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  1. This is pretty damning. There’s a lot of stats we can pick to explain the current state of this program, but this may be the most glaring one out of all.
  2. The way the offensive line is blocking it’s a miracle we have two touchdowns already.
  3. Agreed. No excuse. I think some of us got swayed by how positive the current players were about Harsin, myself included. We look just plain awful. We’re skinny on key positions and we lack a strategic offensive gameplan. We don’t know what we’re doing right now 😂
  4. I hope not, but this is a sinking feeling telling me it’ll be true. @WarDamnEagleWDEand @autiger88 said the same thing.
  5. Me too. I remember you saying this last year and I thought it was too early to be talking about it but you’re totally right. Even if we somehow come back, there’s too many things to be concerned about. If we’re a competent team, this won’t happen.
  6. Our offensive linemen is our weakest link by far
  7. IMO let’s go with Ashford. At least he’ll always have that big play opportunity. That interception pretty much seals it for me. Go with someone dynamic and ride on him.
  8. That sucked but only three WRs?? I would have put five or at least four out there on that down.
  9. Agreed. I just feel indifferent to with everyone passing second. It’s amazing. I just feel this is a bottom tier P5 team competing.
  10. Amazing how we’re just up 17-13 in fourth quarter over San Jose State! That’s the culmination of the last decade got us to. Wow.
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