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  1. I sat in the Civic Center in 1985 and watched AU stun the basketball world by winning the SEc Tournament in what was supposed to be Sonny's swan song. Never thought I would see it again. Bruce has won back to back SEC regular season and tournament championships at what for years was the worst basketball school in the conference. Can't say enough about what he and this group of players has accomplished. That's as good a big game performance I've seen from any AU team in any sport ever. I'm still stunned at how well AU played today.
  2. Seems like a good time to give Wiley a shot.
  3. Okeke's really having problems getting his shot off inside. He may need to adjust a little.
  4. Against every core belief I have, I'm rooting for Bama tonight. I'm afraid an early exit would doom Avery. Hopefully they put together enough wins to keep him around.
  5. Josina Anderson of ESPN says source told her 49ers will give Ford a contract in the range of 5 yrs $87.5 mil. Not sure how much of that is guaranteed but sounds like he will be richly rewarded for the trade.
  6. He's had one of the craziest careers I've ever seen. Hope things finally work out for him next season.
  7. He also handles the ball by FAR more than anyone else. It works both ways.
  8. Okeke's gotta be our main guy.
  9. He tends to forget other teammates are on the court.
  10. On what is not a very physical team, Spencer and Dunbar bring some level of physicality and toughness. While limited offensively, they bring elements that are desperately needed. Bryce obviously runs hot or cold. Rarely in between. I really think all 3 have done all they could do with their limitations and have helped build AU basketball to the point that fans are disappointed in "only" winning 21 games this season. Who would've believed that 5 years ago?
  11. How AU recruits so well at WR is a mystery to me.
  12. I think the same thing watching Alabama play. How the hell are they only 17-12? That team is loaded with talent. Really hope they keep Avery around.
  13. MNF fans rejoice. Jason Witten leaving the booth to return to Cowboys. Louis Riddick come on down. Don't screw this one up, ESPN. You've been given a gift.
  14. I've learned to trust their evaluations. Good sign for AU they really wanted Smoke and Puckett.
  15. Okeke bails Harper out of a terrible last 2 min of play.