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  1. Butthead


    Sorry if that was too intense -- just seems odd. Just think there must be more to the story.
  2. Butthead


    Why did he really leave OU? Seemed at the time he really wanted to retire -- dad died early, etc. Then he was rumor for every big job -- open or not. Now is he coaching in the XFL. WTF is going on with him?
  3. Doesn't really matter because we are not going to be able to consistently beat our rivals with a sh*t o line. It used to be linebackers, now it's O line.
  4. Getting out a** kicked by UK last year turned that team around. Maybe a W tomorrow will propel this team the rest of the season. WDE.
  5. I have never been involved in recruiting before, but I have plenty of money and we really need a LT. How do I deliver the goods to our future LT? In an actual bag? Purchase a Dodge Charger and have it delivered? Is there a family "manager" I should visit? Poker chips from a Vegas casino? Gift cards? All of the above? Help a brother out!
  6. we won both games this week, and dropped a spot. only auburn!
  7. Since we are stuck with Gus for a while he should book a ticket to SF and hang out with Kyle Shanahan for a long while.
  8. If Tua leaves, Saban would process little bro without thinking twice if he thinks it helps his roster.
  9. well, our bowl game was 5 days ago. i have not heard a peep from greene. paging WDE to the bat phone.
  10. Insiders, report. Season is over. What is the temp of the PTB after the season? Does the AD Green have any authority in this matter? Any changes? Inquiring minds want to know. PS -- I would have fired Gus before the bowl game.
  11. Such a Gus type loss. Should have fired him after UGA game.