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  1. Was that CBP last game?

    I thought the asst. coaches were on paid administrative leave. Did they get fired?
  2. Tony Barbee

    Barbee basically just threw gasoline on a fire that was probably on the verge of smoldering out. On another note, while I do somewhat agree that it's not fair to hold him to higher standard than we as fans hold ourselves; he is a public figure and, therefore, ought to have enough sense not to get in pi$$ing contests with fans.
  3. Wiley

  4. Tony Barbee

    I think he's got a little Joey Freshwater in him.
  5. Wiley

    Is it certain that Wiley would be cleared to play at AU next season? I know he's suspended for this season, but I'm not clear on if that means he's good to go after serving a one-year sentence or if that decision is still pending. Obviously, the answer to that question will impact his decision on whether or not to stay another year
  6. Tony Barbee

    Based on everything I've heard or read, Tony Barbee is a first-class a-hole. Treated his players like crap.
  7. Tony Barbee

    He was busy recruiting while someone else was tweeting for him.
  8. Who’s Excited?

    I think we get past CoC. Beyond that, it's a tossup.
  9. SEC Tournament

    I mostly agree; however, our performance in the SEC tournament could affect (positively or negatively) our seeding in the NCAA tournament. So, I'd like us to have a decent showing and at least win our first game against Alabama/Texas A&M).
  10. Men vs. Arkansas

    Our only senior is Patrick Keim.
  11. College basketball's FBI probe gets specific

    Did anybody ask to dance with his date?
  12. 2019 Recruiting Thread

    AD was on the other side of Kristi Malzahn.
  13. 2018 or 2019 Grad Transfer OT Calvin Anderson

    Either that or he ate a bad peanut.
  14. Men vs. South Carolina

    Prescient comment on your part. While Dunbar might not have been the only hero last night, he definitely was one of them (14 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 steals), and he grew as a player.