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  1. So does Kodi get credit for coaching the WRs or nah?
  2. No! Dirty Mike is Michael Sherwood
  3. Sherrod is an animal
  4. We have back ups playing at a high level
  5. Not necessarily. It could just be a better opportunity for Cowart.
  6. Looks like Wiley has been cleared by the NCAA and is awaiting SEC clearance. It is expected to happen today.
  7. I'm thinking CBP may be needed the roster spot very soon.
  8. Coach Pogue was my DB coach in high school at Lee Montgomery. He has the tenacity and attitude that kids will respond to and that will translate in recruiting. I hope we get him.
  9. Jermaine Whitehead was from MS
  10. Dammit!!!!! That University of Auburn stole another one
  11. don't forget Nick Coe
  12. come on people..Let's get more votes!!!!
  13. has it started yet?