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  1. Been hearing on the radio that there may be several DII schools that actually drop the football program after all this. Saying that the schools keep football to help get attendance to school but they actually lose money. If that is the case then this is very likely to be the most costly virus in history. It may be 5-10 years before we figure out all the full cost to the global economy.
  2. Like everything else, I think this is going to get uglier before it gets better. There are a lot of implications here that need to be figured out for the student-athletes and the teams. Coaches thinking of going another way Do they have to take classes Will they have to pay taxes on these scholarships since school isn't paying for it And I am sure much more that I can't think of
  3. I am curious if the ones who have already graduated will have to continue to be enrolled in classes. If that is the case, then it could be that several of the SRs won't take part in this and instead will go out and get to work.
  4. That almost every year there is a scare and yet life goes on.
  5. Not down playing seriousness of this virus, but an interesting history lesson here: 2000 - Y2K 2001 - Anthrax 2002 - West Nile Virus 2003 - SARS 2005 - Bird Flu 2006 - Ecoli 2008 - Economic Collapse 2009 - Swine Flu 2010 - BP Oil Spill 2012 - Mayan calendar said we were all going to die 2013 - North Korea 2014 - Ebola 2015 - ISIS 2016 - Zeka Virus 2020 - Corona Virus
  6. This is just one of the first of MAJOR financial impacts that CV-19 is gonna have on everyone.
  7. I don't know if it is his energy, the inside look at AU, or just the thought of football, BUT I can't watch these without smiling the whole time! Thank you TWILL and your LOVE for AU.
  8. LSU is a surprise to me. I think they are back to middle of SEC West without Burrow.
  9. Frustrating that hard evidence like this and nothing happens.
  10. LKEEL75

    NFL Thread

    This seems far fetched.
  11. 2 guys on a truck.... I live in rural AL and we don't even have trash guys any more. 1 guy with 1 truck with an arm that reaches out and dumps the garbage for him. All he has to do is sit in the comfort of the truck and drive. Not sure where you are living but your city should get with the times.