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  2. Kerryon Johnson touchdown

    No problem..... Thanks...
  3. Kerryon Johnson touchdown

    I am the Jeremy Johnson to his Nick Marshall. Stat has no need to worry... lmao... Thanks tho...
  4. Kerryon Johnson touchdown

    Thanks.. I've been called the song bird of my generation.. I mean the best drawer in my kindergarten class.. I mean the Picasso of my era...
  5. Here is the breakdown of the Touchdown play to Kerryon Johnson.. Once again guys, I am an artist.. So I'm sensitive about my work... I call this play..... THE WALL... Notice how AU pays tribute to its architect department by building a wall literally on the field... ENJOY....
  6. ***Auburn vs. Arkansas -- Game Thread***

    would like to see Willis actually run the real offense.
  7. ***Auburn vs. Arkansas -- Game Thread***

    KP finally looks like himself...
  8. ***Auburn vs. Arkansas -- Game Thread***

    Run one Slant.. one tight end down the middle.... dammit
  9. ***Auburn vs. Arkansas -- Game Thread***

    LB play this game is horrible.. LBs got to fill gaps.
  10. ***Auburn vs. Arkansas -- Game Thread***

    I heard Stidham is not too happy because this wasn't what he came for... We were suppose to implement some of baylor offense... Gus maybe losing this team guys...
  11. ***Auburn vs. Arkansas -- Game Thread***

    I don't understand. That all we saw in the Summer practice videos... The is BS... Where Sal? Why are we not using him during goal line plays....
  12. ***Auburn vs. Arkansas -- Game Thread***

    If we don't target Nate more I can see him leaving... for real...
  13. Filling in for Stat

    Sorry, AuDevil... Thanks for bringing me back down to earth.. I guess when you've spent years sitting on the bench behind a Legend like Stat and then u get your chance to shine, it's kind of contagious... Now I know how JJ felt sitting behind NM and then coming in for the first half of the Arkansas game and throwing for 200 plus yards and 2 TD's and being a shoe in for the heisman the next year. But then not really living up to the hype the next year once you've become the man...... Fame is a @#$%@..
  14. Filling in for Stat

    Most people would simply gone for a 45 degree angle to capture this, but after watching to play over and over and over again, My observation or analysis(whichever you prefer) was to go with a 43 degree angle, because if you notice the defender actually feel once WH made his cut. A simple 45 degree cut would not have made that CB fall like that. Using my calculation Bm ร— V (Mc2 - H2O) รท rr = Fall Body Max Index.. Thats how i determined WH cut angle.. I've been called the songbird of my generation...
  15. Filling in for Stat

    That's what I'm here for.. to use my talents to breakdown complex issues and simplify them so that everyone can understand and enjoy. To me my design is elementary even preschoolish. I even surprise myself sometimes of how brilliant i am.. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚