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  1. I think that I'm at a point were I can not feel bad for athletes and coaches who risk millions of dollars for doing what appears to be the dumbest things.
  2. Washington is on the schedule for 2018. Cal for 2020 and 2021 or close to that. In no particular order, I would like ND, ASU, UCLA and Stanford.
  3. The only team I currently see capable of this type of success is Ohio state.
  4. Was a junior college transfer from California. West coast kid and played during the dead bat era. It's a shame because he was a big guy
  5. Ron Stallworth. Solid player and better person
  6. To me the biggest game to determine how well the season goes will be the Clemson game. Win that one and I think the confidence will only get better from that win. The rest will be determined by injuries. If we are pretty lucky with the injuries, we might run the table until bama
  7. They have just as many memorable games as us. Van Tiffins kick, bo the wrong way and many others. Sweet victory is different in everyone's eyes. A good butt whooping is just as sweet as a kick six, in my opinion. During the Dye era, auburn missed out on a big opportunity to even up the overall record. I don't believe in choosing when to rate the series and what timeframe to take into account. Both programs have been on probation and have had their share of cheating. Saban is an a$$hole and I hope this season is the beginning of the downfall
  8. I believe it's an overall indictment of where the athletic department is currently. It's called attention to detail. The picture of Gus is down right embarrassing.
  9. 1984 AU started the season in some polls #1. Lost 2 of the first 3 games. 2014 was another year ranked very high in the pre-season. One of the most disappointing seasons for me. Wasted a very good offensive team.
  10. The saddest part of this is that they have owned us the last ten years
  11. A batter doesn't have to get out of the way. The only thing he can't do is lean into the pitch
  12. Players don't get that much of a signing bonus if the scouts don't think he can play. It's possible that he could have returned to auburn and had the same year or even slightly better and he might not have gotten the same money. It's all about leverage and when you're a senior you have none
  13. True tigerbelle. Plus a lot of times the team will pick up college cost for players trying to get their degrees. As far as baseball is concerned it was a smart decision, because in a way is behind the eight ball already.
  14. He would have had to outperform the year he had this year to get more money than what he got. Not saying he couldn't have done that, but he made a good decision from where I stand. That is a nice check and he will get every opportunity to continue up ladder. That is a substantial investment by the angels and he will more chances to succeed
  15. Seriously, no one cares about other sports? I got as much enjoyment at AU winning NC in swimming as I did winning the 2010 football NC. AU was winning multiple championships in swimming.