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  1. aucosby

    Chip Out As AU OC (thread title updated)

    If Freeze is not named in the next day or two then it’s not happening.
  2. aucosby

    **Georgia Game thread***

    That’s bull**** on Steele.
  3. aucosby

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Stidham sucks at seeing the field. Pro QB my ass.
  4. aucosby

    Asa redshirt screwup??

    I will add that this is a royal fu%k up by Horton. Time for him to go since he has been trying for a couple of years now.
  5. aucosby

    Asa redshirt screwup??

    Maybe Sal should learn to catch the ball more consistently and Kam learn how to hit holes.
  6. aucosby

    AU President

    He should also be fired. Being the President of Auburn comes with a fiduciary responsibility. He is supposed to act with the best interest of AU. Approving that contract was a horrible decision. He should be held accountable also.
  7. aucosby

    Criticism from Stidham's Camp

    The guy has no business going pro. It’s sad they can’t see he is part of the problem
  8. aucosby

    mcelroy tweet with receivers open

    Exactly, from what I’ve seen this year, he has no business going PRO at the moment.
  9. aucosby

    Tagovailoa Family Relocates from Hawaii to Alabama

    Do some research on how TJ Yeldon’s dad all of a sudden got back surgery at UAB after he screwed AU at the last min. The family was also relocated.
  10. Did not realize this board was so sensitive.
  11. Nice to see ***No NAME CALLING OF ANY KIND TO ANY CURRENT OR FORMER PLAYERS OR COACHES*** Hand trying to steal a OL recruit from AU. Check his Twitter.
  12. aucosby

    UCF RB, "AU in for Rude Awakening "

    I live in Celebration. Yes, the UCF fans think they will win by two to three TDs.
  13. aucosby

    Jovon Robinson reacts to dismissal

    Jovon's response confirms that Gus made the right call.
  14. aucosby

    Contract Details of New Football Assistants

    Auburn poor contract negations strikes again. They way overpaid Burns. Unproven and making close to what DC made.
  15. aucosby

    Craig a candidate for lsu WR coach (update: Done Deal)

    That's difficult to read, in many ways. Yep, the writing is on the wall. Gus has to win the West or he is gone. Jay Jacobs has to go now. He should have never allowed RL to be hired as the OC. Everyone questioned the hire when it happened.