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  1. Not exactly on topic here, but Andy Staples had a piece on The Athletic regarding how undervalued the SEC package of games broadcast on CBS is perceived to be. People he talked to in the industry seemed to believe the SEC could see a fivefold increase from the current 55 million to 250 million range.
  2. I'm wondering if Newkirk will ever be able to get any significant playing time. Achilles injuries on big guys like him are not good. I would love to see him play, he is just a huge guy and Garner really wanted him. Hope he gets a chance.
  3. I'm not Anti-Boobie, I'm Pro-Shivers. Nothing summed up his usage better than being buried on the bench in the Bama game after he broke the long run called back on the phantom hold. In a game where AU's only(slim) shot was hitting big plays. Hope I didn't come across as being down on Boobie.
  4. Could not agree more. Player utilization across the board on offense is inexplicable much of the time. A problem under Gus since he arrived as HC.
  5. And I thought coaches left AU with full pockets. Who would trust this BOT to hire a new President after this disaster?
  6. OKC has now lost Harden..Durant.. George and Westbrook. Would staying in Seattle have made any difference for this franchise? It's gotta get old drafting and developing talented players only to see them leave for(perceived) greener pastures. How can New Orleans get too excited about Zion when he's probably already talking to his crew about where they'll team up as soon as his contract expires? I just see no future for the small market or undesirable location teams. Waiting for G Mac to tell me I'm crazy.
  7. Sounds like the 2nd place teams are leaking some details. The NBA drama is hilarious.
  8. I dont either I sorta wish each could split the difference kn their player movement. There are things to like about each.
  9. The best NFL players rarely hit free agency so youll never see players like Lebron or Durant level hit the open market. Lebron, Davis, Leonard and George all will be playing in the same building which is great for LA but other teams not so much. The NBA should just go to about 15 teams players care about. I know you feel different but lots of franchises can only keep drafted players and once their contracts up theyre headed to the East or West coast. Why fight it if the best players only want to play in a few cities? If the Knicks didnt have a clown owner they would be in the mix as well.
  10. Gene summed it up better than I. These teams are new choices but the cities are the same. The Bucks dont get free agents like the Packers do. OKC celebrated resigning George and a year later hes forced his way out. Just dont see how fans can stay interested in those markets.
  11. The NBA offseason is a roller coaster. Im just not crazy about 80% of the teams being feeder teams for the “desirable” locations. We’ll be hearing Zion relocation rumors before the end of his 1st season.
  12. Some very good points in the article. Glad the O/A News was willing to ask some tough questions. Thanks for posting.
  13. Simmons just doesn't strike me as a max player. Am I wrong? I don't watch a lot of 76ers, maybe I've caught him at bad times.
  14. Tragic situation. Bruce is truly a good guy, I'll never understand why so many people try so hard to find reason to dislike him.
  15. You mean the Celtics aren't retiring Kryie's number?