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  1. Not a hater at all. Just sad reality. I forget the actual statistic but something like 70% of football players are broke shortly after careers end.
  2. And likely broke weeks after leaving nfl
  3. According to SEC bylaws, I was thinking they outlawed players with violent past
  4. Welcome back. WDE! And all behind NCM having break out year
  5. Why not put Iggy back there to return PR & KO? Decent size kid with track speed. After watching him in the all-star game I think he is going to be something special.
  6. Well after trying to make excuses for the diluted drug test and all the other antics, it appears Mr Foster is not being invited to the draft link
  7. Another one with a "diluted sample" link Players who fail a Combine drug test do not face a suspension upon entering the league, but they are entered into the league’s substance abuse program. That means a subsequent failure could result in a four-game suspension. Peppers has been a tough player to peg down in this year’s draft. He is viewed as a hybrid player, having gone through both defensive back and linebacker drills. I would imagine he has already spoken with teams about this, but it is still going to be interesting to see where he lands following this news. Since Peppers is claiming it was from drinking too many fluids, we’re likely never going to know for sure if that is true or not. But even if he had not had the diluted sample, it is possible he would still have slipped. He seems all but certain to go in the first round, but this will be one more complicating factor for teams on Thursday.
  8. Nice article on Coach Cam Newton working with hopefully future AU recruits link
  9. Would we take both Joiner & Martin if they both committed to us? I know this is probably insanity long shot, but just curious
  10. Well we made top 5... link Walker, who measures 6-foot-3, 215 pounds, is rated the No. 229 overall prospect, No. 14 outside linebacker and No. 23 Georgia recruit by the 247Sports Composite where three of the site’s recruiting experts predict he will sign with UGA. Ole Miss was the most recent team to extend a scholarship offer (March 28), but did not make the cut along with Mississippi State.
  11. So I hear that Bo Nix kid has a lot of potential.
  12. I guess he found his new home link Queen was a three-star signee in Auburn’s 2015 recruiting class. He chose to sign with the Tigers over scholarship offers from Alabama, Texas A&M, Clemson, Miami, and North Carolina. In his two years with Auburn, Queen did not attempt a pass but did have one rushing attempt, which came last season.
  13. completely agree.
  14. WDE @lionheartkc!!!! That is great news.
  15. I agree JS long ball was nice, but the thing that impressed me is the speed and accuracy at the short distances. I think this is where things will be different. It has killed me for the last few years how teams have thrown those 4-6 yard outs against us and our DBs are all over them yet the QB fits the ball in the tightest of windows. Yet every time we throw one, I keep hoping the DB doesn't jump the route and take it to the house. JS threw 3-4 passes into tight coverage where only the WR could catch it and it was there in an instant. No way the DB had time to jump it. I am pulling for SW (mainly because I like pulling for the underdog) but I just haven't seen that kind of speed & accuracy from him even when he was healthy. With that being said, SW has not been asked to make a lot of these throws, so maybe that will change this year. Bottom line, I hope whomever gets the nod can make these throws consistently.