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  1. College GameDay headed to AU Attached within the link is picture of the flyers they were handing this past weekend
  2. College GameDay headed to AU

    Believe 87 is correct here. They were handing out flyers at the game this weekend that showed a map of College Gameday site. Looks like no tailgating or parking between Magnolia and Thatch and Thatch to Ross Hall/Foy Union and Mell Street as well as on corner of Thatch/College on library side to Mell St. Anyone know what time they are allowing tailgating / staking your spot on Friday? Normally 4pm but heard they were allowing it to start Friday morning. Just trying to plan to get my normal spot and be there early 30 on Saturday morning.
  3. Fantasy Football?

    It's my fault Jeff. I missed that when setting up the league scoring, it definitely is an option (little check box among many) that I should've selected as my other leagues are that way also. Unfortunately got it right on missed FG's. I'll change it next year before play starts if everybody is still in.
  4. FINAL: AU 23 LSU 27 -- Postgame Thread

    And Peyton Hillis...more of a FB at Arky but he was a stud that made Felix and DMC great
  5. FINAL: AU 23 LSU 27 -- Postgame Thread

    I'm in serious need of some sunshine pumping tonight... It always make me feel better when y'all get after polishing a freshly lain turd and start reloading the bus. I won't sleep well until I've seen a few positive posts.
  6. FINAL: AU 23 LSU 27 -- Postgame Thread

    LOFL, we are going to get our shite pushed inside out rest of the way.
  7. FINAL: AU 23 LSU 27 -- Postgame Thread

    I got 4 for UGA, ULM, and BAMA plus a parking ticket for each. SEC 14 / Row 51. Let me know, I'm done with this clown show. I'll be shooting deer rest of the season.
  8. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    Fricking this x a 10000000000000000000000000000. Frustrating as hell not to put this game away when given the opportunity.
  9. Auburn is a top 10 team rn...

    I've heard of "polishing a turd" and "putting lipstick on a pig", but dang this level of optimism needs a new phrase. I sincerely hope you're right...
  10. ***FINAL: Auburn 24 Mercer 10***

    There are 53 1/3 yds of grass between the sidelines. If we don't figure out how to start effectivley utilizing the middle 2/3 of that within our passing game, we may only win or have a chance at winning the LaMo game.
  11. All Things NFL Thread

    Very surprised last night by the Vikes, the OLine did work and give Bradford time to actually make a read/throw the ball and made the Saints pay. D Cook looked like he's the real deal too. They continue this and they could be a force in NFC with the D they have.
  12. Fantasy Football?

    Reminder all AU Family FF League members. Draft today at 6pm est
  13. Things I Think I Saw (AU vs GSU).....

    Exactly my thoughts coach. All on JS to check out of that scenario. Surprised he didn't catch the WILL LB foaming at the mouth pre-snap lol.
  14. Nick Coe and PTW

    The WILL was unaccounted for and to me this is on Stidham to either change protection or the play at LOS unless they're leaving all protection calls of the OL to Golson, which I'd find hard to believe. Both KJ and Cox were lined up to strong side and there was no one to block the WILL on a blitz. The WILL tipped his hand pre-snap starting to cheat. Stidham should have at minimum handed the ball off in that scenario of the RPO. I'm no coach, just my observation. PTW definitely did his job on that play imo and didn't miss an assignment...
  15. Fantasy Football?

    Winner'a Plaque idea courtesy of BhamCAT. let him know if you have any improvement ideas