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  1. Well that really does not speak well to AU offense. Wonder if they say the same about Tx Tech & other spread type offenses that do the same stuff
  2. My biggest change I wanted around targeting was "intent" and it does not look like that was in there. I know intent is impossible to prove, but sometimes it is just so obvious and I hate those calls where the guy was just trying to make a play and the runner went lower than the tackler intended.
  3. Would like to have seen that whole interview. Really like this kid. He is passionate and could be a great fit at AU
  4. Completely agree. To take it to the next level is that we are not just battling but even leading.
  5. That is only if he doesn't hire an agent. Right? I thought if he hires an agent then he can't return to AU.
  6. That is how I read that as well. Man I would like to get a 46% pay raise!
  7. Dang I am going to have to post more from him. That 1 post got more response than anything I have posted in a long time. BTW I knew it was bull, just relaying the information
  8. Take it for the grain of salt that it is worth.... Local radio guy this morning said that he was hearing that Bo & Joey got reps because the second & third strings were the ones doing most of the work. And from that the guy deduced that Malik was the front runner. He also said that GM was very brief after because he was trying to get on the plane to make trip to F4.
  9. Yeah I know. I was just trying to be funny. I hope he & Nix have the next few years locked down with great QB play
  10. But was that breath "Gatewood is no Cam Newton..." HAHAHA
  11. Not a bad idea. Went to a couple of games myself this year and the student section was lacking by the 4th quarter in both.
  12. Thought this was funny.
  13. Just a little bit of effort...