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  1. Push up the middle.... Pressing the QB...
  2. He looked good today at DT...
  3. We had a great week of practice... 😂🤣
  4. Wish we would consider pursuing him. Looks like he could help out this year. JMHO..
  5. Does anyone know if we will pursue this guy. Looks like a baller....
  6. First game back.... Give him time...
  7. I like the Cincy DC.. love the blitz packages..
  8. Now we wanna come up with a stop on 3rd down... Nice
  9. Now, lest run our 17 point Extra point play right here...
  10. Glad to see our guys compete out there. They didnt give up. We will we a good week of practice and fix this... ****Beware of sunshine pumping****
  11. That play sums it up.. Handling the ball off the a RB that's already tackled... 🙄
  12. Meaning they both are ready to turn this sh*t show around and contribute..
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