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  1. There's video evidence from multiple angles showing Rittenhouse being attacked AND showing restraint once the immediate threats had been removed. Not even taking in to account the history of the 3 that were shot, Rittenhouse was in immediate danger considering the kicks to the face, skateboard to the neck, gun to the head, and man chasing him screaming I'm going to kill you (n word). One way I have heard it put is that they might not have "deserved to die", but at some point they forfeited their right to expect to live. Now, from a personal perspective, Rosenbaum (sp?) Never should have s
  2. Respect where it's due! That's the best way to handle it lol
  3. Hey woodford, with the MSU game being so early I would recommend parking closer to campus. You will have time after the game to enjoy Auburn, grab some good food, and let traffic clear. Depending on when we kickoff against Bama and if you plan on tailgating or not things will be handled differently.
  4. Didnt we play Sean White with a dead shoulder because he said he could go? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Edit: wrong emoji... πŸ˜”πŸ˜”*
  5. I 100% believe he tweaked something on the play he came out and him being carted to the locker room for examination and a cortisone shot was probably more precaution than anything. My 2 major gripes are that Kiffin said he was literally limping leading up to the game and Kiffin has been using Corral's ankle as an excuse for 3 weeks. If he has had severe ligament damage it needs to be rested and treated. Masking the pain with some cortisone and ignoring structural damage is the worst thing for a bum ankle. Whoever said it earlier is right though. Those shots are something else and a good
  6. Basically anything that gets you off of Samford, College, Magnolia, Thach, Wire, and (to some extent) East University/Shug is the way to go. Thankfully I live here in town and we stay at our tailgate through the later games so I dont have to fight it too often
  7. Traffic has always been bad but from what I saw it was super difficult Saturday night for a few reasons. 1. A lot of people didnt pack up the tailgates and leave until after the World Series game ended so it was still a super large rush on the roads. 2. Everyone in orange and blue stayed until the clock hit 0:00 unlike a lot of games that arent the Iron Bowl or UGA games so that caused a massive rush on the roads. 3. As stated before, Auburn is growing insanely fast. They are predicting 100,000 residents by year 2025
  8. So corral is LIMPING pregame and you start him? Then he is carted to the locker room after getting hit and carried off the field so the very next drive he comes back in and you run 2 QB draws on that drive? 1 of 3 things is happening: 1. You're making BS excuses and using an injury from 3 weeks ago to save face 2. You care nothing about the long term career of your players. Or 3. You got flat out got outcoached and out prepped and you cant handle that some coaches are straight up better.
  9. With compliance issues the players are usually not allowed to practice or lift with the rest of the team. That's why he is 3rd downs only. Not too many blitz packages put in after week 4. And with him being an edge his biggest struggle will probably be whipping the man in front of him, whether that be a tackle or a guard after a stunt. His athleticism will go a long way in contain as well
  10. Nothing will EVER match that thread πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Edit: the Reuben foster thread tried
  11. I'm sure it does wane over time. No denying that. A timeframe would be nice, but I'm 10 months out from when I had Covid and my antibody count hasnt dropped. The estimated timeframe from Healthline is 3 months to 5 years whereas studies have found the Pfizer vaccine to be around 77% effective within 5 months.
  12. And it meets the standard for immunization. Just because a booster is required when you're 6 and never required again doesnt mean it's not an immunization. Again, none of the Covid vaccines or proposed boosters have come close to an immunization. I'm not against people getting them. In fact, I think it's a good idea for the elderly to receive them because it increases their chance of survival, even if by slim margins. On top off all this, in the background of this entire discussion is the understanding one vaccine was studied and developed for close to 20 years whereas the Covid vaccines
  13. I say all of that to say that the current Covid vaccines do not meet the standard for immunization. The funny part of all this is I'm not anti-vaccine by any means. I've recommended that many people close to me get it. But statistically, at my age and my physical activity, and since I have had Covid, it would not make sense for me to get it.
  14. What does immunize mean? Immunize means β€œto make immune” or β€œto render harmless or ineffective; neutralize.” Immunize is a verb based on the adjective immune, which is also used in the name of the immune system. If someone is immune to something, they have protection against it and can’t be affected by it. The noun immunity means that someone or something is immune to something. Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, though, vaccines have been a common occurrence for most of us. Even newborn babies receive vaccines, such as the rotavirus and polio vaccines. School-age childr
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