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  1. Something has bothered me on this site for a few weeks now and I can’t stay silent.. Why do we have Bama ads popping up on the site? This is the second one I’ve seen. This one I’m talking about is Alabama basketball tickets...and no, I haven’t been googling Alabama basketball on my browser.. anyone else been seeing this? Also, I didn’t know where to post this so it’s here. Move if needed.
  2. That’s an idiotic comment... we have the best kicker in the country. He can hit 52 yarders all day. Just block better.
  3. Haha.. ya no espnews for me either. I watched this play from the sky cam on espn3.... and it followed the rb. So I didn't see it either.
  4. FYI.. According to his dad, he had 27 tackles last night. 2 tfl, 1 int, 1 pass tip and onside kick recovery last night against hazel green...
  5. I watched the 2016 ASU/Texas Tech game the other night.... needless to say, this was not the same offense. ASU scored 68 points albeit against Texas tech. There is offensive production in there somewhere. I'm just hoping Gus can check his ego at the door the rest of the season....
  6. Love the new format... Enjoying being able to skip to the end of topics without having to be on the Internet version.. Two thumbs up!
  7. I haven't posted in a long time but I LOL'd at the above...
  8. To quote a recently departed AUF member, "The force is strong with this one!" Who used to say this? Can't remember...
  9. Are we gonna troll the heisman trophy presentation tomorrow? Seems logical..
  10. Some may not remember this but we were up 12 against bam and we had them on a 4th and 2. They got 3 on a sweep or swing pass (can't remember which one).... Next play, Amari Cooper's wide open post route for a TD. Stop them on 4th down, we score again and it's a totally different ball game.. I also agree on the fumbles against TA&M. Maybe these plays will make our guys more hungry next year...
  11. 2001 florida has got to be up there... Imagine if the stadium was actually full?! Combination of hurricane and Steve spurrier kind of kept people away but still was one of the loudest ive ever heard that place..
  12. I have two rooms at the Aubie hotel! I can't wait!!
  13. Where in Al are they looking at putting it? I believe the state's candidate city is Huntsville Correct
  14. This may sound totally off base but I would rather him stay here to recruit Boeing to this state....
  15. Did the university open the arena in 2010? Were there places to watch the game in auburn? I reserved some rooms at the auburn university hotel and was wondering! WDE!!!
  16. I want to apologize before hand if this has been asked bit did anyone ask or did anyone even realize that Ryan smith was the return guy first before we froze the kicker? When we reset after the timeout, Chris came out the second time.... I wonder whose decision this ultimately was and I would like to donate a few bucks to his salary... That is all. WDE
  17. I found it sorry for asking... I know it's against the rules and all.... :/
  18. What channel on brighthouse does the game come on in Birmingham? Dads is sick and we are at UAB.... Someone help!
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