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  1. Because of what was mentioned above in the Football Scoop post. I don't think it is an issue either. I think they are just looking for a story to create, which usually is the case in the media. I am getting more excited about this team. Addressing some needed changes. If we would make a OL change, I think that would be the icing on the cake for this offseason.
  2. I can't see Kevin leaving now. Had Gus not made any changes, maybe. However with Gus making this hire, you have to think that things can only get better on offense which will be better for his defense. Who knows?
  3. JB Grimes seems to be a really good guy and has done an average to good job with the OL talent he was left when he came back. They have gradually gotten better but it took near a full season to do so. With a senior laden OL, should have happened faster in my opinion. Having said that, I really do hope that Grimes decides to retire. Now days, you really need a very good recruiter and a developer on the line of scrimmages. You can't be one or the other and hope to be really successful long term. With the hire of CCM as OC, I think going ahead with a change at OL would complete the immediate changes needed on offense. I think we are fine at RB and WR (although debateble) at least for another season. The change at OC and OL is enough for one offseason. Too much change to quick may not be good in the long run with players and recruits. If there is some twicking that needs to be done in either of those two positions, you address after next season. Just my thoughts. I am excited about the hire of CCM and am feeling cautiously optomistic for next season. We shall see. Really its going to come down to how much control Gus will give Chad.
  4. This is a chance for Gus to take some heat off himself. Don't mess this up Gus. Show the fan base that you do hear the concerns and you will do what it takes to make AU better. Put your ego and pride aside and realize that your offense, as it is, will not work any longer. When you first arrived and with the right QB, it was hard to stop. Now, everyone has figured it out and its predictable. Will not work consistently any longer. Please do the right thing and hire a good qb developer, recruiter, and offensive minded coach to help the team get better. You say that you love Auburn and want to led them to championships.....if that is true, let's see some evidence in this OC hire.
  5. No offense taken. Just showing what a great family they are. War Eagle!
  7. Look at Kevin Steele.......bad HC, very good DC. Same could be said of Chad Morris.....bad HC, but a very good OC. Remains to be seen. If nothing else, a great recruiter and QB developer. If Gus wants to keep being OC, I am sure CCM would have a lot of input in the offense plus you get the other benefits to go along with it. Sign me up. Let's get it done.
  8. Tough game to listen to. Couldn't find a stream online that worked to watch here in Indonesia. I was afraid the long layover was going to hurt us and it did. Focus was not there. Glad to see Wiley finally becoming a beast. Got to hit those FT's. It could have easily cost us the game. Proud we fought back and pulled out the victory. Let this serve as a lesson to the team. Got to stay sharp and focused. Need to finish these last few non-conference games undefeated and on a high. Bruce, get after them. Got to get better. Glad to be 8-0.
  9. I would be down with this. Would hate to lose "Dilly - the recruiter" but think Morris would help us with our offensive woes if Gustav will allow him. I think Morris would be a good recruiter what level, not sure.
  10. #1--There’s a very big difference between being a biblical Christian and being a Mormon. It’s a totally different concept of who Jesus is, who man is, who God is, how we fit in the universe, how we get right with God. In Mormonism it all hinges on participation in the Mormon Temple ritual; in Christianity it all hinges on throwing ourselves on the mercy of God and claiming Christ as savior. While Mormon's are good people and some of the nicest that I know, I would not characterized them as being biblical Christians. #2-- You are correct, BYU (95%) , University of Utah (50%) , and Utah State (35%) are the major schools in the state. 62% of the state of Utah are Mormon. Jake Bentley is not a Mormon, that is why it caught my eye that they predicted 100% Utah
  11. Seems like I saw the transfer portal had him predicted 100% to Utah. Take that for whatever it’s worth, which may not be much. Christian guy at a Morman school.....I don’t know.
  12. The way we are currently looking and seemingly getting better every game, do you think we could reach conference play undefeated? We are for sure looking better than I thought we would. Way way too early but I like what I am seeing. Could be another special year. Do you think there is any chance that Okoro stays a second year before leaving? One last questions, do you think our early success will have any bearing on our current recruit targets?
  13. Will be yelling war eagle all the way from Indonesia. Noticed your from Guntersville. I am from Boaz.
  14. I agree with this......more of the same. Three and outs, running plays the defense sees coming before we even break the huddle, our defense is gassed from being on the field so much, Bo rattled against a good defense, we don't win the turnover battle. I know that sounds gloomy, but seen it way too often to feel otherwise. Like the others, I really hope I am wrong.
  15. I think this is the likely scenario that plays out. Gus has already secured his job for another year regardless of whether he beats Bama or not. Interim president/tough schedule/close losses to teams in top 10 buys him another year. Only way that narrative does not play out is if he somehow blows the Samford game this weekend (which will not happen). Once again the stars align and Gus does just enough to hang on. Having said that, next season is it. Put up or shut up. Likely will have a new president and he will probably let AG make the call to keep from getting his hands dirty. Buyout will be smaller and more tolerable and the current pro-Gus crowd will be smaller after another similar season. Will have to hold on one more season folks.