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  1. 2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe

    Don’t see what’s so hard when they all seem to get the same Dodge Charger everytime
  2. Injury and lineman switches sides

    Hopefully much of this was a Herb Hand problem though.
  3. Men vs. Kentucky

  4. Demographic Curiosity

    Brad Mungenast - 26 male Florida State BS, Florida Atlantic MA Auburn fan since before I can remember growing up. Father grew up moving around but somewhat “settled” on Maxwell AF base in the 60’s.
  5. Woodson New Coach

    Just curious. Is that where you would use your 10th coach? Me personally, I want one coach coaching the entire secondary. To me it helps keep corners and safety’s on the same page. But I know you know how the secondary works so wanted to hear your opinion.
  6. Where Are You Cheering From Today?

    Delray Beach, FL
  7. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    he gone if you trust Wikipedia
  8. Score Prediction- Georgia

    Gus would have to burn the clipboard for that to happen
  9. Referring to Gus or Butch
  10. Chip calling games like this...

    Honestly it's just displaying the talent we have on this team. Offense shouldn't have an excuse to score less than 40. Better late than never but need to start seasons off stronger
  11. Rate your disdain

    IMO, this team has National championship talent on it. through three games, it hasn't clicked yet. First game is basically a bye. Second game was winnable by 2+ TD but Gus couldn't adjust. Third game was lack of offensive focus, something I pin on the offensive coaches. Also ran KP 34 times when dealing w nagging injury. All coaching IMO. Man I hope at any point the offense turns around but from all phases combined, I didn't see it today. The passing game did look different today though.
  12. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    Hard for me to believe the undefeated until Alabama part. Through the last 16 games, little shows me Gus is ready to hand over the clipboard. That alone appears to translate to a couple losses. Not trying to be negative but Gus has me wearing out my patience.
  13. Chip admits to calling all plays

    Feel awful for Chip...and the entire Football staff except Gus
  14. Who Do You Want?

    My mistake if already mentioned, but what about Mike Leach?
  15. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    Need to give KP a break. Especially w Johnson out