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  1. AUDynasty

    2019 - Top 5 Team?

    Yes, please. Having inside-out game and a 6'11" who can take over the game if our shots aren't falling is a recipe for a deep run.
  2. AUDynasty

    difference between Grimes and Hand

    To be honest, I expect offensive lines under Hand is going to be substantially better at Texas than what he had at here. He was an average offensive lineman coach competing against the very best defensive linemen anyone can find at the SEC. You'd be hard pressed to find any team in Big 12 that has defensive linemen as ferocious and brutal as in the SEC. Along with Texas's national brand in football, I don't think Hand has to haul his way to get prospects in recruiting.
  3. AUDynasty

    AD praises Pearl in probe

    Fabulous news!
  4. AUDynasty

    Men vs. Clemson

    Yes, I get that, but he was barely walking while watching an easy two. Cmon, man. Rewatching it again only made me rage even harder. That was disgusting.
  5. AUDynasty

    Men vs. Clemson

    This video legitimately made me furious. What the hell?
  6. This is a thread to express our appreciation and gratitude for an incredible season that saw us win the SEC conference and 26 games to go with it. It has been a treat to watch our boys ball out. Losing McLemore was a testament how every player is a critical part to this team. Happy Birthday, Bruce Pearl! I know the outcome is not what we all want it to be, but we know you are the right guy at the helm. We'll only get better. WAR DAMN EAGLE!
  7. AUDynasty

    Men vs. Clemson

    You would think we are the New England Patriots after reading these tweets. Some people have a genuine hatred and vitriol for Auburn. It’s not just rivalry talk and jest. Some of these people want the worst of us.
  8. AUDynasty

    Men vs. Clemson

    At this rate we would be lucky to crack 40 points. It’s absolutely disheartening to see our effort. You can see us slumping our shoulders and heads down. I really don’t understand how we could shoot so bad in last seven or so games.
  9. AUDynasty

    Men vs. Charleston

    11/22 from the line, we have to make our throws from the stripe from now on.
  10. AUDynasty

    Men vs. Charleston

    We are so close to run away with it, ugh.
  11. AUDynasty

    Men vs. Charleston

    This is so frustrating to watch.
  12. AUDynasty

    Men vs. Charleston

    Man, if Heron made that pass, we could be up by nine. Instead we commit a turnover, and now they’re at line. 40-33 with just under 12 minutes to go
  13. AUDynasty

    Men vs. Charleston

    I swear, we’re a big run away from winning this game. We need to build a run here.
  14. AUDynasty

    Men vs. Charleston

    We need to convert our free throws and not allow Charleston to have any second chances and we’re advancing.
  15. AUDynasty

    Men vs. Charleston

    That was huge. Harper has to play careful here from now on.