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  1. Auburn at Ga Tech

    I see tonight that Arkansas was beaten by Charlotte. I find baseball puzzling. They pummeled Kentucky last weekend and then can only get three runs now. I know we only had three against tech but they have a decent rpi.
  2. Was that CBP last game?

    Supposing pearl is not guilty of anything, would it be necessary to declare him cleared?
  3. Baseball Rankings - 3/19/18 Update

    It’s funny that the sec network does a clip about the opening weekend in baseball (it’s on their website) and not a peep about auburn. They talked about Georgia, South Carolina and indicated its “Arkansas and everyone else “.😬
  4. Baseball Rankings - 3/19/18 Update

    And look at the team at number 2. Not feeling too bad about that loss
  5. Was that CBP last game?

    To clarify....hoping it’s not something bad
  6. Was that CBP last game?

    My question for anyone really in the know, when will something definitive be said. I’m pretty tired of the will he or won’t he be here. As popular as he is, I would think it would have to be something really bad to let him go. (Which is what I’m hoping) and is it possible he would be suspended a couple of games rather than fired?
  7. Men vs. Clemson

    I’m starting to wonder if something is going on we don’t know about yet with Pearl. I sure hope not. Just grabbing at straws. I can take this awful stuff if we have a future and are able to come back next year stronger.
  8. Baseball vs Texas A&M Game 3

    Alabama lost their opening series to Georgia. I would enjoy Bama losing in a tiddlywinks match.
  9. Softball vs. uat game 3

    Just wow! What a game! Now the baseball (and basketball) teams need to follow this lead!
  10. Softball vs. uat

    I was getting a bit nervous there . War Eagle!!!
  11. Sunday tip

    Oops quickly moved to a Clemson one point favorite
  12. Sunday tip

    Anyone surprised we are slightly favored?
  13. Official Tournament Thread

    The Retrievers?? Super!!
  14. Official Tournament Thread

    Isn’t Virginia overall number 1 as well?