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  1. They should sell the naming rights. Maybe a giant yella’ Building? Or a big ass apple?
  2. That may not have happened in any basketball game anywhere at any level ever.
  3. Someone should link the LSU dunk so the young kids on here can see him at his prime. Weed is bad yo.
  4. What a giant waste of talent. Sad really.
  5. I suspect some tough language is being written into his contract that any finding/allegations against him while at UT would mean a void of his AU deal.
  6. I hate to sound like an ass but do we need to worry about these Au related hires? Is this being pushed by the boosters who shall not be named?
  7. Osu seems to know how to utilize the TE position. Maybe we can barter a few for some o line help.
  8. I have never played or coached one single down of organized football but it is pretty obvious even to me that Bo is not very accurate even if there is NO pressure or it is a short throw.
  9. I hate all things turd and Saban but the midget was coaching and cursing and influencing well after the game was decided today. We need some of that.
  10. He and Gus might both we working as analysts for the midget next year.
  11. I think they are playing hard. Just not very talented and some glaring holes at a few positions.
  12. Dang we suck. Why do you take like 10 step drop for a 4th and 4?
  13. Yes. But it would have much funnier is he said he could not wait to stomp a mud hole in that midget.
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