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  1. Let's go ahead and add Fields, Jackson, and Hill this week also.
  2. Guess we got the answer. Welcome Mr. Monday.
  3. We have had a good class so far. I like the number of early enrollees that will be in spring training. We got the QB we desperately needed and hopefully a revamped offense. Defense will be almost as good in my opinion. Yes, we lost Lawson and Monty but I think the other guys will step up, not to mention we add some guys that sit out last year or were redshirts (James, Dean, and Coe come to mind). The D will get better as the season progresses. The implementation of the TE in the offense and an actual passing attack to go along with the more seasoned KJ and KP is exciting. Having Legatron back is a bonus, as he could have gone to the NFL. Also Kozan, Smith, and James back on the OL should keep our QB protection solid. Can't wait to see our WR's get lots of catches next year. Must maximize that talent in the position. Having said that, I feel we have added the recruits that we needed to fill out the depth chart. Some will play this year, while some will redshirt. I would like us to close with Taylor, Bryant, and Benton and be done, however I do not see that happening. If we get two of the three, I think that would be a solid finish. Regardless, I like our class even if it is not one of the top classes. We filled our needs. What is more important than recruiting this year, is getting our offense deadly once again and continuing to get even better on defense. If we do those things, we can be really excited about next season.
  4. Always reread your post before submitting. Less unpredictable....did I really say that. My post was full of grammar and spelling errors.....geesh! Auto-correct doesn't help. 😜
  5. Ok. Chip on board. Whether you like him or not, this is our OC. Let's give the guy a chance and see what he can do. His said in press conference that he is hanging up the clipboard and turning the offensive show over to Lindsey. Let's see what he can do with it. It will be different looking offense. I would think more balanced and play calling less unpredictable. Let's see what that looks like with the returning talent on the team. Excited that qb's will be coached up and rather than the position being a weakness on the team, it should be a strength. Time to get unified and get pumped about next season. Put in the work.
  6. I still think Gilbert is the guy and that it happens in the next 24 hours. Nothing to confirm that, just my gut feeling.
  7. Gus decided to wait until tomorrow to announce Gilbert as the OC due to Pearl getting his 500th victory tonight. Did not want to steal his thunder..... I'm kidding of course, but it makes about as much sense around here as everything else that has been flying around. In all seriousness, I have a feeling it will be announce by end of day on Friday at the latest. Just think they want to get this out of the way prior to focusing on BC this weekend. My two cents worth.
  8. What do you guys think? Surely we announce a new OC before this weekend's Big Cat, right? I know most of the remaining slots are for the defensive side of the ball but does it matter if we have new OC announced before BC weekend?
  9. JMO but I think it now will be down to Helfrick, Lindsey, or Hand. What do you think?
  10. Was just reported that Spavikal is out of the picture now. He is to become the OC of West Virginia according to
  11. You see what a accurate dual threat qb can do to Bama's defense. That is the winning formula. I will say that if Hurts does not get better at throwing the ball, I don't see Bama doing as well next year. Defense carried their team this year. 1 Second seems to always kill Bama.
  12. If/When is the extra assistant suppose to be decided? Do we know a timeframe?
  13. Also, don't forget about Coe (man child) on D and Prince Sammons on O. I think we will be deep in all positions with those that red shirted and those returning from injury, as well as the early enrollees this month. It's all got to come together though and that is on the coaches.
  14. Where is Byron Coward on that list? Am I missing something?
  15. If we get LN, what does that mean at the QB position? Queen and Franklin out I would think, which I would be alright with. What makes me nervous would be how does WB react to this. Obviously, LN would redshirt as WB did last year. Would WB be ok fighting it out with JS and SW in the spring or would he want to transfer so he could play sooner? Will be interesting to see what happens if indeed we get LN