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  1. Not true. Florida is the third state in the USA with the most talent. Florida has a huge advantage over us. Georgia is probably the fourth state with the most talent and they get their pick of the litter. LSU might be tied with GA for top talent and they basically control Louisiana. Alabama out recruits us and it's not even close. All this cheat talk sounds like sour grapes to me unless someone can prove something
  2. Some people on here do not understand that there are schools that have an advantage over other schools just because of who they are. Alabama, Florida, Georgia, LSU are the advantage schools in the SEC. they can do the bare minimum and still out recruite most schools in the SEC. Auburn, Tennessee and Texas a&m have to work harder to stay at their level. Its just fact and always has been.
  3. Unless things have changed, kids from cottondale go to the new school (paul Bryant). They used to go to Holt High school and like someone said previously, Auburn had a running back I believe that went to Holt.
  4. From a historical view Auburn is a roller coaster school. Every coach has had an outstanding year, coupled with mediocre to poor seasons. The lone exception is barfield. I'm only going back to shut. So the question is can Auburn be consistent? I believe that will only happen if Auburn were to get a once in a lifetime coach like saban. Not to get off topic, but until AU gets a completely different administration, it will never happen. Auburn is a 8 to 9 win team with the occasional great year. But here is to hoping for a great year
  5. Yes it was. MSU
  6. It's a stretch to say that the head coach is at fault for off the field actions of other coaches and players. A coach can only do so much. Also, it is apparent that there is no real captain on this team where everyone falls into line. It was high expectations to think this team is going to accomplish that of last year.
  7. Just a thought but I would like to see cooper moved to lead off and Wallace 2nd or maybe 3rd.
  8. From my little observation of A-day, one of the best plays I saw was the play that KJ was injured. A simple crossing route out of the backfield with Hastings crossing in opposite direction. Don't know if I've ever seen that play from Gus
  9. Wonder if rowdy would come home and turn this back around
  10. Auburn is not a basketball school. That's just the hard core truth. Even when Barkley and chuck were playing, you could get tickets with no problem
  11. State had a losing record and should have never gone to a bowl. They lost to south Alabama. Bad season all around. If Gus is on the hot seat, then Mullen should as well.
  12. Like I said in another thread, no one fears auburn or even playing at auburn. Auburn is not a basketball school. Never has been and I'm not sure it ever will be. If CBP can't get it done, I don't think we can without some help💰💰💰
  13. AU men in 2nd after day two and women in 3rd.
  14. I believe what some don't seem to understand is that AU is probably the worst basketball program in the SEC from a historical standpoint. As far back as I started paying attention, save for a few years in the 80's, a couple in late 90's and maybe one or two in early 2000's, AU is a cellar dweller in the SEC. only one final eight appearance ever.
  15. Auburn currently in fourth place after day 1 of 2017 sec championship