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  1. That’s funny. I am a 90 Au graduate. He may be great but he had two starts before Saturday.
  2. no kidding. don't get me wrong, i am happy with the win. but we should have won. when you play a SEC team without their starting QB you should expect to win - especially at home. gus is kidding himself if he thinks this win solves his problems.
  3. I have seen some obscene hospital bills but just dang. Hard to believe you can run a 2 million bill for drugs in 9 days.
  4. Dang. That’s breaking bad money. Surely that’s an error.
  5. And next year there will be regression. And our Groundhog Day begins again.
  6. I am being picky here but if we can shoot free throws more consistently and Wiley can improve his hands a bit this team could be really good.
  7. I attended almost every game that year. Other than lsu and va tech the games were nearly sealed at halftime. The just crushed people in the first half and then tubby shut it down. Had he gone for the kill in the 2nd half more the 04 might be considered one of the best all time.
  8. this may or not be true --- my hope is that Greene is firmly in charge and that he is running the show with the BOT. we may have great leadership that us fans do not see. at least that is my hope.
  9. I have never hired a head coach, but I have hired a ton of people on the business world. Seems to me a successful head coach must have these 4 attributes: Leadership -- can they lead? i have no idea how steele is as a leader. and the organization he would lead is much bigger than just the players. Recruiting -- can you recruit both sides of the ball? again, i have no idea about steele. dynamic personality would not hurt either. Coaching -- we know the guy can coach. Hyper organized -- seems to me in the age of multiple signing periods and the thousands of other details (like roster management) you need someone uber organized. again, no clue about steele. i am glad i am not the AD.
  10. So? Someone post it. I am not techy enough to do it!
  11. Should the crossover have its own thread?
  12. What about Tater Tot’s last offense?
  13. Agreed -- if i were the AD, this would be my first call.