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  1. Don't step in it!
  2. Pretty sure E's list is the year/class the player will be in for the upcoming (2017) season.
  3. Cam is still not a sharpshooter type QB who can throw the ball through the eye of a needle (a la Tom Brady), but he's a good enough passer with a strong arm and brings many other assets to the position.
  4. @cole256, I've worked in the nuclear industry for about 16 years, including a stint as an Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) until the shift work got to be too much for family-life. Plus, I spent 6 years in the Navy nuclear power program on submarines prior to getting out and going to college at Auburn. I now work in Corporate Engineering job; It's much more conducive to family-life, but I sometimes miss the camaraderie of being on shift with the same folks. PM me, if you've got anything you want to discuss nuclear-industry-related.
  5. As long as their bench press numbers are going up, nothing else matters.
  6. That seems to be the case all too often with coaches in big-time college football and the NFL. They may be very good at what they do but fail to be successful due to circumstances beyond their control.
  7. Gotta give our arch-rivals UAt props on this,
  8. Do they even have any virgins in Tusc....nevermind...
  9. Lol! When I saw the thread title, my first thought was, 'what's a baseball thread doing on the football board?'
  10. He's from LaGrange; I think he'll be alright.
  11. Glad to see he's a member of House Gryffindor.
  12. Any relation to Dameyune Craig?
  13. He didn't want them to get the big head and think they knew more about quarterbacking than he does.
  14. I thought Auburn Fast was a new weight-loss plan....
  15. Hey! Watch it!