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  1. This from our old Buddy, James Creapa in an Oregon publication.
  2. I’m kind of tired of hearing how great all other schools are and the coaches they get. Outside of the big guys (Clemson and Bama) who has really done what we want? Do we want to be Texas A and M? Jimbo fisher guaranteed millions and recruits 4 and 5 star athletes. What does he have to show for it? LSU stumbled on a QB no one has seen the likes of. No one knows yet how their million dollar guy will do. We just think we do. Kirby has been great so far “between the 20’s”. Who has accomplished those home run hires and have championships to show for it?? Incidentally, I hope Venables falls fla
  3. Then even worse. Totally unnecessary to mention Auburn at all.
  4. Why bring up Auburn at all?? Would have been easy to deflect and not answer. I don’t care what the reasons are. No need to diss another school.
  5. Wow is this a bad look……
  6. I would love to see Georgia lose if for no other reason than the the entertainment value from their fans would be priceless. They are already calling for Bennett to be replaced.
  7. Saw one of many articles on Georgia’s total implosion but reading them, I never realized that the only two teams they played in the top 25 were Clemson and Arkansas. I drank the koolaid and thought their defense was invincible! I have enjoyed the many articles referring to Auburns 7 sacks vs GA zero. You know you are digging for sunshine when that makes you happy.
  8. Hey at least if it’s the B’ham bowl, it’s a new stadium!
  9. Good grief. Georgia just looks awful. I am even more annoyed about our game last week! Our defense looked way better
  10. I think the whole game looks sloppy. Seems no one can hold onto the ball
  11. I would love to see them get curb stomped!! And the headline this week that Georgia had not seen a QB like young🤮. I would say Young has not seen a defense like Georgia…. Don’t get me wrong, I dont want Georgia going all the way like previous posters have mentioned but I hope they play the best game they’ve played all year tomorrow!
  12. Just for discussion, why are they rated higher than okie state and notre dame right now? Not like their schedule was a beast🙄
  13. I saw an article that Bama could still get in the natty with two losses. What??? Say it ain’t so!! I mean who have they beat??? And a couple of ok teams played them to the wire and one ok team beat them. I don’t get it
  14. Do most players who enter the portal do it fairly soon in order to have the best options available for them? Trying to determine when we will know the full extent of transfers (not coming to us but leaving us)
  15. Does worm have e one year left to play or two?
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