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  1. As an interim HC I agree. As a permanent HC I thought AU would go another direction. Im not anti Steele I just thought it would be someone else going forward
  2. Wow to me that Steele coached all year having already discussed taking over the program. Maybe not for you.
  3. So the Steele talk is a real possibility?
  4. Just change the year in the article. Same story only the year changes.
  5. Carlson is 8-8 on FGs Of 39 yds or less and 4-10 on FGs of 40+ yds. Maybe its time to quit running him out there to attempt FGs hes obviously struggling with?
  6. Tate seems to think they may be hoping Arkansas will come after him and solve that pesky buyout issue.
  7. WFE12 graciously linked it above your post.
  8. I would stress that Tate said it, not me. I know nothing as several people can confirm
  9. His tone deafness can be stunning.
  10. Its good radio. I know Tate's not everyones taste, but I enjoy the show.
  11. He seems pretty confident when the plus is pulled on Gus, Steele will get the job. Also says its no secret that a lot of powerful AU people want Gus gone. I had never seriously considered Steele would be a candidate for the job. He also thinks theres some reasonable chance that Arkansas still wants Gus and maybe AU wouldnt have to fire him.
  12. CR

    I'm done.

    Defensive recruiting has boosted AU in ratings and really covered for some glaring holes on the offensive of the ball.
  13. Worst possible outcome for me. UGA wins and AU makes it close enough the Gus supporters will say look how close he came to winning. Damn. damn. damn
  14. Best game I've ever seen from 13.