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  1. The TD pass to Seth where he had to SKY for the ball... This worries me because I feel like he is narrowing in on receivers and not also looking underneath. That throw was VERY high risk. He could have thrown underneath to Shivers for safer throw and VERY likely still a TD. JMO
  2. As usual.... We are pushed out by the writers. We absolutely should have had at least 1 RB in 1st or 2nd team and no way Pappoe isn't at least 2nd team. AND there is NO way Monday is 3rd team. Maybe 2nd team if not 1st! I get why Nix isn't necessarily 1st or maybe 2nd but at least 3rd.
  3. Sure because they won by 50 against NOBODY!
  4. Talking about waiting for the 11th hour.... We are 2 days before game day....
  5. No way this is accurate. No way Orgeron is on hot seat! Smart, might be if he was to lose several games but I don't see that happening. IMO: The only coaches that are likely to really be on hot seat are Mason & Muschamp and unfortunately for them, they have 2 of the hardest schedules of the horrible 10 game schedule.
  6. I appreciate you posting them. Thank you!!!
  7. Ditto from all the above sentiments. You will be missed!
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