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  1. Could he be trolling the Georgia commit that complained loudly about not getting any attention?
  2. Newbomb

    Bama vs Duke

    Someone didn't get the memo or the envelope.
  3. I was in attendance at his game vs. Ware County GA. FYI Ware is a young and smallish team with better than average speed that prides itself in smash mouth defensive football. Ware has a new coach this year and a highly sought after soph ath/dt qb. They have not as of yet gelled offensively. Ware had an opening scrimmage vs AAAAAAA power on the 16th and for 3 quarters they held Camden to 3 offensive points but scored no points of their own. Fourth quarter was for second teams. Friday night Tennison took the opening kick off out of the hands of a team mate and took it back 95 yards running by Wares speed. He played almost every down for his team. Rockledge came to town with a team of less than 50 players. I only saw that he was off the field during kickoffs and some offensive plays. He is a difference maker he had an INT and dropped another that would possibly been a pick six. He played safety and middle LB on defense and RB on offense. I spoke to a Ware fan that is a Dawg fan and said they had heard he may go to Georgia as he had just visited there and had a good trip.
  4. Mark my words Auburn makes the playoffs and gets Gus out of the hot seat due to the experience of the OLine.... Mark my words Gus returns to the hot seat due to the talent gap and inexperience of the OLine the following year with a 7 win rebuilding season.
  5. Story on the interwebs that some of our current players and some of our signees are saying they know George took the money and ran....
  6. Grimes must go if we only sign a total of 2 OL's
  7. My apologies I did nor follow this thread correctly....
  8. Hill was at OK State until he as they say in Mayberry gave his girlfriend what fer and was dismissed.
  9. Georgia takes major hits on the defensive side due to Seniors and Juniors leaving. Offensively they lose their RB's but they have had excellent recruiting classes so plug in play there. The game will be won with our rebuilt O/Oline vs. their rebuilt D imho.
  10. 55 male BA not Auburn MA Troy Southeast Georgia I tell people I am a double legacy, older brother and father. My Dads rich uncle(Sam) sent him to Auburn (API) after floating around in the Pacific helping to launch planes against Tojo's buddies. Because my father graduated from API he was able to get a job in another little town in South Alabama and met my mom. As a little kid I would sit in church admiring my fathers API class ring. I would not be here without Auburn.
  11. I stand corrected on that but still stand on which coach needs to be called out. Horton has been a coach for longer than Kodi had been alive. And doesn't Horton share some of the blame as a position coach for not getting a RB2 ready so the HC and OC feels confident in playing RB2?
  12. Kodi is not the Special Teams coach. Kodi is however bringing is a very legit WR class this year. Tim Horton is the RB coach and ST coordinator. Special teams were horrible this year and even though Auburn consistently produces 1,000 yard rushers we cannot bring in a 5* running back to play for us. No offense to Asa Martin who looks like he should be a 5*. If you are going to call out a coach lets call out the correct one.
  13. I started to create my own thread but I saw this and decided to tag on my thoughts here. 1) The east is least. Currently the SEC east is horribly down. The problem being Georgia is on the rise. Florida is a mess and just got a new coach. Tennessee is a four alarm dumpster fire with no coach yet. Missouri might be in an even worse situation their enrollment is so far down they rent our dorm rooms for football weekends. Vandy is Vandy and Kentucky is a basketball school. South Carolina is improving but still is far behind Georgia. 2) Schedule/Rivalry week does us no favors turning the SEC championship into an automatic away game especially if it is against Georgia. Georgia plays Georgia Tech; South Carolina plays Clemson, Florida plays Florida State all have no SEC championship implications. Meaning that the East is decided prior to the Game that continues to decide who goes from the West... The Iron Bowl. 2) a) I know that the SEC championship is supposed to be a neutral site game but the example that was shown to us this weekend showed at best 60/40 Georgia.. 3) Schedule schedule schedule.... We turn Amen corner with Georgia, a directional school and Alabama. If we win we get to go to an essentially an away game. Georgia is loading up now after they play us each year the play a patsy and a rival that's a patsy. 3) a) We saw an example of the road that we will face every year. It appears Georgia will be a top 10/top 5 team every year when we face them. Our last four games we #1, a patsy, #2 and #6. Simply said we need the east to get better and give Georgia problems if we want to make it into the playoffs. 4) Schedule again... We every other year we will play Georgia and Alabama on the road...