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  1. Barkley's last year, he was ejected in the first minute when he retaliated against Turpin's cheap shot (which I think was UK's goal) Person went crazy, I think he scored 40 something. We lost by one minus Barkley. Just a memory, looking for reasons to be optimistic.... WDE
  2. Thanks Bird! This same question pops up on EVERY forum of every fanbase in college football. Seems like none of the million dollar coaches, not even Saban and Smart, know to teach the DB's to look back for the ball. Nobody ever explains how the DB is supposed to know WHEN to look back, the receiver could fake with his eyes/hands and when the DB turns around, the receiver makes a cut and is wide open. Maybe this one should be a sticky along with that tired old fan line "we don't throw to the tight end" and "We should have blitzed".
  3. yeah, I knew what you meant, was just being a . Hopefully this one will come through and stick
  4. No, you are forgetting that we flipped Rubin Foster and "Peaches'" adopted son, I forget has name (as has most everyone else).
  5. See:
  6. Thanks. I do lurk a lot. Mainly I just look in for information now when something big is going down to see what some of the trusted insiders are saying. I find it is much better for my mental health that way, LOL. I am always reminded when I do look in that "Fan" is short for Fanatic. Still it, is great site and as asset to the AU family.
  7. Recruits can sign at any time and there is actually not any requirement that they sign at all. They can simply sign the FA papers at which point I think a school is obligated to take the player but he is not obligated to go there. In the past, some guys have signed FA papers with multiple schools. The fans, coaches, and ESPN have made a huge misnomer (and circus) out of NSD. There really is no advantage to the really good players to commit or sign anywhere (unless they are dead set on UAT or some other school that would not hold a spot open for a 4* player, and then he better get in while he can). NSD is simply the first day schools can sign players (good chance there will be an early signing period next year).
  8. I would include Earl Campbell and Eric Dickerson in my list, both had speed and power.
  9. final Score Logic, Reason, Data 42 Emotion, Rhetoric, Sophistry Zip Thank You Stat. Said everything I wanted to say and said and documented much better than I could have ever done (and saved me a lot of typing trying). The big mistake you are making is that you are trying to apply logic and reason to the situation, LOL. I agree with you. Stat said it best in his last sentence above.
  10. final Score Logic, Reason, Data 42 Emotion, Rhetoric, Sophistry Zip Thank You Stat. Said everything I wanted to say and said and documented much better than I could have ever done (and saved me a lot of typing trying).
  11. It's already in the OP. Look a few days down. I will post them again for the 2/2/16 update later tonight though. Could you just go ahead and tell us who all is going to sign with us tomorrow, that way we don't even have to know the announcement times
  12. I believe in the REC....they are more real than Santa....,d.eWE For such a powerful organization, that sure is a crappy website. Not very secret and shadowy either. Gotta work on that if they wanna rise above the Illuminati. As near as I can tell, this group makes the Illuminati look like the Lions Club. I am convinced it will go down in history (if it is ever exposed) as by far the greatest conspiracy of all time. They really don't even have to worry about being secret as they control the NCAA president, the NCAA investigators, the FBI, the State Government in Alabama, the media in Alabama, all Alabama Law enforcement, the state and federal courts in Alabama, business and industry, the IRS, their operatives are everywhere. What is really impressive about this group is that I would estimate that it has around 10,000 or so members, give or take, and none of them have ever gotten pissed off at any of the others enough to rat them out; none of them ever boasted to a trophy wife and then went through a bad divorce; nobody ever decided to become filthy rich by co-authoring a Pulitzer prize winning book with a sports writer from SI, ESPN, NY or LA Times (assuming they are not all controlled by the REC). Think about it, if 3 people commit a crime together, each of the three own and are beholding to the other other two; if 1,000 people commit a crime, each one owns and is beholding to the other 999. You gotta admit, that is Danged impressive of that REC. thousands of people and nobody ever slips up or breaks the code and as best as we can tell they kill relatively few people to enforce their code of silence (as compared to the mafia who has fewer members, had to kill many more people to enforce their code and still had more leaks than the REC). Even more amazing, this greatest secret society of all time, greater than the Mafia, skull and bones, and Trilateralists combined, didn't exist to make money or control the world, it was formed to get 17 year old boys to come to their college and play football. God I hate these REC Guys, but you do have to respect their determination and commitment. No, the Illuminati ain't got nothin on the REC. 200 years from now the history channel will be doing investigative stories about the REC. It is going to be tough to prove to the audience that the REC even existed, but even if they do, I really pitty the director who has to explain to the viewers 200 years from now WHY this massive top secret REC existed. damn, I gotta quit mixing these muscle relaxers and xanax, is it Signing day yet?
  13. I don't doubt any of that, I have seen that happen with a HIGH school player with recruiting between High Schools (our own Arthur Johnson Played at the 3 high schools before signing at AU). That is not X-files, that is recruiting in the SEC. Similar happened to Rashan Evans.