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  1. Moore or Jones?

    Roy can't even lose gracefully. Not a surprise.
  2. Ole Miss being raided

    Not sure if Patterson is the guy, but Harbaugh is a good QB away from having a really good team at Michigan. I can't argue the numbers but I still think Harbaugh is a top level coach.
  3. Moore or Jones?

    Barkley taking pics at Jones rally.
  4. Moore or Jones?

    Trump was right for once. The people have spoken.
  5. Moore or Jones?

    Voted for Jones in Auburn. Lady said it has been busy all day.
  6. Whitlow played at Lafayette so his competition was terrible and is probably the reason he was headed to UAB or Tulane til AU offered him late. Takes nothing away from his athletic talent though, so a redshirt year will probably benefit him tremendously. A dominant player against terrible competition has always seemed to be one of the hardest evaluations to make for college coaches to me.
  7. 2018 4* OG Trey Hill (UGa)

    Smart is killing it recruiting. Richt was never able to keep this many top in-state players at home.
  8. 2018 4* TE Luke Ford

    Feels like when AU recruited Mackenro Alexander trying to get Mackensie Alexander. AU got Mackenro but Mackensie went to Clemson.
  9. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    My #1 requirement for AD job is ability to identify, recruit and retain top level coaches. If you don't get that part right it's hard to be successful.
  10. 2018 4* OG Tank Jenkins

    A good example of all 4 stars not being equal.
  11. Baker Mayfield wins Heisman

    I had visions of the AU defensive line pounding this loudmouth into oblivion in the playoffs. Now I have no choice but to root for him. What a total cluster of a playoff for AU fans.
  12. UT Hires Jeremy Pruitt

    Pruitt's going to recruit Alabama and Georgia much better than Butch or Dooley did so that is a negative for AU. The good news is he will provide much better competition for Bama and Georgia and I think that's good for AU. As for Rocker I always understood he didn't "like" to recruit but he was pretty damn good at it. As mentioned above if you need a check I guess you just do what you have to do. That's a pretty nice looking staff Pruitt's putting together.
  13. Tim Horton

    Not to hijack the thread but on the AU assistants salary list that was released this week, Porter was at 505,000..Kodi was 350,000 and Travis Williams was the lowest paid assistant at 225.000. Is Porter really worth double what Travis makes or Kodi worth 100,000 more? This isn't meant to be a knock on Kodi or Porter, I just think Williams is a rising star and AU needs to bump him up accordingly.
  14. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    Pruitt will make a difference recruiting-wise at Tenn. Not sure what to expect coaching-wise. Gotta be better than Butch. That Tenn game at JH next year just got a lot more interesting.
  15. 2016 5* CB Saivion Smith (Bama)

    Well damn. Bama really needs CB's and they're loading up.