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  1. That's what I was saying in my post, lol. I have my qualms about McClung's defense but like I mentioned in my post--there's no better coach in America than Pearl to teach him defense.
  2. A question for @ellitor--how do you determine which recruits to move in the Rivals Recruiting forum and recruits that already have committed but to remain in Auburn recruiting forum? Is it more about our chances of flipping him? If that's the case then I'll see the committed recruits with a gleamer of hope.
  3. One concern I have with McClung is although he's gifted offensively, his defense is not ideal. And we all know how Bruce Pearl prides in defensive side of the ball. We know McClung has NBA on his mind, and I think there's no better coach in America than Pearl to teach him defense. Otherwise he won't have any shot at NBA even with his offensive arsenal.
  4. This is 100% the right decision. It sucks but the spread and pandemic of the coronavirus is beyond our control, and these conferences and schools are doing the right thing to make sure that student-athletes and coaches are safe. Even NBA--where everyone is paid to play or coach basketball has shut down. Why should NCAA ignore that? I'm sad but I can't imagine if I was a Dayton or San Diego State fan. They'll probably never witness a season like this ever again. Ouch.
  5. A great win! I can't help but think how different this team would have been if Rayjon Tucker came here. His shooting would greatly help our slashers and Wiley to get more easy looks at the basket. So proud of this team! WDE!
  6. And this will be Speaker Pelosi's legacy. Her miscalculation and her braggadocio at SOTU will deliver Trump a decisive win if a brokered convention occurs, and I think it will be.
  7. That’s a great point and this could be the case at the convention. However, come general election time that’ll piss the progressive base off if the ticket becomes too moderate. I don’t know if Democrats can inspire a higher turnout if the progressive base feels alienated. Hell, Trump broke a record as an incumbent for the turnout of Republican primary in New Hampshire. Even if Democrats are united in its own candidate, I still don’t know if that’s enough to overcome Trump’s surge post-impeachment.
  8. I think it's more of a style matchup. The way Bama runs its offense is a tough, difficult matchup for us. Their guards were five-stars, and it showed. Had this Bama team been still coached by Avery Johnson, we win by 20+ easy.
  9. That is great news. Isaac needs all the time and rest he can get. This is an opportunity for Auburn to get other players step up. Cambridge, Flanigan, and Johnson--your time has come.
  10. If the candidate with the most delegates leading to the convention isn't named the nominee at the convention, Trump gets four more years. Bank on it.
  11. One crazy stat about this game was that Bama never led at any point in the entire game.
  12. Someone was dangling a piece of moist, juicy, and delicious lettuce front of him.
  13. You joke, but he has the money to do it. I can’t help but feel Bloomberg will be doing some back room deals to bribe top Democrat officials and operatives to get him up there against Bernie when Biden inevitably fades.
  14. And that’s what I think it will happen. Buttigieg isn’t viable in any other states other than Iowa due to his poor showing in people of color. Biden is slowly crumbling. Bernie has the momentum, and I think Bloomberg will give him a race. Ultimately it’s going to be down between Bernie and the brokered convention. It’s going to be ugly.