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  1. That had more to do with KJ than it did JS.
  2. I'm wondering how the top 4 plays out this week. Herbstreit was saying it would be LSU, tOSU, Clemson, and UGA. As much as I hate to admit it, Bama lost to what will inevitably be the #1 team in the CFP, and UGA lost to a team that just lost to App. St. It's unjustifiable to put UGA ahead of Bama IMO. Bama will still make their way into the CFP. This loss does not hurt them much IMO.
  3. Only gonna work if the O can sustain drives in the first half.
  4. 2 things....1) Gus seemed to really emphasize the off-field issues in the press conference a couple of times. 2) People that feed the trolls who consistently post unintelligible post after unintelligible post, get what they deserve.
  5. Will was in on several plays, but he was never open. Can't remember seeing Eli on the field at all.
  6. The worst freaking call I've ever seen in a football game. Lost my mind. No longer watching. Bama comes in as the most penalized team and UT has 4x as many flags.
  7. This game brought to you by Barnum and Bailey.
  8. Look like Gus said to JG, "Run the damn thing."
  9. It's crazy to me to think that Devan Barrett might've been the next, best thing. GM has had so much talent that hasn't panned out. I'm not saying that as a shot at GM, just unfortunate luck.
  10. It was what GM wants their identity to be. Against teams like Kent State, it can be.
  11. Only reason I wanted to watch was to put things into perspective. Not the perspective I wanted, but I'm not surprised.
  12. As discussed before, Tulane is probably a better team than most give them credit for. Wondering if they have a chance to pull one out against Houston.
  13. Having knee surgery. Surprised there isn't a thread started yet. Seemed to me he played a good game yesterday. **Edit** I see it's in the injury update thread dated 9/15/19. Mods, please delete if necessary.