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  1. Just ordered SEC Champs shirt!

    Anyone have any idea where I can find an SEC champ hat? Can't find one anywhere.
  2. Great Auburn Football Quotes

    "It don't make any difference who's carrying the ball, it don't make any difference who's catching it, who's rushing the passer, or who's making the tackle,.....just as long as he's got a blue jersey on." - Pat Dye
  3. How many AU games have you attended?

    I've been going to nearly every home game since I was 4 years old in 1981. If you average 7 home games per year for the last 32 years that's 224 games. When you include a few bowl games and away games, I'd say I've been to over 230 games in my lifetime. As you can see by my username, my family has been attending games for a long time. I've seen some good games over the years, but nothing will ever top the "First time Ever." I was only 12 years old, but I understood the significance of that day. Tiger Walk was unbelievable.
  4. Erique Florence

    My guess is that the database is not updated often. My brother is still listed as a student and he graduated last December. However, I could be wrong.
  5. Complete NSD General chat thread

    Try this link for RE's announcement. http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/2014/02/05/2935358/auburn-football-national-signing.html
  6. 4 star OG/OT Braden Smith

    In my day, (late 90s) the pop quiz man wore CK One and smoked Marlboro's.
  7. Favorite Auburn Football Quotes!

    "What I'd like for you to do, is I'd like for you, the one's that want to. I'm gonna go back out there and thank our people." Pat Dye after the 1982 uat game. "Do you remember me standing here and telilng you that when you became one, that you'd know it? Well, you know it now. It don't make any difference who's carrying the ball. It don't make any difference who's catching it, who's rushing the passer, who's making the tackles. Just as long as they got a blue jersey on." Pat Dye after 1989 uat game
  8. Ideas and help

    How about you just ask them this... Since when is the month of November circular in shape? The last time I checked the word "round" meant circular.
  9. Crazy Bama Fans

    He has been found, and is headed to New Orleans. http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/2012/01/19/1899690/russell-sheriff-brian-downing.html
  10. Disgusting,,,

    As you can see by my username, I am a 3rd generation Auburn grad and a lifelong fan. I have been going to games since I was 4 years old. This was my 30th year of attending games, so I wouldn't consider myself a "quasi-fan." I have been a season ticket holder since I graduated in 1999, and I think if I pay for my tickets, then I have the right to sell them to anyone regardless of team affiliation. With online sites like stubhub, craigslist, and ebay, it is practically impossible to know who your tickets are going to. And last time I checked, bammer money is just as easily spent as Auburn money. Some people may actually need the money and since bammers were willing to pay more than Auburn fans, they may have jumped at the chance. Don't judge people who you don't know. I personally know Auburn fans, who needed to sell their tickets in order to buy their kids Christmas this year, because of changes in their lives over the past year, and bammers offered way more money than Auburn fans. They would have loved to sell them to Auburn fans, but just couldn't justify it. As Auburn people, we should not be quick to judge. What does the Auburn creed say... Act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with my God (Micah 6:8).
  11. Unsung Hero

    I know he has already been mentioned, but I was thinking Jason Miska.
  12. Just a Random Q

    2 nearly every year since I graduated in 1999, and been attending games with my father (another season ticket holder) since the early 80s
  13. Groupon - Montgomery

    Not the same book but similar. The L-E version uses Andy Bitter content and L-E photos. The one from the Advertiser uses their content and photos.
  14. Groupon - Montgomery

    The commemorative book from the ledger enquirer is better and is only $19.99 regular price. Check it out at www.ledger-enquirer.com
  15. A little info, please...

    I try not to make a habit of listening to slimebaum, but yesterday I slummed for a few minutes due to complete boredom while in the car. He kept mentioning an upcoming HBO documentary on football recruiting and said that HBO will drop a huge/bombshell accusation towards Auburn. Anyone have any ideas? He followed that up by saying that he doesn't think anything else will come of the Cam Newton saga except for some people coming out and saying that Cam knew everything his dad was doing? Are these two comments related?