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  1. Even better is that they show that clip over and over again. You know it just eats a little piece of every bama fan's soul when they have to watch that.
  2. Oh wow, If I had one of the tear away jerseys it would not have lasted a day I took traditional rough on clothes childhood to the next level
  3. I had 2 auburn jersies when I was a kid. Terry Beasley 88 and David Langner 28
  4. tough place to be ... unless the boat is yacht then it's probably pretty comfortable.
  5. That translate to yes, but I don't want to say yes now. I would have pulled a Saban rat poison speech on them, lol
  6. Fine! I'll be a part of Lane's staff just quit nagging me about it!!!
  7. So you're willing take Gus or Hars back any time soon?
  8. Yes, but the likelihood of a proven OC/DC wanting to work for a boat load of money is very high
  9. I personally agree with you. Love me some Caddy but he would be somewhere around plan G for me. That being said, isn't this exactly how Dabo got his start?
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