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  1. Well he stopped but was doing with the first batter. Makes me think I’m seeing things 😬
  2. What’s the two step this pitcher is doing before each pitch?
  3. Is the format tomorrow similar to today? Like I said, no knowledge of golf but follow all things Auburn.I have trouble getting it off the tee at top golf!
  4. Auburn had quite the day today. Does this mean we are in the weekend if it holds up? (I know nothing about how this works). War Eagle
  5. At least one team pulled out a win today 😎
  6. Oh how I enjoy Bama losing at anything!! Even enjoyed the baseball loss last night!!
  7. Which team would we rather play?
  8. I’m on the west coast and go to at least one per year, sometimes two but I have nearby family so lodging not an issue and reasonably priced flights can be found when planned far enough in advance.
  9. We don’t need no stinkin football!! …..well except to pay the bills😬
  10. If Florida is number 3 in the nation, what teams are 1&2? (I watch AU but not everyone else!)
  11. Our beam…crazy good tonight
  12. I’ve been totally out of the loop but his shoulder looked wrapped (maybe already stated here?)
  13. UCLA lost to northwestern today. Not sure how good Northwestern is suppose to be but still surprising.
  14. Dang at the bats in the first inning!! I’m following on live stats. 4-0 AU with no outs!!
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