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  1. I understand trying new things to drum up interest. Still say the simple formula is to put a good AU team on the field playing another good team that has the potential to beat AU. If you don't have that combination there will be attendance issues which leads to $20 Ga Southern tickets.
  2. Remaining 13 Spots

    Yep you can never sign too many linemen, especially considering several will never pan out. I'm hoping the WR commits(and potential signees) are a sign that the passing game is going to get cranked up and more bodies are needed.
  3. Remaining 13 Spots

    Everything I've seen recently points to Ross going to Bama and Williams to AU. Really hope we sign more than 3 additional D Linemen but I'm not sure who that would be other than the ones listed.
  4. Auburn offering $20 tickets

    That seems to be a fair price for this game. Stubhub has tickets starting at 26 bucks. Not just an AU problem, lots of teams struggling to sell seats for these type of matchups.
  5. E, do you know who has been recruiting him for AU?
  6. I so hope AU turns it loose and gives these receivers a chance to show what they can do. I think there is a ton of potential with the right scheme and the right QB. If only the AU staff can put it together. Heres hoping they can.
  7. I think it's fair to ask if Watson and Francois would be even remotely the QB's they have become if they were playing for Gus and Lashlee. I think my guess would be no. People that know things in the AU program seem high on Lindsey. Hope they are correct.
  8. scrimmage updates?

    I'm pretty sure Ga Southern knows as well as we do who the QB will be. Stidham was the guy from the minute he chose AU.
  9. Loved Coach Dye and will always be grateful for the way he rebuilt AU football. That said, I don't pay any attention to his thoughts on the current AU roster. I sometimes cringe when I hear him on the radio to be honest. Hate to say it.
  10. 2019 4* QB Bo Nix

  11. Smart guy who sees the big picture and speaks his mind. Thanks for posting.
  12. 2018 4* RB Dameon Pierce

    Our system does help RB's put up good numbers. My point would be we havn't had a true breakaway home run threat at RB since Tre left(Grant never really got enough chances). With an offense that struggles to move the ball down the field the last 2 seasons an elite, take it to the house guy would have helped produce more big plays that are desperately needed to give our offense some punch. I don't think Horton is the problem the recruits seem to praise him in most of the interviews I've read .
  13. 2018 4* RB Dameon Pierce

    Looks like neither at this point. Thought AU was in decent shape with Pierce.
  14. Practically speaking, Clemson would seem to be the least damaging loss. But, considering when that game is played, I worry about how the team would react to a big early season loss considering how the last 2 years have went.
  15. LSU closes practices off from media

    College football coaches encourage fans to be part of the "family" when they need their money to buy season tickets and fill the stadium for useless spring games that aren't even real scrimmages. Then, they cut off basically all access to reporters and fans in the guise of protecting their team from "distractions." Meanwhile the NFL encourages fans to come sit in the bleachers to watch practices in the fall. Sure they hold some stuff back I'm sure, but they at least give fans an opportunity to see some action.