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  1. Oral Roberts becomes the second 15 seed to advance to Sweet 16 after defeating Florida 81-78! Incredible run by Oral Roberts! Will play Arkansas next
  2. Reading these replies is so interesting. Disclosure: I consider myself a progressive but I fully recognize that we all need to come together for a healthy and cordial compromise if we want to move forward as a nation. When I see the debate about the insurrection--I think to myself, "How would I feel if it was the Democratic Party leading the insurrection and the people breaking down the Capitol were full of loud, boisterous, and volatile Biden supporters that are proudly wearing their Biden hats, shirts, and wave Biden flags?" I would feel rage and anger towards the Democratic Party
  3. Feels like this announcement shows promise and how much Smoke (and maybe more defensive players) is putting his faith in Coach Harsin to take him to the next level. I think his announcement is a very good thing for potential defensive recruits to trust Coach Harsin and his plan.
  4. GOP owns this. Not just Trump. GOP could have put his behavior to a stop a long time ago. This is not surprising. Trump spoke in such a bold and dangerous rhetoric and now this is the mess we will have to clean up.
  5. I just want to know one thing: is he given full freedom to select his staff? If so, then I’m fully on board.
  6. I usually have a major college football team that I root for (Auburn, of course) and a small college football that I root for: UAB. As of right now, let's face it. Rooting Auburn (or any Power 5 team) gets harder and harder every year when you know what will happen at the end. Alabama, Oklahoma, Ohio State, and Clemson (with Notre Dame occasionally) will always compete in the CFP so it's little hard to have championship aspirations when you know the recruiting, name brand, and talent are far superior to other P5 teams. So, seeing and rooting for UAB is more fun sometimes when you kn
  7. To me, the more the candidates withdraw their name, the less leverage the PTB has over this search and it makes Greene look stronger, IMO. Or makes Greene the perfect prey to pin the blame if we hire Steele at the end.
  8. So, they're setting him up to be the fall guy so that they're gonna search for a yesman to be the next AD?
  9. And Greene isn't the "Auburn guy"--he's as an outsider as they come.
  10. If I remember correctly, Greene wanted Cristobal. So, if it's true that Greene is in the charge, and if he does have the final say in selecting the next coach... well, then let's throw money at Mario's way. If not Mario, then Napier.
  11. I laughed but you actually are onto something here.
  12. Honestly, does the PTB really realize what a catastrophe this will be in the coming football season if this thing isn't solved? The attendance is going to be abysmal, the recruiting classes are going to tank, the records are going to be porous (we're talking about barely qualifying for a bowl), and the apathy of the fan base is going to reach levels never seen before. It'll have a massive economical impact on the university and the city of Auburn as well. It's just... maddening and nonsensical to me. I imagine a lot of people are going to join you in declining the season tickets, including mys
  13. Well, they have a prime opportunity to be transparent in this process. We haven't gotten an official statement from the AD Greene or anyone from the Search Committee. The fact this is such a clown show is a well deserved designation.
  14. Exactly. The best part in this is that we know who’s at fault. The spotlight is bright. Fans are attentive and alert. If PTB wants to do this, then we fully know who to blame. Suddenly the thought of people casting them as villains don’t seem to be appealing anymore...
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