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  1. LSU, yesterday, did very near the same thing as Auburn. It was 17-14 with a min left in the first half and they scored to make it 24-14. Then poured it on the second half. The stats were nearly identical. I currently have LSU as a team that can beat Bama (🤮). I’m bringing this up bc as a fan base we seem to be taking yesterday as a failure. Discussing.....not calling out anyone.
  2. Got my tinfoil hat on for this. How could that touchdown not have been reviewed.
  3. Sometimes it looks like those of us who were here for the Barfield years are a bit more hesitant to dump Gus because we were here for those years. It was brutal🥴
  4. think beating Bama in the Shula years is equal to the Saban years? I would not minimize it (I loved the “fear the thumb” year) but since Saban is referred to as the greatest coach in college football history, it’s got to be a bit tougher.
  5. Actually surprised at the GA percentage. Would think it would be closer to Alabama and LSU
  6. Or Chip Kelly, Will Mushchamp, Chad Morris, Jeff Brahm (maybe), Willie Taggart, Clay Helton (maybe)....we could have a huge list to choose from😊
  7. I’m not making excuses, but these group of five teams are coming on. Cinn beat UCLA and central Florida is a 7 point favorite over Stanford! I had to look twice at that.
  8. Sounds to me like AU could save a big pile of money and just come to this board. Looks like all answers for a perfect team are here.😬
  9. I love most videos of that kind but that one seems cheesy.
  10. If I remember correctly, some on here wanted him(that’s not a knock on anyone. You just never know)
  11. Saw an article on with an interview with Gatewood. Gotta love this guy. Staying positive and supporting Nix. Hope he gets some playing time. This kid has been first class since he committed to Auburn way back win.
  12. This is painful so far for Houston. Looks like okie has a defense. Makes them a scary good team.
  13. That is crazy....even the jump for the ball and the step to get into the end zone.
  14. So Everyone think Steele should stay on the sideline?? A lot of “go back to the box”. After the first quarter.
  15. I saw a graphic this morning that it was the worst in 40 years for any sec team based on the fact they went in with a 97.1% chance to win. Think it was based on the points as well. I wrote in the S.C. thread I felt sorry for Muschamp. I do not have an ounce of sympathy for Pruitt. He is a jerk (thinking of another word I can’t say here😬).