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  1. Oz never gave nothing to the Tinman that he didn't already have.
  2. Thanks for the analysis coach- I think we actually saw the "Chip Lindsey Offense" this week. Can't be sure, of course, but the numbers indicate that Lindsey was heavily involved in calling the game. For example, Auburn threw the ball on first down 16 times, and ran it 18 times. Unfortunately, of the 18 run plays, Kamryn Pettway carried the ball on 17. That seems a little overly predictable, and leads me to believe Lindsey was pretty conservative, whatever the reason. I think we saw Chip calling the plays as well which was good to see (the farther we can keep Gus away from him the better); but I did see Stidham on the sideline with an assistant with headphones on who was relaying the information to Stidham. Not sure what is going on with Carlton Davis, but he looks lost covering receivers this year. I agree on Devan Barrett, I thought he could have broken something if we would have given him some more opportunities.
  3. Sean White arrested

    And what kind of drugs are you taking ?? No seriously.
  4. Rate your disdain

    Game was definitively called by Chip today, at one point Stidham was standing on the sidelines with someone with a headset on (not sure who), and Chip was calling the plays down to him and he was relaying information to Stidham. It was a painful game to watch, but without the turnovers, penalties, missed field goals, it wouldn't have been close, but a lot to clean up this week.
  5. ***FINAL: Auburn 24 Mercer 10***

    We got the ball to Barrett a couple of times, and he showed some good speed, and ability to get hit, but they didn't give him enough opportunities; also Ibighanee (or however you spell it, although he is not a back got a couple of chances, but as well they never went back to him
  6. This video is what we're all about.

    Awesome post WE2423 and good luck with your future studies; while God throw's monkey wrenches in our plans it is still part of His plan. Sorry about the loss of your father, my wife is a 2 time survivor of lung cancer, and you never know, you just have to enjoy every moment of every day.
  7. This video is what we're all about.

  8. Clint Myers Resigns

    Then we hire a lesbian coach, and then what ?
  9. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    Sorry 23 , but it was supposed to read it is not always negative as some of the other "insiders"; this was definitely not aimed at you.
  10. Bad loss for AU but...

    I really hope that this is the case, but our Offensive coaches need to watch the Defensive coaches in practice to see what the motivation difference is between the 2 sides. I'm sure we have the talent to compete with our remaining opponents, I just don't know if Gus, Stidham, and Hand can fix their issues.
  11. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    Thanks for your posts 23, while you have inside information it is always negative as some of the other "insiders". It's alright not to pump sunshine all of the time, but doom & gloom every single post gets on my last nerve. While I have no inside sources I tend to agree with you that Justin Fields shouldn't base his decision on us playing Clemson's defense, any more than he should rule FSU out for playing alabama's defense. Let's see how this plays out.
  12. 3rd and 93

    It wasn't to long ago our Defense would have give up a 3rd and 93; we would stop them on 1st & 2nd downs,and they would capitalize on 3rd down to get the 1st.
  13. Al Borges.. A fiction of our imagination

    I was at the Auburn- Virginia Chick Filet Bowl, and saw Jason Campbell as a player that was never going to be a good Quarterback (looked like the Bad New's Bears playing football instead of baseball); Borges transformed him into a successful Quarterback who went on and made a career in the NFL (he was far from seasoned when Borges got a hold of him). It is obvious that Borges is not being utilized in his new role; that Vanderbilt game that he called with all of the shifts and motion, and every single play he called worked was a thing of beauty, and probably the best game I've seen called at any level.
  14. FWIW.

    He's a valuable source of negative information; he has been on Gus's case for several years. I do agree with him that if your specialty is Offense, and you have none it is time to look elsewhere for a coach. I don't think his sources are anyone that Gus would trust to give real information to.
  15. This season

    Thanks for your prayers, and it sounds like they might have a great viewing party. Sorry for your loss as well.