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  1. Yeah the cancelation screwed us over pretty bad. 17 SEC wins would all but guarantee a regional host. The 3 win sweep would have probably locked it in as well.
  2. I played for 13 years so I've lived the juju lol. This is more of a "this can happen and we're playing for more than a spot in the SEC tourney" kind of post. If anything this should fire up every single fan we'll have at Plainsman Park this weekend. I know the terrace and parking decks will be wild if not borderline belligerent haha
  3. https://d1baseball.com/analysis/2022-field-of-64-projections-may-4/ D1 Baseball, a site that is usually quite accurate, has Auburn as the overall 6 seed right now! The article is posted above for those that would like to read. We discussed it a bit in the Tennessee games thread but it looks like that Tennessee win gave us more of a boost than expected! If D1 Baseball is as accurate as usual Auburn is currently sitting REAL pretty. Our RPI is insane! A lot can change week to week, but if we keep winning you better get those cards ready for some regional tickets. Edit: For a little more perspective, Baseball America has us as the overall 9 seed.
  4. Take 2 and we could be playing Alabama and Kentucky with a potential super regional host on the line. If we (at minimum) win the last 3 series that would be 18 SEC wins regular season. I'm pretty sure 17 wins would guarantee us a regional host spot. As of now D1 Baseball has us as the 13 seed hosting a regional. Take 2 from Arkansas and sweep Alabama or Kentucky and I'd be pretty surprised if we didn't jump to a top 8 seed.
  5. Dang, I guess I didn't realize it went that far back
  6. Btw, I love that it looked like Tim Hudson was ready to go! Lol Wasn't going to let another COACH treat his boys like that!
  7. Team fulls of asses and their coach is the hole. It started last year with the regional walkoff and the ONE time another team celebrates a massive honerun they try to show out. I love energy in baseball, but you can't get pissed when another team brings it too.
  8. Like I said, they're soft. Mentally weak because arrogance has gone unchecked all season. That's why their coach is out here pushing umps and their players are trying to start fights.
  9. I fully believe that marriage should be between 1 man and 1 woman and that God takes marriage VERY seriously. But with that said, here's my thoughts on this directly: 1. I dont think the government should have any say in marriage at all. 2. The fact that they do means they must offer the same benefits and recognition to hetero and homosexual marriages. 3. This law won't stand, even if passed.
  10. "Hello darkness my old friend. I've come to talk with you again." My eyes and my brain are both worse off after what just happened. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
  11. Not sure how that's overturned with the 2 views we have, but we play on Edit: the confusing overturn of the pick off costs us a run. Still 4-1 Auburn
  12. I'm talking about an elbow to the head here. Somebody can catch an elbow without it being intentionally done.
  13. I'm not a massive fan of player ejections for hard play, but that one did seem intentional
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