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  1. So did anyone and everyone play? Did not know if it worked the same as football and basketball. I only saw the score and did not follow the game. Any way to let up in a team?
  2. Good grief. 32-0. That may be higher than our football scoring avg😊. Feel sorry for the opposing players.
  3. You mean this is not ALL you have to do??🤣. Thx for taking care of the first game!
  4. Has anyone noticed al.com articles slobbering all over themselves with the Malzahn hire at UCF? Not a Gus lover or hater but announce it and move on. The latest is an article about the positive affect of Kristi on that program.
  5. There is now a video on AL.com where Goodman breaks this article down. He’s really milking this one. I did not watch it, so no idea what his breakdown is. PLEASE, no one watch. It’s exactly what he wants. What an amazing jerk.
  6. Goodman’s an idiot. Pretty much never writes much that is positive about Auburn.
  7. Please please let us have a full stadium in the fall. This brings a tear to my eye.
  8. Looks like he and Pearl will be a great pair!
  9. My favorite is him juking Fitzpatrick. That was epic
  10. It’s just fun to have something different to look forward to! Been too long !!
  11. Not sure how good of a coach he is yet, but he is very entertaining.
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