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  1. Auburn's next Head Coach

    if i am auburn's prez, i hand-deliver Foley a $500K check to be a consultant for me until this mess is cleaned up. i fire JJ today. i ask foley to interview ADs for me and give me his opinion. then let the new ad clean, with Foley's assistance if asked for, house.
  2. Now that we have (hopefully) calmed down

    +1 to kessler. the ship has sailed and time to move on. it makes no sense to keep a coach that cannot seem to coach the second half of games. or a coach that is offensive minded but cannot score points against our biggest rivals. i'm done.
  3. very strange

    not sure how many of you were at the game, but there were a ton of on-field presentations, etc. unless i missed him, jay jacobs was nowhere to be seen. there was even a check presentation with his name on the check, but no JJ. things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmm.
  4. ok, along with many of you, i have abandoned the bus. and as much as i want gus gone, i don't really want our current AD making the next hire. but amazingly enough, even after the softball explosion jay still sits in the big boy chair. the question is does any have any juice left or has his fate been sealed? anyone know if he still is making decisions for the department? will jay make this decision or will it be kicked to the next AD chair?
  5. last name "person"

    anyone notice a kid (last name person) that scored 15 against a pretty good duke team yesterday.
  6. "A chance to win a championship'

    i like gus, but he needs to shut up and focus on coaching. unfortunately, his tenure is smelling more and more like tiny terry's.
  7. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    let's hire spurrier -- he is not doing anything and can play golf with duff in the afternoons.
  8. Carl Lawson declares for the NFL Draft

    as a proud Milton, GA resident, WDE Carl.
  9. Projected 2017 Starting Lineup

    I am no football coach, but what baffles, confuses, and aggravates the sh*t out of me is that we recruit these small, blazing fast players and cannot figure out how to get them the f'n ball in space to make plays. Can someone explain that to me?
  10. How are AU players doing in the NFL?

    man, I wish dansby could have played with better teams. what are the chances he makes the HOF?
  11. stoops

  12. stoops

    how does this dude continue to get a pass in the major media? you have this guy (see below) plus mixon. add that he actively recruited DGB from MO after his multiple "alleged" deeds.
  13. auburn players sugar bowl swag

    one of the 4 playoff teams will likely receive 2017 dodge chargers. hmmmmm.
  14. Welcome Sooner Fans to the Board

    sounds like we will have some sooner player videos to view soon. early Christmas present for mixon.
  15. Auburn to Sugar vs. Oklahoma

    over/under on # of whirly bird plays in the sugar bowl???