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  1. Well, the school can’t pay anything outside of scholarships. Now, if you are referring to boosters, that’s a different thing. I would be willing to bet that no one/collective is going to pay for 85 football players. Makes no sense. What about all the other sports? Where is the return on investment for said donor/collective? This whole idea of collective is stupid in my opinion and doesn’t fit the purpose of NiL. The original intent was to benefit both player and party that was giving money (aka endorsements for that product).
  2. Gonna go out on limb and say I bet they aren’t as offended as you. It’s only in this day and age that referencing a woman’s sporting team as “Lady Tigers” would offend someone that is not even affiliated with the team. How does someone even come on a forum and say that without even asking any member of the team if it’s offensive to them.
  3. If people want to compare Ashford to a current player, I believe the right comparison would be Plumlee. Both struggled with passing their first year playing meaningful snaps but are exceptional runners.
  4. It’s not paradoxical at all. Bama didn’t deserve to be in it and all the talk is just BS. Tennessee was more deserving and there was very little talk about them being worthy. Shows the propaganda machine loves some Bama.
  5. Solid as hell, Woody. It’s truly amazing seeing people twist this into something else
  6. Not that commitments matter now a days, but I thought he already committed to Arkansas
  7. Can someone please tell me when Deion was added to the Staff? Asking for a friend.
  8. Harsin continued the downward trend of not recruiting quality, talented and just bodies in general. Signing Ashley proves a several things: 1) Evaluation was lacking. 2) Recruiting rankings are not an exact science 3) player development was fundamentally bad. 4) if a player is not willing to put in effort to get better, it doesn’t matter what your rankings are
  9. He only recruited him because Alabama had signed him so he must be kinda good in Gus’ eyes. Gus wouldn’t know what a talented Olineman looked like if it was on the cover Vogue.
  10. I don’t believe portal is “ruining “ college football but I am not a fan of NIL. It’s an uneven playing field and currently too many unknowns. If money should be paid in my opinion, it should be a set amount for each player on every team. It should come from TV revenue, merchandise sales and ticket sales. I think the Toothpaste is out of the tube, so it’s never going back. But as it stands currently, I think there could be a better way of giving players some money without this current system
  11. To expect or believe that with the portal that Auburn will have a big year next year is not realistic. Auburn for the last three seasons has been a .500 team. Expecting any coach to come in here and change this around in one year is crazy. All I want to see is a team that is winning the games it should and competitive against the better ranked teams.
  12. This ^^^^^right here if AU wants to be consistent
  13. Don’t bother. There are so many examples of players coming in under the radar and then performing way beyond any stupid high school rankings. He is an Anti-Freezer to the core so every chance will be to cut him down
  14. He’s talking about if Auburn had signed McCall out of HS as a two star.
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