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  1. Part of me thinks he was responsible for us coming close to losing Pearl. If I am honest, that probably influences my opinion more than his actual crime. I, too, am glad he can get his life back together.
  2. Just read no additional prison time for Person and he hopes “Auburn welcomes him back”. Really?
  3. When you get the package that includes espn, do you have access to all of espn game plan games as well?
  4. Thanks all. I figure I will give it a go and if it does not work well I can switch back. I wish cable offered a sports only package!
  5. I’m sorry if I should put this somewhere else, so move it if you must. I need help and some here seem to know about this. I use my cable tv to watch sports only and it’s ridiculously expensive since I don’t use even other basic channels. Some of you have indicated you stream the games. I am a novice at this and was hoping some of you could give me Feedback on the services that provide the best rates and include access to all sports stations. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  6. I’ll have what you are having 😊
  7. I’m glad we have good corners but I prefer the “show me” rather than the “tell me”. But I’m old and cringe when anyone says they are the best at anything😊.
  8. I really enjoyed seeing Miss State Lose the way they did!
  9. I heard Butch Thompson say something in his remarks about hoping he sees a lot of Auburn Fans in Omaha. Wonder how well we will be represented?
  10. Peter Burns just said on SEC network that Auburn will have to include North Carolina on their taxes this year.😂
  11. North Carolina gotta be hating Auburn!! Taking down basketball and baseball!!!
  12. What is his pitch count ? (I can’t watch just follow )
  13. Did you get permission to watch this game?😬
  14. Ok !! And I was only joking. Yes this inning is fun