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  1. I’ve watched the 2010 iron bowl replay, 2013 iron bowl and the NC basketball game from last name a few. I also went back and watched a couple of reverse rammer jammers and the auburn fan reaction videos from 2013:).
  2. So Uk wins. Makes us second seed....correct?
  3. How would you like to be the guy that had actual money on TN? Feeling pretty good midway thru the second half with the line AU -6.5 and then Auburn wins by 7......ouch.
  4. Looks like we took one from northwestern!
  5. Wouldn’t the pitching personnel have to be pretty deep to go four games in three days as well. Yeah kind of feel bad for this team.
  6. Hey thx for the continued updates!! It’s the only way I can keep up right now. War Eagle!
  7. Was listening to Mike Morgan on the radio this morning (he had the call for the game) and he said he did not think he had been in a louder arena ever. Said he felt the team would not have pulled it out without the crowd. Also said Auburn, since Pearl arrived, went from being the worst home court advantage in the country to the best. I’m in my car thinking “no way I ever thought I would hear this in my lifetime”.man this is fun!!
  8. This kind of rating = someone having wayyyyyy too much time on their hands🙄
  9. Just noticed Illinois beat Ole Miss yesterday. No losses yet. Decent team I guess
  10. I followed on the stat line. AU defeated Liberty 5-3
  11. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving coach than Wade .....such a dweeb