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  1. Did you see what ole miss did to LSU’s defense? Crazy! They had 400 yards rushing and a total of 600. Now LSU had 700 yards of offense, so their win was never in question. I guess the committee, however, does not agree with your assessment.
  2. Anyone watching this? UMBC guard looks like he’s about 12 years old. They look tiny out there to me (but ahead right now)
  3. Color me surprised. They were talking about Auburn and saying the committee respects the team. Seems so opposite of our fan base (not starting a controversy here, just found it interesting)
  4. Well, everyone’s darling, Tom Herman, could be on the market in a couple of years . If I remember, he was a sure thing....a proven winner🤔
  5. I like the Notre dame idea. Michigan would be interesting too
  6. Eh our fan base is no different from others. We scream different but message boards say otherwise. Take a glance at some of the comments about McCormick on the early basketball game threads. The last two games would indicate those comments were short sighted. Now it’s all rosy and how wonderful he is. Look at LSU ...if their next QB does not turn out as well they will want coach O gone. We like to think we support our team more and are more family but when the going gets tough, our fans are no different than the ones we say we don’t want to be.
  7. A reporter asked doughty about his turning around before the step back three went down. He asked about it being disrespectful ??? Can someone explain to me what he meant by that?
  8. Barfield was more like 2012 for 5 yrs. the thing that seems has not happened yet with Gus(and those closer can dispute this if I’m wrong) is losing the team. The players appear to play hard for him.
  9. Well and there was no bowl game that year. As upset as everyone is, this is not 2012
  10. I wonder if Tua wanted to play since he lost a lot of ground to Burrow last week? Still, Saban is the coach
  11. I love the phantom pass interference call on Bamas drive with the late flag. Big joke
  12. That last interception is one I could have caught and I’m old and slow. Throwing over the middle aint always great.!!
  13. I know it doesnt go here but the equestrian team just finished off Georgia!! Now on to tomorrow.
  14. I keep reading “what Gus has done with this talent” like he had nothing to do with recruiting the talent on the team.