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  1. On one of the podcasts(think it was auburnsports)?, they said that Ethridge and Robinson werent fired, but will have to interview with the DC when hes named and that will determine their fate.
  2. Shockingly enough, it seems a lot of our receivers could be happy here with a competent coach. Business is about to be picking up in the passing game, I hope the receivers who have had little opportunity to participate in the offense will give Freeze a chance.
  3. Lets see what the roster looks like in a few months. The roster as of today is on the low end of the conference. I think that will inprove but it remains to be seen how quick and to what degree
  4. Shhhh lets keep it quiet before the Creed Police find another thread to tell everyone theyre not supporting the football program anymore.
  5. This was a pretty weak staff SEC wise. I think well see upgrades across the board.
  6. So dont support it. Why keep posting about how you wont support the hire? Auburn Football wont shut down because some fans are mad about the coaching hire.
  7. Matt Luke would be my runaway winner if he can be convinced to get back into coaching
  8. Im in. Maybe we can can get a box with Hugh if he has to coach there again
  9. He couldnt and wouldnt recruit at Florida. This roster is decimated. Just paid off a coach who didnt think recruiting mattered. No way.
  10. Will Herring put out a video on twitter supporting hiring Freeze. Guess he has no morals either,huh?
  11. CR


    Half the damn boards turning in their Auburn card over a coach who hasnt been hired.
  12. Whether true or not, Freeze has been widely seen as the candidate who is most likely to take the job if offered. Obviously, anything can happen in a coaching search but it would be a shock if he turned Auburn down.
  13. You have to take into account a few people post nonstop about Freeze. A lot of us who would like him see no sense in arguing on every post. Just seems pointless.
  14. CR


    It has felt like a chore watching us play for years. Isnt watching FB supposed to be entertaining? Couldnt agree more, Im ready for a change of playing style.
  15. Andy is a super person but he struggles calling football. I hate it but its hard to ignore.
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