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  1. Nick Saban Center for Coaches Who Can't Coach Good and Who Want [to] Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too?
  2. Jacobs didn't necessarily deny it, he just didn't appreciate the way the info was leaked.
  3. *guy spends time on a message board arguing that he doesn't consider said message board credible* There's a super-fast fix for that.
  4. Totally. From a skillset, scheme, leadership and maturity standpoint it could be perfect fit. I just think the rivalry is too big an obstacle. If Jalen was leaving on different terms (see Corey Grant), I think there would be a better shot at it.
  5. Agreed. IMO, it's quite a long shot due to the rivalry.
  6. Nope. I think folks are all wound up on Gatewood bec he looked good on one run. He may turn out great, but there's too little to go on to know that at this point. In 2014, JJ torched Arky and folks wanted Gus to bench NM. History tells us how that played out. If the coaching staff wants to go after another QB, I assume they have a legit reason for doing so.
  7. Nix just signed and Hurts only has one year. I'd be for it but it's highly unlikely, IMO.
  8. Please, tell me more. Our big name guys might be returning? That would be a huge deal.
  9. Because it still highlights the dysfuntionality of AU athletics.
  10. Yep...only difference is Leath's livelihood is directly connected to AU.
  11. I agree, except I think Leath is more concerned about himself than Auburn. I mean, Gus' contract was a 49M overreaction that sits at Leath's feet.