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  1. This reminds me of a NPR article I read last summer: LINK HERE. Speaking of the Southern Baptist Convention, the SBC released a list of members who have committed sexual abuse against the children. Their statement was this. If you were to read the list of the abuses, it's actually over 200+ pages long. And keep in mind that this is from Southern Baptist Convention only. What if we dug deeper to include other religious institutions? It's going to be heartbreakingly disgusting how these people used the cloak of religion to commit these depraved acts. Stubblefield is just echoing what other Republicans all over the country are saying but there's zero proof that drag shows cause sexual crimes. Churches do. And that's a fact.
  2. Exactly what I was thinking. Imagine conservatives being so afraid and scared by books that they're banning them over assault weapons. 39 mass shootings in 24 days in 2023 alone, and we're having this conversation about why books should be banned. Scary times for the common sense.
  3. Or involves men having complete and total control over women's bodies.
  4. Sadly, this won't make him reexamine himself. He genuinely believes this to his core.
  5. Sadly if Santos (or Anthony Devolder) faces no real consequences, there're going to be more candidates like this in future where they "materialized" with some dark money.
  6. We don't agree much but I agree with you on Trump being like this. However, I still think Trump is a formidable candidate as much as I dislike him because of his base. Out of all potential challengers, only DeSantis and maybe Tim Scott -- that I think has a shot against Trump, but I still think Trump comes out of this as the GOP's chosen one. Unless the FBI gets him charged.
  7. Thanks for compiling the lists. I appreciate that, honestly. By all accounts, it sounds like DeSantis SHOULD be leading comfortably. However, I think Trump still has a grip over the base. I could very well be completely wrong, but I don't know. There were talks and polls of a red wave during the midterms and that tanked. Also, when you have Trump saying stuff like this: In his post, Trump showed a poll that he said was conducted by polling firm McLaughlin & Associates, which previously worked with Trump’s 2020 campaign, showing him at 58 percent compared to DeSantis at 36 percent when respondents were asked whom they would choose in a 2024 GOP presidential primary. “This is the McLaughlin & Associates POLL that just came out and which got it right in 2016 & 2020,” Trump said, further adding “unlike The WSJ, NBC Fake News, ABC Fake News, Fake Polling FOX NEWS, the dying and very sickly USA Today, and most others in the LameStream Media.” “In other words, it is REAL POLLING. As you can see, we are leading by a lot, despite the never ending Communist (Democrat) WEAPONIZED ATTACKS on me and the GREAT PATRIOTS OF MAGA. More to come!!!” https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/3777889-trump-blasts-polling-that-shows-desantis-surging-leading-by-a-lot-in-real-polling/ You could be right at the end, but when Trump makes statements like this, he's definitely going to play up the "fake news" and "drain the swamp" narrative when DeSantis inevitably announces and the GOP senate / representatives line up behind DeSantis.
  8. These pundits in the tweets above always fail (or intentionally tries to disregard) to see that Trump is still the number one in a lot of their base. DeStantis may be gaining, but Trump still dominates.
  9. Too funny. This coming from you? I'm thankful that we're finally becoming more accepting. And the best part? It's going to get better as we grow and evolve as a society where we recognize that everyone has equal rights as an individual. Our future generations are going to lead the way where everyone finally can be themselves fully, and I cannot wait.
  10. Blows my mind how some people here are controlled by hate and anger towards a group who just want to live their lives as any person would in this country and on Earth. These people are also so obsessed with making it their business.
  11. Exactly. Winning does not absolve you of your past transgressions. Only owning your mistakes and making genuine changes through growth and accepting responsibility is a true commitment to character. It’s disheartening to see how some folks on this board is saying winning cures all.
  12. This cements that Auburn cares about chasing a hot commodity who they think will deliver wins than women's safety and well-being. Embarrassing. Even with emails urging the administration to consider looking elsewhere they still had the audacity to hire Freeze.
  13. Didn’t we say we value alignment as part of our coaching process? Hiring Freeze will destroy any alignment between the admin’s office and fans. It’ll create instant division and disruption. It’s not worth it.
  14. Guys, Kiffin is hell of a hire. Yes, he didn’t win last two games but against Arkansas, Ole Miss put up 700+ yards. And then against Miss State, yes the offense was awful in the second half but I chalk that up to distraction. Kiffin’s the most seasoned and experienced of any Coach out there, and this is coming from someone who wants Deion. Kiffin is absolutely a fantastic hire who will elevate our program to higher levels. He’s worth it.
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