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  1. So they are willing to take pay cuts this year as well?
  2. Thank you for sharing. Prayers for a speedy recovery.
  3. His mom is part of the family that owns J&M Bookstore. Keep supporting J&M to help fund his defense fund. The family shows absolutely no remorse.
  4. Was it a previous coach that told Stidham?
  5. Marcello is a joke. Runs stories without validation. God forbid you call him out when his story is proven to be false. He blocks you. He needs to do Auburn a favor and resign.
  6. Not getting drafted then failing to make the team with a free agent contract. The guy did not have the most productive year.
  7. Slayton is taking a huge risk. He is more than likely heading towards a free agent contract.
  8. If Freeze is not named in the next day or two then it’s not happening.
  9. Stidham sucks at seeing the field. Pro QB my ass.
  10. I will add that this is a royal fu%k up by Horton. Time for him to go since he has been trying for a couple of years now.
  11. Maybe Sal should learn to catch the ball more consistently and Kam learn how to hit holes.
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