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  1. stealthyfan

    All Things Shaun "Worm" Shivers (merged threads)

    There was another player that visited schools and worked with kids who had a tough time. And he returned and met with these kids even after entering the NFL. I like this type of legacy and hope it continues.
  2. stealthyfan

    Toomers Oaks

    Saw them today and they do look good right now. It all depends on the care they get this summer since they need to develop their root system to (a) anchor in and (b) be able to support the water and nutritional requirements. Top growth as mentoned above it is at the expense of root development. Trees will need supplemental care for a 2- 3 years to become fully stable, so rolling this year would be not the best option.
  3. stealthyfan

    New President - Dr. Steven Leath

    Not pathological. More a situation of proper maintenance and understand how to transplant something this large. Not the fault of Landscape Services either. Maybe this last transplanting will work. Lots of wasted $$.
  4. Good post. Kelly was spot on that Saturday. He'll play Sundays early.
  5. stealthyfan

    Auburn-Georgia Score Predictions

    Good guys: 24 Leg humpers: 17
  6. stealthyfan

    Carlson breaks record

    Carlson is a game saver as he has shown. From my view, Auburn's focus on recuiting the best kickers and punters in the country can make a case for being called Kicker U. We always seem to have the right guy in the wings to save the day. Look at other programs that are scared to death on 4th and long wihtin the red zone even and muff the kick. Kudos and glad you're here to Carlson and company.
  7. stealthyfan

    CFP Ranking #9

    Scarey games ahead. Not the mullets, but Vahhhhhandy (Ron White speaking) and then the leg humpers. Brrrrrrrrrr.
  8. stealthyfan

    Guess who leads the SEC ?

    If all the growth is from Malzahn stepping back, huge props for making that decision. I for one thought Lashley was a professional chair sitter until LSU. I'm enthused with the progress and will happily dine on sole if the season continues to get better and better.
  9. stealthyfan

    Captions [JF3] ...

    Oh this is bad, really really bad - such a vicious attack on me - c'mon guys, I'll release my income taxes, honest! Hello!, helllo! is my mike on?
  10. stealthyfan

    If not Gus then whom?

    He's got a better gig with political ambitions in Ohio. YSU isn't much, but being President of a university is a good gig. Ask Gouge.
  11. stealthyfan

    ***Auburn 16 Texas A&M 29 -- Post Game Thread***

    Suggesting Briles, Patrino - throw in Sandusky while you are at that. JJ has been over his head since day one by the way, but political Auburn rewards loyalty over performance. Start here with a business man and experienced AD that can run a corporation of this size. Running deficits and not getting the job done is nuts. A couple of hire wins, but with the spending Jacobs has done, I'd want more for my money. Being serious here will show coaches we are serious there too.
  12. stealthyfan

    Malzahn's Weekly Presser - Arkansas State Game

    Didn't he run the clock down to zero twice? If you can't function in the real world, you're not needed. It's a real shame - so much talent and he can't engage the gears. I do really feel for him, but that experiment needs to be over.
  13. stealthyfan

    ***Auburn vs. Clemson - Game Thread***

    Not impressive. Chaos on the sidelines. No continuity. D deserves to to pissed.
  14. stealthyfan

    ***Auburn vs. Clemson - Game Thread***

    JJ is working up a bonus package as we watch. . . .
  15. stealthyfan

    AU vs. Clemson Program Cover

    Walks with a swish, and those things they have for eyes - who was in the design room when they thought up that one? Its a Project Runway design gone bad.