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  1. Auburn might have a back up plan

    I know that I’m in the minority, but I like this backup plan
  2. So who wants to keep him now?

    Gus has had to play Bama and Clemson at what is the best run in each of their schools history. He has also lost to several bad teams but overall is hard to compare with just 5 seasons. If he has 5 more, it would be a fair comparison
  3. Bama Injury Update

    Not quite sure why the coaches didn’t sit Williams for the ULM game. It would have made the most sense and should have happened. I know hindsight is 20/20 but it would have been a smart play by the coaches
  4. end the hot seat talk

    If CGM were to leave, Mushchamp would be in the running if past history has anything to do with it. Bob Stoops would be my first call. Kiffin would be the hire that would piss bama fans off the most. Petrino would be the hire that would provide the most consistent level of success. Briles would bring a high flying offensive show and Strong would bring the best defense. Of course, this is just my opinion
  5. What is the key to an IB win?

    That’s a miss leading stat. Those yards are based on sacks and when it was needed the biggest gain of the night was with his legs. the keys will be: 1) if we can run and stopping theirs. 2) turnovers. 3) 3rd down conversions
  6. Inside the numbers with Bama

    It’s because AU doesn’t get their heads turned around enough on the one on one coverage. Seems to me AU is taught more to play the receiver instead of the ball
  7. Should we extend Malzahn's contract?

    Absolutely no on the extension. If history serves me correctly, JJ always had some kind of roll over in his contracts anyway. Something about Winning a certain amount of games, you would get another year added on
  8. Next year's team

    If holland stays, 1st rounder in 2019. Carlton could possibly move to 1st round if he stayed as well. DeShaun and Tre will be missed. Safety will be a position of need in a bad way. O line will need some help and hopefully the 5 star tackle from last years class can come in and take over RT. If kp and kj come back great, but I’m of the opinion that RBs are probably the easiest position to replace in terms of player experience
  9. Kirby Smart, The Auburn Coach who wasn't

    This is why auburn is auburn. And I’m not talking in a good way
  10. Opinions on how UGA has owned us lately?

    Here is my take: usually the games are fairly close in talent and score. For some unexplained reason, sometimes AU doesn’t show up and the game is not close. Rarely do we blow them out. The series used to be that the home would lose most of the time, not your typical outcome. AU has had more National success in the last 10 years but GA has had the better of us
  11. Gus would be wise to look around

    I’m just not sure auburn can ever get to a consistent 10 win team. It never has so why do people think we can? Just from a competitive standpoint, AU plays one of the toughest schedules in the country year in and year out. Right now, there are three coaches I can think of that have had their tams with consistent 10 win seasons(saban, Meyer and Dabo). We aren’t getting any of them. I’m all for letting Gus go, I’m just not sure AU will ever be the team is consistently winning 10 games a year .
  12. Gus would be wise to look around

    This is what everyone seems to forget
  13. what are the keys to beating Georgia?

    This offense would be a whole lot better if stidham would keep the ball 4 to 5 times. Would love to see after a made first down instead of up the gut, he would keep it. Especially inside the red zone
  14. what are the keys to beating Georgia?

    I would say that used to be old saying, but not anymore. Bama had a dominant defense last year and got out scored in the championship game. In today’s college world, you have to score and the days of winning 10 to 7 are over.
  15. what are the keys to beating Georgia?

    Not saying that I want a bad D, but when you have a great offense you always have a chance. When the O can’t score, you have zero chance. At least in 2014, we were winning. Unlike 2012, when we couldn’t even move the ball.