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  1. 45 min now might get you from West San Antonio to .....well, still West San Antonio.
  2. Does anyone else think there may have been talks with CGM and CWM prior to Brown leaving? I honestly can't wrap my head around why someone would willingly leave AU for Purdue.
  3. Honestly, what is the reason for him leaving AU for Purdue?
  4. Can we please hire Venables to replace Gus
  5. All this TE talk makes me wonder why lil' Fromm picked AU.
  6. If we have to make a hire within the CGM tree, Eliah Drinkwitz might be the best we could get.
  7. It really doesn't matter who it is. All AU will have is the same old song and dance.
  8. People keep saying that, but it doesn't appear to be official.
  9. Kliff Kingsbury gets my vote, but he's nowhere near the conversation.
  10. I know he's already been targeted by the Rams and USC, but can they at least get Kingsbury on the phone???
  11. I can't rewind where I'm watching or I would've tried to figure it out. I'll catch it on the replay. But if that's what he said, you can bet it'll be on twitter shortly.
  12. He said something about it being the worst (something) he has ever seen in his life. I'm with ya, Gustav.
  13. and now special teams has almost as many points as the O.