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  1. Men vs. Kentucky

    Here's the link, and although I respect Clayton as a poster, Malik Dunbar does bring something to this team (as you will see in the video). You must have a player like him on your team.
  2. ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    Any BJ day is a good one.
  3. Please pray

    Praying for your Mother for healing & strength, and praying for the entire family for comfort & peace.
  4. Rice-Aroni is the San Francisco treat- maybe that's what Bird meant when he said particular ?
  5. Prayers please

    I read it different every time I re-read it, but I am sure he meant that he was pausing in his daily routine to pray.
  6. Prayers please

    Why would you pause to pray ? Prayer works, I have seen it over & over again in my life. Without faith, life is meaningless.
  7. Prayers please

    Prayers lifted for James & the whole Bird family, and prayers lifted for a4e as well (it never hurts to keep trying). "The prayer of the righteous is powerful & effective."
  8. I believe it also gives us a good chance to hire Turner Gill as our head coach next search.
  9. Men vs. Georgia

    Bruce said after the game that it was Steven Pearl who suggested a change in the Defense for the 2nd half, and I also heard him say in an interview earlier in the season that Steven said we needed to improve our Free Throw shooting, defense, and rebounding, I guess it was a pretty good move to promote Steven (he has been much better than Person).
  10. #17 Auburn vs Georgia

    On the Basketball schedule it has the game time as 5:00 PM (CT), which is correct ?
  11. Army All-American Bowl

    Cheer us on to victory, I will be watching from the couch, I have one here with the flu, one with pneumonia, and I have some type of cold, other than that everything is good.
  12. Army All-American Bowl

    I thought the Basketball game was at 5:00 ?
  13. Well... just because

    You know what's green & smells like Miss Piggy ??? Oh never mind...
  14. All Things Final Spots in the 2018 Class

    Leff was good before he finished at Auburn.
  15. Yes please-he already runs better routes than 3/4 of our receivers, and because you have to respect his speed to go deep he can get open all day long. As G-will would say WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!