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  1. Excited about the early returns as well but as we all know if you don't coach em up you still failed at the job!
  2. Just heard about this...dampens my enthusiasm a bit. http://www.theplainsman.com/article/2016/09/virus-arkansas-state
  3. At risk of drifting OT, What's the last thing that goes through a bug's mind as it hits the windshield? His ass?
  4. I know exactly what you mean...they are the wrong color blue and look hideous!
  5. It is also very interesting to look at our commits by "offer points". I would have expected to see Cowert with the most points but actually Javarious Davis had a pretty good lead on everybody. Number 2 was a guy we didn't get and Holland was #3. Cowert was down around #15. We had quite a few low ones including Jason Smith who was bar far the lowest in "offer points". Jovon was also in the bottom 15 but maybe JC's are lower for some reason because there were several of them near the bottom.
  6. Crowd was definitely the loudest I've heard in awhile...the DJ is a nice touch that really keeps the noise coming. Canada played well but Reed was huge even making a few much needed free throws. I noticed Pearl went with basically 4 guards most of the second half and that may have been the difference as it forced Xavier to keep their bigs on the bench and allowed us to consistently drive to the hole. Great adjustment!
  7. Did we not realize Gurley was back and that was a prime spot for a fake punt? Wow
  8. Atkinson intercepts Queen a second time at the goal line with 2 minutes to go which should ice the game with Queen's North Cobb team down 14.
  9. Atkinson intercepts Queen with 8 minutes left in Q4. Queen makes the tackle. Atkinson's team leads by 7 so Queen has his work cut out in this one.
  10. Didn't realize Tyler was also their punter...unfortunately a rough night for him punting with several shanks out of bounds. Hopefully he can play better as a passer and pull this one out.
  11. Came back from 14 down against USC - we can do this
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