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  1. aubie17

    Oklahoma Fires Defensive Coordinator

    What quality offensive coordinator could Auburn hire given what is stated about Gus' control?
  2. Sounds like great news for the Auburn Tigers then, right?
  3. I agree with their quarterback troubles. Wondering if they are a threat due to the head coach, offensive coordinator, and/or quarterbacks coach.
  4. Does he have a specific decision date set? Is lsu really a threat here? Is Auburn significantly leading? Thanks for your responses.
  5. Is it Cord's plan to enroll somewhere next week? Is he on commit watch this weekend?
  6. Hey Ellitor. Did you quote ValleyTiger because that is what you are hearing/ expecting?
  7. What level of interest does he have in Auburn? Who is leading at this point?
  8. Does Auburn have legitimate interest in this guy? And if so, is it reciprocated interest?
  9. Yes! Thank you for the score.
  10. Just joining.. current score?
  11. aubie17

    Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    Time left?
  12. Gus seems to learn but it does take some time and maybe some outside coercion for it to happen. I am wondering what others' perspectives is on the current recruiting cycle concerning the new format. Gus has stated that he does not like the early signing period--which of course is new and different. Are they losing battles for recruits at the end due to the new format and the learning curve Gus and his coaches will be on until they develop strategies for this new format? Thoughts?
  13. Did this kid commit to Auburn or is he expected to soon?
  14. aubie17

    A little perspective, please

    With all of this we were still within a score into the fourth quarter.
  15. aubie17

    SECCG - Postgame Presser

    Amen to this as well.