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  1. You don’t need parent approval. You are considered an adult. Hell, I couldn’t even see my sons grades unless he let me.
  2. Richt lost at least 2 SEC games a year from 2003 - 2010.
  3. Not even close. GA just played in a NCAA championship game two years ago. Played in three straight SEC championship games.
  4. Got to admit...not a big fan of this attitude. It may not have any bearing on the outcome of the game. But it screams out, I’m not happy or excited about where we are at or who we are playing. You can bet a million dollars that Minnesota is excited about playing in a bowl game and playing a three lose SEC team
  5. It seems everyone has their opinion and nothing is going to change the opinions of those commenting on this subject. I’m going to add this just to give some clarity on where I stood with this. If all the reports that were coming out of spring practice and early summer practices were true, it’s that the competition was really close. So If this were the case, there should have been situations throughout a game that JG should have been given “the offense “ not “a package “ to run during a game. There were numerous times during games that BN did not look comfortable and wasn’t playing good football. The reason people are frustrated is because there wasn’t a plan in place for this to happen. Auburn was starting a true freshman!!!! Did the staff not have a plan to give BN a moment during games to regroup, refocus or whatever term you want to use to get his mind right? After looking back on the year without any bias towards the coach or any player, I’m a firm believer that if a few plays had gone differently The season would’ve played out completely different
  6. This will only add more competition in the SEC West. It just got harder +1
  7. If the Lane Kiffin to ole miss is true, They instantly become a better team. It’s a huge improvement from Luke. Depending on who Arkansas goes after, the West is only going to get tougher. I stating all this to say, CGM better up his game.
  8. But success has been undeniable. Devision champion. Conference champion. Title game. Every year we are in a position to have a shot. Despite the limitations of the coach you mentioned. Do you think another coach guarantees that level of success or greater or even gives us a fair shot at it? I'm content. I understand there is room for growth. I think it is happenni g with Malzahn Since I have been watching and cheering for AU (1982) every head coach that AU has hired has reached a level of success equal to or greater than CGM. Some of those hires have been questionable at best. I say this to show that just about any decent coach can come to Auburn and have success. It’s not that difficult to win here.
  9. To win the west usually requires no conference or only one conference lose. Another very good opponent only helps in strengthening rating of the schedule (win or lose). If Auburn had beaten GA in SECCG two years ago, it would have made the playoffs. Only time a two lose team would have been in the playoffs
  10. With the way the season played out (missed opportunities and untimely mistakes), it’s easy to look back on the season and say, that was a tough schedule. Of course it was, it’s tough every year. Especially with the current situation with several of AU’s opponents unprecedented run of success. Given this facts with a few breaks, AU could possibly be undefeated and still playing. My point is that AU should never look across the field and think the other team is better.
  11. I think if Brahms had started instead of Kim, a couple of games would have turned out different. Plus if a couple of plays had gone different
  12. 1. Have never seen the team not play hard under Gus 2. Looks ok in a visor 3. Yells boom when something goes right
  13. All I was thinking was why couldn’t DB have run it back against Florida. Just shows you how luck can change the outcomes of games, sometimes as much as play calling or coaching