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  1. Absolutely. I never rely solely on political articles for a perspective. Especially when it is on something that goes beyond politics.
  2. Full disclosure, I read a grand total of 0% of the article because the first thing in this thread that caught my eye was a petty fight about if you can or cannot dismiss an article based on the source's recent history. I'll happily go back and read the article after my next meeting. So for all I know it's all 100% factual. I'm more here to see the inconsistencies in people words and actions. I wonder how many arguments and insults we would have on this board if this was the approach to every article posted from either side: "Dismissing information because of the source is lame. It's exactly the sort of thing that proves you are adverse to hearing the truth."
  3. You can absolutely dismiss a source based on their recent past. People do it for Fox when it comes to positive narratives on the Trump administration. Others do it when it comes to negative reports from sources that have been caught falsifying reports before. There's nothing wrong with wanting a corroborating source from somewhere that isnt always positive, always negative, or consistently found to exaggerate or outright falsify. The problem with the days we live in is people have become so polarized in their political view that they cant give an honest take from situation to situation. They ignore what they dont like and they over report what they do.
  4. I remember some teams when Barbee was here that struggled to hit ANYTHING. I want to say it was the 2010-2011 season that we shot like 62% from the free throw line. That might have been the same year that we scored 9 points in the first half against LSU 😂
  5. Normally I would agree, but I cant say I do this time. We are evenly matched, and halfway decent officiating makes this game a toss up at best for Kentucky. Edit: not to say Kentucky couldnt beat us any given day. Especially with us shooting historically bad from 3.
  6. Kentucky cant beat us without the whistles. There. It's been said
  7. Jim Crow laws are, of course, racist. There's no denying that, and if someone tries to they should be shouted down by the other 325,000,000 people in America that see it as such. To answer your unnecessarily sarcasm question, no, no form of racism makes me "feel better". However, severely hyperbolic statements like "Jim Crow is alive and well" don't do much for me either. Anyone that knows anything about the history of Jim Crow Laws knows that they were backed and encouraged by the state and local governments presiding over those areas. To say that a dufus yelling something is the same is nothing short of extreme exaggeration. I'm 100% down if you want to call this a racist statement that shouldn't have happened. I don't agree with taking it to an extreme to push an already agreed upon thought. It does nothing to further a conversation.
  8. Dude shouldnt have yelled it. It was stupid and we agree on that. On top of that, heckling is an art and has rules. "Thou shalt be funny" is one of those rules. This wasnt a funny heckle. As far as "jim crow is alive and well", I'll have to ask you to explain that one. I dont know how an idiotic heckle is the same thing as state and local sponsored laws that enforced segregation, rewarded racism, and purposefully tried to keep any black person from a seat of power thus keeping them from changing the laws from the inside.
  9. I'll make sure to continue to approach things with a spirit of wisdom and discernment (Isaiah 11: 2-3) instead of a selfpercieved knowledge like I did for almost 29 years. One of my favorite quotes ever: "Truth without grace is mean. Grace without truth is meaningless."
  10. 👍 "He who has ears..." I'm not going to argue THE truth versus your truth. Just because things like 1 Corinthians 6: 9-11 don't line up the way you want them to doesnt mean they're not right. Since I know you dont want to discuss scripture, it's there if you want to seek it! Have a great day!
  11. That's completely fair. I said the same thing about politics, so I definitely feel where you're coming from. However, I would recommend that you not misrepresent and reference scripture as a political bludgeon if you don't wish to talk about it. Either way, I hope you have a great day! War Eagle and let's beat Bama tonight!
  12. Thank you, @icanthearyou, for facepalming a question in which I openly admitted that I might have misread the original post. Really added to the question asked 👍
  13. I'm not here to talk politics, but I'll happily talk scripture. At the risk of attributing meaning to what you said, did you just try to say that Matthew 7:12 makes homosexual marriages acceptable according to the Bible? Maybe (it's possible) I read that wrong.
  14. Tony Barbee didnt even show up for his own "Tony Barbee Elite Camps" at Auburn. The one time he did was to watch Shaq Thompson, who fouled out with 5 minutes left. Barbee convinced the refs to let him back in because it was "his camp and (he) wanted to see him play." He was completely unapproachable, self centered, and lazy in certain job aspects. He blamed Auburn for his own shortcomings and did everything he could short of NCAA trouble to kill the program. He won't be remembered as a "Barfield Years" of basketball because Barfield carried himself like an adult. I dont hate him by any means, but it doesnt hurt my feelings that he isnt welcomed back to Auburn Arena with open arms