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  1. I think you're about to get your wish if the past week is any indication.
  2. I'm having Terry Bowden recruiting flashbacks. We're about to abuse Troy and Southern Miss for players.
  3. Id say its more likely PM is waving the Gus flag and trying to keep everyone on board by saying how terrible things would be if everyone doesnt support the coaches. Its a Marshall trademark.
  4. Jones makes throws that the UGA QB can't match. They've had open guys all night and he's left points on the field.
  5. Do these people ever watch other teams play and not realize how truly inept Auburn is?
  6. And if I recall correctly he was their 3rd or 4th choice. A very solid coach who put together a good staff.
  7. A) Because they know Lashlee and announcers keep talking about his offense on TV so he must be the right man.
  8. Gus has put Auburn fans on the crazy couch with no end in sight.
  9. This is looking like a pretty accurate call.
  10. CR


    I watched probably 75% UGA-Tenn to 25% AU-Ark Saturday. AU is just damn near unwatchable.
  11. That Tennessee game is gonna be real ugly here if something drastic doesnt change.
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