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  1. Could have been canceled due to inclement weather.
  2. My thoughts: Bo needs to focus on improving as a QB because he is a competitor and driven to be successful, not because he wants to avoid criticism. The only thing he can do to limit the criticism is get better. If he focuses too much on the criticism, it can, ironically, result him losing confidence in his abilities and prevent him from improving. He just needs to ignore the naysayers and put in the work to get better.
  3. Let he who is without sin cast the first interception.
  4. I think that’s a very good point. He’s still pretty inexperienced at this level, and he’s coming back from a very serious injury (albeit with an offseason between to recover and get his game back), so it may take him some to even get back to where he was when the injury occurred. It will be nice to see him playing his natural position without having to play the point. I don’t know if it’s his height or what, but I was always a little nervous watching him dribble into the pressure - afraid that he was going to lose the ball. He was generally better at protecting it than I would have though
  5. Article from al.com. Is this guy just trying to get paid or is this a legitimate concern? A lawsuit filed on behalf of a former Auburn employee last week alleges that a former Auburn football player had a grade changed during the Fall 2019 semester that allowed him to remain eligible for the team’s appearance in the Outback Bowl that season. The claim is part of a discrimination lawsuit filed in district court last week on behalf of Travis Thomas Sr., a former director of academic support services in Auburn’s athletics department who was fired March 1. According to the lawsuit,
  6. Casanova McKenzie says we should go with a Chick-Fil-A instead.
  7. This will be useful in protecting the Toomer’s oaks from any future nefarious Updyke-ish incidents.
  8. I heard whiffs of it a couple of weeks ago when Flanagan started to show his improvement, but didn’t know how much there was to it.
  9. Well, Steele only needs 28 more years to be eligible for the Tennessee state employees’ pension.
  10. I appreciate your sharing your first-hand knowledge of the kind of man T-Will is. I’ve heard nothing but positive things about his engagement with the players/recruits, but it helps to hear it directly from someone who has interacted with him. Of course, I’d love for him to stay and continue to develop his craft through working with Coach Mason and the other new coaches (and seeing how Coach Harsin runs things), it may be in his best interest long-term to go elsewhere (perhaps as a DC at a G5 or FCS school?) - at least for a time. If he left, I wouldn’t mind seeing him come back to Auburn
  11. Agreed. Let CBH and CDM do their thing. If T-Will is not their choice, I’m sure he will land on his feet and have some great opportunities to continue to grow as a coach.
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