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  1. BJCrawford


    Let’s face it though, at the time we thought he was more like Gomer Pyle. And I’m not sure I think Malzahn is A bad guy. In fact I think he’s a really nice guy who is just in over his head.
  2. BJCrawford


    I’m not an expert but a great number of people have indicated that defensive coaches have figured him out. The only thing is I did not think Auburn 2013 looked like the Tulsa team that passed like crazy. If he wasn’t the head coach and only was offensive coordinator again, could he make us successful? Is he simply not cut out to be a head coach?
  3. BJCrawford


    Brutal years for sure. Very difficult to compare. As others have indicated, social media definitely changes things. Don’t know what I feel these days. Use to think malzahn had it in him. I don’t think that anymore. I was trying to come up with a Coach to compare him to, but can’t. I can say that having hope for basketball makes me not care as much and I really enjoyed baseball last season. And I can honestly say there are few years I cared for either in the past (basketball, of course, during the Barkley days). At least there is something to look forward to. I enjoy softball as well.
  4. Probably the way they lost and they could have easily lost their second game
  5. BJCrawford

    Chuma SEC Player of the Week

    Did anyone hear the cbs reporter doing a recap of the game and singing “Okeke do you love me” (drake song of course). I just thought it was funny. War Eagle Chuma!!!
  6. BJCrawford

    Mississippi State @ uat (merged threads)

    Right now Bama has 250 yards of offense. I guess this is the only team that has put any pressure on them. It’s a shame they haven’t scored. They look almost human today
  7. BJCrawford

    Mississippi State @ uat (merged threads)

    Love seeing them getting to Tua. Haven’t seen that much this year
  8. BJCrawford

    Mississippi State @ uat (merged threads)

    No words for that phantom block in the back call.
  9. BJCrawford

    Mississippi State @ uat (merged threads)

    This is sickening
  10. BJCrawford

    Mississippi State @ uat (merged threads)

    If no one thinks the fix is in, just watch that block in the back call . Something needs to be done
  11. BJCrawford

    Men vs #25 Washington

  12. BJCrawford

    Men vs #25 Washington

    Thank you!
  13. BJCrawford

    Last Two Drives

    How do things change, tho, if those 50/50 balls are not caught. Some pretty spectacular catches were made on both drives. This is not s negative question, it’s a do you pass on three downs no matter what? That would put the defense back on the field quickly. It’s a thing of beauty when it’s working and not so much when it’s not (Ohio state game against Purdue)
  14. BJCrawford

    South Alabama (Preview/Review)^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet not sure who does these but they are entertaining.
  15. Does a daily sports show on both XM84 and the sec channel.