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  1. I assume every hole Gus plays is: First shot: 1 yard up the middle Shank right - -1 yard Long bomb - 300 yards And takes 15 seconds.
  2. You had me at "I fully expect a very different look for the offensive line"
  3. Y'all, this has been fun.
  4. Cosigned. I was going to insert a Commodores GIF but it appears I've lost the ability to add images. Wonder if I did something to lose privileges at some point.
  5. I thought it. Don't feel bad. Or do. Hmm. Not sure I'm helping.
  6. Got it. Thanks. We should tell him we'll name the most confusing building on campus after him.
  7. I'm sure it's buried in this thread somewhere, but who is BRICK (and do we have to type his name in all caps)?
  8. So the knoxnews article I linked is wrong, too? My head's spinning!
  9. I'm really confused by this and even more so after googling. I see that he was UTk's OL coach in 2019... when did he go to USCe? Was this recent? I see an article about USCe owing UTk a buyout for Friend, dated 1/5/2021. <Edit to add link: https://www.knoxnews.com/story/sports/college/university-of-tennessee/football/2021/01/05/tennessee-football-will-friend-contract-south-carolina-gamecocks-buyout/4130046001/> Someone help me with the timeline? <Edit AGAIN to add... I read the 2nd paragraph. Sounds like a recent move to USCe, then a bounce to us. Strange!>
  10. Or LSU. Or Clemson. Or Mizzou. Or Memphis. Or... </buzzkill>
  11. I am in this boat with you.
  12. This guy may not be a reliable source. Obviously, this was Stove's sixth Senior season.
  13. Yeah, it REALLY feels like they're doing it on purpose to dig at the Auburn fans in the state of GA.
  14. Bo got away with a double coverage throw there.
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