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  1. On the very first offensive play, Auburn features a formation that brandishes not two... but THREE tight ends for a play. The call will be a pass but no tight end will catch the ball.
  2. 😂😂😂😂😂 I care about principle. I care about honesty. If a Democrat said that you bet I'll be on his ass. But I don't need to tell you that to show it. And it would appear you get cues from the Big Orange himself.
  3. I truly do not understand it. Propaganda really works.
  4. Okay I'll bite. If Trump could have pushed for a mask mandate due to safety and protection at the beginning when this pandemic hit--this incident could have been politically advantageous for Trump to say something like "See, I care about your safety and protection. Too bad Democrats can't say the same." Once Trump made not wearing a mask a political statement, that's where the messaging got lost. And to redirect your focus back to my original question: if Barack Obama or Bill Clinton had said the exact SAME quote as Trump said... would you still defend Obama/Clinton? A genuine question.
  5. Reading these replies is so weird. It's chilling to say at least. If roles were reversed and a Democrat president was saying what Trump was saying--the reaction here from Trump supporters would be a polar opposite. You'd be SCREAMING for them to be hauled to the prison and throw away the key for the eternity.
  6. Then the mob acted in self-defense by running after him after seeing that this guy is actually a threat to people's lives after shooting at people.
  7. Follow orders? Philando Castile, a Black person shot to the death by police (exact excerpt): "The police dashcam video shows that 40 seconds elapsed between when Yanez first started talking to Castile through the car window and when Yanez began shooting at him. According to the dashcam, after Yanez asked for Castile's driver's license and proof of insurance, Castile gave him his proof of insurance card, which Yanez appeared to glance at and tuck in his outer pocket. Castile then calmly informed Yanez: 'Sir, I have to tell you that I do have a firearm on me.'" Mr. Castile followed the
  8. Adding to your point on that 17-year old guy... does anyone remember Dylann Roof, the guy who shot and killed 9 people at a church in South Carolina? When the police apprehended him, they did so peacefully and without violence... AND they had the audacity to get him a hamburger from Burger King... just right after he brutally and coldly killed nine people. If you don't see the problem between Rittenhouse (this 17-year old dude) and Roof versus Jacob Blake...you probably are a racist.
  9. A big Hawks fan here. Okoro would be a fantastic fit for Atlanta Hawks as I believe you cannot have too many 3 and D wings. Okoro is already polished defensively; once he gets his offensive game going--he could really break out. Fortunately, due to the system that Hawks employ with Trae Young, Okoro does not need to have the ball in his hands as often as he could. I think he'll be a good fit for Hawks supposing they pick him. IMO, he gets taken by either Bulls at 4 or Pistons at 7 due to defensive shortcomings both teams have.
  10. https://twitter.com/chrissolari/status/1292844587489406977?s=20 How do I embed a tweet here? And B1G has confirmed that they are cancelling Fall sports. It's confirmed.
  11. To be fair UNC was not foreseen to be “this good” this year, compared to teams that we’ve scheduled in past like Washington, Oregon, and Clemson. You could be right in how everyone is trying to hype a game like Auburn and UNC by ranking them both but I don’t think anyone would gripe with UNC considering their limited success in past few years with an exception of last year.
  12. Actually, there have been five US Presidential elections where a candidate lost the popular vote and won the Electoral College. All 5 winners? Aside from John Quincy Adams (Democratic-Republican Party) all of them came from the Republican Party. This is where the states in Electoral College come in play.
  13. Auburn at #11 in a unique season that may or may not finish the season at all. Thoughts? UNC came in at #19, and I know we are not playing them this year due to coronavirus but that felt like a missed opportunity to flex our prestige against a nonconference opponent. https://www.usatoday.com/sports/ncaaf/polls/amway-coaches-poll/
  14. That's what I was saying in my post, lol. I have my qualms about McClung's defense but like I mentioned in my post--there's no better coach in America than Pearl to teach him defense.
  15. A question for @ellitor--how do you determine which recruits to move in the Rivals Recruiting forum and recruits that already have committed but to remain in Auburn recruiting forum? Is it more about our chances of flipping him? If that's the case then I'll see the committed recruits with a gleamer of hope.
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