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  1. BJCrawford

    SEC Media Days

    I think malzahn sounds more comfortable in the casual interview part (at the sec now table) than his normal self. He was actually, dare I say funny, a couple of times.
  2. BJCrawford

    SEC Media Days

    Actually that IS pretty bad. I saw a couple of sports writers picks and they like LSU. Meh from me on that one. I thought it was a yawn.
  3. BJCrawford

    SEC Media Days

    I like our media cover. I think most of them look pretty good. My least favorite is Texas A & M. Jimbo looks like a used car salesman.
  4. This is higher than I anticipated. Anywhere from 9-15 in the various polls. Great season!
  5. Great news that I have been waiting to hear!
  6. BJCrawford

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    That’s what I thought too but he did an interview on espnu radio and indicated he was interested. Think that’s what caused all of the talk. I’ve heard at least two on espnu saying he deserves the job. Heard the interview with the AD as well and he was noncommittal. The talking heads are enjoying it. (Much easier to talk about over the OSU pitcher controversy 😬)
  7. BJCrawford

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    It seems to be causing a great deal of controversy on sports radio that the interim has not been offered the job. I hope they keep winning.
  8. BJCrawford

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    The weather for the week looks awful
  9. BJCrawford

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Agree....unlike the first one with all of the errors.
  10. BJCrawford

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Oh I did not see the mother’s quotes. I thought I heard either on the radio, or somewhere else, that the only reason it came to light when it did is because he did not keep up with the registry like he was suppose to. So I guess the record could have been sealed and may have stayed that way had he kept up. I would be interested to know if opposing fans throw this out in the games this weekend. The LSU boards were certainly bringing it up when they were playing them.
  11. BJCrawford

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Heard it discussed today on espnu radio and they were being VERY careful. They referenced people saying he was a great kid who made a mistake but THEY made sure they were quoting someone else. They also say he says he plead guilty bc his lawyer told him to but that he was innocent. I find it very telling that no team in the draft would touch him. I have trouble being sympathetic but I do not know all of the facts.
  12. BJCrawford

    Next years pitching rotation

    Interesting talk on the SEC network about Henderson. They say he clearly indicated in an interview with them that he wanted the job at state. But also indicated that Cohen did not sound like he is the man. They speculate he has his man but is waiting for them to finish the CWS. I hope their speculation is right:)
  13. BJCrawford

    Auburn Players Drafted

    See Estes signed with the White Sox. Hope to hear something similar about Anthony
  14. I hope they give the guy a chance. He certainly did not come into the best situation.
  15. BJCrawford

    Next years pitching rotation

    When will we know definitively if DD is staying or leaving?