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  1. I honestly don't get players in today's game preferring RB over other positions. With a few exceptions they're pretty disposable in the NFL, while safety ,linebacker, etc are probably more valuable than ever.
  2. I was thinking AU and Thigpen parted ways on less than ideal terms. Does anyone have any idea if there is any interest on his part in returning to AU? Might be interesting to see if he thinks working for Gus is more secure than working for Butch Jones. No doubt regarding his recruiting ability.
  3. I hope Gus will let the new OC open things up and develop a legitimate passing game this fall. I'm all AU but based on the last 2 seasons if I had a son with big-time talent at WR or QB I would encourage him to look elsewhere. Loyalty only goes so far when you're considering what's best for your future. It would be hard to watch someone like FSU or Clemson offensively compared to what we've seen here and tell a QB or WR their best bet is to come play for Gus. Hopefully that changes this fall.
  4. According to USA Today Porter was making 279 grand at UNC. He will be getting a pretty significant bump at AU I suspect.
  5. Imagine you were an OC and saw Rhett take same position for almost half the salary at UConn. Gus has a well deserved reputation for being stubborn and unwilling to make changes to what he thinks still works offensively. The school president is on his way out the door and I'm sure word is out on working for JJ. Other than a fat check there's not a lot here to make someone with options as an OC think this would be a good career move. You could be easily be looking at a 1 year gig and then be looking for a new job for 2018.
  6. Would Lindsey be a yes man for Gus or someone who could convince him to make some much needed changes offensively?
  7. Please tell me Kodi doesn't make more than Horton, Williams and Fountain. Am I misreading the article?
  8. We hear the same thing every year. AU administration has shown they are happy with mediocrity and I see no reason that will change following another 7-5 or 8-4 next year which will almost assuredly include another loss to UGA. We have lost 2 straight games to the worst UGA teams I have seen in 30 years. This is the current state of AU football.
  9. Awesome. With that being said, I wouldn't take 3 hours out of a Maui trip to watch a single basketball game. That place is paradise.
  10. Also the students get to the stadium like 2 hrs early to get into their seats. By the time most people arrive the students already have 1.5 to 2 hrs invested. If the game had been close, think it would've looked way different in the student section in the 2nd half. Down side of a blowout(even in AU's favor) is today's kids lose interest pretty quickly when a game gets out of hand. Not trying to make excuses, just a few observations.
  11. Apologies to anyone who read my post on this game being a toss up. This has been an absolute mauling. Not sure what or who led to Gus handing the offense to Rhett, but it has been a game changer for this team.
  12. I can't believe Allen is still in this mauling for Arkansas.
  13. Cowart is active tonight
  14. Davidson always seems to be in the proper position. He's an amazing player.
  15. Man, Allen's a stud. Hate to see that injury