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  1. triangletiger

    President chickens out in front of his daddy

    Wouldn’t that be an Orange Russian?
  2. triangletiger

    Constitution question

    There's a good podcast called More Perfect that's put out by the same folks that put out the Radiolab podcast that deals with interesting historical USSC cases, and they did an episode on the Commerce Clause. Being an NPR (National Pinko Radio, as my father-in-law calls them) product, it does slant to the left a bit, but is still definitely worth a listen. Here's a link:
  3. triangletiger

    Brant Ust new Associate AD

    And orange face masks.
  4. triangletiger

    Constitution question

    I’d say it started down that road during the John Marshall court with judicial review in Marbury v. Madison. (Not that I’m opposed to judicial review.)
  5. triangletiger

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    Sure, but how boring would that have been?
  6. triangletiger

    Constitution question

    One thing's for sure, the U.S. Supreme Court is lot different and a much bigger player than it was at its inception. Of course, we might be able to say the same thing about the Federal Government, in general.
  7. triangletiger

    Constitution question

    The problem is nobody seems to agree on where the line is between what is a nuanced approach in interpretation and application of the constitution and what is circumventing existing processes to clarify or amend the constitution.
  8. triangletiger

    Constitution question

    What is the difference between an originalist and a textualist? I've heard Antonin Scalia referred to as a textualist.
  9. triangletiger

    Constitution question

    There is a process for amending the Constitution, if necessary. As a matter of principle, I am against 'legislating from the bench'.
  10. triangletiger

    Chizik photobomb

    Pretty sure that was a staged photo. Funny, nonetheless.
  11. triangletiger

    pat dye: offensive line key for 2018

    But he states the obvious in such a masterful, earthy, down-home way...
  12. triangletiger

    pat dye: offensive line key for 2018

    Directed at former Auburn football coach, maybe?
  13. triangletiger

    serious question........

    Thanks, but mostly, I just needed to grow up.
  14. triangletiger

    biggest bigots on the ballot

    How does something's occurring naturally make it morally acceptable?
  15. triangletiger

    serious question........

    I served in the Navy during the 1st Gulf War (aka Desert Shield and Desert Storm), but never in any combat capacity. I was stationed on a submarine.