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  1. Offense - Bo - Really interested to see how he does from under center and to see if he spikes the ball backwards (JK) Defense - JJ - Really interested to see how well he picks up the D so soon
  2. I do a good grade hamburger with a couple seasonings and some sauces. To me the key is Dale's sauce & bacon bits mixed together. Bacon bits give the fat needed to counter the higher grade burger. Have to be careful with Dales because it will absolutely over salt it if you aren't careful
  3. Made my own burgers last night and tried some suggestions above. This time I took my normal meat combination and that normally is enough. However, I did take a little leftover jalapeno popper stuffing and add that to the top of my burger. WOW!!! DELICIOUS!!! What a great idea to add this stuffing to the burgers. Hope this Gordon kid really likes burgers!!
  4. That sux. I completely agree that we never catch a scheduling break
  5. March 17, 2020 was a Tuesday, so I don't think so
  6. I am really liking this staff. You can here the excitement in their voice. So different than the complacency in majority of previous staff. Really liking Coach BB. His experience as a player and excitement to learn and grow as a coach. Very cool!
  7. I guess it was not a great visit for some. 😕
  8. IF football is any indication to AG's thought process... All the "candidates" are BS. HAHA
  9. Video he talks about in the video above:
  10. @Dayne Shor How did your virtual tour go?
  11. Love that we are practicing the kick block. That an be a difference maker.
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