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  1. If they get a quick field goal here and go for the onsides kick, it could make things interesting.
  2. This takes Gus bashing to a whole other level. (Really hope this doesn't violate any family-friendly rules... If it does, I'll take it down.)
  3. Bring back EA's NCAA Football for the gaming consoles! (Though I wonder how much NCAA 202x would cost if this were the model for getting players' names/likenesses included.)
  4. You guys. I love all of you.
  5. Chuck's decorated anchor desk is AUsome!
  6. Largest margin of victory so far (10 by MINN) is an upset (on paper, anyway).
  7. Nothing here about Bradley-Mich. St.? Belmont-MD? Come on guys...
  8. I totally forgot there were other games going on and I have a bracket to start marking through with red pen.
  9. Don't want to jinx anything, but this string of turnovers and the 2nd half opening run has a SEC finals feel to it. It's fun.
  10. Man, if Wiley could have a coming out party tonight/this weekend, that'd be great.
  11. War Eagle, y'all. I have the stream on low volume, but it sounded like some of the prognosticators on TNT were saying we'd come in over-confident. What?? I think after last season, there's no way that happens. Hoping we come out hot.
  12. Seeing some REALLY bad shooting in this opening Louisville-Minnesota game (of course, as I type that, the Gophers drain two straight 3s) but - overall - shots WAY off the mark all over the court. I mean barely hitting rim on a lot of them. Strange.
  13. Paging @around4ever ... I think we need a GAMEDAY post!