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  1. more prayers sent just this minute.
  2. yes! tired of being disappointed with football. #aubasketballschool
  3. yup -- as i was watching the game, i kept thinking back to old spurrier ripping qbs out of the game and making them watch a series or two. and the obc did not care if you were are true frosh or a redshirt senior.
  4. Well, after the dive for no gain, Gus (or Caddy) yanked him. So maybe he needs to run some more sprints. Or Gus might consider calling a different play.
  5. Thanks Coach. I only wanted to break my tv once* during the game -- several times less than tulane. so we are moving in the right direction. Why in the hell after Boobee goes 40 around the left end do you hand it up on the middle on the next play? He was so gassed that he barely made it to the los.
  6. Different year. Same pathetic offense.
  7. i think if you beat the #2 team by > 15 shots, you should just cancel match play and give us the trophy.
  8. That’s about as big an ass kicking as possible in a sport.
  9. great stuff on t & f. looks like CGM lost a few lbs over the offseason. maybe he has been running with the fast guys.
  10. sounds like gus needs to put a bucket of jimmy hats in the food hall.
  11. is our AD really going to let Gus give some OC a big dollar contract? and if so, will anyone worth a damn really want the job with a lame duck coach?