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  1. Woody and Boobee in the same game.
  2. I must be living in an alternate reality. I've heard Gary call out bama for holding AND ineligible receiver downfield infractions that weren't called by the refs.
  3. I'm still surprised there's been no migration toward a minor league type of system MLB uses. (Kids get drafted out of high school and can decide to continue on to college or get a "decent" wage playing the game while living a more football-centric lifestyle.) I imagine NFL teams would LOVE to have more control over a high-school-aged kid's development from 18-21, as opposed to having to un-learn them when they're drafted. Of course the NCAA would try to find some legal grounds to fight that process, given the huge blow to the cash windfall they'd take from having the cream of their talent pool skimmed off by a NFL AAA league. But I also think that purifies - for lack of a better word - the collegiate "C" in NCAA and would take a lot of the vitriol out of today's college football culture, knowing that the kids who are playing really are doing it (mostly) for the academics... with some, but much less, focus on eventually getting to the NFL. Increased parity by way of skimming off the top like that could actually be a good thing for college football.
  4. Must not be that great if he can't even get open enough to throw it to himself.
  5. That's my hometown! I'm in Atlanta now... it's always bizarrely refreshing to hear from lowcountry folk on this site. Y'all stay safe!
  6. looney

    Bama vs Duke

    TWO holding calls? Y'all...
  7. Really hope it's not because he loses his head when he switches positions.
  8. I think his TD per reception average must've ranked pretty high, too. Honestly still not sure how he wasn't awarded at least 2 of the 5 Heisman finalist spots by himself.
  9. If they get a quick field goal here and go for the onsides kick, it could make things interesting.
  10. This takes Gus bashing to a whole other level. (Really hope this doesn't violate any family-friendly rules... If it does, I'll take it down.)
  11. Bring back EA's NCAA Football for the gaming consoles! (Though I wonder how much NCAA 202x would cost if this were the model for getting players' names/likenesses included.)
  12. You guys. I love all of you.
  13. Chuck's decorated anchor desk is AUsome!