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  1. It’s good that they got burned on a few screen passes in game like this, so the coaches can teach them how to avoid that in the future.
  2. As nightmarish as that game was, I think that Va Tech loss to Wake Forest a few years ago that went to OT tied 0-0 has it beat.
  3. Sounds as though he’s a little dinged up and they decided to give him tonight off.
  4. Whether he starts or not, Gatewood can definitely help us win some games. I know the old saying about having 2 QB1s, but if Gus can figure out how to utilize both of their strengths in the flow of the game, it could work.
  5. The OP is thinking what we've all been saying.
  6. You don't need to understand them; just love them.
  7. Reportedly, when Gus threw the 'shade', Phillip Marshall was like this:
  8. This is just the cross they have to bear, I guess.
  9. But, guys, we have good depth on the o-line! πŸ˜‚ 😭
  10. Greene seems like a sharp guy who knows what he's doing, but until he actually hires a coach, there's some uncertainty about his capability. Also, it's not clear to me his ability to deal with the string-pullers behind the scenes.
  11. He'll be the next Charlie Weiss...