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  1. Gotta be kidding me.
  2. Whew. Got that call... I'm surprised. BUT - I know I'd seen FSU get that same pitch called a strike ealier, so I don't feel one bit bad about it. Then a slow roller back to the pitcher for out 2.
  3. E6. Runner on 1st. 1 out.
  4. They can say the same for us.
  5. Crap. 2 feet from ending it, but sends the tying run home. Man on 3rd w/ 2 outs. Hope the CF is okay. That was a heck of a hit into the wall. I was working late tonight anyway, so...
  6. Whew. LONG foul ball there. I was nervous when that came off the bat.
  7. 7-6 Auburn. 2 Out. Top 9.
  8. Wow - that's a new one for me (admittedly not a big baseball watcher). Catcher's glove interfered with the batter's swing. Everybody's safe, despite the run-down (which was close regardless!).
  9. I had to go under Schedule to find it.
  10. Or a Chromecast and cast from your computer (if you use Chrome) to the TV. That's what I'm doing. Agree with Bigbens42 in principle, though... better to buy an add-on streaming device than a whole new TV unless there's something else wrong with your current one. And now back to baseball...
  11. There should be a "Like this... reluctantly" button.
  12. Why does the camera keep following the QB on the fakes? Ha... And, yes, the range of skill set in our WRs - from NCM to Hastings on the spectrum - is really intriguing. It's nice to have one really great prototypical weapon. But to get a variety of really good weapons on offense to mix things up is more appealing to me.
  13. Too early to offer class of 2034?