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  1. Not necessarily related to the football team, but I’ve heard there is consideration at some colleges to keep covid positive students on campus and isolate them so they do not take it back to other places. I had not thought of this but it does make sense. Does anyone know what happens to an Auburn student that tests positive?
  2. Prayers sent for James and your whole family.
  3. Prayers sent to him and his family. Sometimes I think things are tough and see something like this and know, any problems I have are so small.
  4. Btw is mask wearing inside mandatory in Alabama? I am in a different state and it is mandatory.
  5. I AM NOT supporting Anything that you are seeing, but when I am outside, for example when leaving the grocery store, I habitually take my mask off. I rarely wear one outside bc I am not really near other people. I’m just thinking people feel safer outside, whether true or not. Wondering if anyone is seeing people inside not wearing masks bc where I am, I see none but see a lot outside.
  6. If this were to occur and players were offered extended eligibility, is it possible we could have a team with players playing but not attending school? Or do they have to be in some class to be a student athlete?
  7. That game bothered me as bad as 2013 national championship game, maybe more bc of the unfair way it went down. After I was somewhat over being mad, I still marvel at the class shown by Bruce Pearl. A lot of coaches would have handled it differently and would likely have not received too much criticism for calling out the refs. He stayed classy, which had to be difficult.
  8. I love the $6.00 price tag😬. Very cool find.
  9. One thing that is fact right now is the death rate is coming down. To me, that is the best news. I’m hoping it means we are starting to understand it better, working therapeutics and protecting those most at risk; and as you indicate, hoping the weather is a factor. I’ve personally been watching the Missouri numbers bc of the well publicized pics at lake of the Ozarks on Memorial Day. So far I have not seen a spike there. As it seems, I’m looking for every positive sliver I can find😊.
  10. Things like this make me wonder if you just randomly tested 1000 people off the street, would the percentage be the same? As 3rd indicated above, hoping there is some herd immunity. I heard a news story recently that there is speculation the virus may be becoming milder. No idea if true but that would be good too. I’m looking for positive signs:)
  11. I’ve watched a lot of Auburn replays during quarantine and somehow missed the sack one. Putting in my tv lineup tonight. I, too, only rewatched the second half of the 2010 iron bowl. I did not remember there being as much time left as there was after Lutz’s TD. Crazy how fast we came back
  12. Not offering an opinion either way on masks but heard something on the news tonight about the varying opinions of so much related to this virus. It sounds like there is not scientific consensus on any one opinion. It seems even the smartest out there simply don’t know for sure. I have whiplash trying to understand the directive of the day. so I have decided to use my own common sense and personal responsibility and hopefully I will make good choices.
  13. Crazy what some will post on the internet to get a rise. There were photos published of California beaches to show they were not social distancing. They were taken on the ground at eye level, which was very deceptive. Aerial photos showed people were social distancing.......just don’t understand the motive. When the death rate hits a hundred thousand (and it will soon) that will be sensationalized big time. It is a very sad number but not two million as was once projected.
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