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  1. CWM and T-Rob left for promotions. I cannot fault them for that. We do not know what CLT was told and he has no reason to have loyalty to AU. We hired him away from UAT last year and now SC hired him from us. #Coachinglife
  2. Melvin Smith not expected to be retained

    IF Zook would that likely mean that Garner stays on the DL?
  3. They had the coverage they wanted. Play would have worked if executed properly. That was all about execution not coaching
  4. 2014 4* S/OLB Ronnie Clark (Alabama signee)

    I know that would normally be the case, based on Ronnie and his family's high character and diligence in this process, but the next few months will not be normal times. I agree with pops. I know the family some what and totally agree on their character.
  5. Caption this photo!!

    someone grab the other leg and make a wish
  6. I think recruiting is about done

    Since you KNOW all just start a blog and do away with this board. No reason to comment on anything with your highness here to tell us right from wrong. Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed!
  7. 2013 Fall Camp -- Practice 5 (Tues, Aug 6)

    That Tuberville is QB?!?!?!
  8. 2014 4* S/OLB Ronnie Clark (Alabama signee)

    I know he is will most likely be Calera's starting QB this year.
  9. 2014 4* S/OLB Ronnie Clark (Alabama signee)

    I know originally he wanted to commit before football season starts.... Do you know if that is still the case?
  10. 2014 4* S/OLB Ronnie Clark (Alabama signee)

    Good article on Ronnie...
  11. Santa brought my little girl (4) a Barbie Auburn Cheerleader
  12. Aggie Marine Keeping Promise to Auburn Marine

    Bump to see how everything went
  13. 2014 4* S/OLB Ronnie Clark (Alabama signee)

    Ronnies football team is currently playing on channel 68 in the Birmingham area. He is # 1
  14. 2014 4* S/OLB Ronnie Clark (Alabama signee)

    When is his next visit? He was going to be in AU this weekend.