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  1. This whole thing is so stupid and so easily resolvable. The writing is on the wall -- Gus, the team, and Sexton know it. A competent AD, with approval from BOT, would sit Gus down at the end of the season (or now) and say you are not getting another extension. Ever. Your recruiting is tanking and will further tank next year. If you want to part ways now, we will give you _____ (like 1/2) to go quietly (like Tubby). If not, we will sit back and watch you implode. And that will be the end of any chance of you ever coaching Power 5 again. Now go to Waffle House and think it over.
  2. Sounds like a good punishment for crappy play. Back in my auburn days 87 to 90, the players got steak and lobster after a SEC win (seems like it was Wednesday, but that was a long time ago) but cold sandwiches after a loss.
  3. Maybe someone is tired of the craziness of Oregon by now and is ready to head south. #firegus
  4. Damn, that was 2012 bad. First time I turned off/left a game early since 2012. And before that was -- never. #firegus
  5. seems to me that no SC sightings on the subject lately is probably not good news for us.
  6. Where can you get the print in frame quality?
  7. Gus needs to up his game. #basketballschool
  8. We are so bad in the first half. Pearl needs to make them scrimmage for 20 minutes before tip.
  9. so what are the odds of shaka being fired? i don't follow texas stuff.
  10. Sorry if that was too intense -- just seems odd. Just think there must be more to the story.
  11. Why did he really leave OU? Seemed at the time he really wanted to retire -- dad died early, etc. Then he was rumor for every big job -- open or not. Now is he coaching in the XFL. WTF is going on with him?
  12. Doesn't really matter because we are not going to be able to consistently beat our rivals with a sh*t o line. It used to be linebackers, now it's O line.
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