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  1. That whole album was recorded as a tribute to their friend, Andrew Wood (lead singer of Mother Love Bone) who had died.
  2. I was referring back a long discussion that was started following the announcement of the hiring of Greg Brown. I've gone back and added a link in my post to the initial thread that started the discussion.
  3. He's probably leaving because he thinks Coach Greg Brown looks like a goober.
  4. Definitely could use a GT or JUCO at safety (or 2) if there are any of them out that are good enough.
  5. That's what I meant by 'extenuating circumstances'.
  6. I'm pretty sure that, barring extenuating circumstances, non-graduate transfers have to sit out a year (at a d-1 school) regardless of whether we release them or not.
  7. In related news, an appeals court in Kentucky has sided with a Christian t-shirt printer who refused to print gay pride t-shirts. The court makes a distinction between discriminating against an individual or group on the basis of sexual orientation and discriminating against a message or point of view. Since the t-shirt printer is not refusing to do business with gay people in general, he is within his rights to refuse to print t-shirts promote a pojnt of view with which he disagrees. An important question to ask here is, what would it mean if the ruling went the other way? Would t-shirt printers (and other businesses) then be forced to condone messages with which they disagree? What if the group trying to get t-shirts printed were a white supremacist organization that were promoting their message?
  8. Some would say that Bear Bryant was a master of 'gaming the system'.
  9. Hey, we're Auburn. We're all family despite our various surnames.
  10. I doubt UGA kicks him off the team for this relatively minor level of knuckleheadedness.
  11. And, besides, don't we already have enough Davises even without Kyle?
  12. Perhaps a better solution would be to have Auburn AND Alabama move to the SEC East and move Mizzou and Vandy to the West.
  13. I'm envisioning it as something in a future South Park episode.
  14. Lou would gain the advantage when Lee, slightly disoriented from the mascot head that he donned (ironically thinking it would afford him some protection), slips in a puddle of saliva. Lou would then use his glasses to focus the sunlight (a la a magnifying glass and an anthill) and set Lee on fire.
  15. Don't sleep on the Fightin' Falwells.