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  1. Well we have 2 icons up there and turds have 1. Looks like we lead.... HAHAHA just kidding
  2. Sure but if colleges are not traveling, then what is that for the NFL? I can't imagine what the NFL is going to do this year or basically until there is a vaccine.
  3. If this is what is going to happen then what are we going to do come end of season? We beat each other up for 10 games; for what? If we can't play teams outside of the conference then how is there going to be a playoff? There won't be. So we get 10 games for UAt to claim another title because somebody will say they are #1 and therefore they will claim title 23rd or 45th or whatever they are at today.
  4. In years past they have to be enrolled in at least 1 class to maintain eligibility. This is why a lot of kids who redshirt and then play 4 years will have a masters degree. Otherwise they would just stop after they got undergrad and have a good time. With that being said.... Who knows what rules will change to account for this COV19 stuff
  5. Totally agree no bend pad level is horrible punch is often late and feet are not that quick.
  6. As for your first point, just Google " coronavirus helmet mask". Prototypes have been coming out for weeks. There are many different prototypes being tried.
  7. Hard for me to buy that. Someone on 4 schools in 4 years really feels like it is someone looking for playing time. Maybe he loved AU (as we all do) but playing time gets him his future. I don't disagree with you. But the question to me is where is the line drawn. Some kids are starters and some are not. Some make to NFL some get degrees for a reason. I wish this kid all the luck and truly hope he finds what he is looking for.
  8. Can't imagine anyone "forcing" but when you tell a kid who is in his 5th year out of high school that he is going to be getting splinters from the pine this year, they usually leave.
  9. Best of luck to the young man
  10. This could be the end of a lot of football for a lot of smaller programs. They rely heavily on that influx of cash from us playing these non-conference games. I have posted this before but UMass has an athletic budget for $10m and they make just over $1m from this game alone. Without this money, they would not be able to make their budget and will have to find ways to make up for it.
  11. WHAT. You mean @auburn4ever didn't look 4 posts up and see that?
  12. So are we just duplicating threads for no reason now? I get that Cam is special to the AU family but there have been many threads moved with more direct relevance to AU football instead of someone that left 10 years ago. Either way I hate this. I hate the Pats and all they stand for. No way Cam going there will change that. No Raiders fan will ever get over the Patriots or any players on their team..... JMO
  13. Shouldn't this thread be moved to Rivals or Non-Football now.... 😕
  14. Yet another reason we need subcategory under AU Football for Ex-AU Players
  15. Thoughts and prayers...
  16. I am not saying that we aren't getting a few gems. I also believe we are recruiting at the highest level that we have ever recruited. I'm just saying that we are running second fiddle with a LOT of top talent. I just wish we could close on more than others. For example: uga had what 5 5* last cycle.
  17. So basically we are in it with a LOT of the top talent but not really the favorite for them. Always at the ball just never finding that missing glass slipper...