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  1. Well then he must have had us in top 4 then since we beat them.... bwahahahahaha
  2. WDE CCM!!! Welcome to the family!
  3. Most "experts" had us 6-6 to 8-4. The thought of 10 was not on any of their minds. Most fans were in the same boat as well.
  4. I agree. However, Viper was saying the only question is who is calling the plays. I am saying that is not a question because it will be Gus. The question is will Morris be able to help our QBs grow. And yes have input to the plays & all that. But bottom line is that the person on game day that will be calling the plays will be Gus for the foreseeable future.
  5. It is not a question. There is no doubt that Gus will continue to call plays.
  6. What help could Kodi use? He can't make the kids catch the ball. He works on their route running but he can't change the route tree of the O. Seems like he is pretty much doing best he can with what he has
  7. If allowed by NCAA then I would bet many many more colleges use them. I would not throw stones living in a glass house.... Don't know that AU does this or not. Just saying that if it is allowed by NCAA then I would not put it past any program What I found more interesting were the 2 comments below from Anon.
  8. The question is not who is gonna call plays, but can Morris be a great QB coach. That was the big key for Coach D
  9. I expect them to play. Their brothers will be out there fighting for 10 wins. They are not going to be on sideline watching if they are good to go. Now Marlon may actually still be hurting from his back so maybe he has injury reason to sit.
  10. AU marketing should have started a DB for Heisman campaign at the beginning of the year. What he has done this year should at least get him an invite to NY.
  11. I agree with you @McLoofus. I think the jury is still out on Gatewood. I wish him all the best and hope he can get on to the NFL and light it up.
  12. Me too... Well I don't know about "waiting" for it. But it hasn't really happened yet.
  13. I really hated that about Kim, I was screaming at the tv during FL game to make substitution. Not Nix but Kim. OMG he was killing us. That was the coaching mistake in my book. He was causing so many problems.
  14. I think the question is what are you calling "power programs". I got the following list from this link and it is a pretty good list of the starting QBs in the NFL. I would say that most of these guys came from Power 5 programs. Sure there are one or 2 that didn't but for the most part they come from well known programs that are in P5 conferences. Team Quarterback College Year drafted (pick) Beginning of starting streak Ref. Arizona Cardinals (list) Kyler Murray Oklahoma 2019 (1) Week 1, 2019 Atlanta Falcons (list) Matt Ryan Boston College 2008 (3) Week 9, 2019 [6] Baltimore Ravens (list) Lamar Jackson Louisville 2018 (32) Week 11, 2018 Buffalo Bills (list) Josh Allen Wyoming 2018 (7) Week 12, 2018 Carolina Panthers (list) Kyle Allen Houston 2018 (Undrafted) Week 3, 2019 Chicago Bears (list) Mitchell Trubisky UNC 2017 (2) Week 7, 2019 Cincinnati Bengals (list) Andy Dalton TCU 2011 (35) Week 13, 2019 Cleveland Browns (list) Baker Mayfield Oklahoma 2018 (1) Week 4, 2018 Dallas Cowboys (list) Dak Prescott Mississippi State 2016 (135) Week 1, 2016 [7] Denver Broncos (list) Drew Lock Missouri 2019 (42) Week 13, 2019 Detroit Lions (list) David Blough Purdue 2019 (Undrafted) Week 13, 2019 [8] Green Bay Packers (list) Aaron Rodgers California 2005 (24) Week 1, 2018 Houston Texans (list) Deshaun Watson Clemson 2017 (12) Week 1, 2018 Indianapolis Colts (list) Jacoby Brissett NC State 2016 (91) Week 11, 2019 Jacksonville Jaguars (list) Nick Foles Arizona 2012 (88) Week 11, 2019 Kansas City Chiefs (list) Patrick Mahomes Texas Tech 2017 (10) Week 10, 2019 Los Angeles Chargers (list) Philip Rivers NC State 2004 (4) Week 1, 2006 [9] Los Angeles Rams (list) Jared Goff California 2016 (1) Week 1, 2018 Miami Dolphins (list) Ryan Fitzpatrick Harvard 2005 (250) Week 7, 2019 Minnesota Vikings (list) Kirk Cousins Michigan State 2012 (102) Week 1, 2018 New England Patriots (list) Tom Brady Michigan 2000 (199) Week 5, 2016 New Orleans Saints (list) Drew Brees Purdue 2001 (32) Week 8, 2019 New York Giants (list) Daniel Jones Duke 2019 (6) Week 3, 2019 New York Jets (list) Sam Darnold USC 2018 (3) Week 6, 2019 Oakland Raiders (list) Derek Carr Fresno State 2014 (36) Week 6, 2017 Philadelphia Eagles (list) Carson Wentz North Dakota State 2016 (2) Week 1, 2019 Pittsburgh Steelers (list) Devlin Hodges Samford 2019 (Undrafted) Week 13, 2019 San Francisco 49ers (list) Jimmy Garoppolo Eastern Illinois 2014 (62) Week 1, 2019 Seattle Seahawks (list) Russell Wilson Wisconsin 2012 (75) Week 1, 2012 [10] Tampa Bay Buccaneers (list) Jameis Winston Florida State 2015 (1) Week 12, 2018 Tennessee Titans (list) Ryan Tannehill Texas A&M 2012 (8) Week 7, 2019 Washington Redskins (list) Dwayne Haskins Ohio State 2019 (15) Week 9, 2019