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  1. Band-Aid U. New offensive coaches, a new QB because as usual we don't have anyone ready to play, some grad transfer OLinemen because we don't have anyone to help this struggling group out, a RB commit we still don't have..have I forgotten anyone?
  2. Some Gus flag wavers need to listen to this episode. Of course they'll continue with their alternative facts anyway.
  3. CR

    Hastings, Stove and .....

    Quit holding back and tell us what you really think. And I agree.
  4. CR

    RB Dominos

    Yes, unfortunately it's on display each Saturday.
  5. CR

    Leath on Malzahn

    I will feel much better if Greene is making the call without pressure from Leath. I doubt that is the case. Leath wanted to run off the best basketball coach in AU history and Greene convinced him otherwise. He gave out one of the worst contracts in college football history to Gus. Does anyone want him offering input in another coaching decision?
  6. Why recruit players that you're not going to use? This is what leads to player unhappiness. Being told one thing in recruiting and it never happens. One of my biggest complaints with Gus.
  7. CR

    Monday or Tuesday after the IB

    This is the question that should be asked.
  8. CR

    Monday or Tuesday after the IB

    We're going to lose players to transfer, recruiting is taking hits and Gus fans want to let him bring in a whole new offensive staff for 2019. 7-5 will look like a good record next year, this is gonna be a bad team. Is that worth saving 5 million dollars in the big picture? I just don't see it.
  9. CR

    If Malzahn returns

    Speaks volumes.
  10. CR

    Finding success in the details

    Great write-up Stat. After 6 years it's hard to believe there are big changes that Gus is willing to make. He is what he is and the decision makers will have to determine if they can live with that or make a change. I think the majority of the fanbase has seen enough.
  11. CR


    The problem is we are constantly hitting the JUCO or transfer market for a QB due to a total inability to identify, develop(or both) a HS QB. Stidham has had a disappointing year but he is hardly the root cause of our problem.
  12. CR

    Zach Smith twitter war with Hermann

    Maybe Herman needed a back rub? It happens.
  13. What coach could possibly think this would be the way to move the ball against UGA?
  14. What a novel concept. Would like to see it at AU one day.
  15. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and cut your losses. I'm still clinging to hope that AU pulls the plug at season's end.