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  1. So is there some time frame for this to appear? I went in to watch todays debacle and it's not listed on their replay. I assumed it would be there since it is part of SECN
  2. LKEEL75


    I am a life long Raiders fan. Still not sure how I feel about the move but gonna go to my first game ever. Well first one at "home". I've seen them vs Titans a couple of times. Spent a little extra cuz it will likely be my only home game for them. Here is close to my view. My seat is in row 9 so 4 rows ahead of the pic. Really excited!
  3. So no redshirt for Hunter this year for sure!
  4. I 100% agree that we should not offer kids younger than 11th grade. There is way too much mental and physical growth before this age. It is also too much pressure on the kid. Imagine being in 8th grade and someone coming in and making you an offer for football but in a couple of years you grow a few more inches and want to try basketball or something. Maybe lineman like wrestling better. Whatever. The point is that an 8th grader has no concept of what their future is and this just pushes them to chose earlier. Heck half the kids can't even drive before 11th grade. I say make it no
  5. * Weeping wall. This is just small section. The wall was probably 50' long. Very cool. * Another road I found myself on where there was actually no edge to road. I should have known it was going to be interesting when I crossed the cattle gate then sign that said Rough Road and then another sign that said Motorcycle Advisory: Alternative pavement suggest alt route. Ended up just dodging cows at 45mph. Haha
  6. * all that separates you and edge of cliff is small rock wall * That edge is a road that was barely wide enough for 2 cars. My friend Toph said it best... You just feel so small and insignificant. * This was a bike next to the wall by where I was taking pictures.
  7. Sad for the kid. Probably trusted the wrong person
  8. I have not posted a real update in a few so I thought I would update everyone. I decided to go to Boozeman last Friday, but on my way That changed and I ended up in Billings. For those that don't know, Boozeman was about 70 miles away and Billings was 170. What a nice ride across part of the state! I stopped in at this place called Old Chicago. Apparently it is a chain restaurant but I had never been and they had all kinds of beers on tap. Met a really cool bartend, Jake. If you are ever in town then I suggest having a beer (or many many samples) from him. They had a casino attache
  9. Haha I am actually just south of GNP now. Going to make the ride through Going to the Sun later today. Here a pic outside my camper that I get to look at all day.
  10. Not sure if anyone else is watching this, but it's pretty good. Got Sir Charles on there as guest. Fun banter between the 2 exQB brothers.
  11. Go to the link in the first post and scroll through the players. Pick pictures from their profiles and post them here with any other picture you deem worthy from the internet.
  12. I think this is a low scoring game as well. I can't see the AU D being less than the Wis D. 17-13 - AU Like many others, just hoping for a good game. If it is not a good game then let it be a blowout in AU's favor hahahahaha
  13. No offense to the few PSU fans who may be hovering around. This is just a tradition of the board. Please take as the humor it is intended.
  14. Yeah I have been arguing (mostly for the sake of arguing) with some Bama fans that it was good to have 2 cupcakes at the start of the season so you can work out your kinks and see how your players do in games before you get into huge environment. I think it is good in CBH case with whole new staff and new schemes. I don't think it is something that is as necessary as the program progresses with that staff. Reality is that it looks really good us breaking all these records but we are on week 3 and really don't know whether we have a decent team or not. I am also not convinced that winni
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