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  1. Finley meant to miss Tank. Finley meant to throw an interception.cool.
  2. . . . And being an unproven - some would say weak - team. It’s only the most difficult schedule based on last year’s results. That’s the last beauty of college football that hasn’t been professionalized. Or has it.
  3. Only at Auburn do you self inflict a SMU and hammer a strong program into the ground. Then you (think about) hiring a guy you fired before and hope it’ll be better this time. That seems to be a new tradition. Too funny.
  4. Georgia let down was the only time the team looked a bit frazzled this year. The roster won out with too much talent.
  5. How about a field coach that makes adjustments all game long, plays no favorites and will pull you if you need a wake up.
  6. No one can match his dance moves . . .
  7. 🤣 Bammers think he’s heading there . . .
  8. There was another player that visited schools and worked with kids who had a tough time. And he returned and met with these kids even after entering the NFL. I like this type of legacy and hope it continues.
  9. Saw them today and they do look good right now. It all depends on the care they get this summer since they need to develop their root system to (a) anchor in and (b) be able to support the water and nutritional requirements. Top growth as mentoned above it is at the expense of root development. Trees will need supplemental care for a 2- 3 years to become fully stable, so rolling this year would be not the best option.
  10. Not pathological. More a situation of proper maintenance and understand how to transplant something this large. Not the fault of Landscape Services either. Maybe this last transplanting will work. Lots of wasted $$.
  11. Good post. Kelly was spot on that Saturday. He'll play Sundays early.
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