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  1. Visited AU a couple times including BCW Good friends w/ commit Owen Pappoe & top target Colby Wooden AU-Clemson in a tight battle Appears to be commiting in August
  2. A corner with ball skills!!! Lock him up Coach GB
  3. Les Miles is available. I can't believe I just said that!!!!
  4. Yep but bama does no wrong. Push off on the Juedy TD, PI on the deep pass, no calls on any of it.
  5. Tre Williams and Jeremiah Dinson are in the starting line ups!!!!!!
  6. Here is the federal indictment https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdny/press-release/file/998746/download
  7. Let's look closer. I believe you are correct, the corner is in a zone. Notice however, he is playing outside and on top of the receiver. That says the zone is a deep 1/3 or it could be man with a single high safety. The outside linebacker took the underneath crossing route which actually looks like a coverage bust. #32 of GSU should have taken the receiver coming underneath but he looked lost. If the pass went to the back he would have had a terrible angle to make the tackle. Slayton could have become a blocker leaving one man to beat for the end zone. Thats just my opinion.