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  1. Quick question @WarDamnEagleWDE, what does the above imply? Just how AU coaches feel right now? or has he privately communicated to someone in the AD that he's coming? Right now it sounds like several team insiders like their respected teams chances. Thanks for your insight on this board..saves me a solid $15/month.
  2. damn where we're all these QB's in 2011 and 2012? Potentially the best QB outlook I've seen in my 20 years of watching AU football. Hopefully Nix is still an Auburn lock if Fields, Willis and possibly Gatewood are already on roster. Long way to go though. Also is Lindsey his main recruiter? A poster somewhere stated he was meh in that area. Seems like a good recruiter to me if he can pull this off(even despite some help from Cam)
  3. I'm sure Fields realizes Stidham appears to have NFL draft potential at the end of the year right?
  4. Do you guys know why UF is ahead of AU for Fields? My thing is that i think UF hits a wall this year and it won't be b/c of QB. Their defense lost a lot of talent. Even w/o my OB goggles on, I personally predict AU having an overall better season than UF. Hope that has an impact on Fields.
  5. Is it too soon to start talking playoffs/championship? I already took odds for them to win it all but thinking of putting a little more down before the season starts. Their odds have shot from 33/1 to 22/1 over last two months @WarDamnEagleWDE
  6. Only other play that gives me the chills like that is the Lutz Iron Bowl TD catch
  7. Easy like Monday morning
  8. I guess the photo didn't materialize on my post. His high school senior football picture makes him look like he's 40. Check it out if you get the opportunity
  9. Isnt Atkinson's eligibility expired?
  10. true. so then summer prices vs. mid-season? do they usually go up? is it pretty much correlated to season success?
  11. gotcha..makes sense now. Didn't realize it was strictly people selling on Stubhub. So to play it safe, i'm basically going to wait until summer when the university releases them.
  12. stubhub
  13. Does anyone have an idea of how much Iron Bowl Tickets cost mid-season? I'm sure it varies based on CFP playoff outlook..but I can get 30yd line lower bowl tix right now for just under $400/ticket. Wondering if i should take advantage now or wait until mid-season. Sorry if posted in wrong forum.
  14. This would make me wanna decommit rather than commit.
  15. This is what I don't understand about rankings. I've read rankings are based on draftability. If upside is out this world(a few ppl have said the same) why wouldn't that reflect in the rankings? Is it basically just one guy each for ESPN, rivals, and 247 and that guy doesn't agree?