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  1. Not the part of the South that I come from......
  2. I'll bet they put sugar on their grits, too
  3. My wife and I watched as Tracy Wolfson did her on-the-field interview with Gus. As she was asking her inane, detailed question about how the play developed, I told my wife that had I been Gus, I'd have given her a dead pan three second stare, and answered, "What do you mean.....that's exactly how we drew the play up!".
  4. If there is ANY danger that you or someone might have had contact, DO NOT use a hammer or cause any damage the the animal's head. For the ADPH lab to be able to check the animal for rabies, it must have an intact head. If you destroy said head and think you may be in danger of infection, your only recourse then is to take the shots or cross your fingers. The second option isn't too smart. Rabies is basically 100% fatal. Only a couple of humans are known to have survived it.
  5. Interesting.......eleven days before I was born.
  6. They're OK.....don't have a real preference. Just please Lord, don't let AU go the way Georgia has and go so far away from tradition!
  7. Hook


    I'm sure you wouldn't have liked it, but I also sure you would have controlled yourself, too.
  8. Hook


    I despise the way the net allows individuals to attack or demean those that don't think as they do. You are free to safely say things that would get your face punched if said in person. WRT defining what a fan is or isn't, we are all Auburn fans or we wouldn't be here. Just like any group of people, be it Christians, Republicans/Democrats, students, gamblers, whatever....there is a wide range of how we practice our beliefs and actions. Some are more rabid than others; some are more casual in their approach. This is human nature, and is not always a measure of how true a fan we may be. When it comes to leaving a game early, I don't when the game is close or we are losing. The team needs our support and, believe me, they know it when we give up on them and leave the stadium before the game is over. If we are blowing away a lesser team, I may leave a few minutes early IF there is a good reason. Mostly though, I like to watch the backups get in a few licks. If the team notices us leaving early under those circumstances, I feel like they take it as a sign of confidence in their superiority. I honestly feel that we should never leave the stadium when things are tight or when we are losing, no matter the score. Those boys need to know we are with them in dire times and leaving early helps to take the wind out of them. Even if they come back as they did yesterday, it can carry over to the next game. If you leave early, you are not necessarily a bad fan but you are a disappointing fan! When it comes to the performance of the players and the coaches, I get as peeved as anyone when they underperform. I will express my opinions to those that are close to me in private. No matter how bad things get, I’d never castigate them in public or on the net. I would prefer to leave that to the opposition and the haters. This board is family and one should normally feel free to express one’s frustrations with the team here, but we are being closely watched by that opposition and the hate groups and they delight in seeing us devour our own. I have no intention of feeding that hunger of theirs or, worse, giving them fodder to spread our dissention around publicly or within their hate groups. If this is viewed by some as wearing rose colored glasses or being goody-goody, so be it. Just think about the ripple effect of negative venting, whether here or elsewhere.
  9. Ashamed to say it, but it took all of my freshman year to figure that out! You should have been there the first day it open. I think it took me 2 hours to find the correct room. Plus they use to use it to register. Lord god what a nightmare Yep, opened for classes the Summer of 69 (I think, or maybe 70). I was there for a 7 AM class. Got there before the rush, so....no problem
  10. I also thought they did a commendable job. The funny part to me was when Corso (I think) turned to Saban and congratulated the State of Alabama on consecutive NCs and Heisman Trophys. Saban looked like he's just had to swallow a live frog.