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  1. sounds like gus needs to put a bucket of jimmy hats in the food hall.
  2. is our AD really going to let Gus give some OC a big dollar contract? and if so, will anyone worth a damn really want the job with a lame duck coach?
  3. i had hoped i would never be as depressed as i was at the end of the 12 season. uggggg.
  4. 89, no doubt. my senior year at auburn. never lost to the turds while i was there.
  5. of course not, but every NFL GM knows they ain't winning with a dumpster fire O line regardless of their QB.
  6. That article is just dumb. JS is going to look very good at the combine. And any team evaluating him is going to understand that his O-line was a dumpster fire.
  7. so freeze comes? how do we fix the O-line debacle?
  8. Man boobs we have a problem. You would think at 7 million a year he could get a suit that fits.
  9. we could spice it up a bit. i could use questions from here and then taser him when we get coach speak.
  10. ok, so when i win the lotto tonight, how much money do i have to donate to the university so that leath and greene will make gus travel to my palace at lake martin once a week so that i can ask him how is it that an offensive genius can produce crappy offenses year after year?
  11. This is so very sad. And it reminds me of that grass chewing fool at LSU a couple of years ago when he said that they don't prepare/scheme for the other team. They just prepare to execute their plays. So dumb.
  12. i am not certain Gus would be a hot commodity on the head coaching market.
  13. i am trying to save the university $50 million, not make a hypothetical new coach happy. plus, most people that are really, really good at their chosen fields thrive on pressure.
  14. I've never worked in an athletic department, but I would think the AD could involve himself in such a way as to drive Gus crazy.
  15. No reason to buy out. Make Gus very uncomfortable. Eventually, he will fix it or negotiate an exit.