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  1. We lost John yesterday. A great auburn man. Thanks for all the prayers. I bet he is in heaven watching spring practice and having a makers mark.
  2. Johns numbers were a little better today and was able to eat some. Thanks and keep praying.
  3. Thanks all. John has not been stable enough to get to Pitt. Kidneys are struggling and his BP is low. But Easter is near and miracles do happen. He continues to fight the good fight as all Auburn men and women do.
  4. Thanks much. Should have mentioned that John was an athletic trainer for a number of football and baseball teams during his tenure in the late 80s and early 90s.
  5. A close friend, John Sewell (grandson of the Sewell Hall donors), has been fighting multiple cancer complications for nearly 10 years. After more chemo and radiation and surgeries than I care to recall his liver is failing. He is currently at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta. If he remains stable he will head to University of Pittsburgh next week for evaluation and hopefully to find a transplant. John has had an amazing and positive attitude every moment of this battle. If you believe, please send some prayers his way. I hope to see a few more auburn football games with him. Thanks all.
  6. They should sell the naming rights. Maybe a giant yella’ Building? Or a big ass apple?
  7. That may not have happened in any basketball game anywhere at any level ever.
  8. Someone should link the LSU dunk so the young kids on here can see him at his prime. Weed is bad yo.
  9. What a giant waste of talent. Sad really.
  10. I suspect some tough language is being written into his contract that any finding/allegations against him while at UT would mean a void of his AU deal.
  11. I hate to sound like an ass but do we need to worry about these Au related hires? Is this being pushed by the boosters who shall not be named?
  12. Osu seems to know how to utilize the TE position. Maybe we can barter a few for some o line help.
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