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  1. Do you think maybe it’s this way because there is no compromising going on now between the parties? I do.
  2. "What I support is treating them just like machine guns. To me, if you want tohave a weapon of war, the same gun that was issued to me as a member of [the] ATF SWAT team, it makes sense that you would have to pass a background check, the gun would have to be in your name, and there would bea picture and fingerprints on file. To me, I don't mind doing it if I want to buy a gun. These [current] policies just protect the criminal. Like, I don't think you should be able to anonymously purchase 20 AR-15s at one time, and the government shouldn't know. I don't think it's unreasonable at all that yo
  3. #1. A “ghost gun” is currently illegal to sale. I’m not saying that people don’t currently illegally sell them. The way that you stated how they are put together is incorrect. Only some of the components are bought that are currently not required by law to be registered (upper receiver, butt stock and pistol grip). The lower receiver has to be made by the individual which requires some skill and tools. There are machines out there that can be programmed to make the lower receiver but they cost money. #2. Not sure why “stabilizers are a problem because I’ve never heard of
  4. Forget about football, Bama is currently on a different level than almost everyone. The biggest concern is all the other sports. As one poster mentioned earlier about swimming, Auburn was performing at a level that was the envy of everyone in the conference. Now Auburn has placed 8th or lower for the past two years. Auburn has been passed by Alabama in swimming. That is a crying shame. After Marsh left, Auburn should have gone after the best coach out there but it chose not to.
  5. But the repellent comes from the left only. It doesn’t matter anyway, Biden or his handlers would never allow it. They truly despise the guy. In their eyes and half of the country, trump never did one thing right.
  6. Simple answer is players aren’t as talented.
  7. 1993 football was on probation with no bowl game but still went undefeated. I think it was more team chemistry and inexperience. Not exactly excited about the current trajectory of the overall Auburn Athletic Teams. Swimming, track & field, tennis, volleyball and Women’s basketball aren’t close to winning championships. Women’s softball is trending down. Football is trending down until the new coach plays a game. Baseball is holding steady and gymnastics is good.
  8. “Liberals, progressives and other more humane thinkers understand that government can play a positive role in society. “ This quote let’s you know that if you have a different opinion or thought it’s not even worth listening to. For a minute there I thought I lived in the USA, guess I was wrong
  9. They can’t explain it. If one doesn’t act, talk, think and vote the way that Democrats say, everyone else is wrong in their eyes.
  10. That wasn’t the direct quote, but it was the jest of what he is saying. It’s not difficult to comprehend English. If someone is unsure or scared of catching covid, stay home.
  11. 2021 championship goes to Florida again. Auburn finishes 8th for the second year in a row
  12. Not sure how tall he is (SC), but the two guys mentioned above are 6’4”. I’m not saying a small guy can’t make because there are plenty that do, but most of them were really good shooters and scorers.
  13. I understand what you are saying but I never said I was a republican or trump supporter. It seems that just because someone brings something up that doesn’t completely align with your thought, you put them in the trump box. I am retired now but was in law enforcement for 29 years. I can assure you that I am not one that agreed with what happened at the Capital or any city for the last 9 months.
  14. I’ve never interacted with you before and not sure you know exactly how I feel about what happened at the Capital. Just so you how I feel about it, I thought that what happened was a disgrace and in no way represented how I think or feel. I find it ironic that because someone voted republican, you automatically put them as the same as the ones that stormed the Capital. And it wasn’t whataboutism, it was a question and no where in what I wrote mentioned whatabout.
  15. So does all the people protesting, looting and rioting under the banner of black lives matter that attacked police and fellow Americans deserve the same condemnation that you are spewing at republicans?
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