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  1. Where are they now - Zeke Pike

    Agreed. Didn't work for my brother-in-law. He was given option of jail or military. Chose military. Ended up DH discharge and in jail anyway.
  2. Jalen Hurts draws line in sand

    I completely agree. If his goal is NFL, I don't think he should leave UAt. He should honestly change to RB. He was the best RB on their team last year. He could be a very dangerous weapon especially with him and TT in backfield at same time. He could spend 2 years as RB and be ready for NFL draft as a 1st rounder. IMO He "can", but I don't think NS would allow him to sit the sideline and RS. Little Nicky would not allow a kid to dictate anything to his football team. Again... IMO
  3. Jalen Hurts draws line in sand

    since he did not redshirt, then yes. He will have 3 to play 2. So he can go wherever and sit a year to have 2 left of eligibility.
  4. Jalen Hurts draws line in sand

    I could totally see Fisher taking him at aTm
  5. 2020 DE Andy Boykin COMMITS TO AU!!!

    Or at least until your obviousness out weighs your talent or that teams need for you.
  6. 2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    Oh no @lionheartkc!!!! Are you telling me our savior at QB didn't start as a QB in high school. OMG!! Say it ain't so! Well here come the "No wonder he sucks. He couldn't even start for his high school team." guys. Just kidding btw!!
  7. Where are they now - Zeke Pike

    You said it @augolf1716! Feel really sorry for this kid.
  8. 2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe

    Just kidding E. Totally respect your opinion. Just wanted to give you grief.
  9. Potential Changes to Transfer Rules

    ^^THIS^^ Just like any rule changes, you are going to get those who are for and others who are against. The problem with this particular rule change is that it could so drastically effect a program. Not a player. Not a game. But the whole program could change. I have issues with coaches moving laterally within the division and actually even within the conference. It is one thing if you get fired and take HC at a competing school. I understand money and such, but seems like you take a lot of knowledge of the players and program to a direct competitor and that would give you a competitive edge on the field and even in recruiting.
  10. @bigbird thoughts on our latest DB commit?
  11. 2019 4* ATH Jaylin Simpson

    **Note highlight is in sarcastic highlight....
  12. Potential Changes to Transfer Rules

    This is a slippery slope. I get what these kids mean by a mistake. It does seem unfair that they can't transfer when a coach can. I get that they are making a huge decision when they are under a ton of pressure at 18 yrs old. But if they open this up, without some sort of compensation to the school, then this is going to get ugly. I don't mean money but adding scholarship spot for that year or something. If a new coach comes in and they are not going to use you to benefit your skill set then I get the choice. But if 5-6 players all leave, then that program is going into the crapper in a hurry if they are not allowed to pick up some extra players.
  13. State of baseball team

    I watched Tanner a couple of games last year. Kid is something. I was ecstatic when he chose AU over minor league. Think he could be something really special.