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  1. aubaseball

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    Yea. The good ole bell cow argument. Meanwhile, all the other sports suffer from lack of facilities or money to recruit. And by the way, out perform football in most seasons. Football makes enough money off of a poor product on the field and bad decisions by everyone associated with running the organization. How much money has been spent on paying off bad coaches? And the stupid scoreboard? And who’s decisions was it to and that ridiculous looking thing in the corner end zone? Can we not find some student in the architecture program to come up with something that blends into the overall appearance of the stadium? I’m sure they would do a better job
  2. aubaseball

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    I think you mean redshirt freshman. And by sh** on him, you mean honest observation.
  3. aubaseball

    This will be an unpopular opinion

    If Urban was remotely interested in coming to AU and no one was willing to pull the trigger, AU is dumber than I thought they were. I’ve seen boneheaded decisions but that one would top the cake.
  4. aubaseball

    re-evaluate how unclutch Gus has been

    Seems like everyone wants to think tubs was aces...he wasn’t even close. It took a botched attempt to have him replaced for him to put together a great year. Hated to see him hired. Just like when they hired chizik and Gus
  5. aubaseball

    Sir Charles -- must read story.

    First met Charles in 1982 and nothing has changed since then. Straight up good guy and always a good friend. In this day of PC, it’s good to have people like Charles to keep it real
  6. aubaseball

    re-evaluate how unclutch Gus has been

    You guys are also comparing AU vs Bama when they had Shula and Dubose. I’m not a CGM fan, but he is having to play a team that is having an unprecedented run. Also, He had to deal with Clemson how many times during their current run. This doesn’t excuse the unexplained loses to Tennessee and Mississippi State. But Come to think about it, I’m not sure I’ve been a fan of any of the picks since Dye.
  7. aubaseball

    2018 3* OG/C Kamaar Bell

    It was #5
  8. aubaseball

    2018 3* OG/C Kamaar Bell

    If it would have been handed off to , what looks like #1, it’s a long gain, and possible a touchdown
  9. aubaseball

    Chizik weighs in on gus

    You laugh. But there is absolute truth to this statement. If the same formation and same personnel are on the field, and you run those plays to perfection a defense can not defend everything at the same time. Auburns problem is they don’t have 5 or 6 plays in the same formation with the same players on the field.
  10. aubaseball

    Bowl Preparations

    If you really break it down player by player and take the name of the universities away, was AU really more talented? Their QB hasn’t lost a game in two years. I’m just not sold on the talent that some claim that AU has on the team.
  11. aubaseball

    Who replaces Chip?

    Also, butch jones, Steve sarkisan, former Florida and Colorado state head coach (McElwain)
  12. aubaseball

    Who replaces Chip?

    Wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Honestly, nothing surprises me about Auburn athletics. Just look at past history and I’m not just talking about football. Basketball: go on a nice run with C CE and end up on probation swimming: go on the greatest Run in the history of SEC and can’t keep the coach baseball: need I say more than the complete laughing stock with the Galloway hiring and firing womens softball: wow. What a complete shi$ show that was does everyone see a common theme here, or is it me? I don’t think it is because I didn’t even get to football.
  13. aubaseball

    If Malzahn returns

    To everyone that doesn’t think Notre Dame is a true blue blood, you must have been born in the 90s.
  14. aubaseball

    Gus wins (Decison made)

    And it's not even Gus' fault. Auburn University allows people with more money than sense to make the decisions. It's the Auburn way and has been for a long time time now. Until somebody somewhere can put and end to this decision-makingmadness we are going to remain a second tier team. We all know it. It's got absolutely nothing to do with Nick Saban. This right sums it up
  15. aubaseball

    Gus wins (Decison made)

    I think you are confusing what the jest of his comments were. I believe the comment was supposed to be taken as Auburn can’t achieve greatness or a sustained level of excellence due to people that make the decisions can’t make the right decision. The first example is the insane buyout out clause. Next would be the hiring of Malzahn over a more established head coach. Then you could go back to the hiring of chizik, the attempted first firing of tuberville, so this is what the statement was about. Can Auburn get to level of excellence? Who knows, but history has shown that it can’t maintain excellence.