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  1. Well it isn't my source it came from the article above " Questions follow new President Steven Leath from Iowa State", but from reading the article it sounds like it is an Iowa State Senator. You would think that a Senator would know when the "good ole boy network" is in full swing.
  2. He will begin the job in July following a closed search that angered some Auburn constituents and prompted scrutiny of his 5 1/2 year Iowa State tenure. During that time, he had a penchant for mixing personal and professional interests. Among the issues were his questionable use of university airplanes, a land deal criticized as a conflict of interest, and the hiring of well-connected people without searches. One state senator called it "the old boy network in full swing." It doesn't state which Senator it was, but this is why some posters have said that he will fit right in at Auburn.
  3. ** Jeremy Johnson came into the game in the seventh, getting his first career hit in the bottom of the inning and making an over the shoulder catch in left field in the eighth. Well if the NFL Draft doesn't go his way, I guess there's always Baseball . j/k
  4. G-Will started it.
  5. And Troy got rewarded with playing Duke- good luck (I do hope Troy upsets them though).
  6. If you have two strikes, any pitch that is close is too good to let go by; we had about three strikeouts looking in the 1st game today.
  7. What time is game 1?
  8. I think UGA's drug tester is broken (everyone passes).
  9. He's a pinball wizard .
  10. There will never be another game like this one either :
  11. I'll take him at Wide Receiver & Punt Returner, he doesn't waste time just catches the ball & goes straight up field as a punt returner, and as a receiver he breaks tackles, catches the ball, and he is quick.
  12. I agree with you on Ryan Davis; I thought he had some of the best hands on the team last year, I just hope he figures the blocking out so he can get on the field.
  13. At least he got to the basket, the one's that stood out to me were the air balls from Heron, Brown, and Harper, and then there was another long 3 by Heron that hit the front of the rim, and straight to an Arkansas player who started a fast break for an easy 2. It's hard to come back when you don't value every possession.
  14. Sorry aufan57, if I would have known she looked like that, I would have liked your post.
  15. Definitely showed his power in the 2nd half of the film, and he also has a couple of gears- he really turns it on when he has to.