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  1. Coach, like many others here I thoroughly enjoy reading your post each week and hope that you will continue to write them.
  2. Glad that he slept better last night, continuing to pray that God would intervene on his behalf and remove the suffering each of you are going through. We serve an Awesome God and He is in the healing business. Love you Brother.
  3. Prayers lifted for James for strength that only comes from above, that the pain might subside and that he can get back to living a normal, productive life. "Cast your care on Him, for He cares for you".
  4. i liked the sack by Dinson on 3rd play of the game, set us up for great field position to start the game , and only took us 1 play to get it in.. Cant start any better than that.
  5. Thanks for doing these analysis every season Coach , I really appreciate them: Was fun to watch the improvement of K.J. Britt as the game went along. He had a couple of poor run-fits early, but got that corrected pretty quickly. And boy, did he "bring the wood". Love watching that kind of play. I enjoyed watching the improvement of K.J as well as the game went on; everywhere you looked it was Britt or Tutt. Dinson is a remarkable story in itself and I look for him to have a fantastic season.
  6. I'm going to let you slide this time PTB but I was about to suggest a name change to pass the Quaalude's.
  7. Leave it up to 50 to throw the Smoke bomb.
  8. I think the word was Bird volunteered to smoke some sticky icky icky.


    72, So glad to see this Great news; I have been praying for you daily, and will continue to. As others have said God is so good; while my wife lost her battle to cancer in February at the age of 56, God gave us 20 more years together after she was 1st diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. One thing is certain that she is in a better place today than we are. Keep the faith brother, I Love you.
  10. Might should have put it in the Canion thread, but thanks for the info.
  11. I thought we usually wore Bammer out when we played in Montgomery.
  12. I guess Mikey was right after all , we're moving them from OLine to DLine and Tight End.
  13. I think the funniest part of it is we hired Bowman to replace Person (replace one cheater for another ).
  14. That's what I was thinking as well, and she looks good in Orange & Blue.
  15. Thanks DAG, I guess that was my a4e moment.