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  1. Would I be correct in thinking kennesaw state is not a bad team? They have a 31-13 record.
  2. And it completes another Saturday where bama softball and baseball lose and both au teams win....that's always a great day!
  3. dress rehearsal

    Is it just me, or is there very little a day game info? I was looking for sights and sounds, many people there? Etc. I am out west and come here for info. Just wondering if anyone is there and can gauge crowd etc yet or any buzz. Thx!
  4. It's a great day when both the auburn softball and baseball teams win....coupled with a loss by both the bama baseball and softball teams! War Eagle!
  5. Top 9th 4-0 now
  6. We finally beat the dawgs at something!!!! Love it! My dislike for the dawgs is very close to my dislike for bama.
  7. Love auburn......but very tough to be a fan sometimes!
  8. WarTiger....I am a lurker and never post. However, I wanted to thank you for the commentary on these and other games. It is so nice to have a place to follow. I even follow here at times when the game is on tv or watch espn (superstitious when games are close!!!) Thanks again. You are much appreciated!