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  1. Well, I guess the good news (?) is we're already ~3 years in. Ugh.
  2. Watching with the sound off... Sorry... I guess I'm adding my own commentary.
  3. Should we read anything into his calling Pegues's number on that 4th and goal? Gotta give props for the troll attempt if that's what it was.
  4. Turned it off after 14-0. Go enjoy your Saturday afternoon, folks. Not worth the heartache.
  5. No underneath routes to actually... You know... Get the first down.
  6. It would be funny if it weren't a 2022 reality
  7. Ha. I thought they'd called a hold but, no, it took a more egregious foul to earn a flag
  8. <Don't you put that evil on me Ricky Bobby.gif>
  9. You guys. That was a quick slant. I'm shook.
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