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  1. Is it too soon to start talking playoffs/championship? I already took odds for them to win it all but thinking of putting a little more down before the season starts. Their odds have shot from 33/1 to 22/1 over last two months @WarDamnEagleWDE
  2. Only other play that gives me the chills like that is the Lutz Iron Bowl TD catch
  3. Easy like Monday morning
  4. I guess the photo didn't materialize on my post. His high school senior football picture makes him look like he's 40. Check it out if you get the opportunity
  5. Isnt Atkinson's eligibility expired?
  6. true. so then summer prices vs. mid-season? do they usually go up? is it pretty much correlated to season success?
  7. gotcha..makes sense now. Didn't realize it was strictly people selling on Stubhub. So to play it safe, i'm basically going to wait until summer when the university releases them.
  8. stubhub
  9. Does anyone have an idea of how much Iron Bowl Tickets cost mid-season? I'm sure it varies based on CFP playoff outlook..but I can get 30yd line lower bowl tix right now for just under $400/ticket. Wondering if i should take advantage now or wait until mid-season. Sorry if posted in wrong forum.
  10. This would make me wanna decommit rather than commit.
  11. This is what I don't understand about rankings. I've read rankings are based on draftability. If upside is out this world(a few ppl have said the same) why wouldn't that reflect in the rankings? Is it basically just one guy each for ESPN, rivals, and 247 and that guy doesn't agree?
  12. Sounded like he had a massive lip in
  13. Very well said
  14. @JwgreDeux your insight pre/post games is phenomenal.. really enjoying these write ups. My X-factor is Purifoy. If he can give us 8+ rebounds, and become a consistent offensive threat(esp. from 3), this team gets a huge boost IMO. I personally don't think UConn was a real test. Yes they're big/physical, but that team missed a TON of open shots after Jalen Adams went out with a concussion. Not discounting the win, just going to wait another couple games to judge if we are tournament-worthy.
  15. Was he confusing this with a different coach? Thought I heard there was someone negatively recruiting but he was on the defensive side of the ball.