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  1. Then Oklahoma's Heisman winner Jason White proceeded to throw approximately 472 picks in the natty. Auburn in 2004 wasnt going to lose after that LSU game. Something flipped a switch and we became a steamroller. There was a controlled meanness with that team and it showed every snap. I still say, to this day, 2004 Auburn is the best to ever wear the orange and blue by 10-14 points.
  2. I dont think it will be too long before you see Gus at somewhere like a Louisville or NC State. A school that has been successful in recent history but needs something/someone new. I seem to remember Virginia Tech fans wanting him in December. I would say Florida State might come calling, but I'm not sure anyone wants a piece of that crap show.
  3. Lol some people said what happened and no one wanted to listen. T-Will was never a problem. He pointed the problem out (along with Caddy)
  4. Really well made anime! The voice acting is well done as well. Richard Armitage (Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit) voices the main Belmont in it.
  5. There are almost always slight struggles with a new system. I dont think we will be flat out bad, but I could see some coverage hiccups and missed gap assignments. Still way better than something like 2014. However, I do agree that things will get progressively better with time and coaching.
  6. Dude drug his pivot foot a good 2 feet
  7. I mean, the man stepped up for his alma mater and brought our linebackers back to as close to when he played here as we have seen. T-Will will be a defensive coordinator pretty soon the way he recruits, coaches, and loves the game. I would also remind people that it wasnt his choice to leave Auburn. Dude loves Auburn and loves football.
  8. My understanding is that Carnell and T-Will are the ones that brought the whole thing to Gus's attention and that the athletic department was NOT a fun place that day. Edit: If I'm wrong maybe either @RunInRed or @WarDamnEagleWDE can correct me.
  9. That wasnt even a 50/50 call. Really REALLY bad missed call
  10. Didn't one of the lead detectives say it was one of the worst murder scenes he had ever seen? Or did I imagine that?
  11. I think 8 where it will eventually land. You have your 5 power 5 conference champs, the best group of 5 team available, and 2 selections. The selections could be from any conference. For instance, this year would have seen Cincinnati get in as well as Coastal. That would have left us with Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Coastal, Cincy, and I guess Oregon (not sure they win the conference with a full schedule).
  12. You have no idea how right you are in the example you gave lol
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