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  1. Both Freeze and Dabo are men of faith. They are both very vocal about that. That is important to White. I truly believe it comes down to AU or Clemson. Will likely be determined by who builds the stronger relationship with him in 2023. I doubt he will commit to any school until the summer.
  2. I think the only other two besides Jackson that we might be interested in are Marshall (Georgia) and Spreights (Oregon St.) Am I wrong Mods?
  3. After this weekend, we'll know what we have going into spring. With the visitors on campus this weekend, how many more do you think we end up snagging in the next three days? I'll say two and they'll both be LB's. If that is the case, I would feel pretty good on the defensive side of the ball. Could probably use another Edge, but a freshly minted LB could slide over into that role if needed. On the offensive side of the ball, I think we would still be shy three. 1- QB, 1-WR, and 1- IOL. Transfers picked up after A-game with arrival after May graduation. Would love it if it was McCall after graduation, as some have mentioned. Are we looking at getting any more HS guys at late signing period besides Cobb?
  4. Has to be either the injury issue or he is asking for too much NIL. He is talented and a better option right now than Robby. Notice I said right now, which is all that matters. It is a strange situation to say the least. I really do hope we get an upgrade at QB prior to the season, preferably within the next week. I hate to hang our hopes on Robby if he does not drastically improve at passing and decision making during the spring. Who knows, maybe he does. If that's the case, let's roll. Having said that, it is a big risk. I would rather have a QB that is more mature and accurate (hence the reason a 1 and done is perfect for our situation), otherwise it limits your play calling and the defense knows you are one dimensional and can load up on the run. We saw that all season. One full season under Freeze/Austin/Montgomery will tell us all we need to know about Robby. Will he improve or is he what he is........a talented runner?
  5. What time tonight is the OL from Baylor announcing? How much longer?
  6. To follow up on my last post regarding possible QB portal entries after their bowl games: Was hoping Leonard (Duke). Maybe Nussmeier (LSU) with Daniels coming back? Beck, Vandagriff, Stockton (UGA) (whichever one does not replace Bennett). Anyone else come to mind??
  7. Legitimate QB's still in the portal: McCall - not going to happen due to academics Armstrong (UVA) - but is he a good fit? Don't know much about him Sanders (OSU) - Perfect fit and should be the choice. Anyone know if it is Auburn with the hold up or if Sanders is not sure about Auburn? Only thing else I see is AU waiting to see if any other QB's enter the portal between now and Jan. 10 (day after the championship game). If this is the case, of the remaining teams to play, who might have a possible QB to enter the portal and would they be a good upgrade over Robby at this point (and I do not want Robby as our starter next year, at least as he is right now).
  8. Get Spencer Sanders already and let's roll.
  9. Will check for updates over the weekend, I will be in Bali from the 2nd - 10th. Shutting down the phone/laptop next week, so maybe I will return to a lot of good AU news on the 10th. 🙏
  10. I need some more portal news! Been too quiet and I am too impatient.
  11. Questions for someone in the know: What is the last day someone can enroll and still take part in spring practice? Ideally, what positions do we need to have shored up by enrollment deadline to go through spring practice and which can wait to try to get other holes filled during late signing day/late portal date? I would think that OL/DL, LB need to be in place early, as well as QB. Thoughts?
  12. I wouldn't mind picking up these two that just entered the transfer portal in the past couple days. Michael Tarquin, Florida, Offensive Tackle (247sports.com) L'Christian Smith, Cincinnati, Wide Receiver (247sports.com)
  13. Merry Christmas from the Equator. 🎄☀️🏄‍♂️
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