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  1. Gus is managing Waffle House, Crime Dog to Florida, Cadillac to AU and the rest are unemployed. Hopefully TWILL stays if Danielson decides not to come to AU . I'm sure Steele, Garner, and even Bicknell won't be unemployed long.
  2. Continue to pray for you daily as well 72; I'm glad the move went well and your getting situated in Tennessee. It's hard to believe it has almost been 2 years since I lost my wife to cancer (February), but I thank God that he gave me 20 extra years after she was 1st diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. She would always tell me God's got this, and she truly believed it ; the only time she wavered was the day they told us at the hospital that there was nothing else they could do. She came home with a hospice bed and a wheel chair & used it for about 3 days, then she was in a walker for a few
  3. I agree, good recruiter but our Wide Receiver coaching wasn't any better with him than with Kodi; I don't agree with A4E ever (but he does make me laugh at some of the stuff he posts), but I agree with him on McClendon (give me him and call it a day on Offense.
  4. Bedell's coaching career began when he returned to his alma mater as an offensive intern in 2007. After three years behind the scenes with head coach Dan Hawkins— who had just taken the Colorado job after a stint at Boise State, where Harsin was Hawkins' tight ends coach for four years — Bedell became the offensive line coach at Northern Colorado in 2010, then UC Davis in 2011 and New Mexico State in 2012. When Harsin was hired to replace Gus Malzahn in 2013, he brought Bedell as his O-line coach with the Red Wolves. When Harsin went back to Boise State as the program's new head coach
  5. 2nd donation complete, thanks again for the hard work. I put it in an extra $1.00 so Golf could get him a six pack for New Years Eve.
  6. Done; Thanks RIR for a great site!!!
  7. I swear I went back & looked at every post & saw the rules posted by Valley Tiger, but skipped right over his pick (Sorry Valley).. Give me Brandon Counsel ( I'll live & die with another Offensive Linemen).
  8. Glad to have you on the site Tay, appreciate the information that you bring.
  9. Welcome to the site, we appreciate any information you can bring us.
  10. Prayers lifted for Wyatt and his entire family & friends.
  11. I've had Offensive Linemen the last 2 years without much success so I am going with KJ Britt (I can't believe he is still available, but thank you).
  12. Prayers for James and the whole family.
  13. 72-praying for you again to beat this cancer once & for all ( I should have never quit); as someone who's wife battled cancer for 20 years , I know that God is good & He is still in the healing business. God never promised us an easy life, but He did say that we wouldn't face it alone.
  14. Praying for your Mom, Dad and you E; He is still in control.
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