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  1. Ability to break tackles and take abuse need to be points of emphasis in future QB recruiting.
  2. Maybe Dabo can just fax us a list of players he DOESN'T want and AU can work from that list. How AU ever stole Smoke Monday I'll never know.
  3. Okeke has a chance to go to a really good organization if he lasts til the lower end of 1st round. Could be a great long-term help to his career. He would be a perfect fit for the Warriors and their style of play.
  4. Unbelievable play down the stretch by the Warriors. And Houston chokes at home with the Warriors' best player sitting in Oakland. Wow.
  5. The scouts must've read corchjay's posts from last year.
  6. That's gonna make some folks here unhappy. I think he's spot on.
  7. Slayton has very good physical traits with big play potential and RD is undersized with a tape full of 6yd bubble screens. That being said, the Patriots are a perfect team to take advantage of his skills and give him a chance to make an NFL roster. Hope he makes it.
  8. UT talent level had cratered under Orange Pants and Sgt Carter. I would lay money Pruitt will change this in years to come.
  9. Clemson is becoming a recruiting juggernaut. Their rise is really hurting AU in recruiting. They seem to be a mix of AU family feel and Alabama results on the field.
  10. Hope it works out for Okeke whatever happens. If I was an NBA GM and could get him in the 2nd round I would jump on him in a heartbeat. Evan if he loses part of the year to rehab you could get a 1st round talent in the 2nd. He would be a steal at that point.
  11. An absolute steal at this price. For once AU has good new players to replace talented players leaving. These are the glory days for AU Basketball.
  12. Marcello had a good question. Does Bryce have his number retired? Great numbers and really the heart and soul of greatest team in AU history. I think definitely yes.
  13. He openly campaigned for all of the above. And the idea of him being a better than Greene is laughable.