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  1. Good problem to have. A lot of talent at all five positions. Also will be helpful should we have someone go down with an injury. So many players that can play multiple positions if needed. Zep & Wendell - Point Guard Chance & KD - Shooting Guards Flanigan & Phillips (if we can snag him) - Small Forward Treore & Jaylin - Power Forward Broome & Cardwell - Center Don't know how much time Donalson, Moore, and Stretch will get. Honestly, was hoping Stretch would have transferred and we could have filled that spot with another shooter but beggers can't be choosers. I like this team, especially if we can get Phillips.
  2. Here is how I see the SEC tourney playing out: Day 1 - Missouri beating Ole Miss and Vanderbilt beating Georgia Day 2 - Florida beating Texas A&M, LSU beating Missouri, Miss. St. beating South Carolina, and Alabama beating Vanderbilt Day 3 - Auburn beating Florida, Arkansas beating LSU, Tennessee beating Miss. St. and Kentucky beating Alabama Day 4 - Auburn beating Arkansas and Tennessee beating Kentucky Day 5 - Auburn beating Tennessee Again, just my opinion but I see the Miss. St. over SC as a slight upset and Tennessee over Kentucky as a bigger upset. We will avenge three of our four loses on the season. We will go into the Big Dance as a #1 seed and on a roll.
  3. I am beginning to think that the reason Flanigan is starting and getting the minutes is because daddy is on the coaching staff. Nothing else makes sense. His play is no where near as good offensively right now than Williams. If the argument is his his defensive play, maybe but how many turnovers is he committing and forced/ill-advised shots? He just looks lost, frustrated, and trying too hard to return to last years form. Also being the 4th option at best on the court, probably doesn't help his mindset. I just don't understand it. He has had plenty of time to round into form and each game is a repeat of the last.....little offense, high turnovers, average to good defense, lost and frustrated demeanor. Don't mean to pile on and that's not the intention. I just don't understand what is going on here.
  4. Flanigan is a walking turnover....please get him out of the game. Enough is enough.
  5. I tend to agree. I think Jaylin should be starting at this point and Allen coming in off the bench. More production from Jaylin than Allen right now. I would even venture to say that CMo would give us more than Allen currently. Until Allen can figure things out, his minutes need to be reduced. I get nervous every time he has the ball in his hand. Either a missed shot or a turnover is about to happen. His defense is not bad but that is the only thing keeping him on the court right now.
  6. Defense looked really good. Without Kessler, would have really looked ugly with all the missed shots and turnovers, especially in the first half. Flanigan getting better but still not there. Confidence is increasing and hope that we have near his level from last year by SEC tourney time. Wendall and Jabari had quiet games, especially Wendall. Was not needed as much, so no worries. He can turn it on when he needs to. Didn't really need to today. Glad to see Alabama beat Arky. They along with Tennessee and Kentucky are on our heals. Now just a little more breathing room from Arky. With KY's victory over Florida, we really need a Tennessee victory over KY on Tuesday. I expect us to come out with the same intensity against Vandy at home. Stop Pippen and should be similar result or even better than today's win.
  7. I think they are working behind the scenes. If they can line up two of the three (HC, OC, DC) that they want , they will pull the trigger and fire Harsin. If not, they likely roll with him for another season.
  8. Sorry, just joining the thread. What is this KD injury stuff? What happened?
  9. Come Lord Jesus Come! This world has gotten ridiculous.
  10. If Walker stays, that would make this team another favorite for next year. If not, I think we will need a portal frontcourt player with offensive skills.
  11. So Berman falls out of the rotation with the additions of Westry and Donalson with all of our current guards returning? I do think that we would need a legit frontcourt player from the portal if available. I think Cardwell's offensive skills are limited ( as much as I love having him) and same with Akingbola. Thoughts?
  12. So, what will our roster look like next season with likely Smith and Kessler leaving? Looks like we will strong in the backcourt but light in the frontcourt. Got Westry coming in. What do you think we do in the portal if anything?
  13. Really nice bounce back game for both Allen and Wendell from last game. Both came with a lot more energy. Everyone played really well this game. Hope we do not have a let down against Georgia this weekend. Really don't think so but you never know if we play down to the competition or not. Need to come out with the same aggressiveness at home. Not to look ahead but that Arkansas game in Fayetteville will be an important one.
  14. First Choice: Flanigan's confidence and desire to take over. Is currently the weak link on the starting 5, Doesn't trust his shot and is turnover prone. Second Choice: Jabari's drive to the basket. Power basketball in the paint. Not relying on jump shots all the time.
  15. Is there a clause in the contract for ineptitude where we don't have to pay the buyout and can let him go? I am almost kidding.
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