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  1. Glad to see Carlson turn it around after the rough start with Vikings. "He's who we thought he was" lol. Wonder if Zimmer is regretting getting trigger happy and cutting him too soon.
  2. Got to love fantasy. I squeaked out a championship in my other league, I was also tops in PF/PA lol but managed to get the W in the finals. QB: Mayfield RB: Zeke/CMC WR: M Thomas/TY Hilton TE: J Samuels (was a fantasy gift by Yahoo when Conner went down with having him listed as RB/TE) Flex: M Gordon (guy dropped him when he got hurt late in year lol) K: Zuerlein DST: Bears
  3. Congrats @aujeff11 on winning the 2nd annual AUF Fantasy Championship by a score of 159.88 - 125.30 over me. Your team was stacked and maybe had one down week all year lol. We'll do it again next year and maybe get a few more who will actively keep up with their teams next year to at least keep the league competitive. Merry Christmas to all.
  4. Sounds good to me, send me his email address and I can move docs team over to him now for remainder of year. I don't really care who we have playing as long as they are participating. I was just trying to find an extra league to get involved with when we started this one.
  5. I don't disagree and I can do that. Just FYI, we have to have an even number of players if we are playing head to head and we couldn't find enough to keep it a 10 man league like we had last year, hence why it's an 8 man league this year.
  6. I'm all for active participation from all league members, but I can't force people to set their lineups/be active on waivers/trades/FA. Maybe we can get a few on here that are interested in joining and playing next year.
  7. Mostert got hurt last week and is done for the year. Breida, if he can stay healthy, is very serviceable in all leagues/formats, especially for those thin at RB.
  8. Draft order is random by Yahoo. You will be able to see it once the draft opens. 0.5pt PPR
  9. I think Yahoo requires commish to set league up with keepers and a deadline for choosing ahead of the draft just by a quick look through the tools. Once deadline has passed, available players not kept roll back into draft. Then draft takes place for your available slots in respective rounds...
  10. I don't think it's going to happen this year. We can start a convo during draft and during course of year to decide whether we keep one or 2 from your year end team headed into next year's draft with intent to draft a dynasty team next year.
  11. I'm thinking we need to do a regular draft tonight and then do a 1 or 2 keeper headed into next year's draft for dynasty. Thoughts???
  12. I like the approach your work league took with allowing a keeper or 2, whatever we decide, then transition it to a Dynasty next year due to draft being tonight.
  13. I haven't played dynasty yet but that will change some drafting dynamics for sure. I'm down with doing that or a 2-man keeper. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in dynasty, you are married to that player forever unless you choose to drop or trade them, right?
  14. Sweet, I'll change it to 8-team league and we can draft tonight. Should make for some stacked rosters and deep benches lol.
  15. See if this one is any different