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  1. LKEEL75

    2019 5* WR George Pickens Flips to UGA

    My goodness. Who cares. The kid picked another school. Get over it people. Right, wrong, indifferent. Its over. Go back to complaining about what we have.
  2. LKEEL75

    Thanks to ellitor and his hard work!

    and don't forget that he NEVER gets sarcasm unless in yellow font or
  3. LKEEL75

    2020 Recruit Thread

    He looks like a mauler to me. I hope the coaching staff will give him a look and get in on him early before he becomes a household name. I would like to hear more about him from Ellitor and those in the know better than me about this young man. He is a really smart kid. Has been huge his whole life. He played basketball most of his life because his mom is huge basketball fan. He quit in highschool but picked up again this year. I point that out because I think it has helped with his foot skills. I don't know that he is getting the best instruction but I have been telling his mom to be sure to get him to the camps and stuff to make sure people see him.
  4. LKEEL75

    Men vs. Ole Miss game thread

    I am by no means a basketball expert, but the number of times that we drive down the court and take a horrible shot from behind the arc with 20 seconds left on the clock.... It is like we go fast just to see fast we can throw up a 3 pointer. Work the ball around the floor some.
  5. LKEEL75

    2019 3* LB Octavius Brothers

    What am I missing here? When you go to the full list on twitter his name is not there. Why would he post this?
  6. LKEEL75

    2020 4* RB Tank Bigsby

    Yes this kid can run, but we all know you can't see the field under Gus unless you can pass block. I didn't see a single highlight in this video of him blocking. We might as well keep looking. He will just transfer cuz he obviously can't pass block... .... for people like E and myself....
  7. LKEEL75

    2020 Recruit Thread

    Really athletic local kid that I wish we would look at. He is graduating early. Has a couple of offers to some smaller schools, but nothing major. Don't know if it is because our local high school team sucks or maybe he is just big and not as talented as it seems. Here is his HUDL video.
  8. LKEEL75

    Calvin Ashley Transferring

    So just so I understand, you are saying that even if Gus does great this year he is ALREADY on the hot seat for the 2020. Come on now. Let's make it through 2019 before we start piling on Gus for 2020
  9. LKEEL75

    Calvin Ashley Transferring

    So just curious... If you put your name in the transfer protal, does that mean you are absolutely gone? I mean if he is enrolled in class as stated in the article, then he could this just be him fishing to see what is out there and when he finds out nobody is willing to offer him then he stays.
  10. Sarcasm. Even I caught that one.
  11. According to most of the experts he was not quality so what are we really losing? Just because he was a 5* does not mean he was quality.
  12. By all means, feel free to explain. I'm very familiar with the saying but maybe I'm unclear on the actual meaning. Based on my understanding of the definition & what the urban dictionary says, I would say "Let sleeping dogs lie"
  13. LKEEL75

    Calvin Ashley Transferring

    Best of luck to the young man. Hope he finds his potential somewhere
  14. So this Jernigan kid has a lot of potential. Should be fun to watch him grow over the next year.....
  15. LKEEL75

    Tigers Taking the Track

    My man crush still kicking butt!! Way to go Iggy!!!