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  1. Well, we played both Clemson and Oregon in 2010, maybe just the reverse order this season...
  2. Yeah, I ran into 2 of them in Canada this past week...bammers, not herpes...
  3. And this is bammer's backdoor, bypassing the SECCG, and into the CFP, if they take a loss....
  4. 10:00 AM 136/93 61 Kickoff 198/129 99 EoFQ 203/122 104 HalfTime 179/107 89 EoTQ 185/100 108 EoG 153/111 105
  5. 10 yards separation at least, both the offensive linemen were closer....
  6. Will give 3, maybe 4 on that...
  7. I noticed at least 2 myself, even ran back on DVR, and a minimum of 9 missed holds that were pretty blatant....
  8. Maybe the room on the leeward side of the house facing south because Florida Sucks??? :dunno:
  9. BTW, for those of us that consume SA Octoberfest as their gameday brew of choice, Sam's Clubs have special 28 bottle cases. I bought 3 this past week. That should cover the entire regular season. By that time, the Winter Lager will be out for Championship and Bowl games.... :wareagle:
  10. So...who is going to be the first person busted trying to a PlayStation into that thing.... hah hah hah
  11. :wareagle:WAR EAGLE!!! :wareagle: sitting in the not-quite-frozen-yet-nor-white north (Montreal to be precise) hoping the manager of the local sports bar keeps his promise to make sure he has the game on for me. Anybody know if Montreal has an Auburn Club? Ian
  12. It wasn't breaking mid 60's all last week in Toronto. morning lows in the upper 40's at point. I made several comments to the rest of the project team that it felt like September, and it was time for some football......
  13. You are forgetting the original Salt Lick down in Wimberley. The one out at the Dell Diamond just doesn't measure up with the original, but both are pretty good for Tejas Que...
  14. At least DHR and DHS know which weapons to confiscate.....
  15. I am just disappointed there isn't any team info on them. Front or Back
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