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  1. Yea, she's coming along as an all around player, but you could tell she didn't seem too comfortable in back row. Other teams picked up on it and kind of picked on her.
  2. Man, for a team made up of 12 players, 7 of which are freshman, they did well. I can't wait to see what they do next year. Unfortunately, College Volleyball is a revolving door for players. I hope AU hangs on to the ones they have and build on them. You can tell the team dynamic is there. They're only a couple of years of experience and a couple of really good players away from something special.
  3. The one I read definitely mentioned the names, but not positions.
  4. Definitely understand. This will be our first year in club ball here in Alabama. My daughter played club while we were in San Antonio. Once we moved here, there was only one club that we knew of and EXTREMELY expensive. Now it seems like the sport is picking up in the area and there are a couple of options. We are definitely looking forward to it.
  5. My daughter plays in HS. She loves it and consequentially, my wife and I do too. I have been lucky enough to get stationed here (Maxwell AFB - Gunter Annex) and (God willing) we'll be able to retire in river region Alabama.
  6. @AUBwins, I didn't know there was a thread that anyone was paying attention to for volleyball. My wife, daughter, and I were all watching and cheering them on! They are a great, young team that has a lot of potential. I'll be sure to check this thread out as the rest of the postseason goes on.
  7. Don't know what to tell you. I saw the article online on my phone, got home, and couldn't find it. It definitely didn't say what roles they would fill, only that there were 8 from Liberty that were coming.
  8. Can't remember the answer to the first question, but it seems like they were all going to be position coaches (can't say for sure though). I hope the staff is in place ASAP for recruiting.
  9. I read an article about an hour ago that stated he was bringing 8 Liberty coaches with him.
  10. I'm totally aware. I was just throwing his name in there because if AU was to hire a West Coast guy, Riley is possibly the only one that would rally the troops. Whittingham is interesting, but I think it would be the sequel to the Harsin experiment. Chip Kelly falls flat for me.
  11. Out of Riley, Kelly, and Whittingham, who would this fanbase all get behind and collectively support. Riley would be the only one that would possibly be a good fit IMO, but I question how good he could be in the SEC.
  12. All this talk about Kiffin, Freeze, and Prime and I bet none of them even got a serious look. It's just the low hanging fruit the media is running with.
  13. Which is why he should not stay another year and risk injury. Kerryon may or may not have had a longer career in the NFL if he hadn't have actually gone in injured. Tank needs to go while healthy and avoid risking another year in college just because of the risk of injury alone.
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