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  1. No mention of Byron Franklin? Solid college career for the time and represented well with the Bills.
  2. Played QB for Lindsey at Spain Park.
  3. Are you serious? Nothing points to anything going on other than a dynamic coaching staff pumping life into the program. We don't have to worry about others starting rumors. We do that in-house.
  4. Line up under center occasionally in short yardage, especially inside the one. Miss a block in the gun and you take a two or more yard loss. Last night, a sneak under center scores a TD before the half. LSU had no one lined up over center. You've got to get two yards when needed.
  5. Sorta sounds like Gus' success the last two years. Cam, senior-laden O-line, experienced receivers, etc., resulting in great offensive numbers, and then inexperienced QB and line play, with very lackluster results. Players make plays and good coaches.
  6. Dyer will get more carries when the offense has more than 50-60 snaps in a game. A great way to start would be for the defense to limit the opponent to less than 90 snaps in a game. Dyer's carries are not our of proportion compared to total offensive plays.
  7. How ironic that the liberal media hammered Arizona for trying to limit access to illegals from South of the border, but suggests that Mr Newton should not have been allowed into the state.
  8. Announced just a while ago on ESPN Bottom Line that Caldwell has been named permanent Head Coach at Vandy.
  9. Watching CJ at the Hoover 7 on 7, he was special at the WR position. He was definitely one of the best receivers at the tournament and looked more natural at receiver than QB. Great size with great hands and moved well. Can only imagine what he can become with coaching at that position. I don't think he will put on a lot more weight. He would be a natural to be used in the slot like Lutzenkirchen. He might have potential on defense. I don't know. I don't know his personality and defense is as much attitude as anything else, but I see him as a natural at the position he has been recruited for (WR). If he has as much talent for receiver as he showed in the 7 on 7, he will be special and have many opportunities to show it.
  10. I mean this in as positive manner as possible. It should not be up to a recruit to ask for an Auburn icon's retired number. These numbers were retired for a reason. They were earned by a select few who will always be recognized at the top level of Auburn's history. I hope that our coaches will honor that distinction.
  11. Agree completely about OMAC. Speed like crazy, but doesn't have the size to break tackles nor the moves to avoid them. Had very impressive stats at the first of last year against slower, lesser talented teams, but stats dropped off considerably after getting into conference play. If OMAC can demonstrate any ability to catch the ball, he will be much more successful getting the ball in the flats, rather than having to pick or create holes in the backfield. We'll rely heavily on Fannin this year. As talented as Dyer appears to be, I'll be surprised if he is an instant early impact player in SEC games. We need to sign a couple of quality backs in this next year's class.
  12. Good teams find ways to win, even on off nights, and all teams have off nights. I hope our team doesn't have your attitude. If so, we should forfeit the first game and save our pitching. Tomorrow is a new day and I still like our chances.
  13. Anyone heard an update as to whether Mummey and Fletcher will be ready for the weekend??
  14. The bammer - ole miss game is really meaningless as far as Auburn's concerned. If we don't win next week's series, we'll be tied with Ole Miss and they will hold the tie-breaker. We control our own destiny by taking care of business next week in Oxford.