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  1. He was suffering from some health condition that left him in a lot of pain. Very sad.
  2. I don't know enough to say whether Garner was a good developer or not. I do know that he was one of the few coaches we had that could go head to head with our main rivals and win some recruiting battles. And he didn't have a Smart or Saban to help close the deal. Eason is inheriting a pretty good group to work with. I don't look forward to competing against Garner on the recruiting trail, there's a reason UGA hired him away from UT all those years ago, he was raiding Georgia for top players to come to Tennessee.
  3. Could they at least replace the faded out prints that are plastered all over the outside of the stadium? When the new Chizik one went up it really showed how bad all the rest of them look. I can't figure how someone at AU cant even seem to get little things like this right when it comes to the stadium appearance?
  4. Flanigan literally cant shoot a layup today
  5. Johnson needs to hit the pine if he can't shoot.
  6. Auburn better get serious about driving to the basket.
  7. Moore really gives a big body in there.
  8. Coopers gonna have to go most of the game for AU to have any chance, that's obvious.
  9. I heard that comment too. It's incredible the way his name has exploded nationally after what he's went through. If he returns next year the Auburn preseason buzz will be through the roof with the team Bruce is assembling.
  10. Besides being a great player, Cooper has more star quality than any AU player I can remember since Charles Barkley. He's been mentioned all over the airwaves today during the other games.
  11. The AU QB roster has to be toward the bottom of the league.
  12. I'm glad it went ahead and happened. He was never gonna stay here long anyway, just look at his career. Nows a chance to get a coach that really wants to be here.
  13. Did he seriously spell Garner as Gardner in his farewell post?
  14. They're putting new ones in at the old rugby field by West Campus Parking.
  15. Crazy athleticism across the board.
  16. This is the team Bruce envisioned before the season began. I can't imagine Powell being in there with Cooper at the same time as another 3 pt threat.
  17. Stunned disbelief. I just never saw it coming. I kept waiting for the story to be shot down til it was obvious it was really happening.
  18. Hopefully thats the case. Im not anti-Harsin Im just unsure if this works. But all coaching hires are uncertain for that matter.
  19. Im both relieved its not Steele or Clark and disappointed not to land Cristobal or Napier.
  20. Most everyone seemed to agree ability to recruit at an elite level was a must for the new coach. Is he that guy? I'm just asking, I don't even pretend to know the answer.
  21. Can you imagine sending Clark into a recruits living room following Saban, Smart, Orgeron etc? Hes a nice story for UAB who would land with a thud at AU.
  22. Did the AU FB program secretly get the Death Penalty and they're killing it on the sly?
  23. I can remember thinking Brown or Clark would be reasonable choices for the Miss St job. Never thought I would see them seriously mentioned for the AU position. Sad days.
  24. We could end up with a top young coach in spite of ourselves. Hopefully this happens quick before they can screw it up.
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