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  1. I think the average career for NFL RB is less that 3 years. I would say if he makes it 5 then that is a long career per today's standards. Yes you may have 1 or 2 guys last more than 5 years, but that is just not the norm any more.
  2. @bigbird can likely comment more on this but it is my understanding that yes a lot of it is our scheme. We play the man and not the ball. Has to do with the phase we are in while pressing the WR.
  3. Funny how $180K seems to be the going rate for players......
  4. Mississippi State's coach is so obscure and unknown that other SEC fans don't know his name after a year of having him in the league. HAHA I was actually sitting here thinking: Who the heck is Joe Moorehouse?
  5. You guys are funny.... So upset over a kid who is not even a JR in high school yet. Complaining we are missing a "generational" player. We are solid at QB for at least 3 years. Let's wish this kid well and see what we can get in another year or so. Or next "generation" as the years may fall
  6. I like this kid. He is a road grader. Chases the play just in case he can get one more block. Great hustle and good footwork
  7. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  8. Come on.... That is too easy
  9. Are you saying he is a halfway crook?
  10. This kid looks like a beast!!! Can't believe he is only a sophmore in those highlights
  11. Take this for the grain of salt that it is worth.... KN was on local radio this morning and said he definitely felt that this was AU not wanting him on the team any longer and this was a way for him to leave and not be kicked off team. He followed that with the comment that he doesn't have any definite word on that from staff but it is just his gut feeling from all the things he has heard and pieced together.
  12. Yeah I was thinking that as a sophmore he would likely grow some and fill out a little more and could make an incredible Buck LB
  13. That is scary that we are so depleted on the OL that we need to take 3 JUCO.
  14. I am definitely not a recruiting expert so take this judgement for the grain of salt it is worth.... This kid seems to play more with his size than he does with his skill. He plays straight up. Yes he does follow the ball a lot of the time, but that is basically it. He does beat a few blocks but mainly ones he is oversized. It's not like he is beating a bunch of double teams or something. If you watch the times he does get clean into backfield it is more about missed communication by OL than he beat somebody. In fact one of his highlights was an INT being returned and he was just standing there. He did stick out his arm but to no effect. Not even sure why he would put that in there. Not knocking the kid or the ranking. Just stating my observations. I am completely open for someone to tell me how wrong I am.