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  1. I’m making myself watch (guess that’s the point). I’m thinking he will now be kissing pearls butt. I’ll enjoy that.
  2. I just flipped on the sec network and Finebaum said Bruce Pearl was coming up. If I was Bruce Pearl, I would never give that dirtbag any time. He declared for about a month that Pearl would be fired. I’d tell him to go pound sand.
  3. The announcer said on the broadcast earlier the strike zone was up and neither pitcher was getting low strikes called
  4. There is a video out from sky bar at the end of the game on auburn247 (in an article by Brandon Marcelo titled “celebrities, twitter react to Auburn’s win against Kansas”. )I’m too tech challenged to get it here but it needs to be here if someone can help. Love the takeo spikes quote too!
  5. Thanks belle!! I was checking in periodically between this and softball. Almost made a comeback there. Very impressive especially considering almost everything came in the first inning for them. You have to call the game again tomorrow to keep up the good mojo. 😬
  6. The way okie is shooting right now, would not want to play them
  7. Did you see the end of LSU? Yale was painfully close to coming all the way back as well.crazy day. Are most of you pulling for SEC teams???
  8. article indicates a buyout is being negotiated.....darn it. I want him to stay
  9. Thx for the updates! Very cool what you are doing tomorrow. Hope you can stop long enough to watch b-ball Thursday