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  1. Positive Spin on the Peach Bowl loss

    Taking home the belt..
  2. Hey guys, UCF beat us in football, but they can't touch us in go cart racing, family feud or banquet room basketball...How about a War Damn Eagle....
  3. I'm officially logging off.. not watching AU crap all over this field anymore... Enjoy.. HAPPY New Year guys..
  4. Herb Hand can't block for them.... It's time to put the blame on the players. They have to go out there and block and execute. They are the ones stinking up the field... We are having bad play calling..
  5. This is awful.... #18 is awesome
  6. When it related to Targeting and fumbles Refs are taught to error on caution and throw the flag on targeting(not blow the whistle on a fumble dead) and let replay correct it.
  7. First half Kerryon was running like he was leaving for the NFL(not get hurt)... Now he is just be Kerryon...
  8. put that 100k towards GM buyout
  9. Three linemen on their ass that last play... awful.. gutless play by this team..
  10. No offense... but this is 🐂💩
  11. Hey guys.... we are locked in.... This is a business trip... Yeah Right...
  12. Our QB sacks himself.. We have two guys with their hands on their QB and he scores a TD... WDE 😔
  13. play calling is so typical. Every TIME Devan Barrett is in the game, the ball is going to get thrown to him out backfield...