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  1. Prayers lifted from Indonesia 🇮🇩. Hang in there Doc.
  2. Has McClung said when he wants to make a decision? Sorry if I have missed it.
  3. I agree with you. Interesting to see how things play out in the next 6-8 weeks.
  4. According to Jeff Goodman @goodmanhoops on Twitter. Makur Maker, 6-11, 220, F, Post-Grad, Hillcrest Prep (AZ) | “He’s not [his cousin and NBA player] Thon. I don’t think he gets drafted.” – NBA executive” If this is true, maybe he takes another look at AU? 🤷‍♂️
  5. When will there be clarification in his situation? Do we know when it will be 2020 or 2021 for him?
  6. Sorry, it was a Twitter post from Jon Rothstein (CBS Sports Insider) from yesterday. I didn’t know how to link it here. Should have mentioned that.
  7. Sources: Incoming student athletes with an expected spring/summer 2020 graduation will receive an automatic COVID-19 waiver from the NCAA if they meet the following criteria: - Meet core course requirements before their senior year of HS - 2.3 GPA *ACT/SAT scores are excluded Will this new policy from NCAA affect Kuminga’s chances/desire to reclassify to 2020 or not in your opinion? I am not sure if this has any bearing on his decision or not. If thing that came to mind when I saw it.
  8. Isn't the McDonald's game sometime around the first of April? You don't think he will wait until after or during that game do you?
  9. HS season ends when? Sorry, overseas and not keeping up with HS basketball.
  10. That's assuming AU takes care of business themselves. With IO down for two weeks, we become much more beatable, not to mention we were scrapping by the past several games with him. I just hope we can make it through unscathed until his return. If it was going to happen, best it happen during this stretch of the season. We shall see.
  11. I started losing it shortly after high school (got to love genetics). I have kept if very short for the past 30 years. This past year, finally decided to shave it off rather than have that short patchy look. Happens to the best of us. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.......who we going to get as OL coach? Needs to happen this week.
  12. Malzahn and Steele are both balding.......Having an afro is a prerequisite to being our next OL coach. I like it.
  13. In agreement. I am glad we beat Bama. Very satisfying to not only win but to keep them out of the playoffs. Really a double win in my book. However, we turn around (after a lengthy layoff to prepare) and lay the same egg we always do on offense. Gus always wins the one game that will save his job and then we go back to the same mess the following week. It has gotten old and tiresome. Has diminished the excitement of game day to some degree. I believe we will be slightly better this next season with a little easier schedule, a better OL, and a better Bo Nix, but how much better? One win? If we are keeping Gus, I think at the very least, we need to change Grimes and Kodi and get a real good OL recruiter and coach with some passion like CKS and a better WR coach. I like both guys from a personal standpoint but at the same time, I want to get better in those two areas on the football field Just my two cents.
  14. Anyone want to take a guess at who the starting quarterback will be for the teams on our SEC schedule this next season? Ready go.....