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  1. Did I say Clemson offered him the job? What is typical?
  2. Point me that way. I think it's a great hire but I've been to 3 sites and I'm seeing more stuff like "Doesn't really matter, Gus is Gus..." "We should have got Matt Luke..." "His recruiting sucked at Arky..."
  3. For one of the first times in my life as an AU fan.... AU fans are working my nerves. We can't be happy about anything. 1. Chad Morris is Gus' most successful protege' 2. Chad Morris was CO-offensive coordinator at Clemson with Jeff Scott when Clemson was becoming a powerhouse. Meaning he is used to shared coordinator responsibilities 3. Chad Morris is an excellent recruiter. (See Clemson years) 4. Chad Morris could have went back to Clemson.... A top 3 program with loads of talent but chose AU and Gus instead. Someone please explain where the negativity i
  4. I see we are light on facts in this thread. Thanks E and others for trying to put actual humanity on 17 year olds and family issues.
  5. Visited AU a couple times including BCW Good friends w/ commit Owen Pappoe & top target Colby Wooden AU-Clemson in a tight battle Appears to be commiting in August
  6. A corner with ball skills!!! Lock him up Coach GB
  7. Les Miles is available. I can't believe I just said that!!!!
  8. Yep but bama does no wrong. Push off on the Juedy TD, PI on the deep pass, no calls on any of it.
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