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  1. As soon as I posted it I knew I was gonna get a "50/50."
  2. What are the odds that Landen King just moves to WR full-time? Shenker, Deal, Fromm, and Frazier should lock down the TE positions. The limited action I recall King in, his range is too dangerous to keep off the field.
  3. I know Bo had his flaws, but this game showed how much he meant to this team. (#PreparedForTheFlames)
  4. Jabari is playing out of emotion and forcing stuff. Settle down at half and all will be fine. Miami's defense and poor passing by AU is the difference in the game. No more, no less. Play a clean 2nd half and AU wins.
  5. SIAP... Read today that UGA may be targeting him to replace Matt Luke. Anyone heard anything?
  6. To be fair, he had a lot of those with Malzahn and Co as well, especially with Chad Morris.
  7. There's a huge disconnect here. My reply was solely on your statement about weird people making up statements about being soft. It had nothing to do with what they were talking about in the video regarding "lack of fun."
  8. Not understanding your hostility here. You stated weird people make up statements. I responded that players are also stating the same thing. How exactly is my mind made up? What did I ignore?
  9. I'm not making an argument. I'm stating facts. Current players have thrown the term "soft" around today.
  10. To be fair, players on the same team are also labeling them as soft.
  11. I mean, it is very likely he isn't actually enjoying his vacation that much at this point.
  12. Wait, if the rumors are true, fire him for a guy that did worse?
  13. Like clockwork, Auburn has something great happening (basketball) and the media runs with the most negative stories they can get their hands on. Not one single substantive piece of anything has come out and been discussed. This thread is just people discussing rumors of rumors propagating something that is likely not even real. If Harsin gets let go without cause, does anyone actually think AU will be able to pull in an upgrade? Would be home-run hires have already turned AU down because of this type of stuff that is constantly happening.
  14. I actually have heard DC's name mentioned, but not DM. Also heard Tee Martin might get a look. But here's the deal, no one has known anything since Harsin has been on the plains. People are just throwing names out there to see if anything sticks. My guess is, Kiesau gets the nod and maybe some young up and comer gets hired to coach WRs.
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