am in need of two adult tickets. Thanks checking with me and let me know what you got!
  4. AuburnTaco

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Thanks, good to know!
  5. AuburnTaco

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Thanks. Yeah I am afraid there will not be any single game tickets left. Being that State is not playing maybe there will be. That is the only game I will be able to attend with my schedule. Thanks for your help, and if sold out maybe someone will be selling at the gate.
  6. AuburnTaco

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Hey Guys, I live in Wake Forest, and am trying to get tickets to the first regional game against Northeastern. What is the best way to get tickets to regionals? This is my first time trying to go to a regional. Anybody have good luck getting single game tickets to an opposing regional site? Any help you can give would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. AuburnTaco

    2018 3* SDE/DT Caleb Johnson

    I think at 2:30 eastern
  8. AuburnTaco

    2019 4* ILB Ja'len Sims

    And back on topic, Sadly i was hoping Williams still had two more years with us. I feel like he just got here for some reason.
  9. AuburnTaco

    2019 4* ILB Ja'len Sims

    I love taco bell, but the one thing they need now is chorizo. My life will be complete when they have a chorizo taco.
  10. AuburnTaco

    2019 4* ILB Ja'len Sims

    I think Darrell Williams be a Junior in next year, not a Senior. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. AuburnTaco

    Question regarding TV and AU vs UGA

    I live in the Raleigh area. We have a CBS alternate channel that I know will show the game. If you have an antenna I know you will pick up multiple cbs channels. If you just have directv then check the listings and they usually include an alternate cbs channel that will show the national coverage if the local coverage takes over. Not sure what area you are in.
  12. AuburnTaco

    Mark My Word: 2013

    Mark My Words: Saban will be the coach of the Cowboys by February Mark My Words: Carl Lawson will finish 2nd in the sec in sacks behind only Clowney Mark My Words: Duke will play for the ACC Championship against Clemson
  13. AuburnTaco

    Who do you think we finish with?

    When will we know something about Williams and Hutch?
  14. AuburnTaco

    In the Superdome Monday Night

    Wow...i really dont know where to begin with this. I understand you are saying that this is your interpretation of the passage. But we cannot give new meaning to a passage. Only the original author can give meaning to the passage. This is a basic principle of interpretation of scripture. It is only our job to search for that original meaning. Now I really dont understand how you made that Scripture about Auburn and Alabama. This passage is not dealing with anything about non-believers vs. non-believers, or anything sports related. This passage passage is about the greatness of God. And how he will be with us during our hard times. ALABAMA BEING GOOD IS NOT A TIME OF PERSECUTION FOR US! You have made it sound like we are being persecuted. I take offense to that when i have missionary friends in China and Indonesia who are being beaten and put in jail for their faith. I also have friends who have died in those countries for their faith. This is what this verse is talking about. How long will those who suppress the truth of Christ will you allow to be jubilant. This is the desperation that is being expressed here. It is the name of God that is being suppressed and a servant of him that was being threatened. This has nothing to do with being an Auburn or Alabama fan. This verse is not about us. It is about God. Any other interpretation of this passage is wrong. When we read scripture we must ask where is Christ in this passage, and not try to see where we are in it. Our identity is found in Christ. We must look for Christ in all of Scripture and not ourselves.
  15. AuburnTaco

    AU/UGA roll call

    This is my first road game too. I live in North Carolina now and its hard for me to make a home game with the distance. I was able to swing going to Georgia for the weekend. But im hoping to be around alot of family members at the game.