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  1. I would take it a step further and ask the average fan the starting 5 OL from the 2013 year. This was just a few years ago and I bet most can't name them. Now I know that probably doesn't apply to those on this board as most of you are better than the average AU fan.....
  2. So let me get this straight.... We have 3 of 5 OL on the 1st or 2nd team yet everyone is complaining about our horrible OL???
  3. Dang Holsey has had a hard time
  4. Hose pipes would cause fights. We had water trough where there was a metal pipe going across the top that had holes in the top of it that you could drink as water sprayed up. You never wanted to be the first in line because that water was disgustingly hot on the two-a-day practices. However you only had about 3 minutes to get water and back to your station so sometimes nasty hot pipe water was all you could get. If everyone wasn't back to their station in 3 minutes the whole station had was punished.... Ah the good ol' days
  5. I agree with you here. Doesn't matter what our opinion is or even what his skill set actually is. Gus isn't going to use him. I feel like KM's problem is vision more than it is Gus. You can watch him run up the backside of OL instead of just being a little patient and wait for the hole before going full blast into a brick wall. I feel like he tried it early last year but kept getting caught in backfield because he wouldn't make a decision. Then later in the year it was just full steam ahead until hit the OL. There are times that you have to cut your loss and take what you can get. Then there are times that you have to be patient and see what is going to open up. Good RBs know the difference. So far, I haven't seen that judgement from KM.
  6. Just commented on this in the other thread. This is sad. Kid has the tools just not the desire
  7. poor kid. Size & talent are there but sure seems like lack of desire is pushing him down the wrong path
  8. Wes Byrum for the win
  9. I love that I saw AS roll out a little and do an Aussie punt. I know this won't be the bread and butter, but man if we could get this going, the fake punt would be like taking candy from a baby.