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  1. Put your left elbow in... Put your left elbow out....
  2. So Kessler gets new deal then declares for draft? Seems strange
  3. TN is still on fire. They definitely got hot at the right time
  4. Best of luck to this courageous young man
  5. I will definitely be posting to this thread this summer!! I enjoy it so much that I hold a cook-off every year here at my house. It is called the Keel Kompound Cookoff. We always switch up what we are cooking: Chicken, Ribs, Boston Butt, etc. It is as much about the beer, cornhole and trash talking as much as it is about the meat. Well not really because it's ALWAYS about the meat. Great thread. I look forward to everyone's pictures & discussions.
  6. That probably has a lot to do with the looks and such. If he had come to AU with Smith & Kessler then he would have had a LOT better opportunity. IMO
  7. Yeah Stills would have been an unbelievable add for this team!
  8. You forgot the yellow font or the
  9. I am calm. Just making a point that it was being discussed
  10. It is being discussed in basketball rivals: As well as football rivals: So, yes, there are plenty of folks who have seen it
  11. Freaking ridiculous that it has taken this long!
  12. Seems crazy that Kessler didn't make it at least to 2nd team
  13. How many from here will be attending this year??
  14. New series added to Netflix: Vikings: Valhalla I am a big fan of movies & series during this time. Very intriguing. This has a great original series of Vikings and then the English side of this conflict with The Last Kingdom. If you like Vikings and old English kings then I definitely recommend these 3 series. Also just finished the S2 of Spaceforce. Tooo funny!! As always, this is just my opinion. I could be wrong.
  15. Here is hoping that fire is extinguished today!!! WDE!!!! Let's Go!!!
  16. Love the coaching up at the end "scraping paint". Great technique and prevent the holding calls on long returns.
  17. Emotionally, Worm was definitely #1 for me. I feel like he was never used as much as he should have been. I know he may not be the talent that Tank is, but he has different skill set that could have been better used. For ability & upside, the one that is killing me is Pegues. I really believe he is a tremendous athlete and could be an elite DL. Now if he was insisting on being TE, then I get it. I don't think that is his next level talent. But maybe I am wrong. Either way, best of luck to all the young men who left and thank you for your efforts at AU.
  18. That '04 football team was something. And don't forget the undefeated '93 team. There was a LOT of talent on both those squads.
  19. Isn't UT still a big threat to the regular season title? If they beat us Sat then they move into 1st. Right?
  20. Not looking forward to playing UT on road if they play this hard
  21. Well so much for the #1 spot....
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