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  1. Emmert aware of sexual assault charges at MSU

    uggg, this sh*t makes me sick. do none of these idiots have daughters?
  2. Demographic Curiosity

    49 male milton, GA (also home of brandon jacobs and ronnie brown) hometowns -- selma/huntsville class of 90 (finance) last game as student was turds at home and never lost to turds while i was a student.
  3. Spuat or Thuga

    i live in milton, ga and i swear these thuga fans are horrible. go turds. i feel dirty.
  4. Byron Cowart

    either way, it is hard to understand how you could graduate juco in one semester -- every with a bunch of transfer credits.
  5. Report: Malzhan staying

    well, gus got the money. i think we just all hope that the "on the job training" is nearly complete (since we are married now). but if gus wants the fan base to love him, he is not off to a good start having his agent play hard ball on money the week of the SEC championship. had auburn won, there would less hurt feelings. but they got spanked - risky move. gus, auburn people are gracious and they are forgiving but they don't often forget. i doubt a month goes by on any au message board without someone mentioning tubby and his duck hunting issues. and we loved tubby. you played hard ball and won but that is not how love is earned.
  6. Arkansas wants Gus

    i really hope auburn calls this bluff. and if gus really wants to go to arky, show him the door. auburn, and others, have played sexton's games for far too long.
  7. new clemson nickname?

    so on monday afternoon, i am at the bus stop with my two daughters (ages 7 and 9). very nice lady from down the street (uga grad) walks up (she had mentioned on friday at the bus stop that we would probably lose the game 'cause UGA was sooo good.) daugher 1 -- WAR Eagle! daugher 2 -- WAR Eagle! nice lady frowns but says "good game." daddy (me) covers face with hands to stop laughter. another lady (clemson grad) says, "well, at least Clemson won this weekend. daugher 2 (the 7 yo) -- "you mean the Clemson Copycats?" Clemson lady -- "huh? daugher 2 - "yes, Clemson copied everything from Auburn so I call them the Clemson Copycats." Clemson lady -- stunned silence me -- "girls, we need to get going" and trying not to giggle (i have certainly told my girls that Clemson copied Auburn but never called them copycats.)
  8. What Kirby Smart, Georgia players said after loss

    living in atlanta for 20+ years will make you hate UGA, but seems like they got a good one in kirby. he is like a little saban clone.
  9. next Head Coach

    if i am auburn's prez, i hand-deliver Foley a $500K check to be a consultant for me until this mess is cleaned up. i fire JJ today. i ask foley to interview ADs for me and give me his opinion. then let the new ad clean, with Foley's assistance if asked for, house.
  10. Now that we have (hopefully) calmed down

    +1 to kessler. the ship has sailed and time to move on. it makes no sense to keep a coach that cannot seem to coach the second half of games. or a coach that is offensive minded but cannot score points against our biggest rivals. i'm done.
  11. very strange

    not sure how many of you were at the game, but there were a ton of on-field presentations, etc. unless i missed him, jay jacobs was nowhere to be seen. there was even a check presentation with his name on the check, but no JJ. things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmm.
  12. ok, along with many of you, i have abandoned the bus. and as much as i want gus gone, i don't really want our current AD making the next hire. but amazingly enough, even after the softball explosion jay still sits in the big boy chair. the question is does any have any juice left or has his fate been sealed? anyone know if he still is making decisions for the department? will jay make this decision or will it be kicked to the next AD chair?
  13. last name "person"

    anyone notice a kid (last name person) that scored 15 against a pretty good duke team yesterday.
  14. "A chance to win a championship'

    i like gus, but he needs to shut up and focus on coaching. unfortunately, his tenure is smelling more and more like tiny terry's.
  15. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    let's hire spurrier -- he is not doing anything and can play golf with duff in the afternoons.