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  1. A couple of random thoughts/questions: Ironically, people like the wacko in the OP may end up causing more damage to the transgender rights movement than anyone who overtly opposes it. Are we sure that this guy's objective isn't really to sabotage the whole movement? One thing that I'm not clear on is the identity issue. Outside of the obvious biological characteristics (the hardware), how is a gender defined? Other than her physiological makeup, what makes a woman a woman? One could say someone who behaves in a stereotypically 'feminine' manner could be a woman, but there are many biological females who do not act feminine. Likewise, with men.
  2. One podcast I listened to a few months ago blamed Newt Gingrich (and Rush Limbaugh) for the polarization we are experiencing now.
  3. I guess my question would be is this a condemnation on Trump or a condemnation on where we are as a society? Conditions in our society (i.e., polarization and bunkering into different political and ideological factions and an unwillingness to consider an opposing point of view) had to be just so in order for Trump’s ‘weaponization of his shortcomings’ to be seen as a positive attribute. And, while I do think that plenty of blame can be heaped upon Trump for pouring gasoline on the fire, the problems we have existed before he ever came on the scene. Trump’s election as POTUS is a symptom of our problem as a society, not the problem itself.
  4. I doubt that the obesity levels among churchgoers is much different than non-churchgoers.
  5. To be fair, there have been many great men throughout history who were not necessarily 'good' men. (Though I don't consider Trump to be either.)
  6. How is acquisitive prescription different from adverse possession? They sound very similar to me.
  7. What concerns me more than the wrecking of the GOP is how the conservative Christian leaders backing of Trump tarnishes the witness of all Christians - it reinforces the 'Evangelical Christians are hypocrites' stereotype.
  8. So before the baby is born it is part of the woman's body?
  9. Does that sound like Twitter-master Trump? I'll grant that we can't know with certainty what's in a person's heart, but we can get an idea based on his or her words and actions. We make judgement calls and decisions all the time based on what people do or say. (Exhibit A: Your opinion of people posting on this messageboard (unless you know them outside of here) is based solely on what they have written here.)
  10. It is my hope that Gus is still growing as a HC on the college level. He's had six years to figure it out; it's time to harvest the benefit of sticking with him through the growing pains.
  11. Agreed. At a minimum, we have to stop losing the ones we're supposed to win. (Of course, Tuberville had trouble in this area too.)