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  1. If this is the guy then I wonder what is the hold up in announcing. I am most likely wrong but I think the longer it goes with no announcement the less likely it is Dustin Fry.
  2. He is the offensive coordinator at BYU
  3. Would Steele even want the HC job?
  4. When is the A day game? Time? On TV?
  5. If OU backs down is he expected to pick WVU or is Auburn still under serious consideration by AK?
  6. Does the block by OU to WVU increase the chances he signs with Auburn? When will he make a decision by?
  7. Does this mean that he would rather go someplace else but we are his best current offer? Please remind of the dates of early signing period. You are always kind in answering my questions. A couple more: you expect Gus to go after another graduate transfer quarterback? Expect Horton and Grimes to be here next season? Yes/no answers perfect.
  8. Signing next week? How are our chances looking here?
  9. Signing next week? Looking like Auburn wil hold the others off and get his signature?
  10. No information leaking at this point to where he will choose?
  11. Surely we will find out before this--- right?
  12. Is he being told that the plan is for Freeze to be his QB coach and the OC?
  13. What is the typical number that leave each year?
  14. What quality offensive coordinator could Auburn hire given what is stated about Gus' control?
  15. Sounds like great news for the Auburn Tigers then, right?
  16. I agree with their quarterback troubles. Wondering if they are a threat due to the head coach, offensive coordinator, and/or quarterbacks coach.
  17. Does he have a specific decision date set? Is lsu really a threat here? Is Auburn significantly leading? Thanks for your responses.
  18. Is it Cord's plan to enroll somewhere next week? Is he on commit watch this weekend?
  19. Hey Ellitor. Did you quote ValleyTiger because that is what you are hearing/ expecting?
  20. What level of interest does he have in Auburn? Who is leading at this point?
  21. Does Auburn have legitimate interest in this guy? And if so, is it reciprocated interest?