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  1. careful people. not too long ago another coach was hot and beat our biggest rivals and everyone said "give him money and security!!!" i am being somewhat sarcastic. the AD should be working with BP to make us a basketball destination school.
  2. It's basketball -- some nights you can't make 'ish. to shoot 30% and still win is amazing. team has heart. this will be a good lesson for them.
  3. You are going to ban screens in basketball? WTF?
  4. You think Jabari will get significantly more minutes come Touney time? I understand first round is in Greenville should AU get the 1 seed. Anyone booked hotels? How are tickets allocated?
  5. I know nothing of this teams locker room dynamic but he’s got to be the soul of this team.
  6. I killed Twitter a long time ago. Stats for the score page? Post a link?
  7. As an old guy who has watched some really s***ty AU basketball over the years, nitpicking a 20+ point conference win (even against a really s***ty team) is really fun. We have now all turned into Nick Satan. Separately, if we could turn Kessler's mean from a 5 to a 8, and Jabari's aggression from a 6 to 9, we win it all. Hell, we might win it all anyway. The tournament is a cruel bitch though as we all experienced in the final 4.
  8. fuel the anger, Auburn. now go beat Thuga's ass by 40.
  9. He's soooooo smooth. If you were not watching the name on the jersey you would swear you were watching a NBA 5th year all star. He makes everything look effortless. And that is pure talent. The ceiling is crazy to think about.
  10. Agreed, but damn he had so much talent.
  11. Loved that kid. I think he is a banker in Atlanta now. He was great until he had to play against a big quick guard.
  12. Not morons at all -- just unsophisticated. Just like all of us at that age. Difference here is that when most of us got jobs, our taxes were removed from our paychecks and we were not receiving large, untaxed checks. "Some" of these athletes are surrounded by bad role models.
  13. How long before the first NIL athlete gets arrested for tax evasion?
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