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  1. 72-praying for you again to beat this cancer once & for all ( I should have never quit); as someone who's wife battled cancer for 20 years , I know that God is good & He is still in the healing business. God never promised us an easy life, but He did say that we wouldn't face it alone.
  2. Praying for your Mom, Dad and you E; He is still in control.
  3. At least we know who the bag man is (was) now.
  4. I think we found the real Bag Man; This might be hard to convince a judge that it was for personal consumption.
  5. That DJ Hatch was a good dude (Alex City boy), and did a great job on the recruiting forum; that said you don't take a back seat to anyone on recruiting .
  6. He was huge; he played Pro football at one time as well (the Packers); they (him and some work out buddies) pushed a loaded semi full of beer (maybe 100 yards) and won and they had a big party at the gym one time. That was one gym you wanted to make sure you were paid up at .
  7. I'm sure they do it so they can chase the quarterback and feel the muscle would slow them down; obviously worked for both of them.
  8. Definitely have to go with Kevin Greene on this one; my older brother & I used to work out at Kaz's gym in downtown Auburn as did Kevin. My brother was a bodybuilder and used to give Kevin a hard time because his upper body was big, but he had no legs ( never did any squats); I think Kevin had the last laugh in the end as he went on to play in the NFL and made some good money. Bill Kazmeyer who was Worlds Strongest Man (had the world record bench press at that time 666 lbs), but that has since been shattered. It was a great place to work out, and boy did they like to have a good time.
  9. I have been impressed with out DB play the last couple of years; I would rather them get beat with them hanging all over the receiver than what we used to do. We would hold them on 1st and 2nd down & teams would have 3rd and 18 and complete it every single time (that was so frustrating).
  10. I thought you were talking about Kermit the Frog; I thought you were mad cause he stole miss Piggy from you.
  11. I purchased 3 for the South Carolina game on the 22nd through Vividseats for $158 total including fees, but I just checked for the Iowa State game and they had General admission & standing room only tickets for $64-$84, the seats behind the goals were $150ish each. I guess that's the difference between mid-week games and week-end games.
  12. Riley has a skill set that has the look of a young Karlos Dansby. If he can come close to the production that Dansby showed on the Plains then Riley will be one of the best players in this class. YES PLEASE!!!
  13. I agree with you; I know there was one or two on here that weren't impressed with McCreary, but I was and it sure is funny JMR mentioned him in every one of his Things I Thought I saw game recaps.
  14. Finally got around to watching his tape and while I agree with others that he would wreak havoc on Defense, if Chad is truly calling plays I hope he stays on Offense; him lined up as an H-back as he was in some of that tape he would be devastating blocking , running or catching the ball out of the backfield or lined up on the line as a Tight end.
  15. Tiger, In your post you said this: If Johnson isn't hitting 3s he's kind of giving us empty minutes. I couldn't agree with you more; I was upset they left him in there so long last night. He was cold as ice, and his passing was terrible and led to several turnovers; I was shouting at the T.V (Where is Javon at)?