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  1. BJCrawford

    A warning about SEC Play

    Was listening to a discussion on xm84 about this game. One interesting thing that was said was that Macklemore should start as he would be better against the type of game Kentucky has. Also brought up a couple of stats I was unaware of, like AU is One of the best in the nation on offensive boards but one of the worst on defensive boards (he thinks that is where KY will go after them). Also said AU one of the highest in points off of steals/turnovers. He predicted a very close game, especially given home court for Auburn.
  2. BJCrawford

    Josh Marsh

  3. BJCrawford

    Men vs. Texas A&M game thread

    Covered the point spread (-6.5) easily
  4. BJCrawford

    CBB 1/15 games Edition

    Sports radio was all about ole miss yesterday. Heard at least two interviews with their coach and how they were the real deal.This just shows anything can happen anytime in basketball. I would just as soon not hear about Auburn. I’m in the crowd that thinks we are never good, in any sport, if they talk us up😬
  5. BJCrawford

    Anyone Notice Saban's Hair Dye Job?

    Oh he’s been doing that for a while. It seems sometimes the coloring is done well and sometimes not so much😬. IM surprised he hasn’t fired his hair dresser when it looks bad. He’s probably got a couple of hair analysts on his staff as backup😎
  6. BJCrawford

    Season Long Poll & NET (New RPI ) Thread

    Auburn to number 15 in AP. Not too bad. I thought they may go further down.
  7. BJCrawford

    Men vs. Georgia game thread

    I was unable to watch today☹️ But glad for the bounce back.....and did you guys see how Alabama was beaten ??? A 3 at the buzzer! A good day all around.
  8. BJCrawford

    Which Players are Leaving?

    Kind of a side topic here, but sports talk seems to be all about “the portal”. It’s mostly about well known targets but if I heard correctly, the list in the portal is extensive. Are we sure we dont have anyone in the infamous portal?
  9. BJCrawford

    Bama departures

    This would be the BEST news but I will take any bump in the road that comes their way. I’m sick to death of the “dynasty”🤮
  10. BJCrawford

    Women vs Alabama

    Noticed there’s no thread. AU up 30-16 with 4 mins in the half.
  11. BJCrawford

    Lindsey is Troy's new HC

    I’m confused by this. Why did the plays work against Purdue and not during the season if they were the same? (I know Purdue’s defense is bad but we looked pedestrian against some bad defenses).
  12. BJCrawford

    QB Justin Fields to transfer

    Sports radio (just heard Mike Huguenin say it was 99% likely) are talking like it’s a given that Fields will be cleared to play next year. I find this unbelievable. Guess if you can get Mars, you up your chances. Geez
  13. BJCrawford

    Bammers vs Clemson - 2019 edition

    I think the excuse making is such a bad look. It’s simple to say “they were just better than us tonight”.
  14. BJCrawford

    Bammers vs Clemson - 2019 edition^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1082491084347867136&
  15. BJCrawford

    Bammers vs Clemson - 2019 edition

    Get to 50!!!!