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  1. roe4christ

    2019 4* WR Jalen "Boobie" Curry

    Thanks Ellitor. Being in Indonesia, don't have much time or resources to do much digging of information. Glad you have backs and can fill in the details. Blessings, JR.
  2. OVing AU Monday-Wednesday (6/11-6/13) AU was his 1st offer 29 Major conference offers including 9 from the SEC. Notable offers include AU, Vols, LSU, Rebels, FSU, Ohio St., Oklahoma, Aggies, Gators, & UGA. Believed top 4 of AU, Vols, LSU, & Rebels. Former FSU commit
  3. roe4christ

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Thanks for the info. Living out of the country, good to have folks with better insight to shed light on what's happening. Will be returning to the US this summer for college visits for our daughter. One stop is AU in August. I think its her top school at this point.
  4. roe4christ

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Do we expect to get any more commits between now and Big Cat Weekend? If so, who do you think is a possibility? Things are shaping up nicely. Hoping BCW will add to the class as well.
  5. roe4christ

    Report: Malzhan staying

    I think this was the best thing to do. Having to start over sometimes sets the program back a few years. We are moving in the right direction, even if we get frustrated at Gus from time to time. Let's hope he understands the expectations and have our guys prepared for every game, which means games 1-3, not just 4-13. No coasting with a lead, no interfering with play calling, none of the mess that had him on the hot seat with our fan base this year. It all starts now, prep for the bowl game, recruiting, and spring prep for next season. Time to earn that money. Lock Steele and Lindsey down for a longer tenure and let's roll. And please, fix the special team issues, it's embarrassing.
  6. roe4christ

    2018 4* QB Joey Gatewood (Auburn 12/5/15)

    Agree 100%. I like the potential, but once he learns the offense and adapts to the speed of the SEC, he should be a good one. I'm thinking probably not a Cam talent but more of a Dak Prescott type. Just my thoughts. Chip Lindsey is just what he needs.
  7. roe4christ

    Kerryon Johnson updates

    Let's hope it doesn't involve personal issues, otherwise he will not be back this season and will likely not be on the team next season. We could do well without him, but we have all seen what he is capable of when healthy. To have both KJ (if he choses to return for senior year) and KP back for next year with a stronger, more confident!!
  8. roe4christ

    Kerryon Johnson updates

    Well, if we can get by Georgia, both KJ and KP should be healthy and ready to go by Jan. 1. That would be great, given we haven't had them both available at the same time all seasons. Teams in the playoffs would have to game plan for both of them. With our passing game getting better and better and having both studs in the backfield with this defense........scary!!!!
  9. roe4christ


    STEELE CURTAIN DEFENSE.....for real!!!
  10. roe4christ

    So who wants to keep him now?

    I would give him one more year if we lose to Alabama in a close game. No raise for next year and see if we have a similar outcome next season record wise. If so, look at extension. Need to be mentioned concerning winning the SEC West and making the CFP on a regular basis. He has to win 9 games a year consistently to keep his job. With our talent, there are a lot of coaches that could do that. Only discuss contract extension if he beats Bama and the Dawgs and makes it to the playoffs.
  11. roe4christ

    What is the key to an IB win?

    We must create a pocket for JS to pass. When he gets happy feet, nothing good happens. WR have to get open. Play calling like Georgia game. Defense, we have to own the line of scrimmage and stuff the run. Keep Hurts contained so that he can not scramble for 10+ yards. Secondary can not get burned over the middle. Turn your head and look for the ball instead of getting pass interference calls. Carlson has to kick ball out of bounds on kick offs. No turnovers on offense. Crowd has to be crazy!!!
  12. roe4christ

    11am Kick

  13. roe4christ

    Notes going into Week #6

    I agree completely. He and Barrett especially should get a bulk of the carries. Should sit Pettway for this game and limit KJ unless absolutely necessary. My only concern with Miller and Barrett is hanging on to the football. This is their big chance to shine. Have to take care of the football.
  14. roe4christ

    11am Kick

    11:00pm game time for me here in Indonesia.
  15. roe4christ

    2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    I think regardless of what happens with Fields, we will be fine. Would I love to get him, absolutely, but we have Gatewood coming in next season and likely Bo Nix the following year. If Stidham returns (and he should), we would have Stidham # 1, Willis # 2, and Gatewood # 3 (if needed but likely redshirt) next season. 2019 would then look like this: Willis/Gatewood # 1 or # 2 and Bo Nix # 3 (if needed but likely redshirt). You have always got Devan Adams in your back pocket in case of emergency as well.