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  1. I’m just glad Auburn stopped these types of games first in the season (and never return). Not much to gain by doing it
  2. I am not sure I have ever heard him simply say “I need to make better decisions”, “I’m the team leader and this is on me”. More humility would make him a better leader.
  3. So good and so classy. Compare him to that jerk at Tennessee. Hope he sticks around for a lonnnggggg time.
  4. I’m actually pulling for the rest of the SEC…not them.
  5. I LOVE Tennessee going down! They are so arrogant…direct reflection of their coach
  6. Anyone heard anything about their ace playing today? Or will we not hear til game time?
  7. That’s his name? (Serious question ….I know nothing about Oregon state)
  8. Can’t let a batter talk to The ump that way, no matter the call. Calling the ump a MF….deserved to be thrown out. Tennessee acting low class. Big surprise
  9. That coach for Tennessee is a jerk. I’d be ok with them going down.
  10. Well he stopped but was doing with the first batter. Makes me think I’m seeing things 😬
  11. What’s the two step this pitcher is doing before each pitch?
  12. Is the format tomorrow similar to today? Like I said, no knowledge of golf but follow all things Auburn.I have trouble getting it off the tee at top golf!
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