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  1. anyone notice a kid (last name person) that scored 15 against a pretty good duke team yesterday.
  2. i like gus, but he needs to shut up and focus on coaching. unfortunately, his tenure is smelling more and more like tiny terry's.
  3. let's hire spurrier -- he is not doing anything and can play golf with duff in the afternoons.
  4. as a proud Milton, GA resident, WDE Carl.
  5. I am no football coach, but what baffles, confuses, and aggravates the sh*t out of me is that we recruit these small, blazing fast players and cannot figure out how to get them the f'n ball in space to make plays. Can someone explain that to me?
  6. man, I wish dansby could have played with better teams. what are the chances he makes the HOF?
  7. how does this dude continue to get a pass in the major media? you have this guy (see below) plus mixon. add that he actively recruited DGB from MO after his multiple "alleged" deeds. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/18260026/report-oklahoma-sooners-dede-westbrook-arrested-domestic-violence-2012-2013
  8. one of the 4 playoff teams will likely receive 2017 dodge chargers. hmmmmm.
  9. sounds like we will have some sooner player videos to view soon. early Christmas present for mixon.
  10. over/under on # of whirly bird plays in the sugar bowl???
  11. seems like going to ole piss right now is a dangerous move. the ncaa may hammer them in the off season.
  12. ok, I have a question, or really a series of questions? 1. Do we really want the AD telling the head coach how to select his staff? Gus is paid very well to make those decisions. If he cannot make those decisions, what type of CEO can he be? 2. If Gus is told to relinquish control of the offense, what real value does he bring to the program? Gus knows little about the defensive side of the ball (or that is how it appears). Gus is not an accomplished recruiter (from what insiders seem to think). Gus is not a master technician or game coach (my opinion, but I think his record as a HC bears this out). 3. So other than financial reasons, is there a real reason to keep Gus?
  13. ah, good. you have erased 2012 from your brain as well. kudos.
  14. Hmmmm, CL should be licking his chops thinking about going against a true frosh LT.