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  1. Visited AU a couple times including BCW Good friends w/ commit Owen Pappoe & top target Colby Wooden AU-Clemson in a tight battle Appears to be commiting in August
  2. A corner with ball skills!!! Lock him up Coach GB
  3. Les Miles is available. I can't believe I just said that!!!!
  4. Yep but bama does no wrong. Push off on the Juedy TD, PI on the deep pass, no calls on any of it.
  5. Tre Williams and Jeremiah Dinson are in the starting line ups!!!!!!
  6. Here is the federal indictment
  7. Let's look closer. I believe you are correct, the corner is in a zone. Notice however, he is playing outside and on top of the receiver. That says the zone is a deep 1/3 or it could be man with a single high safety. The outside linebacker took the underneath crossing route which actually looks like a coverage bust. #32 of GSU should have taken the receiver coming underneath but he looked lost. If the pass went to the back he would have had a terrible angle to make the tackle. Slayton could have become a blocker leaving one man to beat for the end zone. Thats just my opinion.
  8. Whether "Monday morning quarterbacking," or film analysis, it's something all players and coaches do to correct mistakes. The nearest defender is almost 10 yards away. You get the ball to your playmakers and let them do what they do. I'll bet on our Rb with 10 yards of open field can make at least one defender miss. Tom Brady has made a living off of throws just like that.
  9. Note to self... "announcers are never wrong!!"
  10. Look at it. Mama always told me if it's too good to be true then it probably is. Eli Stove was completely uncovered (too good to be true). Stidham recognizes it, and determines to throw the slant instead of asking himself, "If Stove is uncovered, where is the extra man?" The called play was dive to the strong side A gap. The secondary was playing Cover 1 but disguised it as cover 2. Stidham did not account for the extra man on the weak side. Look at how the defense lined up. The blitzing linebacker had no pre-snap responsibility (extra man) because he lined up opposite passing and running strength. Dead give-away to a called blitz. It was a great chess move by Georgia Southern coaches and probably something they recognized in film or earlier in the game. Stidham will remember the subtle nuances and perform better. Hits like that make you remember.
  11. Excerpt below from linked thread: I'm no QB guru, but I thought Jarrett Stidham did a poor job of looking off defenders. In fairness, breakdowns in protection, along with some drops by receivers, made Stidham look worse than he was. The sack-fumble was (IMO) on Stidham. Tega blocked the correct man, and seeing that there were three defenders vs two blockers on that side, I thought Stidham should have changed the protection, possibly moving KJ to that side of the formation. Calm down! It's not a rooster measuring contest. No one is arguing with you. Here is a different perspective that actually agrees with what I saw from another post on the board. I've also linked the actual play. O-lineman cannot adjust protections based on their own view. That would create chaos. The defender did a good job timing the snap and creating pressure. Stidham has to identify and protect against 2nd level threats to the LOS. These are details that will be rectified as he goes through them and learns. Remember this is a RPO offense. O-line run block on nearly every RPO called play. Here's the play
  12. No it wasn't. There were more defenders than blockers. Stidham should have recognized and moved protection to that side or KJ should have abandoned the fake and picked up the extra man.
  13. No it's not what you said but it is exactly what you implied. You don't give out positions and playing time for happiness. This sport is merit based. Let me address the largest point of your post since I failed to do so. According to the coaches Stidham, White, Willis, and the walk-on (forgot his name) had outworked Woody enough to "earn" playing time over him. If we lost 4 quarterbacks this year, we'd have a crap season anyway. Guess that would be painful but not because we let Woody transfer. Next year we have Joey Gatewood coming in at the minimum while probably not loosing a QB. We could maybe lose White as a Transfer. However, we possibly could sign the best QB in this cycle in Fields. Still not seeing the impact of loosing Woody. The year after, could see us sign Nix. A legacy and probably another top QB of the cycle. Woody would be a senior. Still not seeing the impact. Here is my perception of the issue. Confidence is important in football, but over-confidence will get your butt handed to you. I'd really keep an eye on a guy who says I can score on every play. Many plays are not designed for you to score. They are designed to get a certain amount of yards. But as others have said, his attitude and attention to details cost him. I'd probably say it was because he was over confident which doesn't translate to critiquing and developing self. Then an attitude like that becomes a cancer in the locker room.
  14. So if Willis is better let's just put Barrett in front of him because we don't want to hurt his feelings??? I just disagree with this.