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  1. Don’t think so. Not even the same. That’s just not using common sense.
  2. How about the morning after pill? If she goes to the hospital to report the rape, I’m sure they would give her that if asked.
  3. It’s not an all or nothing. There have been several videos of people that were inciting people to do something that aren’t being sought out by the FBI. Not everyone there was there too cause destruction. There were some there that that was exactly what they intended to do. As far as your analogy of comparing what happened to a bank robbery is completely stupid. There are a number of reasons why: 1). There was intelligence reports out that groups would be there to cause disruption. 2). Preparations were already being made to secure the capital because of the inauguration that was taking place in a couple weeks. Why not secure it just for that reason alone? 3). Due to the unrest that occurred during the entire summer of 2020, officials should have taken a tougher stance. Really don’t know what to say about the wauhan lab. If you really think that the Chinese government is going to be forthcoming in any type of investigation, you really do have your head in the sand. It doesn’t take anyone with any common sense to figure out that it came from there.
  4. Seriously??? Are you that political??? Let it go man. Life is too short to get hung up on politics.
  5. Sorry, but I don’t follow the logic of capitalism being the cause of the decay. In a more simplistic way of looking at it, how does being able to go buy (say lumber) at either lowes, Home Depot or any lumber company a bad thing? That is the essence of capitalism. Equating capitalism to anything else is a stretch in my opinion. the downfall of what I see in society is a lack of personal responsibility, a feeling that someone is owed something or entitled to something. The lack of respect for others. The 24 hour news cycle stations that try and drive a wedge between both political parties. The slow death of how churches play a role in local communities.
  6. And you forgot Vandy. Auburn and Alabama are behind almost every school in the conference when it comes to recruiting and what other states can do for recruits.
  7. Why even bother with that guy? It’s a completely stupid statement and shows what he is all about. He would be the first to call 911 when he is in trouble
  8. Sort of like all unions????
  9. How do you regulate this? Who is to stop a money man from finding out who a school is recruiting and getting the word to that recruit, and then letting that recruit know that if you sign you will get this amount of money once you step foot on campus? Don’t know how to stop this from happening
  10. Let’s just go ask the “Big Guy”.
  11. Might be wrong again, but I believe the guy and his family were successful in business before any of us ever heard of the guy. And to be completely honest, there is a reason it’s called a swamp. Until you or anyone else wants to start holding everyone’s feet to fire, it just sounds like more political theater to me
  12. Might be wrong, but didn’t he start this fund after leaving office? If so, what is the problem?
  13. Here’s a thought. Why don’t you give him eight years like the last guy and see how he stacks up. I’m half joking but come on. In three or four years he’s fate will be determined. How about we move on from this same drum you beat every time a thread is started.
  14. When criminals get guns , usually bad things happen. Fixed it for you
  15. Article is complete bullsh*t. It’s completely based on per capita and not overall numbers. Chicago, LA, St. Louis, NYC, Baltimore and Detroit have more murders per year than all the republicans run cities in the entire country.
  16. Agree 100%. If you want to charge money, open the concession stands and sell food and drinks. Charging money for a practice is petty and reeks of desperation.
  17. Are you seriously comparing the AAC to the SEC? And you do know that Florida was a dumpster fire by the time the bowl game came around. Auburn wasn’t much better by the end of the year but looking at stats to determine if Nix is the all time best QB at Auburn is silly. He is definitely not in the top 5 and probably not in top 10.
  18. Good luck to the big guy. But I think the NBA has gotten way too young and wish that it would go back to the ability to sign out of high school, and if you choose college you play 3 years. Just my opinion
  19. It’s called federal government. It amazes me that people still have faith that the government could run health care or just about anything properly
  20. lol. Listen to everyone at CNN they same the exact same thing segment to segment.
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