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  1. I saw footage of Shivers involved in a pregame on field altercation with some Gator players and wondered if this may of contributed to his lack of PT.
  2. A silver lining in the loss is that it probably wont be night game at LSU. Had we both been undefeated it would surely have been a prime time game. We still control our own destiny.
  3. The Florida QB was sacked three times by the Towson Defense.
  4. Yes I do but I do not think this game will be anywhere near as close as the 94 game.
  5. Calling the SEC championship game anything but a home game for Georgia is an absolute joke. They last division game will be the 9th of November. Assuming they do what we think Georgia will do and be undefeated at that point UGA fans will have plenty of time to buy up all the non allocated seats like they did in 2017. The estimate that I heard was the 2017 game was about 70-30 Georgia fans.
  6. I was at that 1994 game and sat by myself about six rows behind the Gator band. The drive to win the game went the opposite direction. What a comeback. I had be humble when I made it back to my Gator hosts it was not easy. All that being said I think we win by around 10.
  7. I have not noticed this forum topic before and got to the last page and was about to add @Malcolm_FleX48. One I want to add that I don't remember seeing is @JMR.
  8. I would argue with the correct circumstances that either team could lose and still run the table and be in the SEC championship game.
  9. Could he be trolling the Georgia commit that complained loudly about not getting any attention?
  10. Newbomb

    Bama vs Duke

    Someone didn't get the memo or the envelope.
  11. I was in attendance at his game vs. Ware County GA. FYI Ware is a young and smallish team with better than average speed that prides itself in smash mouth defensive football. Ware has a new coach this year and a highly sought after soph ath/dt qb. They have not as of yet gelled offensively. Ware had an opening scrimmage vs AAAAAAA power on the 16th and for 3 quarters they held Camden to 3 offensive points but scored no points of their own. Fourth quarter was for second teams. Friday night Tennison took the opening kick off out of the hands of a team mate and took it back 95 yards running by Wares speed. He played almost every down for his team. Rockledge came to town with a team of less than 50 players. I only saw that he was off the field during kickoffs and some offensive plays. He is a difference maker he had an INT and dropped another that would possibly been a pick six. He played safety and middle LB on defense and RB on offense. I spoke to a Ware fan that is a Dawg fan and said they had heard he may go to Georgia as he had just visited there and had a good trip.
  12. Mark my words Auburn makes the playoffs and gets Gus out of the hot seat due to the experience of the OLine.... Mark my words Gus returns to the hot seat due to the talent gap and inexperience of the OLine the following year with a 7 win rebuilding season.
  13. Story on the interwebs that some of our current players and some of our signees are saying they know George took the money and ran....
  14. Grimes must go if we only sign a total of 2 OL's
  15. My apologies I did nor follow this thread correctly....