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  1. Fair catch on kickoff

    Makes it harder to justify a scholarship for a player who excels at returning kicks and little else. Let's face it, kickoffs are being phased out at all levels of football.
  2. Visitor's list for A-day

    Interested to see what happens with Bridges. Guy has offers from all the big schools except for AU.
  3. A great season that unfortunately ended with a resounding thud. Still amazing how Bruce turned the worst basketball program in the SEC(thanks Barbee) into the regular season champion. Thanks for making AU basketball relevant and exciting again.
  4. Men vs. Clemson

    I dont understand putting Harper back in for Mitchell. We are sleepwalking out there.
  5. Official Tournament Thread

    Bama, UF and Tennessee all go down. What a glorious day of basketball.
  6. Men vs. Charleston

    I can't remember 2 teams struggling from the FT line this bad down the stretch. Still glad to see AU escape with an ugly win.
  7. Men vs. Charleston

    Glad to see Mitchell back in. Harper has unfortunately been a liability the entire game.
  8. Men vs. Charleston

    No idea but he is playing terrible in every aspect. It's unbelievable.
  9. Wiley

    Bryan Matthews said on local radio in AU that he thinks there's a 90% chance Wiley leaves after this year.
  10. Bracket Projections Talk

    Can TBS just show the damn brackets? This is ridiculous.
  11. 2018 Pro Day

    Think he got some limited snaps in the defensive backfield. According to he ran a 4.76 and 4.84 40 at Pro Day. Tre Williams ran a 4.75 in the 40 twice at basically 50 pounds heavier. Not sure what happened to Smith I watched him in high school and he was unstoppable at high level competition.
  12. Men vs. South Carolina

    What a time at the arena. I've sat thru some crappy bball over the years, hard to believe what we AU fans get to watch now. And #2 is as gritty a player as I've seen play. Thanks Bruce.
  13. 2019 Recruiting Thread

    FYI I know of at least 2 of his siblings that went to school somewhere other than AU. Just wanted to get away and experience different things. A great family. If he's not interested in coming to AU I don't think he will play games unlike the other two AHS guys. Unfortunate, I think he will be a really good player.
  14. College basketball has been dirty for decades and now the NCAA wants to act shocked that agents and shoe companies have been conspiring with coaches to funnel players to certain schools. When coaches have been hired openly because a certain university is a Nike or Adidas "school" and that coach has ties to that shoe company's "connections." I hope some reporters will hold Emmert's feet to the fire and ask some tough questions when he spouts his garbage about them cleaning up the sport. They sure didn't mind cashing the checks from the tournament rights and the universities cashed the checks from the apparel companies gleefully.
  15. 2018 4* WR Justyn Ross

    Desperately trying to get some attention when anyone who has ever followed recruiting in this state knows he's headed to Bama. Like Julio trying to talk up Oklahoma.