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  1. I don't have any problem with KJ @ KR. I know a lot of people say he just ran into the pile last year, but KJ is very quick and shifty on his feet. Also, it takes a special kind of person to want to run at full steam while having a whole other team run at you at full speed. KR & PR are 2 of the most ballsiest positions on the field. Very few other times does someone get such a clean clear lick at full speed.
  2. I guess that answers my question...
  3. Beast Mode... link
  4. Not to beat the dead horse here, but JF III is listed above TQ on the QB depth chart and he is not even playing QB. WTH is going on with TQ? Is he just riding that scholarship and getting his degree? Just very strange in my opinion.
  5. I like us going after these taller corners!
  6. AU Softball live link
  7. Oh. My bad. I was thinking I put it here. That is where I meant to put it. I didn't want to start a thread because I figured if we don't have one then those in the know probably don't think we are really in it or that the kids are not a take.
  8. Is that not what I did?
  9. So looks like Strong & Cook are buddies and may actually be considering AU. Of course this is slow news cycle so they could just be looking for stories here. link
  10. Don't count out JFIII as a leader at WR link Although, we likely haven’t seen the last of Franklin at quarterback, as he indicated with his hashtag of Slash2.0, don’t be surprised when Auburn uses him all over the field this fall – including taking snaps at quarterback. Despite his inability to make a splash as Auburn’s starting quarterback last season, maybe Franklin can finally live up to the hype as a slash receiver on the Plains.
  11. link
  12. Haha well that too
  13. Yeah, kind of my thought as well. I mean he may be the next great OT but to never play a meaningful down of the sport and be invited to an all-american game. Seems like UA & IMG may have a little something on the side