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  1. Only reason I wanted to watch was to put things into perspective. Not the perspective I wanted, but I'm not surprised.
  2. As discussed before, Tulane is probably a better team than most give them credit for. Wondering if they have a chance to pull one out against Houston.
  3. Having knee surgery. Surprised there isn't a thread started yet. Seemed to me he played a good game yesterday. **Edit** I see it's in the injury update thread dated 9/15/19. Mods, please delete if necessary.
  4. We probably aren't going to see a whole lot of that when they play AU.
  5. A 60 pt route, and JG actually throwing passes.
  6. Regarding being "right-handed," I remember several years ago "they" (can't remember if it was the coaching staff, some gameday announcers, or maybe even Gus himself) said that Gus likes to be on the AU sideline to get calls in quicker and to sub faster. Also it had to do with getting the benefit of the doubt when it came to close calls on the sideline. Don't know if they tried to play the majority of the time on AU side of the field (1 quarter left, 1 quarter right for example) or if it's always one way. I believe this comment was made way back in his OC days. Another thing I believe has been brought up a time or two, but not as much as it probably should...It was said back when Khiel Frazier was the QB that GM designs plays and tells the QB where to throw it. I remember who the source was, and he's not around anymore (this was during other forum's days), and he straight up said the QB is told where to throw it each play. If you look back at GM's time here and how everyone wonders "how'd he miss that read?" That is a perfect explanation.
  7. On a positive note, the logo hasn't changed.
  8. @ValleyTiger yea, after going back and looking through it, I think he's saying whatever the announcement is, it involves him and has nothing to do with the QB.
  9. In the comments he makes it sound like he knows who the QB is and says it will be announced "real soon."
  10. 45 min now might get you from West San Antonio to .....well, still West San Antonio.
  11. Does anyone else think there may have been talks with CGM and CWM prior to Brown leaving? I honestly can't wrap my head around why someone would willingly leave AU for Purdue.
  12. Honestly, what is the reason for him leaving AU for Purdue?