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  1. Wonder if rowdy would come home and turn this back around
  2. Auburn is not a basketball school. That's just the hard core truth. Even when Barkley and chuck were playing, you could get tickets with no problem
  3. State had a losing record and should have never gone to a bowl. They lost to south Alabama. Bad season all around. If Gus is on the hot seat, then Mullen should as well.
  4. Like I said in another thread, no one fears auburn or even playing at auburn. Auburn is not a basketball school. Never has been and I'm not sure it ever will be. If CBP can't get it done, I don't think we can without some help💰💰💰
  5. AU men in 2nd after day two and women in 3rd.
  6. I believe what some don't seem to understand is that AU is probably the worst basketball program in the SEC from a historical standpoint. As far back as I started paying attention, save for a few years in the 80's, a couple in late 90's and maybe one or two in early 2000's, AU is a cellar dweller in the SEC. only one final eight appearance ever.
  7. Auburn currently in fourth place after day 1 of 2017 sec championship
  8. So Kentucky playing 5 freshmen and making the final four is suppose to mean that Calipari was not tough on his players? That's total crap! What we are witnessing is bad play. Don't know if it's all bad coaching or just bad play by the players, but my guess it's some of both
  9. Rocker excels in coaching D line play. Gus needs to get to coaching special teams and move garner to TE coach. Bump up pay for both and get a guy at AU that can coach D line play
  10. Bring Rocker back. Move Garner to TE. Let Gus coach special teams
  11. Wasn't Kam the leading rusher in the A-Day game?
  12. it has nothing to do with injuries. JS is a tier above SW. Not saying that SW is a bad QB. When you see JS play, you will notice the difference immediately. I would compare the difference between Kelley from Ole Miss and SW. Now if you see SW as equal to Kelley, then we don't evaluate QB's the same
  13. No need to wait for fall. The comparison of the two quarterbacks aren't apples to apples. JS is apples and SW is oranges. JS is the starter and everyone else is in play for backup. Folks AU has the best QB it's had since Cam. If he doesn't get hurt , you will witness the best QB to play for consecutive years at auburn since Sullivan
  14. Fredst hit the nail on the head. It's all about the players now. All the coaches do is run off the bad apples. Players like Evans and Hand will take the leadership roll that Allen and Foster had last year and demand effort from the younger guys. Plus it's that mentality that you don't want to be the team or person to have the let down ..
  15. Amen 72. Let's start coaching players how to play their positions. Evaluate the best 11 and get to work. If the guy knows how to develop a back up and can call a good game, I'm all in.