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  1. aubaseball

    Auburn in the 2018 NFL Draft

    I’m not trying to say anything negative about Holland, but he was not ready for the draft this year. He only played one full season and showed some good things and not so good things at times. If I were his parent, I would have highly encouraged him to return for another year.
  2. aubaseball

    Top 5 Pay = Top 5 Expectations?

    RIR, No coach, player or entertainer is worth what they are being paid. I’m guilty as well as a lot of people, but until we all stop going and cancel cable, prices will continue to increase
  3. aubaseball

    Auburn in the 2018 NFL Draft

    I believed he was one that could have benefited greatly with staying another year. I also think C. Davis, with a great year, could have moved into 1st round status
  4. aubaseball

    Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    Couldn’t agree more with this. Something about the undertones that permeates from everything that deals with auburn along these same lines. And then auburn gets caught at something and becomes the punch line.
  5. aubaseball

    Tony Barbee

    It’s an unwritten rule that people in positions of authority don’t criticize or make fun of people or teams in your same profession. Shows a lack of class and respect for the position.
  6. aubaseball

    Men vs. Clemson

    Just my observation and opinion, but it appeared to me that there was something wrong with the team in terms of focus and hustle. Saw a lot of standing around on offense and Clemson wanting it more in their offensive end.
  7. aubaseball

    Tony Barbee

    Everyone that is on Twitter should post the same
  8. aubaseball

    Men vs. Clemson

    Auburn is 4 and 4 in their last eight games. This kind of play has been happening for the last month.
  9. aubaseball

    FL fans throw money at auburn players chant fbi

    People lie all the time. How many players or coaches ever say, yea I did it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the kid there on his own but was provided a meal or something to that. He posted the visit on social media and CBP denied it. So it wasn’t paying players or their families. But we let Universities make up curriculums to pass kids and get off with no penalty. That is the definition of insanity
  10. aubaseball

    FL fans throw money at auburn players chant fbi

    Concerning the article if I’m not mistaken, CBPs run in with the NCAA was because he was not truthful about a recruit visiting and having dinner at his house. Stop the presses, but that sounds like quite the infraction. Not!!! That’s about as lame as it gets. With all the other stuff that teams are doing, he gets a show cause because the NCAA got butt hurt because he lied.
  11. aubaseball

    Men vs. Florida

    Didn’t watch the first half, but the difference in the game and the only reason AU lost was the guy hitting the threes for Florida. In the last five games, he couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat. His last game he didn’t even score. Auburn had the lead and that guy comes down and hits another three and that sealed the win for Florida.
  12. aubaseball

    Why did Holland leave early?

    It’s not a knock or negative on anyone to wish that he would have stayed another year. My opinion on all of the players is that all should have come back to improve their draft status. With the way the nfl is set up now, not being a 1st rounder, you are losing a lot of money. With another year, all three could have put themselves in a position to be 1st rounders
  13. aubaseball

    Men vs. uat

    Can’t believe someone brought up paying kids when we are the ones in the crosshairs of the NCAA. I know that bama was part of the fbi investigation but AU is the last team to throw stones.
  14. aubaseball

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    A&M is one of the biggest, if not the biggest. We are behind all the heavy weights in the conference. Even ole miss has upgraded and their stadium is nicely done. Not bigger but fresher.
  15. aubaseball

    Teammates: Davis made decision to sit out

    If auburn didn’t have football, people who just go to basketball or baseball.