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  1. I’m sure Tom Hart and Jordan Rogers will clear things up and apologize for their whining during this week’s 11:00 SEC second tier game of the week.
  2. Happens on other teams also. I think these guys were roommates, if I remember right.
  3. Yesterday’s news. We’re in the running for a Top 5 talent that could be argued we need at least as much or more. Instead of debating why we didn’t want him, or why he didn’t want us, it’s next recruit up. Until we know the decision about JS, enjoy that we may have an even better result than what could have been and celebrate if things turn out well on Saturday.
  4. Set an attendance record for the 1980 Tennessee game and were soundly beaten 42-0. Barfield’s last year. Had tons of talent in that backfield.
  5. You can’t leave Joe Cribbs out of the William Andrews and James Brooks discussion. I remember my first year at Auburn and the T-shirts that labeled the first upper deck addition of Jordan-Hare as “The House that Brooks Built”.
  6. One assist in the game. Okoro has it. Very little ball movement.
  7. As said already, there are only so many snaps available and you’re not going to give considerable opportunities to back number 5 or 6. Can’t worry about whether our 5 or 6 man wants to transfer. He’ll make that decision and so be it, one way or the other. Wish him the best with us or somewhere else. Hopefully, we are recruiting replacements every year that are better than the number 5 or 6 guy.
  8. Haven’t seen it mentioned here yet, but Ga. Tech hammered with two-year post-season ban, 4 years of probation with scholarship reductions, and significant recruiting restrictions.
  9. No play, no foul. If the runner interferes, or in the judgement of the umpire interferes with the defense’s ability to make the play, the runner is out. Easy call when the ball plucks the runner and he is in the field of play at the time.
  10. There is a running lane from home to first that is marked in foul territory the last half of the distance to first where the runner must be if there is an interaction between the runner and the defensive player or ball. The lane is there to prevent what actually occurred. Any other baseline this does not apply. I in fact from third to home, runners are taught to advance to home in foul territory to avoid contact with a batted ball, but return to third in fair territory to unofficially distract a throw coming back from home. The call made was correct.
  11. He’ll need to buy into the importance of playing defense.
  12. Not at the game, so can’t answer, but Ashford also has two rushing touchdowns. Hoover up 45-17 in the 4th.
  13. Ashford to Pickens for TD’s of 37, 60, and 88 yards so far.
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