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  1. Dyer could hit the corner on a buck sweep and be gone. Don't understand why people think he didn't have speed or a good "running style."
  2. Re-watched the Arky game and NCM made a catch w/ about 9:30 left in the 3rd quarter that was great. I think he'll break out this year.
  3. Some people actually think "mines" is a word. Now I realize they think it's really "minds" when referring to what is theirs. I actually had a 30 min long conversation about this very subject to a girl who always used "mines" and she just couldn't understand it wasn't a word.
  4. at least he didn't fire the gun next to someone's head this time.
  5. Anyone else find it strange that Alex Kozan never signed with anyone?
  6. At what point can we expect replays/highlights? Missed the game and I don't pay for cable anymore so any assistance would be appreciated.
  7. Sarcasm?
  8. Hoping you're right, but I'll hold off until there are some results. Lindsay definitely has talent to work with.
  9. I'm not trying to be doom and gloom. I'm just saying, the last couple of times the HC had to hire a new OC to rejuvenate the offense, it didn't really work out. I also think this hire is comparable to those at this point in the process.
  10. Personally, I think this year continues the trend of hired coordinators that end the head coach's tenure at AU. I've tried to be optimistic, but I think this hire is up there with Franklin and Loefler. JMHO.
  11. Which one of the BBQ bunch are we talking here? Gran? Or are we talking about GM's BBQ boys?
  12. Allow me to rephrase....Who is mentioning LR as a legitimate candidate?
  13. Where did LR's name even come from?
  14. Didn't just go there. Been there all year.
  15. Looks like another game where the guys don't know how to finish. Also, why can't they box out and rebound?!?!?