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  1. meh, he may think he can increase that to lottery pick.
  2. Yes the eligibility from pandemic is separate from the transfer rule
  3. meh those don't count... they were recruits they really didn't want anyway.
  4. I don't think there is a ruling yet on how the scholarships are going to work with last season technically not counting toward eligibility. So not sure how ANY team is expected to not be over the 85 limit.
  5. True... But how many 6'2" TE @ 300#s are there?
  6. @Zeek still looking for Recruiting Coordinator. Right?
  7. Thanks for your efforts here Zeek. Keep up all the great work!
  8. Nobody said "can't". Many are saying he doesn't like the grind. He is a great recruiter for those on campus, but he doesn't like the travel.
  9. Their fall season of 2020 was already canceled and pushed to the Spring. Now his specific school is canceling spring ball even though the conference is still a go.
  10. I have seen several questions about eligibility and such for transfer portal and thought I would post this thread out there as a reminder that the NCAA is likely to pass a rule for 1 time free pass. link
  11. I think most transfers are expecting this to be passed: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2913265-ncaa-proposes-1-time-transfer-with-immediate-eligibility-for-athletes
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