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  1. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    Just a hunch, but Im interested to see how this week plays out. Whites dismissal, Cowart quitting and Missouri getting embarrassed last week. I see a close game and if things have fallen apart in the locker room, a loss. Hopefully, all this drama has rallied the team together and we see a different team
  2. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    If you call going 8-4 and 9-3 winning like BB , then I guess you are right. He won two legitimate championship and back he was way into a third. I don't care if the conference was down or not. Yea Auburn was in the championship game in 2013 by winning two games on a prayer and then having another team lose their championship game. Alabama missed four field goals in the kick six game, do you really think Gus out coached anyone in that game. now I will agree he has done nothing at Arkansas but he is still better than Gus
  3. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    That was one year. And it shows that he can coach a variety of style of players. People may not like the guy because of the stuff being said by him towards Gus when he got to the SEC, but to deny the man's overall resume compared to malzahn is laughable
  4. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    If Bert was coach at AU, do you think AU would be better than now or worse? That was my reason for the ranking. I believe that that style of offense is what would consistently win games for AU. It's no doubt in my mind that he is a better coach than GUS. Gus wouldn't have won squat at Wisconsin
  5. The Woes of Malzahn- Insights and Looking Forward

    You and I must have the same feelings and thoughts. I would even take it a step further back and say, why did we hire chizik??? I've been one of the loudest against Gus, but I still want to see how the season plays out. It's frustrating to watch but also kinda funny to watch too, in a sad, weird way
  6. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    1. Saban 2 Mullen 3. Smart 4 Stoops 5 Muschamp 6 mason 7 Florida coach 8 Bielima 9 malzhan 10 ole miss coach 11 Missouri coach 12 oregeron i base this off of if these guys were coaching at auburn instead of their current school Would AU be better off. That's how I would rate them
  7. I couldn't disagree more. There are some basic plays that need to be in every offense no matter what you run. A pass to a tight end and fullback is pretty basic
  8. This is what I don't understand. Shouldn't all offenses utilize every position??? This is a coaching nightmare if they don't have basic plays to utilize everyone.
  9. 1/4 of the Season

    By watching what we have so far and seeing what the SEC is so far, AU will be in a position to win them all heading into GA. If he is 8-1 and then loses to them and bama. No way he is getting fired. AU would be the laughing stock of the NCAA. I'm going to say right now, GA and bama are going to be playing in the SEC championship game. The SEC sucks right now. You can lump them all in the same pot, except Bama.
  10. Culture of Excellence

    I get the jest of what he is saying but bama is far from perfect. The difference in programs is that they have hired someone that demands attention to detail on the field. They have done this by cheating at every level and have now built a machine that sustains itself. All the best d-lineman, linebackers and defensive backs want to play at Alabama because they know know they will get great coaching and drafted in the top rounds. They seem to be getting great offensive lineman, tailbacks and one wide receiver every year. They even lose players because of lack of playing time but always seem to play guys enough to keep them around even when the new 5 star doesn't start. Just look at yesterday for AU , only running back to have a carry was an injured one. It really and truly blows my mind
  11. Good the bad and the ugly

    Yep. Soft o line and pettway appears a tad slow. Hopefully it's the plantar and not something else. What's really sad is the SEC as a hole appears to be down again, except Alabama. If Auburn was just decent they could very well head into bama game 10-1, but the way they are playing right now there's no way of that happening
  12. ***FINAL: Auburn 24 Mercer 10***

    There appears to be no leadership on this team (especially offense). I take nothing from this game because of playing mercer. Gus appeared nervous on the sidelines and I saw no emotion from the team
  13. Who Do You Want?

    This is a post that is spot on. Someone that is not just throwing names out
  14. Texas A&M -- Sumlin -- Hot Seat

    Ran off Franklin????he went to penn state. Top 20 program of all time. Not sure about Meyer?? That is still a mystery to me why he left. In my opinion it wasn't saban. He definitely ran off chizik
  15. Re-Watch the Game to temper your analysis

    Not a screen to a receiver but a screen to a running back??