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  1. I cant decide if AU is worse at throwing or catching?
  2. As a WR he's great at being Bos nephew.
  3. I hope the "Alliance" pouts and quits scheduling SEC teams and we get the 10 conference games. The more the better. Also, hopefully the TV partners will demand that there be some top match-ups EVERY week for them to broadcast. There are too many Saturdays now when the whole conference is playing scrubs. I like the Pod idea much more than the horrible scheduling now being used.
  4. I just have a hard time believing this couldn't have been handled after the season if it had to be done. And Williams was supposed to be a big asset in recruiting in Alabama and the southeast in general. Recruiting hasn't been a strong suit for this staff thus far and this roster is in dire need of a talent upgrade. And when it's time to hire an assistant coach not from Boise are they going to be willing to take the plunge after seeing how Williams was disposed of?
  5. The problem to me is this is a coach Harsin hired himself and he fired him 4 games into his first season. I'm struggling to see how this is a good look for Harsin in any way.
  6. If the losses start to add up(which I think they will), and Finley doesn't look like the answer(I think Bo's shown that hes not), does Davis get a shot to see what he can do, or is he redshirting no matter what?
  7. With possibly the worst QB/WR groups in the conference. The HC,OC and DC have shown little thus far to inspire much confidence for the fanbase.
  8. No pass rush. Biggest disappointment of the night to me. Other than 4 and 27 there's not a player on offense who scares anyone. WR, QB and OL are lower end SEC That damn fade route with a QB who struggles with accuracy and no #1 WR while 4 and 27 dont touch the ball may be the most bizarre call in AU history.
  9. Great move for his future. Finally.
  10. He was suffering from some health condition that left him in a lot of pain. Very sad.
  11. I don't know enough to say whether Garner was a good developer or not. I do know that he was one of the few coaches we had that could go head to head with our main rivals and win some recruiting battles. And he didn't have a Smart or Saban to help close the deal. Eason is inheriting a pretty good group to work with. I don't look forward to competing against Garner on the recruiting trail, there's a reason UGA hired him away from UT all those years ago, he was raiding Georgia for top players to come to Tennessee.
  12. Could they at least replace the faded out prints that are plastered all over the outside of the stadium? When the new Chizik one went up it really showed how bad all the rest of them look. I can't figure how someone at AU cant even seem to get little things like this right when it comes to the stadium appearance?
  13. Flanigan literally cant shoot a layup today
  14. Johnson needs to hit the pine if he can't shoot.
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