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  1. Amen 72. Let's start coaching players how to play their positions. Evaluate the best 11 and get to work. If the guy knows how to develop a back up and can call a good game, I'm all in.
  2. Here is my take on the status of AU. As far as records go, AU is currently on par with previous records of other coaches that have coached at AU. Teams now play 12 games a year compared to 11 and 10 (more chances of wins and more chances of a loss). If you take out questionable play calling and player development, AU has had to play the most successful time in the history of Alabama, Clemson, miss. State, lsu and ole miss (except Archie years). I believe if you go and look at CGM as a coach, you will see that what it takes for his teams to be successful is a QB that plays his best football. with all this being said, if Stidham is healthy AU will have a nice run these next couple of years, which is typical of AU football. I do not believe that AU can ever have a run that is equal to what is happening across the state. Never has and in my opinion never will.
  3. Abw0004, you are completely wrong. It's illegal! You may not get charged but it is illegal.
  4. That is a federal offense and defaces American currency . Who cares how much money they spend. If fans show for their respective teams, everyone will know without this lame tradition
  5. Go tigers beat Bryce university. Score will be the reverse from last year. Neither team will stop the other. Here's hoping Watson has the game of his life
  6. If he does make it in the cfl, it will be because the talent there is bad. Not to bash the kid, but he just doesn't have the instincts to be a quality QB
  7. We always get out recruited by those two schools. It comes with the territory. It would take us hiring the best coach ever to out recruit those schools. It's always been that way. For whatever reason....history, tradition, state name or small town auburn seems at a disadvantage. The key is to find a coach that can recruit several playmakers that can carry a team and get the team to play as one
  8. Being reported on 247 that defensive backs coach from Missouri is getting the job
  9. Va tech's QB is no better than Sean white. If garner is in the mix, then might as well offer D. Craig the position. Not sure how I feel about a current coach and former bama player coaching auburn, but Pruitt would be interesting. Don't think he is there yet...a coach that I always thought got the most out their teams is David cutcliff. A little old and not sure how much he has left in the tank. I wanted Petrino after tubs, but thought cutclff would have been a good hire too.
  10. Posters were all over me when I said OU was gonna be hard to beat and that it wasn't going to be fun to watch. I don't khow how next year will turn out, but I know that stidham is the best QB we have signed since cam. He is not the type of QB cam was in that he can run over someone for three yards and a first down. But he is the best passer that has been at auburn in a long time. If Gus and company can develop a plan to utilize his strengths, it will be an exciting year on offense
  11. In my opinion, AU needs several changes to the staff. New OC. New D line coach. Move garner to special teams or have Gus coach special teams and bring in someone to assist garner.
  12. Jones is not that stupid
  13. Agree 100 percent cole. This is a bad sign. Shows that AU doesn't know how to spread the wealth. Let's just take a number of average plays per game (75). We should be running 40 and passing 35. If you have three running backs, give them 15 or so carries each a game. If you complete 60 to 65 percent of your passes, each receiver should be getting about 5 catches a game. That is creating depth and keeping guys involved
  14. Problems are everywhere. That defense after 1st quarter was home schooled. Why does auburn miss so many sacks??go hire the guys that coach at bama because they don't. Defensive ends never contain. Too slow. I am happy that Lawson played a full season but he needs another year in college. He has talent but he doesn't play football smart. Bad angles, lining up offsides. Who covers the back in the flats on this team. Why do you blitz on 3rd and 23?
  15. I would just like to see him yell at a coach or player once when they mess up.