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  1. 2017 Fall Camp - Wed, Aug 16

    Need I remind you this is a family site, WDE?
  2. A New Day on Offense: RPOs

    I'm a nerd, but... This prompted me to google "forward pass legalized" and led me to the Wikipedia page on the topic. My favorite quote so far: "1905 had been a bloody year on the gridiron; the Chicago Tribune reported 18 players had been killed and 159 seriously injured that season. There were moves to outlaw the game, but United States President Theodore Roosevelt personally intervened and demanded that the rules of the game be reformed."
  3. Best Recruiting Areas in the US.

    Just no first-round draft picks from the last 5 years.
  4. Best Recruiting Areas in the US.

    Man, I need to go check out some high school games here in Atlanta. I've been saying it for years, but I'm a transplant and don't have a particular team to pull for. I also don't have kids or even friends with kids who are high school age so it's difficult to venture into that realm. That sure is a bright red spot in my general vicinity, though.
  5. Gotta be kidding me.
  6. Whew. Got that call... I'm surprised. BUT - I know I'd seen FSU get that same pitch called a strike ealier, so I don't feel one bit bad about it. Then a slow roller back to the pitcher for out 2.
  7. E6. Runner on 1st. 1 out.
  8. They can say the same for us.
  9. Crap. 2 feet from ending it, but sends the tying run home. Man on 3rd w/ 2 outs. Hope the CF is okay. That was a heck of a hit into the wall. I was working late tonight anyway, so...
  10. Whew. LONG foul ball there. I was nervous when that came off the bat.
  11. 7-6 Auburn. 2 Out. Top 9.
  12. Wow - that's a new one for me (admittedly not a big baseball watcher). Catcher's glove interfered with the batter's swing. Everybody's safe, despite the run-down (which was close regardless!).
  13. I had to go under Schedule to find it.
  14. Or a Chromecast and cast from your computer (if you use Chrome) to the TV. That's what I'm doing. Agree with Bigbens42 in principle, though... better to buy an add-on streaming device than a whole new TV unless there's something else wrong with your current one. And now back to baseball...