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  1. This guy's tape is ridiculous. If I'm another recruiter I don't want to see McGriff and Woodson headed my way. These guys are aces.
  2. Nah, it's just become my new postgame show. Tate offers up some good insight and it's good to hear what some AU fans are thinking immediately after a game. Think you would enjoy it.
  3. GMac, do you listen to Jay Tate's post game show on youtube? Good stuff.
  4. Any old school fans interested, there is a fanfest in Rome,Ga on Oct 19th. Guests include Abdullah the Butcher, Tony Atlas, Barry Windham, JJ Dillon and Masked Superstar.
  5. Smoke looks like UK's primary RB. Glad he found a good situation for himself.
  6. UF has definitely rallied around the backup QB, he's looked good so far.
  7. Franks had a horrific leg injury. He's done for season. The RB from Wetumpka named Smoke has ran well for Kentucky. I know AU looked at him for a while.
  8. Gonna have to keep an eye on the transfer portal this year for Auburn. There's gotta be some frustrated offensive skill players.
  9. It's early but this isn't looking good so far. Amazing how different things look in hindsight.
  10. Young fans(and lot of older ones) don't care to see non competitive blowouts on 100 degree days. He should be thankful they show up period.
  11. CR

    NFL Thread

    Cam is really struggling. What an ugly game. I'm just watching to see Winston get rocked.
  12. If anything the AU program has elevated average coaches to achieve heights they havnt come close to repeating again in their career. Bowden , Tuberville, Chizik are all examples. Id say Gus is much more likely to follow in their footsteps than be a smash success elsewhere.