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  1. Bryan Harsin has improved so much under this new second chance of coaching Auburn. He's focused. He's having fun. I wouldn't be surprised if he's a dark horse for the Coach of the Year.
  2. Tough ending, but we've accomplished stuff that never happened in school history, and we did it with a star freshman and a young transfer. We essentially put together a team full of new players and we took the #1 ranking for the first time. Just an incredible season. Hopefully we'll learn from the loss the same way we learned from losing to Clemson back in 2018. We're going to be alright.
  3. We got smacked today. We never led at all, and Miami controlled the game from the tip. I thought we'd have turned the corner especially we cut it to 1 at half, but our habits did us in. We were too prone to slow starts in the second halves all year, and guess what -- yet another slow start in the second half after grabbing that momentum at the end. This game showed all of our struggles that we had all year: 1) questionable shot selection 2) sluggish, slow starts 3) pedestrian to abysmal 3-point shooting 4) rebounding. We were able to overcome it, but it would eventually come back and did us in in the tournament time. Still very proud of this group. 28 wins, #1 ranking for the first time, and SEC regular season champs. Hoping we can put extra emphasis on shooting and rebounding and we're going to be alright.
  4. Kentucky losing to St. Peter last night may be what we needed to come out today locked in and focused.
  5. You're correct. Now the dust has settled down, I was way off.
  6. This is by far the toughest bracket to be in. If we’re going to do this, just as well build up the resiliency and get it done. The last time we were in a bracket this stacked we went to Final Four.
  7. I absolutely agree. KD and Green combined for 5-26 today, 5 turnovers, and just 3 assists. We're going to live or die with them as they will not stop shooting the rock. Hope that the rims we face along the way in the tournament are forgiving.
  8. Gonzaga went to the national championship game last year and is a heavy favorite to make to the Final Four. Sure, Kentucky can very well win it all, but Gonzaga is one fantastic team. St. Mary played a great game against Gonzaga and Gonzaga got their revenge on them in their WCC championship game. The point I'm trying to make is that you can expect Gonzaga to come out prepared. Can you say the same about Auburn? We've been prone to slow starts for too long and when that happens, we shouldn't be surprised at the results like today. It is what it is.
  9. Maybe, but there's no denying that Gonzaga is playing like a top team should. They've blitzed their opponents. We've had slow starts in either first or second halves too often, and this finally bit us at the end. That's not how a top team should play. They should be able to come out focused and dictate the play. We've been too submissive and passive to a fault sometimes. We got to stop playing reactive basketball.
  10. See, here's what I'm thinking with how we're approaching these games lately. We're 5-4 in our last nine games. We've gone back to Earth after our 22-1 start. We're 9 out of 36 today beyond the arc. Past few games (except one or two) we've been shooting below average from the 3 line in what you'd like for a contender. I think Pearl is trying to make a point that we have to have the ball inside or at least from top of the key in order to generate scoring. Take 3s only when they're open, and that's it. KD went for 0-14 today. They'll have extra rest and these times spent MUST be all about nailing down roles and recognizing situational basketball (such as making sure to drive or going for an extra pass if you've missed last three shots). This team knows they'll be making an early exit if they continue to play this style of basketball, and I expect them to make adjustments... if not, then don't be surprised if we go home in the first weekend. I still think we got a shot, but a lot of things will need to go right if we want to make a deep run.
  11. As much as I hate to admit it, I think this is the truth. College basketball teams this year aren't elite. Only a handful are "very good" such as Gonzaga, Arizona, and maybe Kentucky and the rest are "good" and that includes Auburn. It's as @Dual-Threat Rigbyonce said -- teams have scouted us to the T after our initial start (22-1), and they've laid a blueprint on how to stop us. We've been winning some close games but a lucky bounce or not we could very well lose to games like Missouri, Georgia, and Miss State. This is who we are. We'll just have to make do with what we have and hope for the best.
  12. We did this to ourselves. The real question is if this half will help us grow and build resiliency for the NCAA tournament. Down by 20 at 10-minute mark and gave ourselves a chance to swoop in at the end. Hate to say it, but unless KD and Green catch fire we're in for a struggle in some games (assuming we do win).
  13. One thing that isn’t surprising and will probably prove to be really problematic if we don’t change our approach: KD and Green are combined 1-16 in the first half. Like it or not but our postseason success will depend on them as they will not stop taking shots.
  14. Embarrassing, but we just need to get a stop and make smart shots and we’ll be alright
  15. Amazing run this year!! Yet another ring and we complete this season undefeated at home. Are we the toughest place to play yet? We gotta figure out our second half struggles and do it fast. War Eagle!!
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