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  1. Remember the Dark Days(Pre-Bruce) when the FB staff scheduled recruits to come on campus when the BBall team was on the road?
  2. Hate to hear this. She is my favorite coaches wife ever and is beloved in Auburn.
  3. Harsins supposedly this tough Alpha guy, but were supposed to believe he had coaches forced on him by boosters that didnt want him to begin with? And now hes sticking it to them by hiring who he really wanted to begin with? And fans need to be patient while he builds relationships with recruits, yet his staff is turning over at such a rate high schools have no clue whos walking thru the door wearing an Auburn hat? Huge recruiting day tomorow and the staff will need a meet and greet to make sure they know each others name.
  4. The defensive staff looks weaker across the board especially in recruiting. And they were the ones holding this thing together.
  5. Awesome. If some adult named JBoy says Not to panic I can rest easy.
  6. This should help bring the defensive recruiting down to the offensive recruiting level.
  7. Feldman is normally the most reliable source Ive seen for coaching news. He wont put something out like this if theres not a solid chance it happens.
  8. The issue to me is we look to have a room full of good back-up QBs but no legitimate starter. Of the 3 transfer QBs here now, not one of them looked to be on their previous teams 2 deep depth chart. Maybe Davis works some magic here but its not a promising outlook.
  9. More likely that we whiffed on all these transfers and pleaded with the current linemen to return. Its not like they were headed to the NFL.
  10. Any word on the old BBQ House lot? I know the buyers didnt pay that price to put a (small) parking lot there.
  11. Hopefully that puts an end to the "Words of Chizdom."
  12. No one hates Auburn fans and tries to protect Auburn coaches like Marshall. Its a time honored tradition for him..
  13. Harsin- has finished his first season on a 5 game losing streak. AU has blown a lead in most if not all 5 losses, and looked inept in several 2nd halves of said games. Already fired 2 offensive coaches and Friend's future appears to be unclear. OL- Harsin and the entire offense have been limited in what they can do by a group that isn't SEC average esp. in run blocking. Pass blocking hasn't been as bad but not great. Not sure how to split this and overall talent. Defense- I only put them on here because of Mason's lack of substitution, which led to some 2nd half fatigue. Lack of overall talent- Minus Tank, not a single player on offense would see significant playing time for any of the top half SEC teams. And not many middle tier teams. Defense is in better shape but McCreary is the only real elite guy there. Gus- took an absolute wrecking ball to OL recruiting. Just unbelievable at this level. In an era of everyone throwing the ball around he left an OL that struggles blocking, QB's who cant complete basic throws and probably the weakest WR group in the SEC. Just a train wreck. And I'm firmly convinced getting rid of Gus was the right move, the mistake was keeping him around too long. I'm also not sure hiring Harsin was the right move but hopefully things work out.
  14. Coaches have short memories and love a paycheck.
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