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  1. Yeah, I am expecting the same. Which is another reason for us to show JF that while we have depth today we likely will be thin next year. Because of that he will have to opportunity to come in and get playing time especially if injuries occur.
  2. According to Gus it will be the 30th:
  3. So that Justyn Ross kid plays WR right? I hear he is pretty good
  4. Take this for the source, but JF was at FSU yesterday to workout for DC & Jimbo. According to tweet at bottom, he may like FSU more due to QB depth. Gus Malzahn, Jim McElwain, Ed Orgeron and Kirby Smart, however, certainly have time to sell Fields on playing time if he chooses to bring his talents to the SEC.
  5. As much as this guy was talked about before camps started, I figure he would be blowing things up now that camps are going.
  6. They mentioned one other on their board White. Not sure who he is but those were the only two that UAt "is looking at right now". Again according to their homer.
  7. Just heard Rodney Orr (TiderInsider) say that Asa was #1 on UAt board and they are only taking 1 RB this year. They are pushing hard for him right now. They very much like his versatility
  8. Careful... Last time I said something like this I about got run off the board. Love what he has done for the university and his love for AU.
  9. On campus now... link
  10. This article really makes it sound more like AU whining about playing in the west than it trying to be a geographical thing. If Mizzo isn't behind it then they should just drop it until we expand to 16 or pickup 9 conf games. Neither of which is happening soon.
  11. I heard on radio yesterday that AU was looking at ex UAt coach Goff to replace Bohannon. Have no link or proof of this, just reporter talking to talking heads on radio.
  12. A commitment from the #1 (or #2 depending on source) DTQB would be huge for this class. Getting a QB to commit early helps you to show the other O players who will be directing them in a few years. The coaches have constantly said they are going to take another QB with JG so to get one of the best in the country would allow us to show we are looking for the best of the best. Lots of WRs have special bonds with these QBs and want to go to a school where QB talent is abundant. Plus this kid seems to be very likable which helps recruit OL. OL want to: 1) play for a great OL coach; 2) play for a QB that they like. A great QB in a class can also help your D because if the O has a lot of talent then the D wants to be there and help them win championships.
  13. SDS link on this subject.... Alabama’s head coach will turn 66 on Oct. 31 of this year. Stoops walks away from his Oklahoma program at the age of 56. Interestingly enough, former Tennessee head coach Phillip Fulmer, who was fired during the 2008 season, is only one year older than Saban.
  14. So on the drive yesterday they were talking about this and brought up a couple of good points. 1) Stoops' father and uncle passed away in their late 50s from heart trouble. This very well could just be him wanting to spend some family time. 2) Stoops and his wife just bought their "dream home" in Chicago. Now most on here probably had same reaction I did just then but apparently it has all the bells and whistles. This also lent it's way to thinking he may be thinking NFL in the near future. 3) He is still going to be on staff at OU for some period of time. He has some bs title like Special Assistant to the President or something like that. Anyway, just food for thought.
  15. I have spoken with several people about him from around there and he is very talented athlete. I THINK we would be looking at him as a safety. I have heard he is a very good kid and a hard worker. As far as SEC talent, I couldn't say for sure or not. What I can say is MCHS was in a pretty tough 4A division last year and they did ok. They are not a big school but they play some of the bigger 4As like North Jackson & Madison Academy. There are a couple of kids in this class at MCHS that are very talented athletes. I think the other one is a RB that we have talked to but I don't think it has a commitable offer at this time.