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  1. This just my opinion but I’m not sure that there was just one mvp. During the run at the end of the year and throughout both tournaments, every player provided just what was needed to win. My only wish for going forward is to play smarter. AU’s play at end of several games (Florida, New Mexico State and Virginia) were plays that were great hustle but not very smart. This includes coaching. We fouled a three point shooter in the act of shooting on three occasions with the other team having a chance of going ahead. It was a great run by the team and a very unfortunate injury to the player that was playing the best basketball on the team at that time. And it’s my personal belief that if Chuma were playing, Auburn would be national champions tonight.
  2. Didn’t they pass a rule that says if you don’t get drafted, you can return to school? If so and I were giving him advice , I would say return and be a sure fire 1st round next year. AU has the best doctor out there and a rehab center second to none. He would be back playing, depending on severity of course, by January 2020 ready to go. Carry the team into ncaa tournament and set the stage for high 1st round pick
  3. You do know that the 5 / 12 seed games are the games that have the most upsets in tourney history?
  4. The sec tournament should be moved up a day. End on Saturday instead of Sunday
  5. If AU had any kind passing game concept, you would see a steady set of receptions per position on a consistent basis. For example: the number one receiver would be getting approximately 80 catches, #2 about 40, a TE about 40, RB’s about 40 and the rest to other receivers. CGM does not have a concept or game plan that dictates that he will utilize all of these in a game plan. Just my thoughts
  6. What little I saw of Willis would lead me to believe that he is not capable of being a QB that would win in the SEC. As far as Cord, I would say that Dan Mullen has a better track record of evaluating QB talent than Gus. So therefore, I think Cord is the biggest unknowns and possible the best option for winning next year. Never underestimate maturity. I think that he might be the wild card
  7. The problem with this logic is that the defense lost all of those games. With the exception of Ga, the offense did more than enough to win those other games.
  8. What about all of Alabama’s receivers that have to block for their running game? Go back as far as Julio, they all have to block. Our problem is not that they have to block, it’s the passing game without any professional concepts to attack a weakness
  9. This is just my opinion but in the overall picture of football and in particular the SEC, until Saban leaves everyone is playing second fiddle to them. No matter who auburn hires as an assistant coach, it’s not going to matter because the team across the state is getting the best players and currently getting great assistant coaches.
  10. To be fair, he has also coached in a championship game, won an SEC championship and played for another.
  11. I agree to everything you said. I would also add getting Davidson and Tega to stay is also important. The one play that I think sums up why Gatewood is the better player at QB than Willis was the speed read on a third down that he handed off when he should have kept the ball on a huge hole up the middle. It was the play that Mississippi State ran over and over against AU and wasn’t able to stop it. You could see Gus was frustrated with Willis when they came off the field
  12. The score was 63 -14. Gus wasn’t going to run anything else. He was trying to end the game without embarrassing Purdue anymore than they already were. Just what little I saw of Gatewood, he is the better option between him and Willis.