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  1. Isn't the McDonald's game sometime around the first of April? You don't think he will wait until after or during that game do you?
  2. HS season ends when? Sorry, overseas and not keeping up with HS basketball.
  3. That's assuming AU takes care of business themselves. With IO down for two weeks, we become much more beatable, not to mention we were scrapping by the past several games with him. I just hope we can make it through unscathed until his return. If it was going to happen, best it happen during this stretch of the season. We shall see.
  4. I started losing it shortly after high school (got to love genetics). I have kept if very short for the past 30 years. This past year, finally decided to shave it off rather than have that short patchy look. Happens to the best of us. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.......who we going to get as OL coach? Needs to happen this week.
  5. Malzahn and Steele are both balding.......Having an afro is a prerequisite to being our next OL coach. I like it.
  6. In agreement. I am glad we beat Bama. Very satisfying to not only win but to keep them out of the playoffs. Really a double win in my book. However, we turn around (after a lengthy layoff to prepare) and lay the same egg we always do on offense. Gus always wins the one game that will save his job and then we go back to the same mess the following week. It has gotten old and tiresome. Has diminished the excitement of game day to some degree. I believe we will be slightly better this next season with a little easier schedule, a better OL, and a better Bo Nix, but how much better? One win? If we are keeping Gus, I think at the very least, we need to change Grimes and Kodi and get a real good OL recruiter and coach with some passion like CKS and a better WR coach. I like both guys from a personal standpoint but at the same time, I want to get better in those two areas on the football field Just my two cents.
  7. Anyone want to take a guess at who the starting quarterback will be for the teams on our SEC schedule this next season? Ready go.....
  8. I would take either and be very very happy. Don’t see us getting three of those four but two out of four would be very nice to go with Cooper, Moore, and Powell.
  9. Thanks Ellitor. Still a long time to wait to see how the dominoes fall with Brown, Green, and Big Cliff. Would love to finish with that line up.
  10. When is the signing period date, can’t find info?
  11. This begs the we need a OL coaching change or not? I have heard that Grimes is a good coach but not so good recruiting. Do we make the change and will we make the change? Guess we will know soon. Got a good OL recruiting class and could be even better if we pull in Jones. Do we give Grimes a chance to coach them up or do we go ahead and make the change? I am kinda on the fence with this one. What say you guys?
  12. That surely would help, I would think. I think at the very least, he would need to hear from Morris regarding how the offense is going to change for next year to even consider AU. I know I would after what I have seen this year. That's only being smart in my opinion. Let's hope for the best.
  13. Good info Ellitor. My question about EE was for Jan. of 2021. Same course of action as Nix this past January. That may not be know also at this point. Was just wondering if he would get a head start in spring training 2021 or have to wait until the summer/fall. Thanks for all the work. Really look forward to reading your post to stay in the know. Have a blessed day.
  14. He could not have liked what he saw today.....that's for sure. I doubt it had little to no fingerprints from Morris. I see he grew up an AU fan. Would not hurt him as a 21 QB in that Nix would be a junior when he arrived and could possibly leave after that season. If he redshirts his freshman year, he could likely take over the following year. Worst case, as a soph if Nix stays the full four. Think it comes down to us or Georgia due to fandom and distance. Morris needs to really get to work on him. Do you think he waits to commit again until after he sees how the offense will look next season under Morris or would he commit again prior to or during his senior season? Would he be an EE? Would love to get this guy but it doesn't matter if our offense does not make some major changes.
  15. Would be nice but has he ever been interested? How would it effect our current 21 QB commit?