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  1. I know. I just thought that statement was funny when put into the context of recruiting. Along the same lines, teams could use Bama's success at o-line to negative recruit against them for QBs. "Don't go to Bama, they can't prepare you for the NFL because you'll never get pressured in the pocket." Anyway, I agree we were decent in pass protection, but establishing a good running game would help too because it would allow us to be more unpredictable and force defenses to play us more 'honest'. That's on Gus to do what it takes to get us back where we should be in the running game.
  2. 😂 That should be our new pitch when recruiting QBs. “Come to Auburn and be our QB. Running for your life for a few seasons will get you ready for the NFL!”
  3. I'm high on Bo as far as having the potential to become a good/great QB even with his struggles this year. He obviously has things to work as far as accuracy/footwork, feeling the pressure/not bailing out of the pocket for no reason, and keeping the whole offense composed in hostile environments. However, he's shown that he's a gamer and does not easily fold under pressure. There were many key situations in games last season where he made the play to keep the drive going (often with his feet). He's also shown a good awareness to know when to throw the ball away to avoid taking a sack or throwing a risky pass. Other than Florida game, he didn't look to be unprepared for the big stage, and I think he learned from that game. Bottom line: I think there's a lot to build on with Bo at the QB position.
  4. I haven't given up hope on Turbo. He obviously wasn't ready at the start of the season, but he may get there by season's end. If not, he can be a rotation guy with Sharife next season. I recall a True Freshman Jared Harper struggling and coming back a much better player his second year.
  5. Maybe he only follows the gymnastics team.
  6. Good post. Another thing to consider in all this is how our offensive line's lack of ability to get the 'push' needed to get our running game going affected the play calling. Did Gus call more pass plays because we were unable to establish our ground game? Also, I feel like if our ground game could have been more of threat, it would have forced opposing defenses to 'play honest' and opened up things in the passing game as well (even with our rudimentary passing concepts).
  7. It seems to me that the issue is that it looks as though you're being intentionally obtuse and refuse to concede the point that having a lot of offensive linemen on scholarship is not the same thing as having good depth at all the positions on the offensive line. To take the total number of offensive linemen on scholarship and divide that by 5 tells us nothing about depth if 15 out of 18 of the scholarship offensive linemen are centers or guards. And then to declare that you won the argument when you missed the whole point of the comment and to claim that people are giving you crap about it because they're just 'sore losers' just makes you come across as haughty and stubborn. Is your goal on this messageboard just to win the argument, or is it to have a productive discussion so that all parties involved come away with food for thought and, hopefully, a better understanding of things? Or is your goal to defend Gus Malzahn at all costs? Personally, I'm ambivalent about Gus. I think he's been a good coach in a lot of ways, but there are many areas that he needs to improve (managing o-line recruiting being one of them). I'm still hopeful that he can figure it out (but not optimistic); because, for better or worse, we're stuck with him for the next few years.
  8. “Pepsi. We had a good week of practice.”
  9. Well, sure, if your goal is to be pedantic and quibble over what was said (or interpreted to have been said) vs. what was meant. Obviously, in the real world of college football, the OG and OT positions do require different skillsets (even the LT and RT positions require different skillsets), and having depth at one OL position doesn't mean you have depth at another OL position.
  10. My understanding is that the previous coach (Jamey Dubose) was good about not trying to push his players to (or away from) any particular college. I expect Patrick will the same. I think the problem with our recruiting in Phenix City is that, despite its proximity to Auburn, it leans pro-Bama; and, across the river, I suspect Columbus has a pretty strong pro-UGA leaning.
  11. But how many of those 18 are offensive tackles?