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  1. Love all these big 10 teams getting beat because I listened to 2 “experts” this week telling everyone that the big 10 was one of the best leagues in history this year. They will tie the record with 6 teams in the sweet 16. Strike 2 of those teams.
  2. Sorry for the loss of your friends. The point you made about not being immune if you already had the virus is a very good one. If you have been sick before you are possibly not fully immune and you could still pass it to other people. The number of patients in the hospital are decreasing every week since the the peak in early January, but still are 1.5 times higher than the previous peak in early August. People are still dying every day. Get vaccinated when you can and be safe until then.
  3. Wow was I ever wrong at the beginning of the season when I was optimistic about Chad Morris. There was a good reason he didn’t win at Arky. If he ever gets a job in a major conference again I would be shocked
  4. True story. While I was in school several of us were talking to Kevin at a party when someone asked what his future plans were. At that time he was a junior and not even starting at end. They would bring him in passing situations to put pressure on the quarterback. His answer was quick and decisive, “next year I will be all SEC and then will have a 10 year NFL career”. We all looked at each other thinking the same thing, sure you will Kevin. I’ll always remember that. He was one of the most driven football players to ever play the game.
  5. Head coach Team Auburn Conference SEC Record Wikipedia page for Billy Napier. Looks like a done deal
  6. Head butt to the punters crotch. Don’t think I have seen that before
  7. Sometimes Bo is running for his life, but so far he has played a horrible game. He seems more scared in the pocket than anytime this season. Needs to settle down
  8. They have run at Big cat 7-8 times and he hasn’t even been close to making a play.
  9. I’m afraid the only difference it will make is if he caught from Mac Jones and Najee Harris
  10. Only one thing could make me mix a martini before noon
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