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  1. triangletiger


    How about a limerick? There once was a QB named Stidham, Whose offfensive line never hid him From the opposing onslaught. Happy feet were thus wrought, The pressure, it sometimes undid him.
  2. triangletiger

    On Fascism

    On a related note, here's an interesting opinion piece by Ross Douthat that I read yesterday:
  3. triangletiger

    Will Stidham Return for 2019 Season?

    Probably not.
  4. triangletiger

    Will Stidham Return for 2019 Season?

    Notwithstanding the condescension in your post, do you think he looks ready to play in the NFL?
  5. triangletiger

    2020 WR commits to AU... Maybe?

    My thinking exactly...
  6. triangletiger


    There are still too many variables to know how things will turn out. If LSU beats both of them (and possibly facing UGA again in the SECCG), they will drop in the polls and our wins over them would not look quite as good. Not that I think that's going to happen. As unlikely as we think it is to happen, UGA and Bama could end up losing a couple they should win - especially if key players (e.g., Tua or Fromm) get hurt.
  7. triangletiger


    Here ya go: LSU is done. It's time to get over it. Arkansas is next.
  8. triangletiger

    Question for the defense-knowledgeable

    I wanted to add that my intent in this thread was not to be critical of the defense or coaches. Obviously, they have a couple of plays they'd like to do over, but, by and large, they played a good game. I was just seeking understanding of what is going on when you rush four and are in man coverage.
  9. triangletiger

    Question for the defense-knowledgeable

    That makes sense. Thanks. I assume by combo coverage, you mean some defenders were playing man and some zone?
  10. triangletiger

    Question for the defense-knowledgeable

    So, what is the solution? Do we need to run a different scheme or do our guys in coverage just need to get better?
  11. This week after the disappointing loss to LSU, I've been hearing how we couldn't get pressure on LSU's QB because we were only rushing four but they were keeping seven in to block. Keeping seven in means they're sending 3 out on receiving routes. I've also heard that we use a lot of man coverage. So, if we're in man coverage on 3 receivers and rushing four, what are our other four defensive players on the field doing? I assume we might have at least one safety deep to prevent the big gain, but it doesn't seem as if we should have much trouble covering 3 with 7. What am I missing here?
  12. triangletiger

    Arkansas Look-A-likes

    Jarrod Barnes Lisa Bonet - Cosby Show era
  13. triangletiger

    Arkansas Look-A-likes

    Courtre Alexander Veggie Tales scallion
  14. triangletiger

    I know it's only been two games but...

    Stidham still looks like a work in progress. Heck, the whole team (with the possible exception of the starting LBs) looks like a work in progress. The loss Saturday stung, but I'm not giving up on this season yet.