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  1. Even so, folks in the AD can never be 100% certain what a kid is going to do. This is not to discount what 23 brings to the table (which is greatly appreciated!), but to point out how fluid recruiting can be. Fields was 100% committed to Penn State....until he wasn't.
  2. I respect Coach Dye for what he has meant to Auburn, but I think his comments were a bit out of line. He basically told Auburn to know its place and that place will never be at the table with the big boys. Was he engaging in a bit of hyperbole? Perhaps so, but it was still a poor choice of words. Still, I'm not going to get up in arms about it. I just disagree with his opinion.
  3. True, but Auburn has no shot to get him if they don't pursue him.
  4. Looking for 4 tickets to our game against Clemson on 9/9/2017. I live in the Charlotte, NC area, and would like to take my 2 older sons (11 and 9 years old) to this games since it's only 2.5 hours away and meet my dad (who lives in Alabama) there. They're currently selling for around $200 each on the ticket broker sites, but I'm trying to find something a little cheaper, if possible. Thanks.
  5. He didn't stay in on Tom Herman's staff very long.
  6. Heisman voting is finalized weekend after conference championship games, so there is only one possible additional game to add stats.
  7. Personally, I'd like to have Ron Mexico and Joey Freshwater host a QB camp.
  8. By most accounts, Pat Dye wasn't a paragon a virtue, but he was a good football coach. Should we hold Michael Vick to a different standard?
  9. That whole album was recorded as a tribute to their friend, Andrew Wood (lead singer of Mother Love Bone) who had died.
  10. I was referring back a long discussion that was started following the announcement of the hiring of Greg Brown. I've gone back and added a link in my post to the initial thread that started the discussion.
  11. He's probably leaving because he thinks Coach Greg Brown looks like a goober.
  12. Definitely could use a GT or JUCO at safety (or 2) if there are any of them out that are good enough.
  13. That's what I meant by 'extenuating circumstances'.
  14. I'm pretty sure that, barring extenuating circumstances, non-graduate transfers have to sit out a year (at a d-1 school) regardless of whether we release them or not.
  15. In related news, an appeals court in Kentucky has sided with a Christian t-shirt printer who refused to print gay pride t-shirts. The court makes a distinction between discriminating against an individual or group on the basis of sexual orientation and discriminating against a message or point of view. Since the t-shirt printer is not refusing to do business with gay people in general, he is within his rights to refuse to print t-shirts promote a pojnt of view with which he disagrees. An important question to ask here is, what would it mean if the ruling went the other way? Would t-shirt printers (and other businesses) then be forced to condone messages with which they disagree? What if the group trying to get t-shirts printed were a white supremacist organization that were promoting their message?