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  1. Prating for Jay, and his family in this time of lose!
  2. Their is a player for VMI on the U right now that looks like his twin. His name is Keith Gabriel.
  3. I've never attended Auburn, but grew up in Lee county. I remember as a child the Saturdays how exciting they were and my dad taking me to see the Eagle in the area where it used to be displayed outside the stadium. I remember many football players attending my cub scout meetings. It was a special time in my life. And although i never attended Auburn, nobody loves Auburn more than me. Im not saying that Im the biggest fan just that, i love Auburn with all my heart.
  4. My guess would be, more turd fans in state, but more Auburn fans world wide.
  5. GOD bless,we love ya Pops! :'(
  6. Coaches that can teach good fundamentals will succeed if the players are willing to learn.
  7. I thought it was funny that the Oregon dude put so much footage of the mascot picking fights in there. Like a stuffed duck is really going to strike fear into opponents. He didn't test Aubie.
  8. He can be more influential on college kids. Some players turn into divas once in the NFL.
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