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  1. Amen to this. And to have Ben Leard in any top 5 is hilarious. No matter if you saw him in person or not, not having Pat Sullivan as number 1 is unAuburn. I say because he played four years at Auburn and Cam only played 1. Cam had a great season and deserves a 1b.
  2. I posted in another topic about having JG in on third and short or four and short situations. I don’t believe it could be stopped as long as the plays are mixed up out of the same formations. I’ve played sports (all three in HS and one in college) and I’m completely at a loss on why someone that is paid so much money can’t comprehend on how to properly utilize the assets that they have.
  3. What people fail to see is that teams know we have a good defensive line, so they aren’t going to line and try to run it down our throats. Good teams , open up with quick short passes to open up the run game. It happens every game against anyone with a QB. Hell, it even happened with a QB who couldn’t start on his high school team. Fromm, Tua and Burrow will quick slant on us all day until the dline is on its heels, and then will begin to run the ball late in the game. It’s been the MO against AU for years.
  4. I completely understand the QB situation. As far as when Cam was at AU, I don’t recall there ever being a situation of third and short and not getting a first down. As much as the loss to Florida hurt the season, I was more upset that on 3rd and one, we ran the same play numerous times . This is just me, but I do not believe that anyone could stop JG if Auburn lined up in two tight end set with two lead blockers that Gatewood could not get a yard. And as far as JG not starting in HS, neither did the guy that just beat AU.
  5. If you go back and watch the play, Malik Miller was wide open on a check down to the right and he would have walked into the end zone
  6. If you would have asked me preseason, I would have said no. Now sitting at 5-0 and playing Florida with a backup QB and getting 5 turnovers, I would say ten wins was very likely. Here is my opinion on the matter, CGM has handicapped this team by not playing JG. From what was being said and put out, was that the competition was very close and a starter wasn’t selected until a week prior to first game. That tells me that both QB’s have something to give to the team. JG should be getting one or two possessions per quarter. CGM has not proven in seven seasons that he knows how to handle a roster. I’ve only seen the kid for a couple of runs and I can see that DJ Williams is the best running back on the team.
  7. If I’m being honest, I don’t like anything that he says. It’s literally the same thing every season. “We have to get the tightends more catches”. “We have to get (insert name) more touches”. “We had a package for him but couldn’t get him in the game”. It never happens. I would rather him say, I just didn’t think we needed to get him the ball
  8. Don’t substitute!!! I also noticed several times that when Florida was on offense, they would appear to be checking into a different play and waiting for our dline to look over and get a sign. Florida would snap the ball before the dline was even looking at the ball
  9. It truly blows my mind but to think that we have speed that only a handful of teams have, and yet the HC/OC can’t scheme several plays to get that speed in space and in one on one situations . To be paid 7 million dollars and I did not see one play that put our fastest player in a mismatch with the other team.
  10. I’ve been saying it for years now, AU is concentrating on beating the wrong team. If it would beat everyone else in the west, it would be a top four team in the nation. Plus the two games in the east
  11. Sanity check is being able to break down film and finding the weak link on the opposing defense and exploiting that weakness. Against AU it is the linebacker covering receivers or safeties covering receivers.
  12. Exactly. I thought when it happened that AU was in for a fight. And after the first 3rd and 1 and the OLine can’t get any push, stop calling that play.
  13. I believe the betting line is AU -3. More times than not, Vegas usually is pretty darn close. With that in mind, I see a score like 24-20 AU.
  14. What little I’ve watched of the new Florida QB is to get him out of his comfort zone. Stop the QB run plays and I think their offense will be hurting. Keep doing what AU has been on offense and I think AU comes out with a win. If AU has no turnovers, I don’t think Florida can win.