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  1. Here is my take and I’m comparing it to good to very good SEC teams in the past. It’s not necessarily to any particular team, just my overall viewing of good teams in the past. DB’s-Average talent at the cornerback position and slightly below average at safety LB’s-below average. Not good in pass coverage, tackling and filling gaps. Get pushed around way too much DL- below average at tackle and slightly above average at edge. By far the best game against LSU for the line, but they were playing several freshman. OL-below average and this horse has been beaten silly RB- above average and if they played on a good line, you would see how good they really are QB- below average and I’m not sure any would start for any other SEC team, besides Vandy. WR-average. Haven’t seen anything that would convince me otherwise but that is probably due to coaching TE-average. Miss a lot of blocks but they have shown that they can catch Overall, there is no depth on the defensive line and linebackers. If the backups on the offensive line are worse than the starters, they need processed off. I would give overall talent a C-
  2. But that’s not the reason teams fire coaches now during the season. There is an early recruiting period now and it lets potential recruits know that a change is coming. If the person that you are targeting is currently not coaching, you can begin negotiating with said coach. If the coach that you are targeting is currently coaching, you can contact his agent and gage his interest. Lastly, it’s still way too early to fire a coach that is currently 3-2. I believe that if he is going to get fired during the year, it will probably happen during the off week. I don’t see auburn winning the rest of the year, most definitely the next two.
  3. These comparisons are bit extreme, don’t you think? Comparing a coach to not saying or taking additional action on reported behavior by an employee to a convicted criminal is a bit of a stretch in my opinion. And then to compare that criminal behavior with connections to said activity, that’s absolutely crazy. Where did UM commit a crime?
  4. Maryland tiger is code for Miss Terri in case some didn’t know
  5. Hopefully they saw the Missouri game and have already made their minds up and just want a bird’s eye view.
  6. What I want to see from whoever is hired is during the initial press conference to address the two elephants in the room, recruiting against Alabama and Georgia. I want to hear them say that auburn needs to win the battle on the recruiting field between those two, and that that will be his focus day in and day out.
  7. Not trying to get in the middle of this cat fight, but look at Sam Pittman. He is the face of Arkansas. Do you not think because you haven’t seen him lead, that he can’t do it? I don’t know a thing about the guy. I really don’t remember him at Auburn, I guess because there was another Grimes. If Gus can be the face of the program, I believe there are plenty that could do the job
  8. In my opinion and has been mentioned by several on here concerning Deion, Does he even want to leave JSU to coach at another school other than whatever his dream job is? For those on here that question his coaching ability, just stop. A blind person can out coach Les Miles and he won a National championship. Deion would surround himself with people that can coach and implement the X’s and O’s ( even though I don’t think that is an issue with him). If Auburn hired him, in the eyes of everyone currently running every major television network (ESPN, CBS, FOX sports) would immediately change the perception of Auburn. Just this alone, would change the landscape of how auburn is viewed. For those that don’t want to believe it, auburn is currently viewed in a negative manner concerning how things are handled down on the plains. My only negative concern if he was offered and took the job would be if another opportunity was presented to him and he takes it. Selfishly, I want someone that’s going to stay 10 - 15 years.
  9. It would take several Georgia turnovers into touchdowns (aka 2019 Alabama game) and several long touchdown plays by Auburn to even be close. i honestly believe that Georgia could lineup and run the ball every play and they would still win (with Ashford as QB). If TJ can play, it at least gives the appearance of someone that can somewhat pass. Auburn won’t be able to block them long enough to be consistent at throwing even with TJ.
  10. Auburn should take this post right here and fire him for dereliction of duty. Shows that, so called family members, know that he is going to get fired and is sabotaging the season and program. BTW, I’m only halfway joking, if a coach with this much experience can’t see that he doesn’t have the horses to run this type of offense and continues to try it, in my opinion, is bad at his job. I can tell from my couch that AU can’t lineup and outmanned someone. Now get your head out of your A$$, and come up with a new strategy
  11. U might want to watch some film on that take.
  12. I’m a typical fan so I don’t concentrate on any given play specifically on the offensive line. It becomes more apparent when they show a highlight of a sack or a play failing to pick up a first down. Besides just a general overall meanness mentality, I don’t think they have that. I don’t get to see them everyday, so I would love to know what it is that some do really well individually and as a group. I don’t give much credence in the backups not being just as good because I don’t have much faith in this staff to recognize talent (ex:not going out and getting more lineman last recruiting cycle). That in itself is very alarming and had me doubting their ability to coach in the SEC. Back to blocking, if I saw it correctly on the 4th and 1 when Tank was stopped, it was number 86 missing the block. So it’s not just lineman. I would spread the field out as far as I could and make defenses at least spread out. Maybe it would give some better angles for line to block and space for the backs. What I do know is that lining up in the tight formations gives AU zero chance
  13. Not to beat a dead horse, but one of those coaches was almost fired after having only one season. I think a commitment was made to one coach and not the other. I’m not for keeping Harsin, but I wanted to add that this attempted witch-hunt has to factor in somewhere.
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