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  1. This is another tough game to watch. The rims on these 2 rd games have not been kind but more concerning is lack of D. FL guys are wide open for 3 and under rim. We do not have the shooters for that style
  2. Hate it for the kid. Sometimes talent just isn't enough.
  3. Ummmm cheap does not dictate good or not... Otherwise Boone's Farm would not be sold in such quantities.... hahahahaha
  4. This UAt team is going to be like every other team that we play. AU is on top right now and they want to be the team that knocks us off. And we have to be...
  5. That is interesting. Do you think the "dynasty" has fallen?
  6. Bama is no joke. They pushed KY to the end. We are going to have a challenge to go to Turdville and leave with a win. JMO
  7. Well I didn't mean to get us off on a CGM bashing thread again, I was just simply saying that there are a few kids out there who transfer and obviously make the most of it. I wonder if that is the case for the majority or are those kids in the minority. Yes 3 of the 4 QBS in the playoffs were transfers. Again, the question is are they in the majority or minority.
  8. I dont know how you'd measure it but I would be intereated to see if the kids that transfer actually do better at new schools. I know there are obvious success stories but I am curious if thats the norm or the exceptions. My gut says exception.
  9. Dee Ford had heck of a game yesterday.
  10. So.... No new news on OL coach.... Or is Kodi now coaching them too? Sorry. Got lost in all the last 2 pages
  11. Heard interesting theory. Since kid is transferring, they may use lawsuit as leverage for release. i.e. give him full release and we drop lawsuit
  12. Yeah I brought that up when he was fired and all the fans kept saying they were fine with him and couldn't believe he was fired.
  13. I did speak with some alumni before Egg Bowl. They all basically agree that 7-8 wins each year and beating Ole Miss 4 out 5 times will keep a coach there.