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  1. Everybody else can sell their services on the free and open market, but the players who do the grunt work are extremely limited by those who control the system and profit from their work. To me it is almost criminal that a player loses his eligibility by simply making himself available to the draft. He becomes a pro simply by asking some pro team by means of the draft "how much will you pay me to play for you?" IMO, a player should not even have to disclose to his school that he is in the draft or has a lawyer/agent. Seems like that should be a privacy issue. Just another way schools use
  2. I agree with you 100% on everything but your third sentence. I am not 100% sure the degree that is true, but generally I would tend to agree with you there as well.
  3. The only way CGM (and CKS and cNS) do net get paid the balance of their 25+ million $ contracts is if they are involved in an NCAA violation. All three can go 0-10 and still walk away with 25+ million. Now, cNS and CKS only have to worry about recruits, and other schools ratting them out. CGM has to worry about recruits, other schools AND HIS OWN DYSFUNCTIONAL BOOSTERS selling him out to get rid of him. As soon as one lets someone else in on the secret/conspiracy, they gain a LOT of leverage and some powerful $ people (even beyond the ones posting here) would like to see CGM gone. IM
  4. You may be correct on that, all I can say for sure is that my info came from the principal at Hoover and HE believed that to be the case but he may have not had access to all of the information.
  5. I forgot my sarcasm signed for that post, LOL. Far too many people believe (or want to believe) the ONLY reason we trail our rivals is because they cheat and we don't.
  6. Mikey, you make great points above about the player or assistant that leaves or gets kicked off team. The chances of someone spilling the beans goes up exponentially with each person that knows the secret. Logic (a bad word on any fan site) would seem to indicate all programs operate pretty much the same way. Who would go to UA or GA to play for free if AU was paying $200k in the case of Cam (who we were competing for with mighty MSU); What 4 or 5 star would come to AU (or any other 'clean' school) to play for free if they could get big bucks elsewhere. Yet most all top tier schools, eve
  7. Pickens flipped because GA got him eligible when AU could not. The PTB at his High School were aware and had some concerns about what/how GA did it.
  8. I have always been curious. Some of the guys we (and the other clean schools) sign were also recruited by UGA and UAT (and the other corrupt schools). Since some of the players obviously turned down the money to go to clean programs, why don't they come clean and rat out the bad guys who are getting a competitive advantage? Obviously, UGA and UAT can't rat out each other because they both are cheating, but there is no logical reason for the law abiding innocent guys who are playing for free to cover for the cheaters. Actually, I think somewhere in the process all signees have
  9. He will be no less of a target regardless of what happens with Jones. I can't see where the two are even related.
  10. I agree, way too much oversimplification and attention focused on the play caller by fans and the media. With a good OL, you can win with Al Borges and Steve Ensmenger calling plays. You also see offensive geniuses like Steve Spurrier et. al. fail when the OL is bad. The real art is the OC who can make an offense work with a mediocre OL and CGM has done as good of job at that as anyone (though it is also a fair criticism that he, as HC, is responsible for the fact that we have a mediocre OL).
  11. Players earn the right to play in practice. Players chance to prove themselves comes in practice. Nobody is entitled to 'prove themselves" in a game when they have not proven themselves best in practice. For a coach to do otherwise is a sign of desperation. Even though he sucked in the tryouts/auditions, Joe Blow would have been a great movie star, hit singer, jam-up brain surgeon, or QB if he had only gotten a chance to show what he could do in an actual movie, a performance at the grammys, real brain surgery, or playing against LSU. He would have been great, just never was given a chan
  12. As a head coach at Baylor, Steele record was 9–36 (1–31 in the Big 12 conference). We would have the same "We want a leader, not a Loser!" crowd from day one. The same crowd that hated CGC, Loved CGC, wanted CGC fired. This is the same crew that wants to put us on the coaching carousel with Arky and UT. Oh wait, I keep forgetting, we are a much bigger brand and have way more money to blow than UT and Arky AND the PTB at AU have proved they are way smarter and more adept at hiring and retaining coaches than those doing hiring at UT and Arky. As a bonus, we have a much more rationa
  13. By definition, SOMEONE has to make them. Before one criticizes, one must know (or at least believe) the thing criticized was wrong (and that there were better options). So, that means fans right, Gus wrong. Gus makes bad choices, authority must be passed to those who can make good choices. That leaves only fans or the powers that be at AU.
  14. Sure, we would all be better off if we let either the fans or the powers that be at AU make the personnel decisions.
  15. You mean someone like Chris Todd whom I think holds the record for TD passes in a season?
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