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  1. I think in a perfect situation any coach could beat another coach if things played out perfectly on a given night.
  2. aubaseball

    Coach Ryan Russell

    Let’s just look at some facts: current offensive rankings has auburn at 79 washington 44 lsu 84 ark 94 southern miss 46 miss st 69 tenn 109 ole Mississippi 5 so I see a very poor to very average offensive teams so far. Except ole siss, which was my point. A great defense could have stopped all these other games, even with a pisspoor offense that AU has this year.
  3. aubaseball

    Coach Ryan Russell

    The problem with this thinking is that auburn has not played anyone except Washington that has a decent offense. Everyone knows that the offense is terrible this year, yet in all the games (Not sure of score in MSU game) auburn has been leading at halftime. Why hasn’t the defense held on to the lead? Don’t say it’s because they are on the field all the time, because they can stop the other team and get off the field. With as bad as the offense has played (and I’m saying it’s bad) I’m just not willing to say that CKS is the free from blame with how the season has gone. This is a season of unfortunate bounces, bad oline play, bad qb play, poor evaluation of talent and no adjustments to scheme. The fault lays at the feet of the head coach, but I’m not going to give any coach a pass.
  4. aubaseball

    Butch Jones on Alabama Sideline

    Exactly and that’s why baby Saban had the rule changed and now your center is five yards downfield blocking on passes.
  5. aubaseball

    Coach Ryan Russell

    I just don’t get all the love for CKS. If everyone would apply the same logic that they apply to Gus and apply it to Steele, then the answer is he has coached just as bad as Gus. If you take talent at each level of the team and compare(example dline vs oline) the defense wins out on who has the most talent on the team. So why are we giving the pass to Steele??? I will go out on the limb and say that the defense has been the reason for the 3 losses and the play of the quarterback. Auburn’s defense took two of the worst quarterbacks in the conference and turned them into players of the week. They even made Burrow look decent plus the officials.
  6. aubaseball

    Butch Jones on Alabama Sideline

    Watch the bama oline on the so called “rpo” play. They are five yards downfield blocking on downfield passes
  7. aubaseball

    Malzahn post game

    Troll much?????try spell check
  8. aubaseball

    Offensive Identity/Scheme

    Ole miss is terrible at defense. That power run game managed a whooping 10 points in first half. Ole miss doesn’t have the defensive line that the rest of the west has up front.
  9. aubaseball

    What if we Win out

    This would be a huge turnaround from where we are currently sitting, but I would be happy as a pig in sh*t if AU won out. That would probably mean GA doesn’t make SEC championship and BAma lost to what some are saying is the worst team in a long time. I would find this quite enjoyable. I wouldn’t be thinking about Gus, I would be overcome with joy for the players
  10. aubaseball

    The first time I worried about Gus as our HC...

    Not sure why this game was picked?? AU fumbled at the goal line and butt snap fumbled at the end going in for at least an attempt to tie. I would lean more towards Clemson and the whirlybird
  11. aubaseball

    Data on how predictable we are on Offense...

    What???? Are we on the same planet? Alabama gave us the game so they didn’t have to play Georgia twice??? Seriously!! And bama doesn’t care about wins or loses??? Hopefully this was a joke and I took it wrong. But if this were your true thoughts, this kind of thinking is so off and misplaced.
  12. aubaseball

    What if Gus resigned?

    Yes!!! Either you have never played sports or know nothing about being competitive. To get to the level that these guys are at, you have to have the mentality that you can fix anything. Because if you don’t, you are acknowledging that you aren’t the person for the job
  13. aubaseball

    Staff Changes

    Auburn4ever is like the monkey at the zoo. Throws sh*t out just to see what sticks.
  14. aubaseball

    What I would do...

    I’ve heard this argument and it’s just doesn’t hold water. If you are truly elite, it will be a puntfest. Also, explain how coming out after halftime the last two weeks the other team have drives that consume half the quarter and score points. If he is as good as everyone says, why aren’t the scores 3-2
  15. aubaseball

    What I would do...

    #5. Not sure why there is so much love for him. Auburn just gave 300 yards rushing and 300 yards passing to two very very average borderline poor teams.