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  1. I hear ya, and agree to a point. But I’d rather have assistants and coordinators that others are fighting to get than for there to be no outside interest, or even worse, we’re paying to go away.
  2. Pat said hind site was 50/50. Often the case.
  3. Don’t know your age, but I guess you didn’t approve of Dye either - a Bryant understudy and a Georgia graduate. I, for one, got to personally enjoy Dye’s first four years, and rate him as the most impactful coach in Auburn’s history, even considering the immense respect I had for Shug as the greatest representative of Auburn.
  4. So employment by Tennessee saves us payout for the next two years?
  5. So, who out of that group can coach defensive line?
  6. This year, like no other, will be less dependent on the current recruiting class. With the massive transfer portal that will be available, it may be more important to look at plug and play opportunities to fill the immediate needs, and begin working on future recruiting classes. Probably unrealistic to have high expectations for the second signing season this year, as signing classes are generally built by multi-year relationships.
  7. I feel for Clark. He’s a very good coach that has built a miracle at UAB, in spite of the bama machine, because he had a ground swell of support to get there. He will not get that at Auburn because he is not ready for the job. If he is hired, he will have been destined to fail by the actions of those that hired him. Maybe he feels it’s worth the retirement nest egg he’ll be able to build in his short time as Auburn’s coach. Maybe he thinks he’ll not get another offer of this magnitude in the future. I’d hate to know that I could get stuck in the back by my staff or those that said they wanted
  8. Cristobal, Freeze, Kiffin, or anybody else you can name that has an ounce of credibility as a football coach or leadership, and has a desire to coach beyond the next 2-5 years, is going to come to Auburn without the ability to bring in his own people and hire and fire and hold his staff accountable. If he is told who his staff is going to be, he has no authority over them. Why would anyone worth hiring be willing to accept a big retirement check from Auburn knowing it could their last HC job when Auburn fires them for not meeting expectations.
  9. Only if that’s the decision of the new coach. If they are in anyway viewed as associated with the past shenanigans, they don’t need to be around. Whoever is named the new coach needs to be able to name his staff with no restrictions. If he’s successful or not, it needs to be by his decisions.
  10. Another of your post’s I completely agree with. Mentioned this in my letter to the BOT that wasn’t considered, that I don’t recall anyone ever trying to steal Steele from us. I’ll give Steele credit for some good defenses, but I never feared him leaving to go somewhere else. Even Chizik and Muschamp were lured other places, and I don’t want either of them back either.
  11. Tony Elliott’s story is very impressive. Because it’s not fully written, he may be considered the highest risk, but so far, the accomplishments can’t be argued. Has been around and contributed to success from the beginning of his career. Has consistently been pursued by others, but has been patient so far. Was voted as most respected by his peers when he played. Came up through the ranks and has been trusted by Dabo to run his offense. Dabo knows him well, as Dabo was his position coach. Is recognized as a great recruiter. Is young and energetic. A minority hire that recruits can identify with
  12. If the PTB have any competence at all, they should be able to end the search with one of the three. All have risks, but all have significant potential to be special.
  13. All these names are gambles. Go get Elliott and call it a day.
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