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  1. Surely there is something in the contract of AU employees that says conduct that is not in good standing with the principles and beliefs of the university can be grounds for dismissal. No way this guy deserves to represent any university
  2. It seems that the only time that this topic comes up is when Democrats don’t win the presidency. You never hear about this when Clinton won two terms or Obama won two terms. Isn’t that funny???
  3. Can anyone really believe anything coming from CNN? I don’t believe everything coming from FOX either. And Hospitals are getting funded for having more covid cases. That was a part of the bill that was passed. And just so you can see the slant in the media, check out what cnn said about Trumps visit to mt. Rushmore and then look up cnn and see what they said about O’Bama’s visit to the same place
  4. Have you not heard the systemic mentioned one million times in the last two weeks?
  5. Not to be a Debbie downer but how do we really know how many cases there are if everyone that thinks they have some symptoms but are told not to go to hospital or get tested?
  6. Like this post a lot! Time to have something different at least for one game. And to all that aren’t on board, all of the other sports at AU have orange jerseys
  7. I know it’s if’s, and’s or but’s, AU did hold them to 23 points but I believe they had close to the same yardage as Bama. A couple of 4th down stops inside the 5 yard line is what prevented close to 40 points being scored. Not saying that AU wasn’t in the game or had their chance to win because they did. DJ stepping out of bounds on the long run hurt badly.
  8. Sad to see what was once the dominant program in the SEC become an eighth place team. Thank you former athletic director!!
  9. I believe this is the wrong way of solving the issue. I’m a fan of the minor league system for all sports. If you decide to go to college, you should play three years and then enter the pros. College baseball has been under this model and it works out just fine. There is already a minor league basketball league, so the only league needing to get onboard is football
  10. I disagree. Once the 2010 Offense hit it’s stride, they were hard to stop. Although the 1983 team had a strong running game, it could be stopped. Don’t think the 1983 team could out score the 2010 team
  11. My original four of Oklahoma was a misprint. I was thinking of Oregon
  12. With Smith, Harris, Moses and the tackle returning, They are going to be tough to beat. Jones has shown that he is more than capable of scoring points. Their defense will be improved due to playing lots of freshmen. Not sure who the QB will be for OU, that’s why I didn’t have them in. If the QB for Texas is returning, I see them winning that conference
  13. this is a hard topic for me to come to a conclusion. The defense at times were lights out, and then there were times when a stop was needed and it couldn’t get it done. I thought the LSU game was a perfect example of how the season played out. It held the best offense in the country to its lowest point total, but gave up tons of yards. It showed a unique defense formation and went against its normal style and strategies.
  14. Final Four in no particular order: Clemson Ohio State Alabama oklahoma
  15. This is gold. I think it’s one of the biggest things that people overlook.