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  1. The thing was it did not even look that close. It clearly hit the ground. I was not watching live so do not know what the commentators were saying. Any insight on that?
  2. Can someone explain to me the reasoning for taking that last run off the board . I saw the replay but without sound. I don’t understand all things baseball but that was bazaar.
  3. Not sure where to put this but I’m watching the Alabama Arizona state softball game and there was just an egregious call at the plate against Arizona state. Girl was safe and the ump is starting a safe call with his hands and then calls her out. I would think replay would be used in the playoffs. I really hate all things Bama
  4. Heard on the radio yesterday that of the 400+ players who have entered the portal, only 20% ended up at power 5 schools and 53% had not ended up anywhere yet. This may seem like the thing to do for some of these kids at the time, but it does not necessarily look promising for some. Just hope these kids are getting good advice.
  5. Well darn. Thought it was looking good with two quick outs
  6. Just listening to a finebaum piece on Auburn and its schedule. I know it’s been said, but the schedule is ridiculously difficult. We have to have one of the most difficult in the country. I think that makes it more difficult to predict. We could end up 8-4 and still be decent.
  7. Color me surprised after the last two sec series. War Eagle!
  8. I’m thinking it’s in support of something but adding any color to that putrid orange makes it look better😬
  9. Guess it could be worse....LSU was beaten by la tech 12-1
  10. Not sure I’m glad I got in 😒
  11. I just tried it there and it still would not launch😡. I can get other games like Florida, just not Auburn
  12. Man we just can’t seem to get away from these guys....