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  1. LKEEL75

    ESPN article on bama hiring former coaches

    Yeah, I made this comment years ago. What a great thing bringing these guys in as analyst and stuff. Get their opinions and thoughts on how to better your program. As much as I hate to give him credit it is quite ingenious.
  2. According to ellitor, once a recruit commits to a school the crystal ball people rarely go back and update their picks unless there is news of them flipping. So no worries. He is solid to AU at this time.
  3. LKEEL75

    How solid are 2019 commits?

    The issue around that is that if we were to hire him he has to be an 'on the field' coach. So you can't hire him in as an analyst or something like that.
  4. LKEEL75

    Austin Wiley Injured

  5. LKEEL75

    2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb

    meh probably about Pickens
  6. LKEEL75


    Why the OC didn't call a play to have a RB chip him or throw quick screen to that side. Something to counter that all out blitz rush.
  7. LKEEL75

    What I want to see against the vols

    We need 80+ plays. We need all the live practice we can get at this point!
  8. LKEEL75

    Picture Request

    Well I can tell you now that if this had been AU & the holding didn't get called, then the guy blocking #5 would have at least gotten a 'Hands to the face' call against him.
  9. LKEEL75

    Tennessee Game Press Conference

    I give JS credit for owning his mistake and recognizing he has some things to work on. I hope he gets some help and turns this thing around. Not just for AU but for himself.
  10. Personally I voted that he would not be back next year no matter what, but the way things look he may not finish the season as QB1. Has your thought changed on his future?
  11. LKEEL75

    2019 4* Buck Derick Hall

    I personal opinion & hope is that Coe learns from last year and doesn't try to jump ship after just 1 year of starting. Stidham is gone. Marlon is gone. Brown is definitely gone.
  12. LKEEL75

    Freshmen Defensive Backs Progressing

    Yeah, to brag on my man crush... Iggy may not be starting but he is in there a lot and is always making big plays. He is getting better with his coverage technique and showed last week that he is not afraid to come up and hit a RB. I do believe he is going to be special.
  13. LKEEL75

    Collin Sexton got paid

    Actually they are thinking that since a Bama player got paid, they better start paying them all so Bama hasn't broken any rules
  14. Or just make it rotate.