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  1. One question I haven't seen answered: Is Kevin Steele interested in being a head coach again? I know he interviewed for the Tennessee job a couple of years ago, but is that indicative of his desire to be 'the man'? Of course, the amount of money the head coach position entails would be difficult for pretty much any one of us to turn down.
  2. Honestly, with how good our defense is, beating us is not easy. No one has blown us out and it's not likely to happen in 2 weeks either. That said, it's frustrating to see that we are that close to being a championship-level team if we could just get our act together offensively.
  3. Love the players' attitudes. I just wish they had a head coach that could put them in the position to be successful.
  4. Gotta be bama fans voting in that poll.
  5. I don't think Gus is primarily motivated by money. I think he wants to be successful as a football coach and I think he loves the game and loves his team. However, I'm not optimistic that he's capable of getting us to the level where we want to be. If his seat heats up due to poor performances against UGA and Bama, that may provide some impetus for him to 'get while the gettin' is good'. Note also, that I do expect us to be competitive against UGA and Bama and fully expect Gus to be the HC in Auburn next season. How that season goes (with a new o-line and attrition on the defense) will determine if he stays beyond 2020
  6. Agreed, but I think we'll play better against UGA and Bama than we showed against Ole Miss.
  7. Just Boobie, IIRC. I'm not trying to defend Gus, but it seemed to me that it was sort of a letdown/trap game.
  8. To be fair, I think there was some hangover effect after the tough loss to LSU. Plus, we held out a few key players that might have played if it was a 'bigger' opponent.