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  1. I think abw0004 is really Gus. Sounds about how Gus would explain away things at this point. I am not a negative person and I don't rant on this board about the team or about Gus however, it is obvious that we have problems and they are going to bite us soon if we don't get some things corrected. We are 2-0 and I am happy about that but we have not looked good getting there. If not for our defense, we would be sitting at 0-2 and Gus would be exiting the bus. Having said that, my hope this week is that there will be a "come to Jesus" meeting with the offensive line. Get mean and dominate the man across from you or go sit on the bench and if we need you, we'll call. Boobie......hold on to the ball or you can sit right beside the O-lineman on the bench. Gus.....stop being predicatable. Stop running the same plays. Short crossing routes and utilize the middle of the field. The tight end does exist and he is eligilble to catch the ball.....use him. Please.......every Auburn fan is begging you to get things in order before the A&M game.
  2. Thanks Ellitor appreciate the info. Makes sense, but like others have said (and I agree). You have a guy with legit talent, that loves Auburn, I think you make the room, especially at the LB position. Hope this one does not come back to bite us. If Webb does does not come, then do you take him or do you still look to fill other positional needs? We may know soon or may be a mute point soon if he picks from his finalist. Again, thanks for the info.
  3. The Indonesian Flag. My family and I are missionaries and have serving here for the past 13 years. I am originally from Boaz, Alabama.
  4. Sorry if it has already been mentioned, when is he planning on announcing?
  5. What if you live overseas? What is a good free internet stream to use? Been my only way to watch AU football for the past 13 years. All be it at 2:30am and 6:00am on Sunday mornings. 🥴
  6. When is his commitment date? I am unable to open the article for some reason. Maybe it's the security on my computer or the Indonesian government, who knows. Thanks
  7. Looks like the second time he has transferred. Was first at Tusculum College in TN. Division 2 and then transferred to Western Kentucky. Has the size, does he have the motor, talent, and desire. We'll see how this one plays out.
  8. If they are sending 3 men back when the ball is shot, that should limit their number of attempts. If we can limit them to one and done on their offensive possessions, they will have to shoot a good percentage to keep pace. My hope is that we put a tremendous amount of pressure on their perimeter players and make them work hard for good shots. If they happen to make some outside shots with alot of pressure on them, I can live with that. The key is to gobble up every defensive rebound and do not waste possessions on the offensive end. Play smart and take what the defensive gives you.
  9. As has been mentioned before, they do not play a deep bench. Even though they play 8 guys, only 6 get significant time. If you can get them into foul trouble, they then have to adjust and change things up. This will put pressure on them and make them play different from what they are accustomed to playing. How do we get them into foul trouble? It has already been said that their defense packs the paint, so driving will be difficult to draw fouls. They also sacrifice offensive rebounds to get back on defense to prevent transition baskets on the fast break, which would make them foul to keep from giving up the easy basket. So how to get them in foul trouble? Can we? We have to get off to a fast start and hopefully get a good lead and make them play catch up. Bryce and Semir have got to play awesome defense on their two best guards and let the others have to beat us on offense.
  10. Does anyone have a link to the post game press conference?
  11. Going Crazy in Indonesia. What a great way to start the week.
  12. AWESOME!!! Where is the post game press conference by Bruce and the guys?