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  1. How many fans, students, grads and just plain supporters can fill the Walk next week.
  2. First game this year there was a second half of football.
  3. Move on. He’s gone and ineffective. Bringing up something that’ll damage yourself in this industry is suicidal.
  4. Yup. Short term memory and move on. Hiring the right coach and it disappears completely while Game Day heads jump back on the wagon. No name press release was the start.
  5. Whatever happens, fill the stands, stay until the last quarter and then stay in the stands until the team leaves.
  6. Just tired of paying ex-coaches to hang out on TV Saturdays potificating this and that. There's so many former AU football coaches out there doing something better than here. Get an AD, a good one and then see what they do. Keep moving forward on this rebuild or pull the plug and extend the factual rumors about money people making decisions. But that's the AD's job and teh President needs to stand by that.
  7. Finley meant to miss Tank. Finley meant to throw an interception.cool.
  8. . . . And being an unproven - some would say weak - team. It’s only the most difficult schedule based on last year’s results. That’s the last beauty of college football that hasn’t been professionalized. Or has it.
  9. Only at Auburn do you self inflict a SMU and hammer a strong program into the ground. Then you (think about) hiring a guy you fired before and hope it’ll be better this time. That seems to be a new tradition. Too funny.
  10. Georgia let down was the only time the team looked a bit frazzled this year. The roster won out with too much talent.
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