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  1. Butthead

    Data on how predictable we are on Offense...

    This is so very sad. And it reminds me of that grass chewing fool at LSU a couple of years ago when he said that they don't prepare/scheme for the other team. They just prepare to execute their plays. So dumb.
  2. Butthead

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    i am not certain Gus would be a hot commodity on the head coaching market.
  3. Butthead

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    i am trying to save the university $50 million, not make a hypothetical new coach happy. plus, most people that are really, really good at their chosen fields thrive on pressure.
  4. Butthead

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    I've never worked in an athletic department, but I would think the AD could involve himself in such a way as to drive Gus crazy.
  5. Butthead

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    No reason to buy out. Make Gus very uncomfortable. Eventually, he will fix it or negotiate an exit.
  6. Butthead

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    if i am the AD, i am starting to make Gus's life very uncomfortable.
  7. Butthead

    I think Gus May be Tubberville 2.0

    offense is now terry bowden 2.0 (in year 3+)
  8. Butthead

    Off the Bus

    when we cannot run the ball for > 100 yards against southern piss, things are very, very wrong. this is beginning to remind me of tiny terry's offense before the bitter end.
  9. Butthead

    Stats thru 4 games ‘17 and ‘18

    First, had we won v. LSU, there would be less complaining. Second, the offense did not look very good (early) last season either. Third, it bothers people (me included) that we have a (supposed) offensive guru for a head coach, yet we cannot seem to put forth a great offense. Finally, the turds have managed to put forth a great offense. What we have here is a charlie foxtrot of a perfect storm.
  10. Butthead

    Nick Coe is showing out

    this thread gives me a warm feeling. now, we just need our 'brilliant' offensive coach to earn his money.
  11. Butthead

    CorchJay's Top 8 RB (available/possible)

    steele chambers? well, if football does not work out, he has a phenom name for the film industry.
  12. Butthead

    Last Chance U (Season 3)

    can we get JB as recruiting coordinator? that cat can talk *ish and recruit!
  13. Butthead

    Last Chance U (Season 3)

    i think it is pretty obvious that henry does not really love the sport. his dad is living through him. sad, really.
  14. someone told me he is related to ernie ells -- true?