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  1. LKEEL75

    2019 4* S/WR Jashawn Sheffield

    I know this should be in a thread regardig OL but you started it The only problem I have with this is experience. I understand that the players we have will likely play the 2018 & 2019 season, but if we don't bring the players in this class (2019) then they will be true freshmen coming in for the 2020 season and we will be expecting true freshmen OL to compete in the SEC. That is very scary to me.
  2. LKEEL75

    nick and tre showing out......

    I wouldn't necessarily call this "showing out", but glad he is back in the game
  3. LKEEL75

    2019 4* SDE Justin Eboigbe (UAt)

    Yes, Trox was a life long Bama fan and did have offers from them, but still chose the good guys
  4. LKEEL75

    IMG discussion thread

    @McLoofus I do equate IMG and private schools because IMG is a boarding school which is by definition a private school. I won't degrade you or anyone else reading this by explanation of exact differences between boarding & private schools (but if anyone is interested, Google is your friend). Yes IMG is run by a sports agency, but that does not mean they are not also focused on academics. Again from the same website that does boarding school reviews: They have 1200 students. You can't honestly say that all 1200 students are playing sports. That is not possible. They are like a lot of private schools that do recruit players. Take Madison Academy for example. I know that they recruit players and they get most of the ones that they recruit. By doing this they have won numerous state titles in the major sports through the years. Not all private schools recruit or are as successful as MA. However, it does not take away from the fact that a lot of private schools recruit. Just like some of the public schools recruit, except they have to be much more quite about it in order to prevent sanctions. So yes I lumped IMG with private schools. I guess I didn't expect someone to argue that I was saying ALL private schools. Just like I wouldn't be saying ALL public schools recruit. But it is a fairly accepted notion that most private schools recruit. It is also a fairly accepted notion that some of the bigger named high schools recruit. It is quite obvious by looking at the programs and transfers moving between schools that recruiting is happening at the high school level in both public and private schools. IMG just took this to the next level and said "We are going to get the best of the best and give them the best we can."
  5. LKEEL75

    IMG discussion thread

    If you have a teacher to student ratio of 1:10 then you are worried about more than just athletics. These kids are not going down there and not getting an education. In fact after having 3 go through public high school and 2 almost done with it, I feel more than confident the kids coming from IMG will be 100 times more ready academically for college than most kids coming from a public school. Most of the kids I know that go to private schools also have excellent academic backgrounds and do well in college. I get that athletics is a huge focus, but the school has 1200 students enrolled. I am pretty sure not all of them are playing sports. So why would they be there if not for academics? According to the thoughts of the BoE in state of AL, they must think that all private schools do this or they would not have come up with these new ridiculous rules around if a private school wins too much then they have to move up in classification. No not all private schools are recruiting and only have elite talent there. However, that doesn't stop them from recruiting and pulling in elite talent from public schools and that is the issue I was addressing. IMG & private schools recruit players from public schools. That is well known. IMG has just taken it to the next level and recruit at a much wider net than just local area. And for that they do not compete in state championships. Both the state & IMG have recognized their abilities and realize that it would not be fair to compete in playoffs. . So they do not compete in playoffs and state titles. Instead they travel the country and play the best teams out there. So what is the difference. They play the best teams in the country week in and week out. No other high school (private or public) plays the schedule that IMG does. I am not sure why you even bring this up. It is a moot point.
  6. Why create a thread for a 'Hard Commit' to another team?
  7. LKEEL75

    IMG discussion thread

    But there is already more than 1 IMG. IMG just took what the private schools are doing to the next level. Players leave public schools all the time to join private schools that have better academic and athletic programs. So those who don't like IMG, are you also against private schools?
  8. LKEEL75

    IMG discussion thread

    I am in the boat with @ClaytonAU & @ellitor. I don't mind what they are doing. I don't feel like they are destroying high school football at all. I mean they can only accept so many players (for any sport). These kids go down there and learn to be great student athletes. IMG has facilities that are better than a lot of D1 college programs. The coaching is top of the line. The competition they are going against on a daily basis is some of the best in the country. Teacher to student ratio is like 1:10. (got from here) How many public schools have that kind of ratio? IMG is a way to help some of these kids get a taste of college so they are better prepared when they get to college. Better prepared physically, academically and the mental side of being away from home. I do understand what @bigbird says that if a kid goes to IMG then scouts are not coming to that players hometown (or road game) to see other talent. But again, it is not like they are taking every top 5* kid in the country. They have a limit in every sport of how many they take. There are still plenty of talented young men out there.
  9. LKEEL75

    13 new guys- heights, weights & numbers

    This is a bit concerning. I have high hopes for this kid, but he is going to have to put some weight on to play BUCK. 215 won't cut it against OT in the SEC
  10. LKEEL75

    The Texas Talent Debate

    WOW. Our little town is struggling to come up with $5M to build a rec center. Can't hide money...
  11. yeah hard to believe kid from AL would choose the Gofers over UF or Lousiville
  12. LKEEL75

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    The only problem is that we also recruited and won the #1 JUCO TE last year and we see how that turned out... Not saying these guys are same, just saying...
  13. LKEEL75

    Rivals Rankings Update Week (June 11-17)

    I wondered who would be the first to say it.... My money was on A4E though
  14. Took a page from the Al Davis book of players
  15. LKEEL75

    June Facilities Update

    That is so 20th century. You got to think next level here. Something that really catches the eyes of these recruits hahahahaha