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  1. I am VERY happy for Brady......very happy😬
  2. Actually did not mean to start anything here, but it’s interesting that the short discussion here is a microcosm of the one on the article....1300 comments. Oddly, we were Auburn fans before anyone in our family ever attended. Now, there are many Auburn graduates and none that graduated from Alabama that I am aware of.
  3. I did not link this entire article, but found this interesting. Proves a lot of Alabama fans just hopping on for the ride. Part of this article indicated Auburn fans hate Alabama slightly more than Alabama fans hate Auburn. I think it’s more than slightly 😊. IGTBAAT!
  4. I have the Oregon/Arizona game on and at half time they did a piece about Auburn and giving three reasons they should be number one. Now I’ve been watching Auburn sports for 50+ years and it hit me that this is something I never expected to hear, EVER. I like it!😎
  5. Sorry I can’t link articles properly, but if someone can, the Aleva interview is interesting; really clear he does not like Fisher or Wade at all. Interesting to see how they both work out where they are.
  6. Does this mean you have to keep missing til we lose?😬 us auburn people are a superstitious bunch🙃
  7. Some of the ticky tack calls on state makes me dread playing them in tuscaloser.
  8. Didn’t see that coming.
  9. Love these!! Thx for posting.
  10. I was reading an article yesterday that San Diego state had a much easier go the rest of the way and had a good chance to keep their record perfect; whereas Auburn is unlikely to. I’m not going to be all upset with a loss when it comes but really really dont want Bama to be our first loss.🥴.
  11. I did not get to watch the game. Were there enough Auburn fans there that were loud enough for the team to know they were there? (I really like the fact Bruce encourages fans to attend away games and I also heard him in an interview asking season ticket holders to try and get their tickets back out for sale if they can’t attend games so there is a full arena).
  12. And if anyone had a bet on that game....they would be ticked!! Lol. We were 21.5 pt favs and went crazy right at the end!!
  13. Btw can most of us agree Sal had much better hands this year than last?? He took some heat last year.