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  1. 1971 Gator Bowl. I was nine. The tickets were in our Christmas Stockings. Mom thought it would be cold and had us bundled up real good. We wound up sitting in the sun and and sweating. Auburn won 35-28. Sullivan vs. Daddy Manning. Sullivan had a couple of TD passes and 351 yards in the air. The other standout memory of the game was watching Archie on a particular run where Ole Miss had a third and twenty or more and he dropped back to pass and weaved and scrambled around and must of run 100 yards on the play to barely pick up the first down.
  2. Basically coaches see what we see in Gus a coach that cannot consistently beat our three biggest rivals. This consistently keeps Gus in the hot seat.
  3. Punters no longer have numbers instead they hav a P on their jerseys. They must always line up in punt position.
  4. Question... I think it was on either our last kickoff or next to last. We pooch kicked it an two Bama players were under it at the same time one calls fair catch but another catches and advances the ball. I say unfair advantage. What's the rule say?
  5. 8-4/7-5 and we will have the same discussion again next year. That is exactly what is going to happen Mark My Words.
  6. Mark My Words... If Gus is not gone we will be talking about firing him again next year.
  7. ...keep Gus rinse and repeat firing Gus one year from now. Gus needs to go regardless of the Iron Bowl outcome.
  8. No we need the poll. We the fans need to be heard that Gus needs replaced! Now rather than later!
  9. Lets put aside sentiment about the Iron Bowl. Next year our Oline will be green and Defense younger if we keep him for a season longer we can expect more of the same.
  10. We may or may not beat Bama at home with no Tua in two week. That just plain does not matter. Next year with our patchwork OLine and younger Defense we will lose again to LSU at Home. UGA away and Bama away Gus wont survive that so lets cut our loses and get a new coach in right after the early signing period. He will not survive another 8-4/7-5 season.
  11. I agree this could be a wild off season. If we win out or go 1-1 and Gus makes moon eyes at Arky or FSU and vice versa let him go. Promote Steele to HC or hire an up and comer like Drinkwitz or Norvell with the under standing that our d staff stays in tack. If we lose out let him go.
  12. Hey Coach.... You are currently 2 of 7 vs LSU 2 of 7 vs Georgia 2 of 6 vs Alabama also you are 2 and 4 in bowl games. If you lose vs Georgia and Alabama would you consider resigning so that Auburn can begin rebuilding with out having to worry about firing you? I'll hang up and listen to your response. War Eagle!
  13. Let him go... Lower the buyout and let him go.
  14. I posted this before but Dad's rich uncle(Sam) sent him to Auburn after WWII. As a direct result of his Auburn education he met my Mom. I would not be here would it not of been for Auburn. My oldest brother graduated from Auburn. Unfortunately I did not attend Auburn for my degrees, it did not work out for me. My earliest memories of football were Auburn games. I remember listening to the "Punt Bama Punt game" on the radio as a youngster. One of my earliest games I remember is seeing Auburn beat Ole Miss in the Gator Bowl when Archie Manning was quarterback.