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  1. DThriftWarEagle

    2020 3* WR JJ Evans

    Talented kid, and good family. I've seen him play a few times this season.
  2. DThriftWarEagle

    ***Auburn vs. Alabama -- Game Thread***

    War Eagle my friends.
  3. DThriftWarEagle

    ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    Hoping for a Win. War Eagle. Playcalling will have to be aggressive.
  4. DThriftWarEagle

    ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    War Eagle. Get this W.
  5. DThriftWarEagle

    ***Auburn vs. Georgia Southern -- Game Thread***

    War Eagle! Get that W, and stay healthy
  6. DThriftWarEagle

    Shifting the O-Line

    Does anyone think that we may see a couple of players switched on the Offensive Line this week?
  7. DThriftWarEagle

    2016 Starting Lineup Projection

    QB - John Franklin III RB - Jovon Robinson HB - Chandler Cox WR - Nate Craig-Myers WR - Darius Slayton WR - Ryan Davis TE - Landon Rice LT - Braden Smith LG - Alex Kozan C - Austin Golson RG - Mike Horton RT - Darius James DE - Carl Lawson DT - Montravious Adams DT - Devaroe Lawrence DE - Byron Cowart WLB - T.J. Neal MLB - Tre Williams SLB - Jeffrey Holland Nickel - Rudy Ford CB - Carlton Davis CB - Jamel Dean S - Stephen Roberts S - Tray Matthews K - Daniel Carlson P - Kevin Phillips
  8. Everyone gets through it healthy.
  9. DThriftWarEagle

    SEC Network Game Replays

    They've been a bit better this year since the time slot is for three hours now.
  10. DThriftWarEagle

    Postgame A Day

    Overall Johnson looked totally in control of the offense. I loved that calm demeanor that he showed. Loved seeing our HB's in the passing game. Beautiful catch by Cox. That wheel route will be deadly this season. Loved watching Roc run. Tray Matthews in the secondary is definitely what we need. Myron Burton was refreshing to see. Imagine what this team will look like once we get people healthy!
  11. DThriftWarEagle

    The player I think comes out of nowhere in 2015 is...

    I think Tony Stevens will come out of nowhere.
  12. DThriftWarEagle

    Dontavious Russell and Andrew Williams

    Agree. There's two sides to every story.
  13. DThriftWarEagle

    Dontavious Russell and Andrew Williams

  14. DThriftWarEagle

    Welcome to our new Tigers

    http://www.auburntig.../120414aaa.html Actual article is helpful...
  15. I know it's just an exhibition game but I'm excited to see how well the team works together.