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  1. Are you gonna post what he said?
  2. The most obvious foul of the 2nd half and the refs didn't bat an eye.
  3. They had 5 or 6 inches of rain in a several hour period toward the beginning. By Wednesday, things started to clear up and Jacob Wheeler just annihilated the competition. They're on Lake Okeechobee starting this Saturday.
  4. Major League Fishing started back this week at Eufaula. Jordan Lee (fished for AU) finished 2nd with 6 fish worth 36lbs in the knockout round today. For all you anglers out there, thought it's time to start a thread.
  5. 1. Biggest surprise - Peyton Barber 2. The biggest bust - Mike Blakely (Not on your list) 3. The biggest disappointment - Michael Dyer 4. The most underrated - Tre Mason (Should've had a Heisman) 5. The most underutilized - I'd like to say Brandon Jacobs, but look who he was behind. 6. The one you could have one more year - Kam Pettway
  6. This. I doubt very seriously CGM had no idea JBG was stepping down, so I'm sure he already had people in mind. On the plus side, I think the long wait means CGM is trying to make a "homerun" hire. On the downside, the longer we wait, the more it looks like we will have to settle for someone.
  7. whole game. Some have been legit, others have been missed and the majority are very ticky tacky.
  8. These calls (both ways at times) are driving me crazy.
  9. If Gus doesn't do something with this next possession...NVM, get some rest and hydrate, defense.
  10. Well let's see if Steele makes the appropriate adjustments. I expect more of the same from Gus and the offense. If the O doesn't start off strong with a good drive and at least a FG, this one is over. Clear to see who wants it more.
  11. Need to attack. Stop pulling the 3 balls.
  12. Flanigan hits the layup and a foul. And 1 pending