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  1. Thank goodness not a night game!! But I HATE CBS
  2. @JMR @Slammer1 Thank you guys for your service!! And everyone else out there who has served
  3. Are you speaking for this year, next year or both?
  4. Actually we do that and they drop the ball....
  5. A long time..... Like a week.... I would say he was definitely a step, if not 2, ahead of MSU.
  6. I like how we are #1 and how we are different than all the others that start with #Go.... #WarEagles!!
  7. Well LSU & FL will both be at 2 after this weekend and aTm will be at 3
  8. I assume you say this because he is injured. What is hurting him?
  9. Just curious why thread about a former coach is in the Media forum. Shouldn't this be in the Rivals forum?
  10. What? You mean there isn't another Legatron in the cupboard? Oh well.... Next great kicker!
  11. @StatTiger Hopefully you will be doing 3 videos and the 3rd will be SECC and 2 playoff games where Bo is holding 2 giant trophies at the end.
  12. Same for me. I was in the student section for my freshman year as well. Had friends who came down and they almost left at halftime because of the beat down we were taking. They decided to stay and it was one of the greatest come backs I have ever seen. That place was so loud in the 4th qtr I couldn't hear anything after the game was over.