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  1. a few outlets reporting it wasn't inappropriate behavior but actual assault. someone like him doesn't get canned overnight for lewd comments.
  2. Wrights_Mill_Road

    SECCG Auburn v. Georgia Round 2 Score Predictions

    our lines destroyed uga to the point of embarrassment last game. no adjustments are going to fix that. uga's only score is from a returned kick or punt. AU - 42 UGA - 7
  3. Wrights_Mill_Road

    Kerryon Johnson updates

  4. Wrights_Mill_Road

    Kerryon Johnson updates

    they aren't fixing the line mismatch with a few adjustments. they will be lucky to score an offensive TD. probably return a kick to the house and be all fired up, then stonewalled.
  5. Wrights_Mill_Road

    Fire him now. Start the search. (updated with mea culpa)

    For an up and comer, I like VaTech's coach
  6. Wrights_Mill_Road

    I got off the Gus Bus after Mercer.

    off the gus bus since 2nd half of 2015 louisville. have no idea how anyone could stay on after the 2016 clemson circus. good news is that i get a lot more things done around the house during the fall these days.
  7. Wrights_Mill_Road

    The Official Meltdown Thread

    i am melting down faster than owl gore's completely non politically motivated arctic ice predictions. gus is incompetent.
  8. Wrights_Mill_Road

    One of our QB's is working out with Michael Vick..

    At what level do you coach? College, high school, pop warner? Do you coach QB's? Who is your most successful pupil? What have they achieved? All conference; All American? What is your coaching philosophy? What is you won/loss record? These answers would help me understand your insight to the game and AU in particular. i have 2 eyes to see with. i am a senior microsoft sql database administrator. i would like your background on how you understand computers so i can better evaluate your insight on how you use a computer. and it is win/loss record if we are spell checking. sorry i hurt your feelings but gus is a moron.
  9. Wrights_Mill_Road

    One of our QB's is working out with Michael Vick..

    You must work for Jay Jacobs. i stand behind things that help auburn football to be great and gus is not part of that imho. i am not loyal to a coach; i am loyal to our team and school.
  10. Wrights_Mill_Road

    One of our QB's is working out with Michael Vick..

    gus is ruining our football program. with each passing insight into how he is doing things i am becoming more and more irritated at what appears to be, at least at times, a completely clueless approach on many aspects of coaching and the most troubling aspect is QB development, supposedly one of gus' strengths. waahhhhhh. call me what you will but i am an auburn fan and am so sick of the coach speak, qb anti-development and inability to be anything other than the most predictable and stubborn coach i have seen in a while. i want to win 10 or 12 games a year and this mickey mouse crap has got to stop. our only QBs under gus who have done anything were developed by others. gus ran JJ, mr football for state of AL, into the ground and the worst part is that him saying/acting like they didn't know JJ would react like that. HELLO? did you never go live with the QBs in practice, like, EVER? gus is not a genius. he is a moron.
  11. Wrights_Mill_Road

    One of our QB's is working out with Michael Vick..

    you are assuming gus is teaching JF3 how to qb. i contest that gus has never taught a qb.
  12. Wrights_Mill_Road

    a protestor that shutdown hwy in Arizon...

    george soros funds blackLivesMatters, moveOn.org, a lot of these aggressive protesters as well as the aggressive protesters who were in ferguson. google george soros. he is a pretty horrible human being.
  13. Define "interfere." He's a public official now running for the highest elected office in the land. People do have a right to protest. Some are. Others are peacefully exercising their constitutional rights. If you listen closely to the policeman, you would also have to acknowledge that there are people there protesting and making their views about Trump's statements and positions known in a lawful and peaceful manner. They have every right to do so. Trump does not have a constitutional right to not be challenged publicly. you are correct. protesters can protest. 1st amendment anyone? it is when "protesters" attempt to block someone else's 1st amendment wherein an issue lies. some of the protesters are being americans. some of them are paid by soros to be aggressors, not too dissimilar to sturmabteilung. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sturmabteilung
  14. Wrights_Mill_Road

    The Man the Founders Feared

    we get it. the left and right establishment don't like trump. from just reading what was posted here (not the link) there are some issues there. trump has, on multiple occasions, says he is willing to deal with democrats and republicans. any time a president signs an executive order, that is a form of authoritarianism. for many, many years the presidential candidates, including the president, are paid for by people like the koch brothers and george soros. that is not necessarily the president being authoritarian but he is, for lack of better words, "controlled" by the powers that be. every poll, every major news outlet, etc... are mouthpieces for these establishment figures who want to maintain their status and use such media to influence public thought and opinions. the article above is no exception. either you posted this b/c this article has "told you how to think" or you are simply seeking out opinions of others that align with yours in order to reaffirm your opinions, neither of which enrich you with perspective. it has been my personal experience that people who take a fairly hardened (read:not 100% but pretty close) partisan stance on one side or the other do not have what i would consider a broad perspective and as a result, have not challenged their own beliefs. left vs right is an imaginary farce meant to divide us and keep us disagreeing with each other, each side taking one part of an issue and not painting a full picture with it. it is my belief that almost all of us want the same end result but we are divided, politically, about how to get there and that is used as the driving issue to divide us. a great example is the poor. again, without absolutes, some of the left's narrative is usually that the poor are victims/down on their luck/innocent and need help while some of the right's narrative is that they are lazy/scammers/sorry people. in fact, both are right. there are people who genuinely need our help and there are people who are pretty crappy and are there because of their own crappy decisions. in closing, again, i believe we all want the same things such as stop foreign wars, diminish poverty, our right to choose what is best for us, safety, education, etc... these things will never come to pass until we are free from the power brokers, like koch and soros. a dachshund will not win a fight against a rottweiler. it will take an even bigger, stronger rottweiler to win. the power brokers can only be defeated by someone with as much, or even more power. trump could be a bad president or he could be a great one. we don't know. what we do know is that he is the only candidate who is not controlled by the power brokers and is the only candidate who potentially could break up their power structure. if he did, maybe one day we could all be happy because after all, we all want the same thing.