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  1. Agreed. I've felt like our best years in Gus' system was when we had excellent OL/QB who can run. We ran it down people's throats and there was nothing they could do about it. It greatly impacted those 1st downs where we get 5+ a carry. Then set up for what would be a successful 3rd and short, which we were awful on this year. This would set up a great RPO/play action/rollout, keep the defense on the field, control the game, and score points. Fix the OL for good + keep a similar roster/coaches and I think we have a 10+ win season year in and year out. What's frustrating is that Gus had a chance to fix it after Herb Hand and didn't..let's hope this is the right hire.
  2. Could not find any videos of the team leaving the Athletic complex. Anyone have a video? thanks
  3. Where in the world was TD Moultry? I was hoping he’d be the speed rush guy and don’t remember seeing him once
  4. Getting hot..but our shot selection in 1H was our typical road woes. Though I am extremely pleased with our rebounding. Keeping us in the game
  5. Stidham said just about all the right things in his interviews..and i can't lie - i was sold. Kind of in disbelief. The part i can't understand is that if he knew he was going pro from the beginning of season, why didn't he just declare last year?
  6. When do these position coaches generally get canned? After the bowl game?
  7. I guess my point on this was how do we know Malzahn will let Freeze be Freeze.
  8. Does it even matter though. If Gus uses his own scheme, what is the major value in adding Freeze?
  9. heard the same from my cousin. He's friends w. one of the walk-ons from Briarwood Christian. Great kid off the field, but has a nasty streak
  10. Would Chip have any influence in the blitz pick up? I know he’s not the OL coach, but as OC I feel like he may have some strategy at alleviating that, no?
  11. @WarDamnEagleWDE do you know why Dell turned us down? IMO, open up the checkbook for him after the season is over.
  12. Was reading something from Grimes where he said he thought Tega was heading All-SEC good. Do you still feel much differently on him than Grimes? Feel like I hear this stuff so often around this time that I don’t know how much stock to put into this comment. Really excited for the toughness to come out of this OL. Will go a long way IMO.
  13. i think the roster looks decent. getting everyone to mesh is another. Never seen this combo before...we're basically adding 2-3 newcomers as well.. But i'm way more excited than i was a month ago
  14. What do you think of/heard of the new kid from UMass? Based on your answer, is he a gap-filler to help spring a SEC title run/Natty? Should Stidham be happy? TIA
  15. I felt like he was just tough. In two years I never really saw him dinged up and then sitting out. And he probably took as many hits as anyone - other than Tre.