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  1. Birmingham Auburn fans

    Just for fun because it is slow with Auburn sports. My sister in Atlanta texted me today saying she ran into a diehard Auburn fan who after discovering she from Birmingham assumed she was a Bama fan because everyone from Birmingham is a Bama fan. I have read this opinion many times before on this site. So just a few facts: Two polls 10 years apart were virtually the same : Metro Bham: 36% Bama , 16% Auburn. So yes there are over twice the number of Bama fans, but 16% of 1.2 million is almost 200,000 Auburn fans. Probably more than anywhere else. So despite popular opinion that you have to cheer for Auburn or Bama in this state, 48% are fans of other teams or just don't care. Although recent recruiting history is pretty sad (only Darryl Williams), Some of Auburn's greatest players were from Bham such as Bo Jackson. Pat Sullivan, Karlos Dansby, and Stan White. So War Eagle from Bham! A lot of traffic on Hwy 280 on Saturdays. One last thing, unfortunately the media market includes Tuscaloosa and Gadsden/Anniston which means a lot more Bama fans. So it can seem like a bias at times.
  2. 2017 3* WR/KR JaTarvious Whitlow Signs with AU

    Anyone got any film on him?
  3. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    Millennials can come back from their safe place now-and comparable millennials
  4. Auburn vs. uat - game thread

    Ball game
  5. Auburn vs. uat - game thread

    1 possession
  6. Auburn vs. uat - game thread

    The OC and head coach appear clueless
  7. Auburn-Arkansas Score Predictions

    45-24 AU. I'll have Kool-aid, a double, straight up
  8. Let's talk about Sean

    That was the best throw by far. SW threw the ball to a spot 15 yards away from Tony under duress. That was a pro QB throw
  9. ***Auburn vs. Clemson - Game Thread***

    That's a catch
  10. ***Auburn vs. Clemson - Game Thread***

    Just a thought-stick with 1 quarterback the 2nd half and see if that is the guy that can lead the team. Sounds crazy doesn't it๐Ÿ™ƒ
  11. ***Auburn vs. Clemson - Game Thread***

    Is this the greatest fake in the history of college football? Announce White as the QB, let him hand the ball off for 2 series, then bring in Jeremy. Brillant!
  12. What is the Best Auburn Football Game you have ever been to?

    1982 Iron bowl 1989 Iron bowl 2011 Nat championship
  13. Jovon Robinson dismissed

    I posted at 3:30 today JR was gone and it was removed for good reason because it could not be confirmed. It turned out accurate. I can tell you that same person told me it was due to him stealing from a teammate and then getting into a fight with that teammate. I don't know any other details and I don't know who won the fight.
  14. Character & Coe Academic status (Update 7/21/16)

    Made a 0.0 on the ACT. My guidance counselor told me dumb, fat, and stupid was no way to go through life.
  15. 2018 4* QB Joey Gatewood (Auburn 12/5/15)

    Thanks for the salt peter