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  1. If I am the AD I am offering Sean Payton 20 million a year.
  2. Who are the big basketball donors? Same people?
  3. Cohen may end up being a fine AD but still an underwhelming hire. We should have aimed bigger and thrown a ton of money to a senior person in NFL/NBA marketing. If we want to be a top 10 athletic department that’s what you do.
  4. Hell as dumb as it would be to give Caddy the job, I would prefer that over Freeze.
  5. Really proud of those kids. Made a ton of mistakes but played their asses off. I am guessing only 3 guys on our team would make Turd’s two deep roster.
  6. Believe what you like. If you take a look at the phone logs and the investigation findings and talk to people around the Ole Miss program I think you will reach the same conclusions.
  7. Fabrication? The phone logs are in the public domain.
  8. This isn’t a court of law it is who you want leading your hundred million plus football program.
  9. There is no source but is the likely truth based on the public phone log activity. I suppose you could believe that all of those hookers were for his personal use, but that would be naïveté.
  10. I don’t expect an angel but seems we can find someone with better judgment.
  11. No mention of hiring hookers for underaged kids?
  12. Go offer Sean Peyton 25 million per year. Auburn is a 30 minute flight on the jet to his 15 million place at Alys Beach.
  13. Vomit. What other top 10 program would be going after Freeze if they had an opening?
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