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  1. We've had a lot of success with coaches from the Boston area lately; here's hoping Coach Bicknell continues that trend.
  2. Is Jaylin Williams going to be our new, improved Malik Dunbar?
  3. So, my question should the 'celebrities' we use in our avatars be making money off our use of their images and likenesses?
  4. To be fair, Purifoy was still suffering from the lingering effects of the flu on Saturday. Hopefully, he’ll be in better health next game.
  5. Either that, or his model is a bit off. Obviously, there is certain amount of uncertainty in the input data for these models.
  6. A few weeks ago, I thought Missouri would be an easy win, but now I’m not so sure. Based on the way things are in the conference as a whole, I don’t think anybody is a gimme. I mean, Vandy beat LSU (for LSU’s first conference loss) a few days ago.
  7. Can he walk on at Auburn and still be part of Cobra Kai?
  8. Honestly, I don't think Barbee has it in him to do what Bruce Pearl has been able to do at Auburn. And that's not really a slight against Barbee. Few coaches could have come into Auburn in the state it was in and accomplished what Bruce has accomplished.
  9. We’ve never won a game in which we were down by 17 or more at the end of the second half either. 😉
  10. I know. I just thought that statement was funny when put into the context of recruiting. Along the same lines, teams could use Bama's success at o-line to negative recruit against them for QBs. "Don't go to Bama, they can't prepare you for the NFL because you'll never get pressured in the pocket." Anyway, I agree we were decent in pass protection, but establishing a good running game would help too because it would allow us to be more unpredictable and force defenses to play us more 'honest'. That's on Gus to do what it takes to get us back where we should be in the running game.
  11. 😂 That should be our new pitch when recruiting QBs. “Come to Auburn and be our QB. Running for your life for a few seasons will get you ready for the NFL!”
  12. I'm high on Bo as far as having the potential to become a good/great QB even with his struggles this year. He obviously has things to work as far as accuracy/footwork, feeling the pressure/not bailing out of the pocket for no reason, and keeping the whole offense composed in hostile environments. However, he's shown that he's a gamer and does not easily fold under pressure. There were many key situations in games last season where he made the play to keep the drive going (often with his feet). He's also shown a good awareness to know when to throw the ball away to avoid taking a sack or throwing a risky pass. Other than Florida game, he didn't look to be unprepared for the big stage, and I think he learned from that game. Bottom line: I think there's a lot to build on with Bo at the QB position.