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  1. Auburn is 41-3 in last 44 home games. That's just breathtaking.
  2. I enjoy reading political opinions on this board because I try to keep an open mind to both sides of perspectives and discussion but I just can’t understand why Lev is considered a Democrat. There are pictures of Lev with Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Rudy Giuliani, Kevin McCarthy, and more. How does that make him a democrat? I think a good litmus test is to consider a reversal of roles here. Would you be okay if Democrats are doing this? That Democrats have openly said the Senate trial is not going to be fair, even with Republicans voting for impeachment in the House? I’m just asking a honest question.
  3. One thing to keep in mind with this slump... we’re a work in progress. We were 18-9 at one point last year before we finally figured it out. I’m not saying we’re going to duplicate the same success this year around but given the volatile unpredictability of this year’s college basketball, anything really can happen. I appreciate this kind of frustration and struggle as compared to Barbee years. Sure, it’s painful but I know no one takes more pain than this year’s crew. We’re going to be okay. Not pretty but it can be enough to win here and there for a good run. In Bruce I believe!
  4. I honestly don’t think this game is indicative what we are as a team. We may need to adjust our pace as we could not buy a bucket when we need one. Going with a slower tempo would be beneficial as our defense isn’t that bad.
  5. We haven’t taken a lead in last two games. I think that goes a long way in determining our psyche.
  6. I agree with @GwillMac6 that we overachieved as a team so far--and this is not a bad thing! If anything, it shows the genius of Bruce Pearl's coaching. To be honest, I don't think anyone here was foreseeing a 15-0 start to our season when more than 60% of our scoring production from last season left! We knew a game like this was coming, and I echo with a lot of your statements that we hated it had to be Alabama. It is what it is. But if we could bounce back against Florida, the game that a lot of experts and stimulations have chalked up as a loss, this would be significant. If this game doesn't help our teammates to practice our free throws more, I don't know what game will. It's been consistently inconsistent and some of these inconsistent games were atrocious.
  7. As I see Orgeron smiling, I can't help but think of that fated 18-13 game that we won that led to Les Miles's dismissal. In a way, LSU should be thanking Auburn.
  8. Absolutely. Let's make a good example of this, @Mr Bad Example.
  9. Vanderbilt shot nearly 60% from 3. Some of it may be due to our defense, some of it due to some luck. They earned their stripes tonight. 14-0!
  10. Wanting Gus to go is something I agree with, but to write a comment that includes physical assault towards Gus? C'mon.
  11. Think of what you will about Gus but this is a classless comment. C'mon, man.
  12. And this is going to be used as an excuse not to do anything drastic because of the unveiling of our new offensive coordinator
  13. We're about to enter Year 8 with Gus, and I truly have no idea what to expect. Every game feels like a toss-up at this point. We may have better players but it was terrifying to see how decisive this win was for Minnesota. They straight-up whipped us offensively and defensively. Hell, we even used few trick plays including a fake punt play and that did not work well for us. They just were dominating.
  14. It's not about's about us taking care of business. We both agree Auburn is a better team, but we cannot put claim to that if a 11-2 team is about to beat us, and in a rather decisive fashion.