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  1. Everytime I think about it I am grateful we did not end up with Kiffen. I believe Freeze and the squads he fields at Auburn will excel.
  2. Do we have anyone that can consistently score?
  3. What are the times tomorrow for the recruits we are wanting?
  4. Are these visits starting today through Sunday? Meaning multiple day visits for each of the recruits.
  5. Think it will save me time by not having to sift through all of the general topics looking for nuggets of valid information?
  6. This made me smile. Will you please provide more detail? I have to get this approved by my wife so I need to make sure my case is compelling.
  7. How does the content differ on the Nest - - sincerely want to know - - different topics, insider information, etc?
  8. My favorite part was from 43:49 to 45:03 during which he said, "what I did is what I did but it is not who I am". I can relate to this and will give him space to build trust.
  9. If it is Cohen and this is accurate then I feel a little better about it.
  10. What are your thoughts on this choice?
  11. I think we win one of Arkansas and WKU.
  12. If there is a head coach change, I do not want Kiffen.
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