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  1. If he turns out as good as DeShaun, I will be extremely happy.
  2. roe4christ

    qb's - who will start in 2019?

    When you add the juniors that may actually leave early also, it gets even uglier.
  3. roe4christ

    Grad Transfer HB Jay Jay Wilson Commits to AU!

    Ellitor, What do you think this means for Joyner? He and Wilson could be competing with each other for the HB position or could it possibly mean that we are going to seriously look at Joyner at the RB position. Your thoughts?
  4. roe4christ

    Prayers Needed

    Of course we will pray for your wife and for you. Thank you for the opportunity. Stay strong and keep you eyes on the Cross.
  5. roe4christ

    Derrick Brown returning!

    So Davidson has until the 14th or 15th to decide? Any others we are waiting to hear the news on?
  6. roe4christ

    2019 5* WR George Pickens Flips to UGA

    We ask for it, I guess. Countdown starts now until the next change.
  7. roe4christ

    2019 5* WR George Pickens Flips to UGA

    Yeah, how about changing your avatar, its getting a little old. I am just kidding ellitor. Appreciate all you contribute to the forum.
  8. roe4christ

    2019 5* WR Jadon Haselwood

    You never know what happens behind the scenes. Could have been something that threatened another WR recruit already committed. We will never know. Wish him the best and move on. I feel good about our WR's already on the team or committed. Hope we hold on to Pickens
  9. roe4christ

    Open Letter From AD Greene To The AU Fans

    Someone's in a really good mood today. Glad to see all the news of the past couple weeks has not soured you Toragirl.
  10. roe4christ

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    I think this could be a good hire if everyone understands their roles and are left alone to do them. No more micromanaging !!! I like the fact that he is young and that he has worked with some good qb's during his short coaching career. While the qb's natural talents had a lot to do with their success, I am fairly certain that Dilly had a lot to do with it also. I like that he has worked under Norvell for several years. My hope is that he comes in with a passion and fire for his job and that will translate on the field in the development of our offensive players. It's going to come down to our offensive line again. Have they matured and gotten better. Will we have a qb that can run Gus's hurry up offense and be a threat to run the ball. Can we utilize the tight end (as Dilly's offenses have been known to do), and can we be creative and not so predictable on offense. Guess we want know for a few months as we start to hear things come out from bowl prep and spring practice. Gus, it's put up or shut up time. Let's see what ya got.
  11. roe4christ

    Who replaces Chip?

    Good to know. I had forgot about that. Carry on!
  12. roe4christ

    Who replaces Chip?

    I know that Patrick Nix was our qb but has he coached qb's during his career? Would he be interested? If he did take the job, would all the other qb's on the roster bolt due to the possibility of favoritism? Just thinking out loud.
  13. roe4christ

    Who replaces Chip?

    Talk about sticking it to your buddy. Freeze going to Alabama would be hard to stomach for Gus. Keep piling it on!!
  14. roe4christ

    Clemson Grad Transfer QB Kelly Bryant (Mizzou)

    If that does not happen, Gus is in for a long season (or short). Just don't see any of our current Qb's getting the job done next year.
  15. roe4christ

    Get On Board

    Dream.....I'm wide awake. It's 2:15pm here. Just kidding. I just hope we get a good OC and one of the qb's mentioned. That would be ideal, even if it's a fantasy.