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  1. Poor guys been traded twice before he gets a uniform
  2. Being 74th in the nation aint easy
  3. Why do so many AU fans blame NIL for our recruiting struggles? Harsin has struggled recruiting since hes been here and he lost Mason and Eason and replaced them with Schmedding and Brumbaugh. Huge step back. Is there a weaker HC, OC and DC recruiting in the SEC than Auburns current trio? Let the facepalms begin.
  4. Ethridge and other assistants cant overcome a HC and two coordinators who are giving little help closing the deal on recruits.
  5. What good is it to find someone and not be able to land him?
  6. 4 star safety Dakaari Nelson from Selma commits to Penn St. As Bryan Matthews pointed out, that gives Penn St 2 of the top 20 players in the state of Alabama.
  7. Painkillers and a good recliner to sleep in are must haves from my experience. And rehab for me was a slow grind but doing all the exercises is a must. Best of luck.
  8. Still there and probably about to get a lot more use with the opening of the new classroom building that was built between the Ampitheatre and where Allison used to be.
  9. I remember watching those JR highlights with Raita on commentary. Made me sick because at that point Cadillac was considered a lock to Bama.
  10. Should be an eye opener for fans predicting 8-9 wins for this program. We are looking up at most every team in the West and barring a major improvment in overall talent it could be a tough stretch going forward.
  11. What, no 5th or 6th team selections?!
  12. Ive never even looked at their site I just listen to podcasts
  13. Someone alert ON3, according to Lee and Pinkston, Harsin is killing it in-state. That place is always good for a laugh.
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