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  1. He's a Junior on the Offensive Line & a Sophmore on the Defensive Line.
  2. I agree with DAG that his development of Offensive Lines is most appealing to me but this stood out Grimes’ arrival in Waco has seen the Bears’ rushing offense jump from 123rd nationally last season (90.3 ypg) to fourth nationally (237.5 ypg) in its first season under Grimes.
  3. We literally don't have enough guys returning for a two-deep Where did all of that depth go? I thought we were set for at least a couple of years (lol).
  4. Thanks for posting Fifty; I saw this link in the October update thread that Zeek started and was amazed nobody said anything about Fabianich when reading what the recruit was sayin intrigued him the most with AU https://flywareagle.com/2022/10/01/auburn-football-uga-commit-second/. Not sure of the length of his contract but I hope we lock him up for a long time; he will help the next coach in big ways.
  5. I'll take Luke Deal;he might not be the most flashy, but he is definitely our best blocker.
  6. I believe I could take him; that's a big ole boy.
  7. I don't think they care which players we are pursuing or which one's commit to us as long as we fail and they can proclaim they were right all along. Isn't that right AU24, Viper, and clan?
  8. I like this cat; he comes off of blocks well & he has some good inside & outside moves.
  9. I think I read he was hired by Central Michigan a month or so ago; give him time he will ruin that program as well.
  10. It will be 3 years in February since my wife passed away, and we would have been together 28 years. The only way that I have made it this far without her is with strength from above, and trying to make her proud from where she is in heaven. Those who have passed don't want us to quit living life, they want us to find happiness again whether that is alone or finding someone to share our remaining years with. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
  11. I sure hope DD is ready; him or Greiner either one.
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