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  1. CR

    2019 4* DE/DT Charles Moore

    I never understood why Tony didn't just disappear into the bottle and live happily ever after?
  2. CR

    Wiley out against UK

    Wiley has really had a difficult career. Injuries and the suspension have really made it hard for him to build on his skillset. If it's more foot problems that's not good for a big man.
  3. What would you consider a crap the bed season for next year, WDE?
  4. CR

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    Should someone break it to 4ever that Gran is a OC who turned down Georgia for their OC job? I'm thinking he's a longshot for AU RB coach.
  5. Rarely. It's career suicide.
  6. CR

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    I'm surprised he's staying in the off the field spot. He's been trying to leave for a few years now.
  7. CR

    Lindsey is Troy's new HC

    Ha Ha, Chip would throw rocks at anyone who called him a member of a Gus coaching tree. I guess Troy officials didn't read this board where the Gus Brigade blamed Chip for all the problems AU had on offense in 2018. Good for them and good for Chip.
  8. CR

    All Things NFL Thread

    He may need police protection leaving the stadium tonight. AU kickers have unfortunately led the league in drama this season.
  9. CR

    Derrick Brown returning!

    This years draft is stacked with D Linemen so this could be a good move for him as well as Auburn.
  10. CR

    Kliff Kingsbury

    Maybe, but an NFL OC position seems to be almost a worst case scenario for him at this point. If anything, I bet he wishes he hadn't taken the USC OC job. And I think Swann refusing to let him interview for a HC job will hurt USC going forward. I can't remember an assistant coach being denied the opportunity to interview for a HC position elsewhere. Just really seems counterproductive.
  11. CR

    2019 5* WR Jadon Haselwood

    No way I would blame ANY offensive player for going to OK. Riley is gonna have them ready every year.
  12. CR

    Kliff Kingsbury

    Update. Lynn Swann the USC AD, denied NFL teams the opportunity to interview Kingsbury. According to Pro Football Talk he may simply resign from USC and seek employment elsewhere. Seems a really shortsighted move on Swann's part.
  13. CR

    2019 2* LB/HB Kameron Brown

    I'm neither of those guys, but if memory is correct Bo played both ways at McAdory. I think that kept him from having the really gaudy numbers at RB that one would expect a player of his ability to have. He also was a track and field star and I believe he played damn near every sport the HS offered. Recruiting was a totally different beast in those days, I can remember seeing articles in The Birmingham News about a week before signing day about who was going where. There was nowhere near the coverage one can find currently. For better or for worse.
  14. AU is the default 1st choice for QB transfers. They assume we probably need a QB because we normally do. Hope this one doesn't happen.
  15. CR

    Kliff Kingsbury

    Yahoo Sports reporting he will get interviewed for Jets and Cardinals HC job. Turned down the Houston Cougars job already. I can't remember a coach being fired from a pretty mediocre program like Texas Tech and suddenly being the hot candidate at bigger and better jobs. Did Texas Tech make a huge mistake or is he being overvalued by other teams?