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  1. Saw this masterpiece at the mall today. If you have been wanting some Gus Malzahn artwork the time is now. Apparently they are slashing prices.
  2. If you give up that play with 29 seconds you don’t deserve to win
  3. What the heck happened!!! I was renewing my pistol license online in preparation for my drive down to Legion field and Birmingham bowl , then suddenly AU wins!
  4. I’m afraid the first half is what I expected
  5. Our defense has been on the field the entire 1st half
  6. Steele made adjustments to go run heavy that series
  7. A draw play!!!! Heck we don’t run no stinkin draw play. Ole Miss was In shock like me
  8. I expect a player or 2 to be replaced on the line and maybe secondary and the team to get better, but there will be no repeat of last years winning streak to make it to Atlanta. This disaster is not as bad as last years LSU game, but probably will eliminate any chance for a great season. Out coached and outplayed today.
  9. 1980 Tennessee 42-0. I was an Alabama fan at the time and it was the first time I had seen the campus. Had no idea I would be an Auburn student the following year. A great twist of fate.
  10. Me liking some Pettway for the first time this year