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  1. Why does the camera keep following the QB on the fakes? Ha... And, yes, the range of skill set in our WRs - from NCM to Hastings on the spectrum - is really intriguing. It's nice to have one really great prototypical weapon. But to get a variety of really good weapons on offense to mix things up is more appealing to me.
  2. Too early to offer class of 2034?
  3. Ugly rushed pass out of the backfield from Stidham - under pressure. We're doomed!
  4. Nice hustle by McBryde to knock that ball out.
  5. I think I've noticed that in prior years' spring games, too.
  6. Wait - so under our rules today, does a QB run automatically end a drive? Saw Willis get a good run, then we kicked a FG... same thing with Stidham just now, even though they didn't blow the play dead until he was out of bounds.
  7. Feel like I read this somewhere already, but are any non-Stidham QBs going live today?
  8. Obviously a distinguished graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Institute.
  9. I hope we're shooting for more than 200 yards per season.
  10. Missed opportunity on that near-steal...
  11. The basket on the right must be bigger.
  12. It's frustrating to me, as a fan, when all these fouls are being called and there are no TV replays to verify/explain it. Just fuels my "refs are robbing us" mentality.
  13. We block a buzzer-beater attempt from Ole Miss... In our own offensive end! Don't see that every day!
  14. I'm curious - how much recruiting impact do we think Sark had for this cycle? As an analyst for the bulk of this class's recruiting period, was he even allowed contact? Was it mostly after the NC game that he would've been doing his recruiting?
  15. @AUinTLoosa should change his avatar: Systemic anomaly... and fluctuations in equations... and whatnot.