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  1. Coaching and play calling is terrible as usual.
  2. A good coach would try something different (Gateood). Oh yeah, we don't have a good coach. This is all on him.
  3. Our total offense is our worst enemy. (OL, play calling, and coach)
  4. Wow. It was Georgia last week! 2nd week straight we have an upset.
  5. We just do not look like other teams that helps their QB out (quick slants or timing routes). Our play calling is too vanilla and scripted. We do not use all our players like other teams do. Gus is not an offensive guru. So frustrated.
  6. 4 losses this season guys. Hot garbage. OL is not where we need them and play calling is bad as well.
  7. How come we cant throw short passes like Florida to warm up our QB?
  8. Florida is playing to win. Mullen's play calling is to win. Gus is playing scared.
  9. Get the backups in. Need the game time experience.