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  1. Good thing this is Mizzou or we would be getting blasted.
  2. Welp, no need to bring Holden in the game and risk injure. Let's ride this thing down the toilet bowl in the 2nd half.
  3. I think we actually find some way to pull out Missouri but slide all the way to the WKU game. Would say we will win that one, but who know what the team will look like (physically and mentally) at that point after 6 straight losses. Worse case - 3-8 Best case - 4-8 Bigger question is at what point of this mess does Harsin get shown the door. Don't think its a matter of if but when.
  4. I expect a lot on the ground. Probably 60/40. When we do need to pass, I think it will be quick slants, RB's out of the back field, and out routes. Maybe we see the TE's involved over the middle, but that will depend on if the QB is feeling a lot of heat most of the day (ala Penn St.) Only way we get out of the run heavy game plan is if we get behind early. Part of the running game will include RA but they will limit the number of QB runs only because we need him for 60 minutes. I do think that if RA is struggling (meaning multiple 3 and outs consecutively or turnovers), that they will trot HG out there to see what he can do. At this point, Harsin is on life support and he doesn't have the luxury of holding anything back. Lose this game (at home to a lesser opponent, albeit Missouri) and you have all but put a nail in your coffin. I never want to see Auburn lose but I am so ready to see Harsin move on and for us to begin to right the ship. Watching Auburn play over the past few years has been very difficult, especially living overseas when the games are either 11:00pm, 2:30am, or 6:00am. Win this game close and Harsin probably hangs on until the bye week. Win the following week against LSU and he might make it until the end of the year. Lose this game and he likely is fired on Sunday. This is just what I think will happen.
  5. I have been thinking about his for several days. Several of the guys that have been mentioned, would probably do a good job if given the time. For me, if you wanted the ultimate home run, you would get Deion (assuming he would be interested) as coach (on a friendly contract salary wise, length wise, and buyout wise) and have him hire a great OC and DC (spend the money here). Deion would bring the exposure to the program, the discipline to the locker room and the big time recruits. Having said that, whoever you hire, you can't cripple yourself with a hefty contract or massive buyout. The only one's that I think will agree to this type of arrangement is a up and coming coach trying to make his mark (Deion) or one that is trying to rehabilitate his image/career (Freeze). Anyone else is going to demand too much and if they fail, we are in the same situation again. Just my thoughts.
  6. Getting a commitment two days after that "hot mess" on Saturday..............impressive!
  7. Embarrassment of the SEC. Never thought I would ever say that but I don't think we can beat any other team in the conference right now. Absolutely pathetic. 4:30am and sleep is more important than this mess. I'm out.
  8. Finley needs to sit. Not because he is this is his fault but because we need a Qb that can extend a play with our OL playing so bad.
  9. Big "if" unless the oline decides to show up for the game.
  10. Thanks for not wasting the orange jerseys on this mess.
  11. We are a very bad team on offense. No way around it. Just pathetic.
  12. Thanks for the update on the Edge situation. Feeling a lot better knowing that Bragg is coming along well and that Willis is moving over.
  13. Edge is a concern for sure. For this year, if Hall or Leota get hurt, we only have Brooks as a back-up. Both are Seniors also, so only Brooks will be returning. We have to add for next year and I think that is a focus right now. Pray for no injuries in this position group this year.
  14. I believe if we could end with 8 wins and a victory in our bowl game along with a top 20 recruiting class......that would be a vast improvement and one that fans could rally behind moving forward. In the words of the Beatles.......Let it be!
  15. It's probably clear who the best QB out there is (Gernier). Problem is that he is a true freshman and likely does not have complete grasp of the offense or playbook. He also has not faced a college defense yet but rather been in a controlled environment in practices. I am sure he will be in the thick of the QB race next off season but unfortunately, still a year early. Would I love it, yes. Is it the smart thing to do, maybe not. We will most likely get TJ named as the starter but at least one of ZC or RA (maybe both) could see some action in the first two games to see how they handle game situations and perform under pressure. I am hoping that TJ has improved a lot from last season. I am also hopeful that the OC can step up and provide better protection. Only time will tell. As an Auburn fan, I am going to get behind whichever QB is trotted out on the field.
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