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  1. I missed that only because I went to therapy to get that out of my head.... lol
  2. Dont forget the Kick 6 play...
  3. No, just 97.5%.. We have the WR screen and the old Statue of Liberty type pass..
  4. Referring to Pushups. Not being a smart***
  5. Send boobie to his mom... 😂🤣
  6. Anyone else thinks that we substitute too much..
  7. Get him out of there... dammit
  8. It's like Boobie tries to be Kerryon.. Too patience sometimes..
  9. My daughter knows what's coming..
  10. Sorry but I like the way Kam hits the hole better than Boobie... JS..
  11. I thought Britt, Pappoe and McClain played a great game. Britt will be the next LB... Pappoe won't be too far behind.
  12. S/O to Spencer Nigh... Big time Catch on the last drive..
  13. Hate Gus allnyou want, you gotta give it to him for sticking with BO.. Gus, here to you🍻...