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  1. One of the toughest coaches ever goes out his own way, just as we knew he would. I know the few who witnessed the funeral will remember it the rest of their lives. Thanks for the memories, Coach.
  2. TV networks are already paying millions to broadcast games. Why would anyone pay per game when they already "pay' for the game through their cable bill?
  3. Well, his decision making skills are good if nothing else.
  4. That's a good quality HC and staff IMO, Hogs. I'd say things are finally looking up for Arkansas after some tough years.
  5. Wont be many pretty wins for this group probably, but they get after you and play hard. Glad to see Purifoy have a game to finally show what he;s capable of doing. Been a long, strange road for him.
  6. Best move he made was leaving Gus. He's got a good upward direction in his career now.
  7. Can't shoot threes and can't get a shot inside that's not blocked or altered. And yet AU keeps plugging along.
  8. Their size and athleticism are really giving us fits.
  9. Letting them play is an understatement
  10. It seems smaller school coaches with a future have learned to pass up some jobs at bigger schools without much future. Smart move on their part.
  11. No different than I have for several years honestly. We arent real bad, we’re not real good. We just are.
  12. Chiziks seen that roster and knows who he would be recruiting and playing against. Id be surprised if he chose that over TV work.
  13. As a fan Napier would be my 1st choice off that list.
  14. I hate the whole idea of these “schools” and hope they go down in flames. I dont want to see HS football end up as dead as HS basketball is thanks to AAU influence. And Propst is living proof no matter how lowlife a coach can be if hes talented some school will find a way to justify hiring him.