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  1. Ask and ye shall receive.
  2. Every time I come to this thread I hoping Monday is going to commit, and there is going to be another shot of Tuesday Weld.
  3. Is that you Mikey ??
  4. Spoke to soon about being on every time (sorry Haley).
  5. Haley has played some good ball (hitting & fielding )since the suspension, and has been on every time today.
  6. Yes, but there aren't any yd. lines to trip over on the Basketball court.
  7. I tried Gas-X but it doesn't work.
  8. I think he's trying to say Woody left because he "Thought" he was better than Adam's ?
  9. I hope you plan on starting one then, because right now there is none.
  10. Well I can't like your post, but I appreciate the update..
  11. Please end it here Rivera.
  12. Baseball team down 2-1 top of the 3rd and Coker already in to relieve Mitchell.
  13. Baseball team tied 1-1 top of the 3rd.
  14. You've got Jan Stephenson what else could you possibly want or need.
  15. Once a Goob , always a Goob.