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  1. does lsu loss carry over

    FPI has Auburn with a 57% chance to beat Georgia. I actually think the slightly better chance (over 50/50) is based on AU schedule vs GA schedule. They do have that nice win over Notre Dame. I also think Ga has looked well prepared in all games (although the competition has been meh except for Notre Dame)
  2. Pregame Sights & Sounds - Arkansas

    Just turn off the sound! I always do anyway😬
  3. In Order to Beat Georgia and Bama

    Call Hugh Freeze......he’s not busy, only coach to give Saban fits in the last five years .....just keep it a secret
  4. Gus: Football Research Scientist

    Glad to see someone say it’s business. The name calling (idiot, retard, magoo) is juvenile and unnecessary. Malzahn is a good man who simply cannot do the job.
  5. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    This is all exhausting. Monday I wanted him gone “yesterday”. Anger was extreme then. I don’t necessarily want him to stay but the unknown is pretty frightening when given time to think about it. Charlie strong was an established head coach and then failed. Why? Mcelwain did well out west, now he’s in trouble. Why? Bilema did ok in the big ten and now looks about ten years older than when he started. How many coaches out there have done what we want from a coach? Three? Five? Someone mentioned in another thread TCUs coach. Look at his records throughout his tenure. He would have been fired already at most sec schools before he got to the good seasons. Please don’t pound me. I’m not advocating for or against Gus. I’m just weary of the conversation and not sure Anyone really knows what’s best for Auburn. I think I’ll take a break, sit back and just see how it plays out. War Eagle always!!
  6. Fire him now. Start the search.

    Valid point
  7. Fire him now. Start the search.

    Think that’s what’s bothering a lot of people ......the lost potential from a very winnable game. I was having to follow the game on ESPN game tracker and they provide an ongoing percentage chance for a team to win that game at any given point in the game. At the end of the first quarter AU had a 96% chance to win! (Actually, in the third quarter it was still about 85%) We would have been number 6 this week. I think the anger would be less if the game was toe to toe all day and we just did not pull it out in the end. As many have noted, it’s not the loss itself, it’s the way we lost.
  8. Fire him now. Start the search. kind of odd he is not mentioned in this article
  9. Arkansas score predictions.

    Line is 15 1/2. Wouldn’t touch that!
  10. Al Borges?

    So my question for all of you in the know ........why would the powers that be not cut ties? And I’m not talking about lame duck JJ.......what is the down side?? I think that is where I’m most frustrated. Could it actually be worse if he were not here? I don’t think so. I realize I am being simplistic and have zero knowledge of what goes on (I live out west for heavens sake!) . What would you say are the top two or three reasons they would have for not cutting him loose now? I’ll hang up and listen.
  11. Note on Auburn Passing Game (First down)

    I just read an excerpt from the podcast by Chris Landry who drove home the fact that the middle of the field was wide open Saturday after LSU brought their safeties up. He also indicated throwing long on their very good corners was a low percentage play. The low hanging fruit was there. Malzahn will Never change and the fact we are basically giving up on this season by letting him finish infuriates me. I realize I am beating a dead horse but I get angry all over again when I think about it.
  12. A Look at the Current Coaching Staff

    You would keep Chip? (Not being sarcastic) so you really feel he has not been allowed his full potential at any point? Again, no sarcasm here, real question.
  13. Note on Auburn Passing Game (First down)

    No words come to mind.....that can be written here anyway
  14. Now that we have (hopefully) calmed down

    I was finally calmer until I heard Orgeron say in an interview today (uh right before he plays ole miss) that he never really wanted to be at ole miss. Now you say how does this relate to Auburn???? We let this total baffoon beat us...... I think Barfield could have beaten this moron.
  15. A Look at the Current Coaching Staff

    I don’t think Steele was fired from LSU (definitely from Clemson). Think he took a lateral to AU