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  1. Thank you. I always have trouble using a phone to get audio. Hopefully this will work
  2. Can someone suggest a link to stream live audio of the broadcast for today's game. Preferably using a cell phone. Thanks and can't wait to hear how we play today.
  3. Had to laugh. Espn shows he 4.75 forty time...whoever was doing the clocking must have been asleep
  4. Does anyone know who the recruit is to Gus's immediate left? The one with the mohawk, and looking at the screen. I swear I saw this kid on a flight into Fort Myers.
  5. Thanks tigerfan, I too am biding time. I may wait and try to scalp some lower level tickets. I just can't believe the prices people are asking some of their tickets. Good hunting to you too. Still wondering if anyone knows if I need to plan on buying a ticket for my one year old? WDE
  6. War Eagle to all AE members. My family and I are heading to Atlanta for the Clemson game. I wanted to see if any members might have tickets for sale. This will be my son's first AU game, and I am trying to find tickets in the lower level. I also wanted to ask if anyone knows if I need a ticket for my son who is only one. Thanks:) Ps September 1 needs to get here soon!
  7. Well that says it all. Pork salad... Cannibals! Hysterical:)
  8. WAR EAGLE: From Ft Myers, FL Track' em Tigers
  9. Congrats!!!!
  10. Thank you
  11. Does anyone know what t.v. station is broadcasting the game?
  12. Hello Crew, I know this post should really be on a techie website, but I thought I would ask. Do any of you know if I can watch Auburn games via my Iphone? I will be at a wedding Sat. night and I am afraid I am going to miss most of the auburn game. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Thanks for the update. Sorry missed that post. Glad to hear it. I hope we have reached that 1500 dollar mark.
  14. I made a donation yesterday as I am sure others have too. I would like to know if you still plan to close this site. I am really concerned I might lose one of my favorite sites. Can you give us an idea if we are still going to wake up sat. with great disappointment? Maybe you could let us know what is needed to keep the site running.