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  1. Never done this before in the 1st half before .....turning off the Auburn game. We are no longer serious contenders in the SEC with our current coaches. Sad
  2. This is embarrassing. Apparently Gus doesn’t get embarrassed
  3. We throw a 25 yard pass into double coverage for third and three and they throw a 4 yard pass for a first down. Hmm
  4. We better start wanting it as bad as they do or this game will be out of hand
  5. KY 3 turnovers , 0 AU, was the difference. Encouraging that we played better the 2nd half
  6. I loved watching Lionel “little train” James his last 2 years at Auburn. Comparing him to Worm, Worm is a step faster and a lot stronger. One thing James could do that made him great is stop on a dime and break ankles with his jukes. If Worm can develop that part of his game he will be a star.
  7. AU 31-17 Just finished watching Kentucky season preview show. 5 of 6 predicted a Kentucky victory against AU. For the season the predictions ranged from 8-2 to 6-4. Every team has high hopes before the season begins.
  8. Sadly I’m used to poorly coached offensive games from Gus. This is the worst defensive performance I’ve seen in years. Steele needs to figure out why his defense tends to fade toward the end of the year
  9. 15 penalties. Someone should be fired for that, even if it’s the guy who mows the grass
  10. I knew Gus would never make it long term after this game 2 years ago in Baton Rouge. Why am I still surprised how bad our offense is 2 years later
  11. Funny, I heard the same interview and didn’t take it negatively, just realistically. The question asked Brandon was did he feel like Auburn had a better chance at appearing in the Texas bowl like a website predicted, or a New Year’s Day bowl. He replied Texas bowl because of our difficult schedule. He said it would take an elite offense to get through that schedule. I hope we can develop a 2013 or 2010 offense, but we will have to get great quarterback play.
  12. Saw this masterpiece at the mall today. If you have been wanting some Gus Malzahn artwork the time is now. Apparently they are slashing prices.
  13. If you give up that play with 29 seconds you don’t deserve to win
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