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  1. Hey Golf ...

    My invitation must have got lost in the mail.
  2. Dinson has shoulder surgery

    I know I was just messing with Bird.
  3. Dinson has shoulder surgery

    Speaking of Pettway, he was in Anniston signing autographs at Martin's yesterday; I spoke with him briefly & wished him luck (didn't realize he was that big).
  4. Dinson has shoulder surgery

    Pass it to me when you get through .
  5. Wiley to enter his name into the Draft

    Good call Viper !!!
  6. 2018 NR Walk-On C Gabe Brinson commits

    I watched the highlights as well, and he does keep blocking until play is over (sometimes a little after). The only time I saw him go backwards was when he was bull-rushed. I also saw several pancakes; and he was the # 1 Center in Virginia, so definitely worth a preferred walk-on spot.
  7. Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    I didn't see anything on his sleeve; not a Cross, or a picture of a Bible or anything.
  8. Voted. Can't wait to see him named SEC player of the week.
  9. Heron

    There were games when Harper looked like the guards from Clemson yesterday, and there were games you thought what in the hell is he doing ?
  10. Heron

    AMac's ability to shoot 3's thus pulling the other team's big men out with him freed up the middle for Heron and Brown to get inside for easier baskets; when AMac went out the middle closed up, and so did our outside shooting.
  11. Men's basketball Fri 6:30 PM

    Don't know how I feel playing after Impractical Jokers.
  12. Softball vs. LSU

    What channel is the game on ?
  13. SEC Tournament

    When you got through you wouldn't know if you were coming or going.
  14. Any former Auburn players here

    If I remember correctly, I believe his daughter was sick at the same time he was losing his battle (but he won the war).
  15. Kudos SEC Network

    That was Jimmy Dykes.