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  1. Looks like Andy & Goober have been smoking something.
  2. Congratulations Smoke, and thanks for bringing Tuesday along for the ride.
  3. Your welcome, I guess we get to look at photos of Sally Fields Thursday.
  4. I'm giving Goober Brown credit too; who needs SWAG to recruit ?
  5. Thanks aufan57' it truly is a great day; I wanted to like this post while at work earlier but it won't allow me too.
  6. Tomorrow is setting up to be Big Cat part 2.
  7. I know a few of those F.S.U girls I would like to take to the woodshed (sorry E, I couldn't resist).
  8. maybe we can get Lou Brock as our base running coach ?
  9. We need the Mother of All Bombs.
  10. I thought Coker looked good his last outing.
  11. Hopefully Davis & Coker will be enough.
  12. What channel do we play on tomorrow?
  13. Couldn't have asked for much better than to get 8 innings from Keegan last night, and 9 innings from Mize tonight.
  14. That was a wiry (geeked up) basketball player if there ever was one.
  15. Haven't got around to tell you yet, but congratulations on the little one.