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  1. This is one of those seasons where I'm glad football no longer determines my attitude and happiness
  2. If you're Auburn and you get this one wrong it's going to make the 2020's tough. NEON Deion has grown on me a lot after seeing how he handled his recruiting, players, fans, and talent. Very few people can walk in a room with Saban and Kriby and be the focus of attention. Sanders is one of those few. Dave Aranda isn't one of those few, but that dude can coach. My immediate recruiting impact is Deion Sanders. Aranda has proven he can coach. I'm not sure LK is an option, but it wouldn't be horrible. Freeze can coach I'd be fine with that. Just PLEASE don't give us a Muschamp, Steele, or Skip Holtz!! 🤣🤣😂😂😅😅🥲🥲😢😢😭😭
  3. A couple of bad things about people buying your recruiting class: 1. Anything viewed as failure is NOT an option after spending that much 2. Someone that commits solely for money has a greater chance of shutting down through adversity. This game might be as important for Jimbo as last year's Alabama game. I love that A&M is stuck with him or an ungodly buyout either way.
  4. I want our crowd to be down right disruptive. I'm talking I want Penn State to struggle to talk during timeouts
  5. The truth is that Gus was a good hire before the substitution rule change. His entire offensive scheme was centered around forcing a mismatch through quick substitutions. Once that was gone it became a preparation, in game adjustment, development, and recruiting job. He came up short too often in a few of those areas. His OL recruiting and coaching choices caused 3 years of bad OL play that eventually lead to his firing. He refused to adapt to the talent of his players and instead wanted plug and play pieces in an offensive scheme that seldom worked without all world performances from certain areas (2017 is a very notable exception). We were mediocre in 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2020. I would argue his response to the end of 2020 was the final straw. I have no clue what will happen with Harsin. Right now things need to pickup if he wants to stay here. If they don't he will walk out the same door that Gus left out of. He'll just have to do it knowing the last guy produced every third year and got to stay around 4x longer for it.
  6. I'm embarrassed that my roommate saw me seeing that
  7. 24-20 Auburn. TJ keeps that 11-13 passing going from the second half of last game and it opens up a couple running lanes. We finally get our first TO (sack-fumble) and it seals the game.
  8. You're 100% right. Remember kids, never type and talk at the same time or you'll mess up 😅😅
  9. Semi controversial opinion, our cheers kinda suck anyway. Track em is dumb. Bodda Getta is the best and im cool with it. Two bits is just there as the forgotten stepchild. Cheerleaders... AWESOME. Our cheers, not so much
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