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  1. waaegl

    Rotation this year

    I think any time that McLemore spends at the 4 will be directly related to whether Wiley can stay out of foul trouble and getting the majority of the minutes, and not sure Pearl will commit to playing big with both Wiley and McLemore in the line-up together.
  2. You’re always one play away from finishing the season with whoever is 2nd in line. If Sandberg ends up remotely looking like the 2nd man, you get him as many touches as you can as early as you can.
  3. waaegl

    2019 4* WR Jalen "Boobie" Curry

    So there’s a chance we would take 5 WR’s in this class?
  4. Hope you’re right about the AD’s support. If not, hoping past history is not an indicator of the future. How long has it been since Hal Baird was our coach?
  5. waaegl

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Were there not two outs already? I was also wondering why you would let a pitcher off the hook who couldn’t throw the ball in the right zip code.
  6. waaegl

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    No mention of Curry? Thought he was the latest option.
  7. As an Auburn fan, I would like for him to say that, but he owes Auburn and it’s fans no more than he has already provided to this point. He’s made Auburn baseball relevant again and with the utmost class. The ball is back in the University’s hands to make this right and get a deal done.
  8. Is Auburn home or visitors against A&M?
  9. waaegl

    Softball vs. lsu (game 2)

    Pass ball should have never happened. Clearly interference not called that would have ended the inning.
  10. waaegl

    Graduate transfers

    Gonna be tough for Heron since there are only two rounds.
  11. waaegl

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    He doesn't have bama on his list.
  12. waaegl

    Big 12/SEC Challenge

    I imagine Pearl will be using the snub Saturday as further motivation that the team has an opportunity to prove a point each and every game that we were given no serious consideration prior to the season. Much like almost exclusively being a SEC network feature team.
  13. waaegl

    Middle Tennessee State - Preview / Review

    Any updates on Heron?
  14. waaegl

    Malzahn wants to be loved/paid

    We have a chance to get out front and help stop the craziness of these escalating salaries and stand our ground. We can tell Gus good riddance and encourage him to go to the grass greener on the other side and stick to our convictions and budget and hire a second tier head coach or an up and comer assistant at our current levels. The reality is, with the hunchback getting paid $6M, Jim Bob getting $7.5, and Satan getting $11+M, Gus holds the chips and we have to decide whether we want to play or not. Pitching Gus at this point would set us back another 2-4 years to get a cohesive, effective staff in place, and we would still pay any known replacement in the 6-8M range. It's called capitalism and that's the current market. If we had any idea of getting rid of him, it should have happened 6 weeks ago. Auburn needs to get the deal done quickly and stop this waste of energy.
  15. waaegl

    Auburn might have a back up plan

    Why continue to churn the manure pile, unless you're a bam trolling. It just starts to smell after a while. Guess what guys, there's a game being played this week that we could get much more satisfaction from concentrating on than this pile of crap. I would also vote to delete this thread.