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  1. Buddy of mine said if he is all that why did he not declare for the draft.
  2. I need several more for original league, have some that have not renewed yet, msg me or post here and i will message info
  3. Anyone else that wants to play, i have a couole of last years players that have not renewed
  4. Sorry guys, I've been busy, and going through phone issues i will log into the yahoo league tonite and see where we stand
  5. I have renewed the ffl league we had last year everyone that played is invited to play again, we will add players only if i don't get a renewal from our existing players.
  6. If he botches the hire of an "all time" DC that's almost a lock to put us into playoff contention year in and year out, could you blame them? This is the same guy that had epic fails against UGA both years he was at Auburn. However, I will also note that in those two games against UGA, we had 8 interceptions between the two games. And in 2006 our offense only managed 171 yds of total offense. The 2007 game our offense barely did better: 216 yds of total offense. I don't think you can totally lay those losses or the size of them at the feet of the defense. If I remember right ib
  7. Steel also mostly correctly called (said wewoukd only win by 2 TDs) the win vs LSU last weekend.
  8. I can live wth either, but would prefer only 1
  9. That is awesome. I have to steal it and reoost elsewhere. Hope you dont mind.
  10. I like all of them, it means Football is finally here!!!
  11. I have heard, third or fourth hand from a player, it may only he for one play. Take it for what it is worth.
  12. Get them out? Why would you even put them away? My Auburn stuff is out 365 days a year. Its not Christmas its AUBURN. Agreed my Auburn stuff is always out. I have been feeling it for the last week. Can't wait... WDE all.
  13. We will see how this goes. I have gotten used to picking games against the spead. Remember it is not about winning or losing, it is weather you cover the spread.
  14. I've done a couple on ESPN, they are a little different. Beggars can't be choosers.
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