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  1. We’re ranked

    Pearl said recently we would lose some games. Just the type of game basketball is (cold shooting on a given night etc).what I really really hope does not happen, relative to his point, is our first SEC loss being at the hands of the evil ones. Would love to know how those of you with basketball knowledge, think we match up against Bama.
  2. We’re ranked

    I've decided this feeling is all part of being an Auburn Fan. I was watching the Auburn/Alabama game in the arena this year and refused to get totally excited until the clock was at 00, which was pretty ridiculous considering we were up two scores!!
  3. #48 for bammer sorry I am link challenged
  4. #48 for bammer

    Wow.....just read Brown is transferring to Tenn State. Wonder if the altercation was the reason?
  5. We’re ranked

    I’m ok right where we are .........keep that rat poison away.
  6. Bama looking for another offensive coordinator

    They say Canada is difficult. That might be an entertaining matchup. I’m thinking he would not appreciate the a$@ chewings on the sidelines.
  7. Bama looking for another offensive coordinator

    Shula is available😬
  8. Men vs. Mississippi State Hope this links correctly bc I’m not good at this. I love this video. Let’s kerp it up.
  9. Men vs. Mississippi State

    How much fun do you think the students that bussed there are having???
  10. Men vs. Mississippi State

    Dang we almost scored as many in the second half as they did on us last year! WAR EAGLE!!!
  11. Men vs. Mississippi State

    Is this our lowest half total of the year?
  12. Men vs. Mississippi State

    Didn’t pearl say they had the top defense statistically speaking? Thought. Heard that somewhere
  13. Men vs. Mississippi State

    Florida just it’s just us now. Let’s kerp it up!
  14. #22 Auburn at Miss St

    I understand two bus loads of students are headed there for the game. Pretty cool. Be nice if we start having fans show up at away games!
  15. Wiley and Purifoy

    Only good thing about Wiley is that a decision was made and it does not continue to drag out. Just hope the rest is cleared up so the team can play without that being a concern. The not knowing is worse than hearing a decision we do not like.